The Emma J Chronicles – Part Two

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The Emma J Chronicles – Part TwoChapter FourIt was exactly 4pm as their cab deposited them at the kerb just off the Place de Vendome, both Mark and Emma were impressed by the opulence of their hotel. Mark looked up at the two faces carved in the pink stone above the main entrance. “They’re a pair of ugly buggers Em, they’re enough to give you nightmares”.They walked across the beautiful marble lobby and were quickly checked in by a beautiful honey skinned French girl who looked to be in her early 20s and introduced herself in perfect English as Anais. Their suitcases had already been taken by a bellboy so she escorted them to their suite on the third floor. Mark stretched up to his full height and managed to see a beautiful expanse of lightly tanned cleavage as he looked over her shoulder. He elbowed Emma gently in the ribs and nodded in the direction of the sexy sight; he then lasciviously licked his lips. Without saying a word Emma gave him a look that ……………………………………..Stepping out of the lift their suite was a short distance down the corridor. Their escort swiped the card and opened the room for them. She showed them through to the Master bedroom and then to the en-suite bathroom, explaining the function of the multi-head shower and bidet. She then showed them to the mini-bar and other amenities, finishing by the door.Please enjoy your stay with us Monsieur et Madame Jefferies, if there is anything, anything at all I can do for you both, please give me a call in reception, just ask for Anais. She smiled sweetly and gave Mark a small wink as she left the room.“Looks like you’ve made another conquest Mark, that was a particularly obvious invitation if ever I saw one. She obviously saw you checking out her tits in the lift”.“No, she couldn’t have seen me I was stood behind her”.“Yes babe so you were, but she was watching you checking her out in the mirrored doors, dummy”.“Maybe she could keep me company while you’re away this evening”.“Yeah right babe, or maybe you could just surf on Xhamster for some porn and keep yourself entertained, you know how much you enjoy a nice wank. Better still you could watch the vid from last week, then you could see your darling wife in action while you stroke your big hard cock”.“You’re giving me a hard-on just thinking about it Em, fancy a quickie, this bed looks like it needs breaking in a bit”. Mark gestured through the open bedroom door to the beautiful wide, king-sized bed.“Hmm, that long stool at the bottom of the bed looks like a great place to start, I reckon if I kneel on that I’ll be just the right height”.So saying she grabbed Mark by the hand and led him into the bedroom and across to the foot of the bed. She knelt on the stool and flicked the hem of her dress up over her buttocks exposing her long legs encased in black lace topped hold-ups and her freshly waxed pussy and arsehole to her husband. “No pants Em? I could have sworn you had some on when we left home this morning”. He feasted his eyes on the sight of her totally hairless crutch, her inner lips just showing their slightly darker edges as they peeped from between her fleshy pink outer lips. As Emma replied he felt his cock thickening and growing in his jeans, a dribble of pre-cum emerging from his Jap’s eye.“I did, but I’ve been dribbling steadily all day long thinking about tonight and they were sopping wet, so I took them off in the Ladies just after we landed, wet pants can be so uncomfortable”.Mark knelt on the floor behind his horny wife and parted her cheeks, as he did so this opened Emma’s labia and he watched as a trickle of liquid emerged from between her lips. He groaned in anticipation and lowering his head he started to lick her from her clitoris up to her arsehole. Long slow languorous licks, he felt his hands being prised off her cheeks as she took over and spread herself really wide to permit him better access to her gaping wide cunt. “Fuck yes Mark, that feels good get your tongue inside me and finger my arsehole. Mark obliged, by first dipping his fingers in her wet opening lubing them perfectly to move to her puckered hole, he worked the tip of his index finger into her hole feeling her sphincter relax as she pushed back at him, he slowly worked it in and out of her as he continued to lick her. She responded by pushing back hard against his invading digit. “Fuck that’s good Mark put more fingers in me. Mark complied sliding first an extra one then two fingers into her arse. “Fuck Em, that’s a pretty sight, but I’ve just got to fuck you as well, my cock is about to burst, if I don’t.Still keeping his fingers in Emma’s arsehole he staggered to his feet and with his free hand dropped his jeans around his ankles, fortunately he was going commando so underpants weren’t a problem. He