The Clean Up

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Alexa Nova

The Clean UpThis is the follow up to Laundry Day that I pulled off of my old profile. I hope you enjoy and tell me your thoughts please.Amanda was the first to stand and helped Ariel to her feet. They went to the bathroom where they have a jacuzzi tub big enough for 2. Ariel sat between Amanda’s legs placing her head on her chest. “I still can’t believe we haven’t done that before. I liked it more then I thought. Hell I loved it.” Ariel chuckled. Amanda was still taken in by the whole experience and getting horny all over again just thinking about it. “Fuck it! It’s another time already!” Amanda stated as she slid a hand onto Ariel’s pussy and began to finger it. While grabbing Ariel’s supple breast with the other hand Amanda leaned in and kissed her neck gently making her way up to the ear lobe where she began to lick, nibble and suck on the ear. kaynarca escort Ariel moans in pleasure rocks her hips slowly to match the fingering. Ariel’s body still worked up with pleasure from earlier began to tremble and her thrust became powerful. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder with those fingers!” She demanded and Amanda was more then willing to accommodate. “Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes!” Ariel stood, leaned forward, rubbed her clit and squirted all on Amanda.”It’s on girl! Stay there and I will be back with something for you.” Ariel spot dried herself, and went to her room. She came back with a gym bag full of dildos and vibrators just to find Amanda already masturbating. “Starting the fun without me I see. Bad girl I got something to take care of that for you.” She grinned as she pulled out a strap on dildo, and put it on. Ariel motioned for orhanlı escort Amanda to get out of the tub and bend over it, and so she did. As she bent over Ariel spread Amanda’s legs apart, rubbed the tip of the dildo against her pussy and rammed it in making Amanda cry out and moan in pleasure.Ariel was relentless in pounding away at Amanda’s pussy. She would grab her breast tight, smack that juicy ass, even pull her hair, just being rough but playful. Amanda loved it so much though she couldn’t help but masturbate while being fucked. Ariel noticed the masturbation and just kept pounding away harder and faster, she wanted to make Amanda faint from pleasure. Being overheated from the bath as well as earlier exhaustion caused just that, Amanda fainted over the tub. Ariel took this as a chance to lube Amanda’s ass and slide her dildo in. tepeören escort She penetrated Amanda’s ass slowly, and as soon as she got all the way in Amanda came too. “Oh my God! Uummmm Ohhh Fuck! That hurts so good.” Amanda cried with pleasure. Ariel kept it slow at first then picked up the pace. She still smacked Amanda’s ass, grabbed her breast, and pulled her hair. “Yes use me, abuse me, make me want it more!” Amanda pleaded some more. The back of the dildo had been rubbing Ariel’s clit so much that she began to quiver. She pulled out of Amanda’s ass and placed her underneath her pussy that she was now rubbing. Ariel squirted all over Amanda’s face again.Ariel now lays beside Amanda both exhausted once again. Amanda states “Well we already played hard,” “Twice!” Ariel interrupts and giggles. “And now looks like we got to work hard because of messes we made.” “I just wonder what our boyfriends will think if they ever find out.” Ariel mentions. “Most likely typical males, they will love it as long as they can join in.” Amanda jokes. “Now lets do what we should have and need to get done.”