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Subject: the-devil-lives-in-paris/the-devil-lives-in-paris-8 This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s fiction, folks, and remember that, please. While most of the locations are real places in the real world, all the characters are absolutely fictional and any reference or resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental or just functional to the plot. Feedbacks welcome at ail. I’m not native English speaker, so please be kind to me! Thank you! ******** *** The DEvil Lives in Paris *** � Part 8 Paris, France � 24 October 2020 One of the two 12-year-old twin is kneeling between my buttocks, darting his long tongue around and into my ass, bathing me with spit. The other one is sitting on De Vil’s lap, face to face, the chest of one pressed against that of the other. The African’s big hands caress the boy’s back and further down, finally squeezing the kid’s ass. The two are kissing passionately, their mouths open, their rosy tongues dancing together, joined by thin strands of saliva. “Drago, you finally ready to join us, my son.” De Vil’s voice reaches my ears and then, after a few painful seconds, my brain as well. Son of him? What the fuck is he talking about? Man, I’m white as a sheet and you’re black as night, how the fuck could you be my father… I look up and notice that he has made progress with the boy sitting on him. Two big black fingers are inserted into the boy who is shaking and wriggling like a possessed man, moaning like a cheap whore in the arms of the black giant… of his Father… our Father… “Yes, Father, I’m ready now”. I can’t believe it, I called him Father as if it were the most natural thing in the world! What the fuck is going on in my fucked-up brain… My slurping kid also has made progress. Now he has turned his attention to my throbbing cock. Over half of it is buried deep in his voracious throat. And I see that he is struggling to swallow the rest of my pale, throbbing flesh. I watch in fascination as his throat swells, while inch by inch the cock sinks inside him, swallowed up to the balls. I remember my little Vlad do the same to De Vil, and sit on his foot long cock until his fleshy ass kissed the black man’s balls… Memories… memories of a life ago, of a Drago who is no longer there, of a father that doesn’t even know where his son is and now he finds himself the son of a badass black demon. The last memory I have of Vlad is that he looked at me perplexed with his red eyes… red?… They were green, but I somehow remember them red… naked, while I was dying on the banks of the Seine… it’s all absurd… It seems that De Vil reads my mind when he talks to me and says that it is not absurd at all, I just have to get used to the idea of not being Drago any more, but The Seeder. “Now come closer and help your brother Andras to accept my Beast within him, to renew his carnal bond with me” I push the deep-throating kid away and he runs to De Vil, resuming the blowjob he couln’t finish with me. My head is spinning and I take it between my hands, my elbows resting on my knees, my gaze fixed on the ground while I have to decide whether to throw up on the carpet or move to an ancient-looking vase and fill it with I don’t even know what… do the dead vomit? Because I was dead, I know. Walking on all fours because I just can’t stand up, I approach the obscene trio. While the cocksucker, who I assume is Bael, another brother of mine, is now gleefully fucking his throat on De Vil’s rock hard cock, I slide between them and start eagerly licking my brother Andras’s asshole. I didn’t even know I liked licking teen boy assholes, but apparently it comes naturally to me now. And I like it, oh fuck if I like it. I feel my cock harden between my legs, fill with blood and pulse in time with my heart, hard as a baseball bat and perhaps just as thick. I feel the head, finally hot and red, rise and lean on my lower abdomen, bathing it with man’s juice. I can’t reach Andras’s asshole as I would like, although my tongue seems to have stretched and thickened some. So, I push my little black brother away and place şişli travesti myself between De Vil’s legs, with his hard, wet cock resting on my chest. He take his hands away from the boy’s ass and I throw myself, tongue out and hands on his silky black buttocks, on the already gaping and winking hole. My brother tries to recapture the black tower of flesh, but our Father stops him. “Bael! Get your new brother ready, prepare The Seeder! ” I just have time to perceive the musky smell that comes from my Father’s groin before I start lapping, kissing, sucking, penetrating that little black hole, the gateway to the warm and humid innards of my brother Andras. I bath it with saliva and, holding it spread with two fingers apart, I spit in it repeatedly… I want my brother to be well lubricated when he sits on our Father’s cock, accepting the Beast inside him. “That’s enough, Seeder. Now lick my balls while you help Andras impale himself on the Beast ” I grab the huge cock with two hands and point it towards my brother’s asshole. The size difference is shocking, but I know exactly how it will go. I’ve already seen it in another life. I don’t know why, but the thought of another life makes me smile. Either I’m crazy, or De Vil is really the Devil… I don’t know what scares me more. I think of Amanda, Vlad, my former life in general… but a blind lust takes possession of my brain and erases everything… now I just think about fulfilling my Father’s orders, all I have in mind is his foot long cock, black as coal, hard, massive, glistening with mucus from the depths of Bael’s throat, ready to sink into Andras’s small body… and I have a front-row ticket to enjoy the fucking show! As I move down to take one of my Father’s huge balls in my mouth, I feel a hand grab my cock and start pounding it slowly, while a wriggling tongue creeps into my ass. Bael went to work to prepare me for the Beast as I prepared Andras. The very thought of the Beast entering my ass almost makes me come instantly. 