grasped his hard cock with his left hand and maintaining his fucking motion in her arse with his fingers he slid his cock deep into her cunt. She continued to kneel with her head resting on the coverlet of the bed as she craned her neck to see Mark fucking her. She so loved to see the sight of his cock pushing inside her and the way the lips of her cunt hugged his cock and were stretched back out as he withdrew. She let go of her arse cheeks and reached underneath her crutch and started to rub her erect and now inflamed looking clitoris. “Fuck my arse Mark; I want your hot cum in my arse, fill it full for me”.Mark was happy to oblige, he slid out of her cunt and after pushing his dark red cock-head at her sphincter, he slid in balls deep with ease, groaning as he did so.Emma’s hand formed a claw as she reached into her depths with two fingers found the rough pad of flesh of her G spot and continued to rub as Mark got into a hard fast rhythm in her arsehole.Both shifted into a higher gear as they approached their respective climaxes. Mark slamming into her arse repeatedly his face contorted in lust as her tight opening squeezed his cock and Em frenziedly fucking her two fingers into herself.“Fuck Em, I’m gonna cum, cum with me”“I’m there babe, this is going to be a big one, fuck my dirty slut arse, think of the cocks that are going to do me later, pushing their cocks into your cum, deep in my arse. Fuck I’m cumming, fuck me you cunt, fuck my filthy arsehole”.Emma had hardly uttered the words when Mark pictured his gorgeous wife being fucked later by the three guys. This tipped him over the edge, he nearly fell over such was the force and v******e of his cum. He gripped Em’s hip with one hand and reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair pulling her head up hard as he felt his stream of hot cum explode into Emma’s bowels.“Fuck, we didn’t make it to the bed”, laughed Mark as he rolled onto his back beside his well fucked wife. “Don’t worry babe, we’ve got the whole weekend to enjoy that. Maybe we can give it a nice early morning christening. I’m sure you’ll love to hear all about what goes on tonight. You know me and my memory; I’ll remember it all for you and tell you all about it then”.Chapter FiveThe car, a black Mercedes S500 with dark tinted windows, arrived promptly at 7:45pm. The driver, a squat Asian man of about 35 dressed in a grey chauffeur’s uniform and grey peaked cap ushered Emma politely from the front door of the hotel to the rear seat. As Emma ducked her head down to get in she found to her surprise two other ladies sitting in the car already. Having ensured she was comfortable he climbed into the driver’s seat and opened the glass privacy screen. “Namaste, Madam”, my master asked that I should pick your good self and the other Ladies up and convey you to his hotel. The journey is very short, only 5 minutes from here. Please to be sitting comfortably and please tell me if I can be of assistance.Emma, leant back in the plush leather seat and looked at her companions, she held bahis siteleri canlı out her hand and introduced herself.“Hi girls, my name is Emma”.They replied in turn, “Hello, I’m Joelle, I’m from Luxembourg”, said the first, a striking full figured strawberry blonde with her long curly hair tumbling down her back , her curvy body encased in a figure hugging red dress her nipples clearly visible through the material and red 5” heels on her small feet.“Hi Emma, I’m Marie, I’m from Dublin”, said the stunning redhead from the far side of the rear seat”. Her full breasts jiggling in her emerald green halter neck gown as she leant across and shook Emma’s hand. Emma looked at her closely, she appeared to be around 30, she had an alabaster complexion and her red hair was dyed a rich dark red. She was wearing long black gloves with large rings on both hands.“It sounds like this is going to be quite a party tonight”, said Emma. I’ve not done this before, how about you two?“It’s my first time too”, said Joelle.”I do hope it won’t be tooooo tedious”.“It’s a first for me too”, agreed the redhead incredulously, with an excited catch to her rich Irish brogue.Emma laughed, “All virgins together then. Let’s hope its fun; it certainly looks like at least we girls will enjoy ourselves. I must say you are both stunning”.Marie giggled, “You’re not so bad yourself Emma, I love that dress”.Emma looked down and couldn’t help but agree, the dress she had chosen to wear was a perfectly understated, ‘little black dress’, other of course than the fact that it was made of soft Napa leather. She had spent hours deliberating on what she should wear and had gone for simplicity. It had tiny spaghetti straps and the neckline cut straight across the top of her boobs revealing little of what was within. When she pulled it down, the hem was a few inches above her knees and showed off her perfect legs in their black stockings to best effect. Now however; sat in the back of the Mercedes, the hem had ridden up above her stocking tops and had he looked the driver would have seen straight up to her sexy see-through panties.