The Club – Chapter 4

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I looked at Lisa who just shrugged, though I could see the edge of her mouth twitching where she wanted to laugh at my surprise. I then looked over to Mike.“Leah’s transgender.”What was so refreshing was that he said it exactly as he may have said ‘the sky is blue.’ Something clicked in me then. Lisa had never been judgemental, but I am ashamed to say it took her many years to pull the bigot out of me.Whatever problems our kids had, I was the go-to person for solutions, not that Lisa was a slouch when it came to taking action. She was the go-to person for emotional support. One of our son’s friends had spent a fortnight with us one summer, all I knew at first was that he had issues with his parents. The issue was he didn’t know how to come out to them.All through our relationship, Lisa had been teaching me, her silent wisdom in the background. She accepted people for who they were, not what and slowly she passed this on to me. We sorted out a solution for our son’s friend, we offered him a permanent bed at ours on condition he met with his parents before the end of that summer. We invited them around for dinner and he told them.There were tears and shouting and more crying. He was with us another week before his father came around and they sat down together and started to talk it through. By the end of that summer, many bridges had been rebuilt. Thanks mainly to Lisa, that family is now a unit once again.That is one of the most frustrating things about the whole Mitch affair; if Lisa had felt she could talk to me like she did about other people’s problems, then we may not have had the issues that we did. For my part, if I had been more open and accepting, then Lisa may have felt happier to do so.I feel I am far better now and treat people for who they are. The difference between Lisa and me is her reaction to statements like Mike’s feel more like, “So, why are you telling me? What difference does it make?” Lisa is almost disinterested, but that is unfair to her as she was always absolutely fascinated by everyone. For me, it is akin to being surprised that someone was blonde when I was expecting a brunette and I’m sure that showed.The penny that dropped was that through all our reading on the internet (excluding the obvious trolls and fakes), the overall feeling was that of acceptance. The great thing about this, I found, was that providing you were polite, people were more than happy to talk and answer your questions. Even after where Lisa had dragged me, I found myself becoming even more open and accepting as we explored and I put this down to the welcoming nature of everyone I have met and spoken to.It must have been clear to Mike that I was thinking over what he had said as he cocked his head and furrowed his eyebrows.“At the end of the day, Leah’s a woman. Perhaps I spoke out of order, but she has never had any qualms about telling anyone in the club.”Mike’s comment threw me more than his previous one and left me confused. I held up my hand as I replied, “Of course she is. She’s beautiful and so generous to share her time with Sarah, to almanbahis şikayet teach me.” I went on to explain some of my thoughts before finishing, “add to that, I’m probably also having a bit of information overload.”“Ah! Okay, sorry,” said Mike. “Some people aren’t very accepting and we don’t tolerate any type of discrimination here.”The conversation moved on, talking about some of the sights we were seeing, the different dynamics and how different people were reacting differently to others. There was a lot of people-watching, some Dominants, like Mike, carried themselves with an air of confidence and authority, but were not brash. Others strutted around the club like peacocks, puffing themselves up, looking down on submissives, even lifting the chins of some or admonishing others that did not appear to be theirs.Mike explained that some Masters and Mistresses were of the opinion that their submissives should defer to all Dominants in the absence of other instructions. He also said, they sometimes were happy to share their submissives and use others. He made it clear that it was all optional and members knew what side of the line people stood or to ask if they didn’t.As we were talking, a thought occurred and was almost immediately answered, where was Mike’s sub? As I was thinking this, Mike stood to greet someone coming across the club, they kissed and Mike introduced us to Matthew. They had been together as long as Lisa and I but had always fully embraced the lifestyle. As we were talking, a stranger sat next to Lisa, or rather the stranger.“Hello again.”“Hello, Sir,” Lisa replied confidently now that she knew the background to their previous meeting.“Lisa let me introduce Steve. Steve, it is my honour to properly introduce my beloved wife and sub, Lisa,” I said and smiled.Lisa pulled me over and kissed my cheek. “Thank you,” she whispered and I saw a tear in her eye. I was having my eyes opened, wide, about how much it meant to Lisa for me to accept this new role in her life.“I just wanted to pop over and offer my apologies for earlier. I understand Mike and Peter have already explained, but it still doesn’t mean I don’t feel a bit crappy for it.”“Thank you, Sir,” Lisa replied, “Once P had told me, I fully understood. Thank you for taking the time, I honestly think it will help.”“You’re welcome,” he said and patted Lisa’s hand, “it really was a pleasure meeting you.”As Steve finished, Leah and Sarah walked up to the table. Sarah looked around at Leah and they exchanged a few words and with a smile and a kiss, Sarah came to our side of the table.“Excuse me, Sir,” Sarah said to me, “may I borrow Lisa?”I glanced over at Leah and then Lisa before saying that she could. She then had a chat with Steve and his wife joined them. The three of them walked toward the bar, arm in arm, with Lisa in the middle. While they were at bar Leah sat in Lisa’s chair.“Hello, again,” she said.“Hi, thank you for sharing your time with Sarah.”“Honey, it’s a pleasure. Mike explained briefly that you have serious reservations about punishments. If Sarah almanbahis canlı casino and I can help in any way, we would be more than happy. Lisa’s delightful and has such a succulent… I’m sorry.”