The de-flowering of Jenny

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The de-flowering of JennyI was having a chat with citizen_sm1th just the other night, and he revealed his deepest fantasy to me. I have written this story based around that. None of the events are true, but the people in it are real people. Hope you enjoy!Alan walked into the room and his eyes took in the scene before him. Jenny was laying naked on her back blindfolded by a scarf , her hands tied by another scarf above her head. On top of her was Vicky, also naked, touching her body, her hands roaming everywhere, her mouth working on Jenny’s tits, licking them all over, sucking the nipples until they were as erect as thimbles and bursting from Jenny’s body. Both womens legs were spread wide, Vicky spreading Jenny’s legs with her own, Jenny’s mouth was open in a silent gasp of pleasure.Alan’s canlı bahis cock immediately sprang into life. He unzipped his trousers and took his already hard cock in his hand, stroking it for a moment. He walked towards the women and saw both pussys gaping slightly and glistening with juice. He ran his finger up and down Vicky’s crack, then opened it to see her rosebud arsehole. “Lick it” Vicky said. As Alan used his tongue, Vicky pressed herself against his tongue, rolling her hips as he explored her. The musky scent of Jenny’s pussy was invading Alan’s nostrils, driving him wild with desire. He looked at Jenny’s slit and saw the creamy juice seeping from between the lips. He parted her outer lips with his fingers to reveal her pink moist inner lips. Opening her further he bahis siteleri saw her pussy hole and her hard clit nestling in its hood like a pearl in an oyster. Without thinking, he gently pulled the hood back and Jenny’s clit popped out. Unable to resist, Alan flicked it with his tongue and then sucked it between his teeth, sliding his tongue up and down Jenny’s pussy to her hole, tasting her juice. He had waited a life time for this moment and he wasnt going to waste a drop. Jenny’s clit was throbbing in his mouth as she neared orgasm. “Oh, oh, oh, Im cumming” she gasped, and a little gush of Jenny’s cream flooded Alan’s mouth. Alan lapped up the juice before he went to work on Vicky’s pussy, licking and sucking up and down the lips before he pushed his tongue inside her and began güvenilir bahis tongue fucking her. It didnt take long until she too had cum in his mouth. “I want to suck you” said Vicky. Alan moved to the front of the women and rubbed his cock over Vicky’s lips. She parted her lips eagerly and allowed him to slip his cock into her mouth. Jenny also opened her mouth and as Vicky sucked Alan’s cock up and down, she ran her tongue over his balls in long slow strokes before taking them in her mouth and sucking them gently. Jenny’s tongue on his balls and his cock in Vicky’s warm mouth was too much for Alan and it was only moments before he came in hot sticky spurts into Vicky’s mouth. Vicky sucked every last drop of cum from Alans cock before she kissed Jenny long and hard, pushing the cum into Jenny’s mouth with her tongue. Vicky then removed Jenny’s blindfold. Jenny looked straight into Alans eyes and gave a gasp. She then gave a long slow smile as if to say ‘I always knew this would happen one day…’