“This old thing, I thought it would be perfect for this evening, it’s almost impossible to spoil it”, Emma laughed.Emma looked once more at her two companions, soon to be lovers as they continued their journey, she recognised the Champs Elysees and then they turned quickly onto Avenue George V and drew up before the imposing white portico of No 31, looking out of the side windows, Emma made out the stylised George V on the gold and black main entrance doors. The driver got out and let the three ladies out of the rear doors, handed the keys to the valet parking attendant and ushered the trio into the huge reception hall. They crossed the beautiful marble floor and stopped at the bank of elevators. They entered the lift and were quickly whisked up to the seventh floor. They walked a few metres down the richly carpeted corridor and he pressed the buzzer.The door was flung wide by a handsome gentleman of around around fifty; his dark was shot through with grey and was swept straight back, accentuating a prominent widow’s peak.“Good evening Ladies, welcome to The George V, I am sure you are going to have a lovely time, I am known as Mr X, but please feel free to dispense with the Mr, you may call me X”. He waved them into the entrance hall of the luxury suite. “Now I’m afraid, we are waiting for my two colleagues, who will arrive momentarily, please come in, make yourselves comfortable, a glass of champagne perhaps”?He snapped his fingers and their driver came forward with an ornate silver tray of crystal champagne flutes, brimming with the pale golden liquid, bubbles rapidly rising and bursting on the surface. “You’ve all met my manservant, his name is Gopal Gurung, he is a Gurkha and one of the fittest men I know. You may call him Gopal”.Gopal bowed deeply from the waist not spilling a drop of the precious liquid. They all took a glass.“Come in, come in, let us not stand on ceremony. Please come into the living room and make yourselves comfortable. Now before we go any further there is just the small matter of the NDAs. I am sure you understand that whatever happens here tonight may not be transmitted to another soul outside this suite on pain of serious litigation. Gopal”!The Gurkha silently ushered the trio across to the beautiful Louis XIV desk by the window and handed them each a pen. They all read the brief statement and signed.Just then the door bell rang. Gopal glided to the door and opened it wide, there stood a man only marginally taller than he was wide, at least 6’6”he wore a pale grey suit and a matching Stetson with a broad navy blue satin band. He took off his hat and swept it before him as he bowed to the girls.“Well howdy little ladies, you can call me Frank. Frank by name and Frank by nature, so I won’t mince my words. We are going to have such a fucking horny time tonight. I can see that you are as fine a bunch of fillies I have seen in a long time” He looked across at Mr X. “Hi X, I must congratulate you on your choice of Fuck buddies for tonight. We are going to get ourselves laid in style. Where’s Marky, not here yet”?He walked across to Marie and reached around the back of her neck and untied the bow that held up the top of her dress. As it fell forward he whistled as a beautiful lilac basque was revealed to his lecherous gaze. “Waal looky here, what a fine pair of titties, just waiting for some luvvin from lil ole Frank”.Marie, pulled the front of her dress up instinctively covering herself, reached out and slapped his face. The crude American let out a bellow of laughter and slapped her hard on the back side, “I love a girl with a bit of spunk in her and gawd knows there’s gonna be a lot of spunk flying in here tonight. I’ve taken a couple of them there Viagra so I’ll be standing proud all night”. He turned to the next nearest female, Joelle and seized her by her erect nipple, she squealed loudly “Nice tits baby, how’ about giving Uncle Frank a lil looksee”? Joelle recoiled as if she’d been the one whose face had been slapped and tears appeared at the corners of her eyes.Mr X put his arm around the girl and addressed the coarse American.“If you’ll excuse me Frank, I need to have a word with the ladies in the other room, if you don’t mind”?“Hell no, you go right ahead, call me when they’re ready to be fucked”. He turned to Gopal. “HeyGupta, bring me a bourbon, can’t abide this gnat’s piss”.Gopal went to the bar and took him his drink as Mr X led the girls into the smaller of the suite’s bedrooms.X closed the door. “Ladies, my profound apologies, I’m afraid my colleague is a little rough around the edges, it may not seem so but he is rather nice chap, owns half of Texas I believe, please extend him a little tolerance. I assure you he is a particularly generous soul and will I am sure compensate you richly for your forbearance”.The girls looked at Mr X in varying degrees of disbelief.Joelle spoke first,“He’s nothing but an a****l, I don’t know if I want to stay”.