The Daring Game

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The Daring GameThis is a true story of what I got up to one Friday night recently. I had not long broken up with my boyfriend and was feeling a bit low with nothing to do. My mate, Lucy, had texted to ask if I fancied going round her flat to have a few drinks.I accepted and gone round with the intention of getting bladdered! Why not? I just wanted to let my hair down.Once there, I was introduced to a couple of her other mates, Stace, Bekki and Nathan. They were all a laugh and soon I was laughing with them as the drink flowed through me. By 10pm, we were all merry as we danced drunkenly to the music. Then things got interesting! Lucy had produced a pack of cards and suggested we all played strip pontoon. The aim was to get a card score of 21 or the closest to; loser had to remove an item of clothing. Each player started with three cards and then take a turn picking one up off the deck until they were satisfied with the value of their hand.The game got under way as shoes and socks were first off. Nathan lost again and this time he lost his T-shirt. I was getting a little nervous as I got closer to revealing all. I am big in that I have EE cup size breasts and being a size 20, had a bit of a belly fold.Luckily Bekki was first in her undies so that made me feel a bit easier. Then I lost with the lowest hand of 15. I pulled my T-shirt off and sat there on the floor in my white bra, my dark nipples clearly visible underneath. I drank some more Dutch courage as I lost again. I stood up, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. I had dark blue knickers on that I pulled up over my belly as I sat back down. Stacey lost and she took 1xbet yeni giriş her top off. We all giggled as she had no bra on and then laughed some more as Nathan had to remove his jeans. I lost yet again and the others chanted as I unhooked my bra and slipped it off. I wanted to cover my nipples up but I thought ‘sod it, lets just have a laugh’! I had a card value of 30 on the next round, losing again. I stood up again and pulled my panties down with no hesitation. I threw them at Nathan as he cheered me on. “Don’t get all aroused”, I joked to him! He went to sniff them. “Perv”! I laughed.The game continued despite my being first to be naked, my hairy fanny and boobs on full display. I didn’t feel shy now. My cunt was concealed by my brown pubes. I know some people like to shave but I prefer something there; I feel more womanly. I had some stretch marks going up my belly at the sides which usually I’m aware of. But tonight, I couldn’t care less. So here I was naked, pubes, big belly, nipples, stretch marks and all so take me as I am!When Nathan lost again, I couldn’t help staring at his swollen cock. He had pulled his boxer shorts down and his penis sprang out upright, obviously happy with its freedom. He had dark brown pubes all round his cock and balls and he was definitely bigger than my last boyfriend!The game extended into dares to which we all agreed to. My first dare was to snog Stacey who was also naked at this point. She was smaller than me, shaven with perky tits. We puckered up and put on a fine kissing display. We slipped our tongues into each others mouths as we embraced and kissed for 10 seconds; 1xbet giriş Bekki timing us out loud. I was getting quite turned on at this point and I was getting wet between my legs! Her body was warm against mine and I was getting off on the fact that I could feel her boobs against me.There were more kissing dares until my turn came again. Time that was for me to dare the loser, who was Stacey. Feeling daring, I dared her to go down on Bekki for a minute. I expected both of them to drop out and double dare me back.“Ok”, said Stace getting on her knees in front of Bekki who was perched on the sofa. Bekki leaned back and stuck her legs in the air above her head. Holding her thighs, she parted her legs to reveal her pussy, her labia pulsing and wet and the darkness of her sex hole inviting. Stace thrust her face into Bekki and started running her tongue up and down on Bekki. Bekki gave a quiet moan; I noticed her nipples were stiffening. Stacey defly licked out Bekki, pressing her lips hard into Stacey’s pussy. I could imagine Stace tasting her wetness, sucking at her G-spot and getting her even more aroused.“Ok, times up”, Nathan put a stop to Bekki’s pleasure though no doubt he’d be shagging her later.On the next hand, I lost. This time they dared me to give Nathan a blow job. No time limit either so I got down on all fours before him, my breasts and belly hanging down with my ample bottom sticking up in the air. I parted my legs a bit, enough to expose my arsehole and pussy. As I put my lips to his cock, there was a buzzing sound and I gasped as Bekki ran the vibrator down my spine to my arse (she must have had it concealed 1xbet güvenilirmi as I hadn’t noticed the toy before).“You want this”? She asked.“Go on”, I said breathlessly. “Dare you”.Bekki ran the toy through my arse crack, over my anus and down to my wet pussy. She deftly pushed it into me and I arched back on it, savouring the pleasure.I sucked furiously on Nathan’s erection, rolling his foreskin up and down his shaft and at the same time, Bekki was fucking me with the vibrator. My hips were gyrating back and forth, my boobs swinging in rhythm. Nobody timed us on this dare and it was a matter of minutes. Nathan’s cock exploded in my mouth, his cum washing over my tongue. I couldn’t taste it at first for my cunny was feeling electric and getting tinglier as Lucy worked at me. The intensity was too much; I shuddered all over as Nathan’s cock slipped from my mouth. I cried out, dribbling his spunk as I did. Bekki withdrew the vibro leaving a gaping hole in my pussy, wet with my own juices dribbling from it. I collapsed onto my side and rolled onto my back. My legs were wide open with knees drawn up; my pussy felt like it was on fire! Who cared that my sex hole, black and gaping in its spent state was on show? My breasts, the nipples big and erect, rose and fell on my chest as I gasped for air. I ran my tongue round my mouth; it was salty with Nathan’s come. I swallowed his slimy love juice as the others cheered and Nathan recovered!The game wound down after that and we got dressed again. We chilled out for the rest of the evening though much later I did ask Lucy about the vibrator and why target me. She said she rigged the game a little, that I needed some therapy after my break up. She did me a favour though because it did work; I felt cleansed after that believe it or not. So, if you ever get stuck for a drinking game, I suggest strip pontoon-truth or dare!