12 inches higher than my mouth full of hairy balls, I see Andras’s asshole, open and inviting, slowly descending towards the huge cock of our Father, until he kisses it, the Beast, with his soft buttocks. “Accept the Beast, Andras! Let it enter your body and let me deposit the seed of life and the essence of Evil. Open your ass, let the Beast in ” I see no hesitation in my brother, he only stops for a moment, as if to enjoy the contact with De Vil’s fat cockhead. Then, slowly, almost like in a slow motion filming, I see him go down more. His hole gradually widens, accepting the tip first and then gradually the rest of the black Beast inside of him. Andras doesn’t stop and, with a deep sigh, he lets himself go completely, impaling himself on the huge cock, throbbing before my astonished eyes. I see his anal ring expanding beyond belief, his pink and black skin becoming almost white from the effort. Impressive, if you ask me. After 5 or 6 inches there is a moment of pause, as if the invasive column of flesh had found an obstacle in his path of conquest. But Andras wiggles and slightly twirls his little ass and the thrust continues uninterrupted until his firm buttocks finally kiss our Father’s crotch. The two do not speak and continue to kiss on the mouth, only Andras occasionally emits a cute lewd grunt, usually followed by a deep sigh of pleasure. “Bravo Andras, my beautiful son. You have accepted the Beast once again. And once again I will fill you with my seed, to renew your oath of fidelity to Evil and make you immortal for the next 1000 years at least. Now ride the Beast, squeeze the juice of life out of my balls, let me inseminate you again! ” Andras stands up on his nimble legs, extracting our Father’s cock almost completely and then letting himself fall almost dead weight, impaling himself deeply. When the ride gets energetic I move away, or my brother’s ass will smash my nose. It’s blisteringly hot, my sweaty body has regained a rosy colour that I thought I’d lost forever. I turn to Bael… I didn’t notice that he has almost all his right arm stuck inside my ass, up to his elbow. He starts fucking me hard, pulling his arm out completely and then thrusting his fisted hand into my ass like a plunger, twirling it left and right as he go. Now that I’m not hypnotized by our Father’s cock and balls, I feel overwhelmed by the new sensations coming from inside my body… fuck, De Vil may be the Devil too, but I’ve found beylikdüzü travesti heaven! I seem to faint with pleasure, my brother obviously knows what he is doing, if you ask me. I moan and swear, I ask Bael to fuck me hard and even harder. I feel a wave of pleasure never felt before starting from the depths of my body, passing from the prostate to the balls and reaching my engorged cockhead. My cock spits precum like never before, it shakes and is about to spit the juice out of my balls when Bael stops, with his arm buried into my ass up to his elbow. I feel his fist open and his long fingers stretch out within the limited confines of my colon. My brother opens and closes his fingers, twisting his wrist slightly. I have never experienced anything like it, physically or even emotionally. Through my colon I feel a new connection with this 13 year old black boy that I call brother, I feel I love him and I feel I want to protect him as a part of me, of my family. But now stop being over-sentimental, Drago! I want to fuck Bael’s little ass like God commands!… Well… like the Devil commands! “Please stop, my brother! I don’t want to cum like this, with your wonderful arm buried in my ass… I want to fuck you as our Father is fucking our brother Andras, I want to inseminate you, feel you mine… Please let me get inside you, Bael! Let my cock sink into your sweet ass, please… ” Bael looks at me and smiles happily, with all 32 of his teeth showing. “I was hoping you would ask me, Brother Seeder! It is since I saw your white cock the first time that I want you inside me… and now I will finally have you! ” When he takes his arm out of my ass, I feel empty, I almost feel the red-hot air entering my ass hole which will surely be gaping and well widened. Bael gets on all fours, facing his brother Andras who is still frantically screwing his ass on our Father’s black cock. I position myself behind him and point my hard cock at his tight little hole. But before pushing into him, I look up and look for the eyes of our Father. Our eyes meet and I see him nod his head slightly. Having his permission, nothing can stop me now. I spit on Bael’s asshole and on my cock too. I don’t think the kid has a problem accepting my 8 inches, after he surely had been invaded by the Beast at a certain point. But I don’t want to risk hurting my newly found brother. I touch Bael’s asshole with my cock-head. I feel his soft black skin kissing the hard pink skin of my cock-head. I push forward while my hands grab him by the hips and pull him to me at the same time. The hole opens slowly, like a flower blooming in the warm spring sun. And like a bee’s sting in a flower, my cock slowly sinks into my brother’s warm body. There is no uncertainty in Bael, he accepts my cock completely inside him with a deep sigh of relief, I feel his second, deeper gate open, surrounding my cock like a glove of living flesh, and let me enter him, down to the root. When I’m all inside him, my brother pushes back, as if he wants to swallow my balls too, and rubs his soft ass against the red hairs of my pubis. “Ahhhhh yeeesssss, Bael, I’m all inside you… you took all my cock and now you will have my seed too!” Bael, as his brother in front of