“Let us not be precipitate, please I beg you stay, as I said he is most generous”.“OK, but tell him, I’m not his fuck toy, I don’t want him hurting me again or I will go, fuck his generosity”.“Please give me a moment ladies, I will return in a moment”. He left the room.They heard muttered words through the door and Mr X re-entered the dining room followed by Frank.“Ladies, please excuse me if I have been a little over enthusiastic, I’ve been in Siberia and not seen any pretty ladies for a few weeks. I guess I got kinda carried away”.Alarm bells started ringing in Emma’s mind, American oil man, Siberia, Marky!! This resembled the deal she and Marcus had been involved in for the past few months back in London. “No casino siteleri it can’t be”, she thought to herself. “Impossible”.“Come ladies why don’t we make ourselves more comfortable while we wait for our last party to arrive. Marcus should be here shortly”.Emma’s heart hit her boots; this really was a coincidence too far.Mr X ushered the girls to a long empire style chaise longue. “So, let’s get comfortable, why don’t you ladies slip out of those hot dresses and relax with each other. Get to know each other better”?Emma thought to herself, “I’m certainly not going to blow this whole deal over a bit of a tweaked nipple and the faint possibility it is my Marcus he was talking about. She replied. “What a good idea X, come on girls, it is rather warm in here. She rubbed her hand up her right thigh as she spoke causing the hem to ride up over her stocking tops.She then shrugged off the straps and allowed the dress to slide down over her breasts and down below her waist. Her nipples stood proud and erect and she felt the tell tale tickle in her pussy signifying her becoming wet and ready for sexual activity. She wriggled the tight leather down over her hips and allowed it to pool around her feet then stood there in only her suspenders, stockings and see through panties.“Mmmmm that’s much better, you should join me girls, it’s so lovely to have that hot dress off”.Marie followed suit almost immediately, she released the halter neck of her dress and wriggled out of it. She kicked the dress across the room and sat on an adjacent chair. There was an audible gaspfrom all present as they all took in the sight of the leafy looking tattoo that went from her right hip to her ankle. Do you like my body art, I think it is sooo sexy”’ commented Marie in a sexy husky voice. She undid her suspenders and sexily slid her lilac covered stocking down her long leg.“It would be such a shame to ladder my favourite stockings, it is ok if I take them off I hope”. Not only did she now not have any stockings on, it was apparent as she bent and turned her body she was wearing little more than her lilac basque as she posed in the chair for all to see. “Oh Emma, you were so right, it is so nice to be nearly naked”.All eyes turned to Joelle; she smiled broadly and started to pose. First she pulled down the thin straps from her shoulders holding the front of the dress up with her crossed arms, her erect nipples outlined in stark relief, then moved her arms and allowed the front of the dress to drop below her magnificent pale breasts.She rolled the dress down to her mid-thigh, revealing the nakedness beneath and gave the whole company a peek at her nicely trimmed pubis then laid back on the bed her legs spread her arms up by her ears. The perfect picture of wantonness.Chapter SixEvents progressed rapidly, the choice of girls had been a good one, all three of them were fully paid up members of the guild of Sapphic pleasure, all delighting in the touch and taste of other women. Emma dropped to her knees before the recumbent Joelle and fastened her lips on her red downy pubic bone. Her long agile tongue slurped deep into her spread pussy lips and Joelle started to respond to the flicking of Emma’s tongue. Before a minute had passed Emma was licking her from her arsehole to her clit in a strong deep rhythm, occasionally stopping and lingering on her inflamed clitoris. Joelle’s hips bucked hard into Emma’s face and she barely managed to grunt, “Cummmmmminnnnnng” as she let go a trickle of viscous whitish cum straight into Emma’s open mouth. She swallowed it down greedily then looked over her shoulder as she felt her panties being pulled down her thighs. Followed by her own sex being invaded by a tongue. There behind her on her knees was the tall Irish girl; her hands holding Emma’s arse cheeks apart as her tongue flicked in and out of her crinkly pink arsehole. “Fuck Marie, that is so good, keep tongueing my arsehole darling, stick it in deep, fuck my arse with your tongue”.Joelle looked up from her prone position on the bed as she felt a weight shift the whole bed, there was Frank his suit trousers abandoned, wearing a shirt and tie and a pair of striped boxers looming over her, his massive 8” uncut cock, sticking straight up from the fly just by her face.