The Drive Home

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(Writer’s note: This is a true story, although names have been changed to protect the not so innocent and a little dialogue has been fudged because I can’t remember it exactly. Enjoy.)

It had been a long day when my girlfriend came to pick me up from work.

Dealing with whiny customers, shelving CDs and listening to the Top 40 “adult contemporary” hits will drive anyone batty if they let it get to them. I was ready to go home, pop on the TV and just relax.

That is, until I saw Raquelle come in. Rocky, which I called her for short, was wearing a black dress that came barely past her ass. She was smiling big and I knew she only smiled that way when she has dirty thoughts on her mind. She came up, gave me a hug hello and pinched my ass playfully.

I jumped, of course. I looked at her in mock-anger and said, “Now watch it. I’ve had a bad day and you might just get pinched back.”

She put on her best little girl pouty face and said “Um sowwy.” She batted her eyes at me and then said, “I’ve got something that will make you feel better.”

“Uh huh. What is that?” I asked.

She got up on the balls of her feet and whispered in my ear, “I not wearing any panties,” then relaxed back down and giggled, covering her mouth to continue her little lolita act.

I canlı bahis şirketleri was tempted to take her into the back room right then, but Randy, one of the sales associates, was in the store too and might raise questions to the manager the next day.

So, after locking up, we said our goodbyes to Randy and walked out of the store and got in my truck for the drive home. She said she wasn’t ready to go home yet and wanted to go out for a drink. I was not, but how do you argue with a woman in a short dress with no panties?

So we went to a daiquiri shop we knew she could get into. She was only three months from her 21st B-Day, but she had no fake ID and had to rely on the few places she knew she would be served.

Sitting on the barstool was a challenge for her, wanting to feel “naughty” about not wearing panties, but not willing to flash everyone. I laughed a little at her for that, but understood. I wasn’t sure I wanted any other guys looking at her pussy live and in person. Girls, well …

So after I had a few beers and she had finished off a small FUBAR, we made our way to the door. As I followed her, I saw the switch in her hips and knew she was ready for some fun.

We got into the car for the 30-minute drive home and before we even got out canlı kaçak iddaa of the city she was out of the dress and unzipping my pants. She had my cock in her mouth in no time. I was squeezing her ass and running my finger through her slit, trying desperately to reach her clit (the way she was lying, I had to reach around her back to get to her pussy).

We were driving down the road with my cock in her mouth and me doing my best to give her a good time, when she stops to tell me to pull off to the side of the road. I figured she must have been getting sick, so I make haste.

But when we are successfully pulled over, she says she wants me to be naked like her. I am a little surprised by this, but it is dark out and I figure it will be a rush. So I pulled into a darkened office building parking lot and shed my clothes as well.

We got going again (down the road and on each other) and she was getting really wet at this point. I mean rainforest wet. I was working feverishly on her – playing with her pussy and thumbing her ass while she moaned and writhed. And she was definitely returning the favor, sucking for all she was worth. I was damn near about to cum when I notice we are almost home, slowing me down a little.

We lived with my mother and couldn’t go into canlı kaçak bahis the driveway naked, so I pulled off to an old, rarely used country road and told her we had to get dressed. She was having none of it.

“Not yet,” she said, with only a slight slur, and proceeded to continue sucking.

So, I made a command decision and pulled her head off my cock. “OK,” I said, “then let’s change positions.”

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

Naked as the day is long, I got out of the truck and asked her to step out too. I told her to lay on the bench seat with her legs hanging out of my door. She gladly complied and in no time, I was inside her.

If I had really thought about it we would have switched to the passenger side where the steering wheel wouldn’t have been a problem. But you live and learn.

We started to go at it and she was really worked up now, soaking my balls with her pussy. She came a lot when she got drunk (of course she was a multiple girl anyway) and this was no different.

My truck sat there for the next 10 minutes (don’t judge – I told you I was near cumming before) and we fucked as car lights rolled by up the road maybe 50 yards from where we were. It was the feeling of danger that did it for her – and for me, to be honest.

I was about to cum and told her so, when she pushed me back, struggled out of the truck’s cab and got on her knees to accept my load. She sucked it all down and I could feel her smiling up at me as she finished.

That was a good ride home.