The Day Of Chastity

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The Day Of ChastityThe Day of ChastityThe padded jiffy bag arrived from Australia. I took it, hands trembling, managed to sign for it and opened it, removing the contents: a small keyless lock and a note, it’s simple message ‘Tonight’.Miss Jennifer had established my inability to refrain from wanking and had decided that chastity was the only option. I’d purchased a suitable device and had been practicing with it over the last few weeks, but tonight would be different, for the little lock was one controlled by an app. She would generate a password, when entered the lock would release, but once the lock was closed the password would expire until a new one was entered. It would be a significant act of submission, made doubly so by the fact I had to both video the act and do it live on webcam.I went online in the early evening and the message was waiting for me ‘You have it I see, be ready at 11.30 your time, in your black satin uniform, your matching satin underwear seamed stockings and those super high patent court shoes, make sure you have your toys ready and are made up as slutty as you can I want a good performance tonight, I suspect you’ll have quite an audience’ I read the message again trembling, heart racing. Of course I could just not go on line, say I was poorly, make an excuse, yet something inside me craved the excitement, the thrill, the naughtiness and I just knew I would go through with it.I got myself ready early, my excitement growing and my treacherous clit already leaking, the flimsy satin French knickers struggling to restrain it, I knew this would amuse Miss Jennifer. I made myself up as per instructions finishing off with my sluttiest red lipstick. Then I took some photographs a little addition of my own, including a picture of my own little padlock positioned to secure the uniform making its removal impossible if locked. Then I laid out my estim box with it’s two loops and my prostate massager along with the ominous pink cage and silver lock. I was trembling again as I logged on and to my surprise was another message ‘I know the uniform locks, we will test your present and your commitment to me’I typed the reply ‘Yes Miss’The reply came straight back ‘I assume you are ready, go and look at the room, it’s rather busy today, I think you should get your cam on’‘Yes Miss’ I replied, set the video camera going and then clicked on the chat room iconForty eight in the room, my trembling increased especially as the message from Miss Jennifer popped up ‘Ah my slut is here, turn on your camera slut, everyone’s waiting to see you’ I hesitated, last chance, but my hesitant finger clicked on the camera icon, my image immediately popping up on my screen. I fixed my best smile and watched as the number of watchers rapidly entered double figures. The room message popped up ‘Turn on your sound and tell everyone what’s going to happen tonight’ I clicked on the mic icon seeing it go live, I hesitated and swallowed ‘Come on slut tell them’ I began ‘I’m Miss Jennifer’s slut and in spite of her instructions I couldn’t control my desires to wank myself, so she has decided I must go in chastity, and today the app controlled lock arrived so I am to lock myself up on cam tonight after I have performed for you all’‘Good slut, now we will release the lock and you can test it on your uniform so that everyone can see it works. Now look at your phone’I looked and the app showed a notification.‘Show everyone’ I held the phone up and the lock, pressing the unlock button, the red light went green and the lock opened. ‘Now lock your uniform’ I turned around bakırköy escort so all, and the camera could see the act, slipping the hasp through the uniforms loops and then closing it with an ominous click. ‘Now show them your phone screen’ The ominous message ‘Lock engaged password expired’ ‘Good slut tell everyone how that feels’ ‘I feel very vulnerable right now the fantasy is turning into a very tangible reality’ ‘Yes slut it is isn’t it? And if you want to released from your uniform you’ll be putting on a performance for everyone tonight, how many now? Type your answer so everyone can see how many my slut is performing for tonight.’ I looked, 36, my heart rate increased as my fingers typed the number and pressed return. ‘Oh 36 I’ll bet we’re feeling quite the slut now, making filthy videos, performing in front of your audience live, now type how you feel’ I gulped and typed ‘I am a slut Miss, your slut to command Miss’ ‘Good slut, now show us your uniform, your heels and your underwear, make it nice and sexy for everyone.I moved back from the camera showing off my full outfit, the black satin dress with matching apron and head piece, the six inch patent stiletto heels, the smoky black seamed stockings, I dropped a curtsy and as I did I felt my engorged clit escape from the flimsy French knickers.