“Yes, she does and it’s all mine.” We both chuckled.Our subs came over with drinks and then retreated to the bar again. It did make me smile watching as they all got animated in their discussion.“Given how Peter’s sub was ready to tear me a new one, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for me to let mine socialise with her and Sarah at the same time, unsupervised,” Steve said with a laugh.Leah’s eye lit up as she said, “Oh, give her to me, please! I’ll quite happily teach her not to be naughty.”Steve looked around Leah to me, “Watch this one Peter, she has a bit of a fetish for cute arses, especially spanking them.” This caused everyone at the table to start laughing, which in turn got the attention of our partners at the bar.“Hmm, I had noticed a couple of things,” I said and smiled at Leah.“I’m not opposed to demonstrating on Dominants as well as to them, a cute arse is a cute arse, after all.”She laughed at her comment and then her face went serious. She put her hand on mine and looked me in the eye for a second or two before asking, “Was everything okay Peter?”“What do you mean?”“In the room, when I was spanking Sarah. There were a couple of times you looked, I don’t know, upset perhaps? Angry? But also concerned.”I was trying to think what it was Leah meant then it came to me, “Ah! ‘Slut,’ that and ‘whore,’ they’re a couple of words I detest being thrown about. In the right context, fine, but probably because of their correct meaning, I find them very degrading when they aren’t used properly. Sorry.”“Oh sweetheart, you have nothing to be sorry about. Those are your feelings about the words and you can never be wrong about how something makes you feel. However, you can choose not to be offended by a bunch of letters though.”I took a deep breath and explained a little about Mitch, limited to him prowling and telling me that Lisa was his slut.“And that just compounds your feelings?” said Leah, squeezing my hand.“Yeah.”Mike spoke up, “You will hear them both a lot, along with all sorts of other things that you will find derogatory. The thing is, this lifestyle is different things for everyone involved. For some, it is sadomasochism, the SM. Some it is dominance and submission, the D and S and yet others it is bondage and discipline and every combination of all of these and none at all. Some get off on pain, others on humiliation; for some, it is as simple as having someone submit to them or giving themselves over.“We’re not here to sit in judgement, what is it the God-squad say? Don’t judge, lest ye be judged. So long as we remember rule one, what does it matter?”Leah had not moved her hand and when I looked back to her, she was smiling at me. “Let me tell you a little about Sarah.“I only ever call her slut during a scene, but I use it two ways; as an adjective and as a proper noun. Sarah gets off on pain and the common term for that is a pain-slut, almanbahis casino lower case, adjective.“Do you have any pet names for Lisa?” I nodded and Leah continued, “During a scene, I will call Sarah, Pet and Slut. The latter, again, reflecting her liking of pain. During a scene, Sarah gets off on the names because we have chosen them together. She gets off on being reminded that she’s a pain-slut. I use all of that along with a bunch of other things to build a story around the scene.“I hate to tell you this, Peter, it’s no easy thing keeping everything fresh and new. But you must always do what you can to keep Lisa on her toes. She reminds me a bit of Sarah, I think that’s why Steve is so worried; leaving his wife with two brats.” Leah laughed.“Just to correct you, Leah,” Steve said, “my sub is well trained, I have no worries about your wayward sub.” They both laughed.“Do everything you can for her, worship the ground she walks on and then lift her onto a pedestal. But also, be a bastard, deny her orgasms, keep her on edge, don’t let her know what’s coming next or when she will be. Smack her arse, even if it’s just love-taps as you walk past, but do try to put her over your knee and give her a little more; even if it’s just every so often.“If slut and whore don’t work for you, don’t use them, it’s no one’s business, but yours. Just as what others do, is none of your business. Obviously, within rule one.“One thing that you might like to think of is choosing a harsher pet name that you can use to admonish Lisa and use during punishments. When we are in public, especially the vanilla world, I keep it simple, Miss. That way Sarah knows that she has done something wrong and something is coming later. Then I have to tell her off for grinning too much.”Leah was watching me and gauging my reaction as she spoke, “Never crush her spirit, but don’t be scared to pin her underfoot.”She paused to let her last words sink in before she continued, “Do all of this for her, do it out of your love and devotion for her and for the love and devotion she has for you. It is so apparent that you adore each other, it’s beautiful.”Leah smiled at me as she finished and took her hand away. I took hold of it as she did and lifted it to my mouth. I kissed the back of her hand and while still holding it said, “Thank you, I’m surrounded by so many wise women. Though, my thanks go to all of you and your partners. Not only have you spared your time for us and your wisdom and experiences; you’ve made me feel so welcome.”I felt hands on my shoulders that slid down over my torso and then a kiss to my ear. “Us,” Lisa said. “Made us feel welcome,” she clarified.I looked at Lisa and raised an eyebrow. “Oops, made us feel welcome, Sir. Sorry.”“Yes, my bad. Made us both feel welcome,” I said to everyone.“Excuse me, slut, do you not show deference to your betters?”I looked up and someone was standing in front of Steve’s wife and Sarah. Steve’s wife had taken a step back with her head down, but Sarah was upright with her shoulders back looking him straight in the eye. As I had looked up and taken all this in, Leah and Steve were up on their feet and next to their partners almost as he had finished speaking to them. At the same time as each other, Lisa pushed down on my shoulders, while I reached up and grabbed her wrist.