“Excuse me little lady would you mind awfully sucking ole Frank’s cock.”She giggled, “As you asked so nicely, I would be delighted Mr Frank”.Her red painted lips wrapped themselves around his hard thick cock pulling his long foreskin back as he slid it into her waiting mouth. As it emerged she slid her tongue down between the loose skin and his cockhead then skilfully circled her tongue completely round his engorged glans, driving him wild with pleasure.With Joelle now otherwise engaged Emma once more looked over her shoulder she saw Mr X, he was standing impassively at the foot of the bed. Despite his detachment there was a huge bulge in the front of his trousers. “Come fuck me X, put that thick cock inside me as Marie licks my arse. You can have any hole, just fuck me, fill me up”.He smiled briefly then stepped back and sat on the chair. “Not yet my dear, I am enjoying your little show and besides it would be so rude to start without my other colleague”.Emma switched her concentration back to what Marie was doing, with no likelihood of being fucked in the immediate future she turned to the redhead and implored her, “Fist me Marie, stick your hand in my cunt and make me cum, I am sooo fucking horny, my cunt is dying for some attention”.Marie lay down beside Emma in a 69 position she lifted her upper knee spreading her legs widely apart. “Only if you do the same to me, I love being fisted, it makes me feel so full”. Emma replicated Marie’s position and lay on her side facing her with her leg also raised high. The two girls started slowly at first, both practiced in the art, initially one finger was inserted, then as their vaginal muscles unclenched and relaxed, more fingers were added until all four were fully inside. “God that is so fucking good said Marie through clenched teeth as Emma finally inserted her thumb tucked tightly into her palm. It slid in as far as her thumb knuckle then with a push from Marie’s hips it slid in all the way. “FUCK”, grunted Marie.“Now do me Marie”, she said as her leg lifting higher, spreading her cunt wide open.Emma’s cunt walls opened and made the insertion of the Irish girl’s hand as easy as if she were just using her fingers.“Wow Em, your cunt is so open, is that good”?One look at Emma’s face was sufficient, her face was contorted in ecstasy, “Now open your fingers make a proper fist and stick it deep inside and fuck me”.The pair continued to fist fuck each other, Marie’s orgasm started first but was quickly overtaken as Emma also started to cum, the two of them were ramming their hands in and out of each other frantically. Before 5 seconds had passed Emma was writhing on the bed fucking her new found friend as she was fucked in turn, her cunt gushing copious amounts of ejaculate over Marie’s face and tits. As the stream hit her Marie’s orgasm built and built until she too, like Emma was fucking her hips in a frenzy against the invading hand. A stream of clear fluid forced itself from around Emma’s wrist as Marie’s over-stimulated G spot caused her to cum and cum. Emma dropped her face into the stream and sucked the fluid greedily into her mouth swallowing frantically.As he watched the performance taking place further down the bed, Frank started to become more and more excited, his demeanour changed markedly, no longer was he the kindly southern gent of mere minutes ago. He reverted to type and started to ram his engorged cock harder and harder into Joelle’s mouth, holding her head and forcing it against his cock. The harder canlı casino he rammed his cock into her mouth and throat the more a look of fear, pain and terror masked her pretty features. She started to gag uncontrollably. As she found difficulty in breathing her face turned a deep purplish red and she fluttered her eyelids. Totally oblivious Frank kept ramming his cock into the now near u*********s girl’s mouth, until with a bellow he started to cum, forcing his pent up cum straight down into the girls throat, she coughed then began to choke and started to scream around his thrusting cock. Frank, now totally spent pulled his cock from her mouth, a stream of stringy white cum hanging in a string from her mouth to his cock as she convulsed, only barely conscious.A hand appeared as from nowhere and slapped Joelle on the back once, twice she coughed. She then coughed up a mouthful of sticky cum and her eyes opened wide. “You fucking Yank bastard you nearly fucking choked me. I’m fucking out of here, screw the money”. She got up off the bed and made her way unsteadily to her discarded dress. She picked it up and dashed to the en-suite toilet and locked herself in.