‘Good now show us your lingerie’ I hesitated and the messages demanding I show everyone began to pop up thick and fast. I could feel my heart quicken as I lifted my skirts exposing my stocking tops, suspenders, satin French knickers showing the damp stain of precum from my treacherous clit and of course the engorged culprit itself, there on display for the all audience, that had now grown to forty, to see.‘My my slut, you are excitable tonight, now nice and close to the camera so everyone can see’ I approached the camera, a drip of precum forming on the end of my clit. I’d placed a small bowl on the floor in anticipation of this probable outcome. As I stood there on display the drop grew and then fell leaving a gossamer trail linking my clit to the little bowl beneath me.‘Well well slut how does that feel?’ ‘Humiliating Miss’ I typed, ‘but clearly exciting if your engorged clit is anything to go by’ ‘Yes Miss’ ‘Did you have permission to become excited slut?’ ‘No Miss’ ‘What happens to sluts’ who misbehave?’ ‘They get punished Miss’ ‘Yes slut they do and I have the perfect punishment for you’ ‘Oh god Miss not that’‘Yes slut tonight you will cum on your last night of freedom from chastity, but not the pleasurable wank I’m sure you were hoping for. An orgasm achieved using your estim and milking your prostate while we all watch, an orgasm without pleasure, but divinely humiliating, and once you have achieved this, once your clit has gone flaccid, you will attach your chastity device in front of all of us, I will release you from your uniform and then you will put the lock on the chastity device and lock it for us all to see and then show us the app on your phone’‘Please Miss’ ‘Please Miss? Please Miss? You’re locked in your uniform remember now finish the sentence properly’ I gulped ‘Go on’ ‘Please Miss may I amuse you and the audience with my humiliation’‘Yes slut you may and you may tell us all that you are doing, I want a nice running commentary that I can watch back when you post the video on Hamster what we’re done tonight for all to see, like the good little slut you are’‘Yes Miss’I picked up my estim showing the loops, ‘First Miss will want me to attach my estim to my clit’ I do so looking at the watcher count beşiktaş escort grow to 44, well I knew as soon as I got in the room and especially once I had locked the uniform that this was only going to go one way. I slipped the first loop over my engorged clit and coating it in precum slid it down to the base, then the second wrapped around the tip. ‘Good’ came the message ‘Now turn it on’ ‘Yes Miss’ I replied. ‘I’m turning on the power until I can start to feel it, it’s on pulse which is potentially very intense at higher levels’ At which point I felt the sensation and gasped. ‘You’re feeling it yes slut, tell them, from now on no typing I want it all on the video so everyone can enjoy it and play it back watching your humiliation I like that, I like it a lot’ ‘Yes Miss I’m feeling it’ ‘Show us the setting and tell everyone too’ ‘It’s just before half Miss and it’s quite intense’ ‘Good now take it over a half while we watch’ ‘Yes Miss’ I turned the dial and gasped as the pulses crawled over my clit ‘It’s intense Miss’ ‘Now ask the question slut’ ‘Please Miss don’t’ ‘Wrong question, turn it up more and ask me the right one’ ‘Yes Miss’ I turned up the dial slightly ‘Please may I use the milking toy’ ‘Yes slut but as punishment you can show us your oral skills and tell us what a cock sucking slut you are’ ‘Yes Miss, I’m a cock sucking slut and would love to show everyone my oral skills’ ‘Very good slut now do’ I took the toy and began to lick it running my tongue around it like a porn star then slowly taking it into my mouth, simulating fellatio watching the screen waiting, but having to take the toy deeper and deeper into my mouth in order to solicit a response, I suspected I knew what she was waiting for, as I deep throated it and gagged. ‘Good slut lovely deep throat action, I’m sure all your watchers will have enjoyed it, I’m sure my slut would just love to deep throat you, probably one by one, do tell her while she fucks herself and turns up her estim, and remember soon anal will be the only way she can get any pleasure once she’s locked up, isn’t that right slut’ ‘Yes Miss’ I replied as I greased up the toy, pulled my French Knickers to one side and started to work the toy inside myself inadvertently gasping as I did. ‘Now turn up the estim, fuck yourself with the toy and get your little bowl I know you have it, from what I’ve seen it must be getting quite a pool by now’I showed the camera the box as increased to three quarters while I began to work the toy inside me bending to pick up the little bowl which did