us, grunts and moans happily. I start fucking him, first slowly, then in time with the rhythm that our brother Andras keeps. All four of us are shining with sweat, overwhelmed by lust, taken up by giving and receiving maximum pleasure. It doesn’t last long. I was already on the verge of an orgasm with Bael’s arm buried deep in my ass, and now that my cock is wrapped in his tight and warm ass, I’m really on the edge. Not to mention the show offered by Andras impaling himself on our Father’s colossal cock. De Vil looks me in the eye and smiles. “It’s time, Seeder. Flood your brother with your seed, while the Beast empties into Andras’s!” We both unload our semen into the two black twins, inseminating them at the same time. It is the most intense orgasm of my life, new or old. I feel like I’m shooting 15 or 20 shots of cum inside my brother, who in turn ejaculates on the carpet. Andras also sprinkled our Father’s taut stomach with his immature seed and is now collapsed on him, exhausted and satisfied. I take my cock out of Bael and admire his gaping ass from which a copious trickle of my cum escapes. I collapse exhausted on the carpet, without losing sight of Andras, Bael and our Father. With my cum dripping istanbul travesti down his coltish legs, Bael approaches Andras and helps him get off De Vil. I see the long column of flesh slowly coming out of my brother’s ass, hard and shiny with cum. When it is completely out, a copious trickle of semen comes out of Andras’s incredibly open hole and settles on our Father’s pubis. The twins kneel between his legs and start cleaning the Beast and our Father’s balls with their little rosy tongues. “Come closer, Seeder. Don’t let our seed get lost. Suck it out of their ass, lick them clean ” I do as he tells me and in no time at all there is not the slightest trace of semen on us all. De Vil is still hard, his black cock straight as a pole. “Now it’s your turn to accept the Beast, Seeder. Only by impregnating you with my seed will the rebirth process be concluded and you will be protected as are your brothers Andras and Bael. And all the others you haven’t met yet but who accepted the Beast and his seed before you… Come, my son. Sit on my lap and accept the Beast inside you! ” Maybe because until a few minutes ago I had Bael’s arm buried in my ass, or maybe because I saw my little Vlad first and my brother Andras after accepting the Beast without dying split open by that colossal black cock, what it seemed impossible before now doesn’t scare me any more. I step on our Father’s legs and take the place that Andras previously occupied. I bring my right hand behind me, grab the Beast still slimy with saliva and point it firmly at my hole. I caress it with my buttocks and then I let myself fall dead weight, skewered like a giant marshmallow. The pain is excruciating, I’m afraid I was too impulsive and confident in my ability to accommodate the Beast. FUCK! I feel the anal ring stretch to the edge of tearing, while the colossal cock crosses the first and second anal sphincters like a speeding train crosses a tunnel. My Father takes my head in his hands and passionately presses his open mouth against mine, stifling my inhuman scream with a deep kiss. Fortunately, the pain passes quickly… almost… and it is replaced by an indescribable feeling of fullness deep inside my belly. Even the anal ring stretched to the maximum is pleasant and, while I ride the Beast with enthusiasm, its cock head, as big as a lemon, stimulates my prostate with every thrust. I don’t know how long this fuck lasted, my legs are sore and my balls are ready to spit their juice again. At one point, I don’t quite remember when, the twins managed to shove their hard cocks between our mouths. I don’t know how they climbed on the crowded chair and did it, maybe they were floating around with little black wings on their backs that I haven’t seen yet… Horns and hooves they don’t have, I’m sure of that… I feel the cum bubbling in my balls, ready to be shot out of my iron-hard cock. Even the cock I’m sucking, I don’t know if it’s Adras or Bael, writhes in the throes of an imminent orgasm. But no one cums, as if there was an orgasm strike going on… “Seeder, my son, are you ready to receive the Beast’s seed? And to be completely reborn and protected by it for eternity?” “Yes, Father. I’m ready, but something is blocking our orgasm…” “Don’t worry, my son. As soon as the Beast begins to inseminate you, the orgasm of the three of you will happen at the same time. And now that you have accepted the Beast, welcome its seed inside you!” As our Father finishes the sentence, I feel a torrent of semen flooding my colon deeply, pushing where no one else has gone before. At the same time, I feel the convulsions of the cock I am sucking and my mouth is filled with hot and sweet pre-teen cum. De Vil takes my cock in his hand and after a couple of strokes I cover his chest with my cum. It was about time, if you asked me… It is at this point that the door bursts open and my little, pudgy son Vlad rushes naked into the steaming hot room. “Father, I’m back!” he says, smiling happily at De Vil, covered with my cum and still sucking on one of the twins’ hard cock. Then, turning to me, still with a foot long, black cock buried deep in my ass… “Dad?” ********* Now that I’m a “junior” author I understand how important it is for a writer to receive your feedbacks, kind reader. So, everytime I read something on Nifty that I like, now I take my time to reach out for a “thank you” to the author: please do the same, emails are for free and we live (almost) for your appreciation. Thank you to all of you that have provided a feedback! Please keep Nifty alive, donate to http://donate./donate.html … Seriously, do it. My stories on Nifty (all written ‘mostly’ in fty//gay/adult-youth/il-commissario-bellandi/