indeed have a growing pool of precum. ‘Show us slut’ I showed the bowl ‘I’ve already been leaking a lot a great deal’ ‘and now you will leak a whole lot more slut, turn it right up and work that toy’ ‘Yes Miss turning it up’ Now I could hear myself moaning, holding the bowl in one hand and fucking myself with the toy using the other, my body gave up and the flow began all I could do was continue as the bowl began to fill and the orgasm I thought I had been promised was denied. The more I fucked myself, the more the electrics tormented me the more the bowl filled until: ‘You may stop slut and turn it off’ Gasping I replied ‘Yes Miss’ first turning off the electrics and then removing the toy and watching helplessly as my drained clit shrank. ‘Oh slut you know what’s next’ ‘Yes Miss the chastity’ ‘Go on’ I looked at my note, my script, the one we had prepared earlier oh god, but it was too late now ‘I am a slut Miss, a naughty slut who loves to wank even without permission, I need to be locked up to beylikdüzü escort stop myself from misbehaving. Please may I put on the chastity cage Miss’ ‘No it’s ok slut you don’t need to’ Oh my this was off script, I knew I was in an impossible situation. ‘Please Miss I want to I want to put the device on and attach your special lock so you can control me’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes Miss’ ‘Go on then put it on in front of how many?’ ‘Fifty one Miss’ ‘Good, good perfect’ I fitted the ring around my scrotum and then slid the cage over my shrunken clit, fear, excitement, and thrill all filling me, my fingers trembling as I brought the components together. ‘Good slut would you like to be unlocked’ ‘Yes please I’d like to be unlocked from my uniform’ ‘Why slut?’ ‘So I can use the lock to secure my chastity device’ ‘Look at your phone’ I picked it up and looked at the screen, ‘Press to unlock’ I pressed ok and felt the lock release. I reached around and unhooked it from my uniform, holding it in my hands. The messages popping up urging me to lock it. I hesitated, this was the point of no return, I could still get away, not do this, sever the connection ‘Well slut?’ I hesitated my heart beating fast, palms sweating fingers trembling. ‘Please may I lock myself Miss?’ ‘Yes slut I want a close up though so we can all see’ I moved right up close fitted the lock. The room messages were coming thick and fast. It was madness this was crazy. Almost inadvertently, as though driven by an invisible force my fingers closed upon the lock and I heard the click as I watched the light go from green to red and the app flashed up ‘Locked’ ‘Oh such a good slut, you must be thirsty by now yes?’ ‘Yes I am Miss’ ‘Open the other box I sent you’ I opened it, inside a dildo, its tip had an open eye and at the other was a little funnel, oh god I’d suspected what was coming. ‘We loved your fellatio earlier, now you can do it as a real cum swallowing slut, fix your lipstick and then ask me to show us, the first of your many tasks to earn your release.’ I fixed my lipstick. ‘Please may I show you what a cock sucking slut I am Miss?’ ‘And?’ ‘I’d like to drink my cum Miss’ ‘You want to drink your cum?’ ‘Yes Miss like the cum drinking cock sucking slut I am’ ‘Yes slut do it’ I took the dildo watching myself in this final act of humiliation and as it entered my mouth I began to pour the contents of the bowl into the funnel and soon I tasted its saltiness. ‘Nod if you can taste your spunk slut?’ I nodded ‘Good keep sucking but don’t you dare swallow’ I nodded again. The last drop fell from the bowl, the salty taste filled my mouth, my humiliation was nearly complete. ‘Take the dildo out and show everyone your slutty mouth’ I removed the dildo and opened my spunk filled mouth ‘Good slut now swallow’ I looked pleadingly at the screen ‘Do it slut, remember you’re all locked up and have to earn your release’ I nodded, closed my mouth and swallowed feeling the sticky cum slip down my throat ‘Now open your mouth’ I obeyed ‘Such a good obedient slut, you’re quite the star, I think you’re going to be very popular here, not that you have a choice any more my little locked up slut, you’ll be begging to go on cam and humiliate yourself in the hope that you get release, though now we know you can milk yourself, there’s no desperate urgency no is there?’ ‘I hung my head ‘No Miss’ ‘No indeed, now be a good slut and say goodnight to your fans’ I looked at the other sheet. ‘Good night lovely people I hope you have enjoyed my show tonight, I’ve filmed it for you and it should be on XHamster for you to view, download and share by this time tomorrow along with lots of other naughty degrading, slutty videos for you to enjoy.’‘And the address slut.’‘It’s Miss’ ‘Type it too’‘Good slut now time for a rest before your next performance’‘Yes, Miss good night everyone’