“Oh man, I guess I got a little carried away”, said Frank still in a kneeling position on the bed his cock remarkably ramrod straight and dripping cum.“You girls want some of this cock; it’s ready to go again”.Marie seemed unconcerned at Joelle’s predicament and shuffled up the bed turned to face away from Frank in the classic doggy position. “Only if you put a condom on, I don’t fuck men without a condom”.Frank’s face changed from horny to a face of thunder.”Fucking condoms, what do you think this is anyway, fucking kindergarten? I’ve never fucked with a condom and at these prices I’m for fucking sure not starting now. If you don’t like that you can go as well”. Realising the error of what she’d just said, Marie said “OK whatever, fuck me Frank; I need some cock in my cunt now”.Frank obliged, he buried his hard tool balls deep in one thrust then started to go at her like a train.Emma, concerned for Joelle walked across to the door, kicking her black panties from around her ankles as she went. Now naked but for her stockings and suspenders she knocked gently on the door. “Joelle let me in honey it’s Emma”. The door opened a crack Joelle’s hand emerged and grabbing Emma’s arm, pulled her into the luxuriously appointed bathroom.Joelle’s next action surprised Emma beyond reason; the still naked girl wrapped her arms around her neck and proceeded to ram her stiff little tongue into her mouth. Caught off balance for a moment Emma froze then succumbed to the writhing tongue in her mouth. The girls stood by the green marble sink as they kissed without restraint.Emma broke away from the lip lock. “Wow, that was the last thing I expected, I thought you were upset, the way you laid in to Frank in there”.“I am sooo upset but weirdly, my cunt is on fire and dripping like mad. He is such a pig and really nearly made me lose consciousness, but for some reason it turned me on almost more than I can ever remember being turned on before”. To illustrate her point she raised one leg and placed her foot on the edge of the marble bath. Sure enough there was a thick ooze of liquid running down her inner thigh, stretching all the way from her cunt to her calf.“Please Emma, make me cum, I need it so bad, but I don’t want that pig to know he made me so fucking horny”.Emma dropped to her knees on the cool marble floor, grabbing a bath towel she put it under her knees and then licked the strawberry blonde from her knee, greedily slurping her juices into her mouth, by the time she got to her gaping lips her mouth was brimming with liquid.“Here, Joelle, you want to share your juices with me”, she said with difficulty as she stood up and offered her mouth.The girl clamped her mouth on to Emma’s and they spent at least a mouth swapping the juices form one to the other, exactly as Emma had done a hundred times with a mouthful of Mark’s cum.Joelle, shuddered, the horny thought of swapping her juices with another girl driving her close to orgasm.“Fuck, I need something hard in my cunt now, I am soooo close”, she said.Looking round the bathroom she saw nothing suitable, until she spotted the shower head on the flexible hose. It was a rather unique and beautiful object about 6 inches long and 5 inches in diameter, with a slight widening where the water emerged from tiny green rubber jets. She took it from its holder and tentatively pushed it between her gaping lips, gradually she edged it inside herself until she was holding onto just the chromium hose at its base. “Fuck Emma that feels soo good, will you please fuck me with it”?Emma took the hose from her as she turned and bent over the sink offering her down covered cunt for Em’s attention. Emma started to ease the hose in and out of her with increasing speed the shower head making obscene slurping sounds as it was pushed in and out. “Push it in my bum now Em, fuck me in the arse with it. God this is so goooood”.Emma obliged; she pulled it from her pussy and gently pushed against Joelle’s little brown rosette, as she pushed, Joelle bore down on her arsehole and covered in her juices the shower head disappeared into her hole.Joelle then surprised her fuck buddy she reached between her legs and rammed all four of the fingers on her hand straight into herself furiously rubbing her clit with the ball of her thumb.After about a minute of this attention on her cunt and arse she started to cum precipitating the release of a further flood of cunt juices.Utterly spent she slumped down onto her knees on the floor.“Wow, God I so needed that. Thank you Emma you were wonderful, you were a real friend in need. Now I’ve got to go, I can’t bear to be near that fucking a****l a second longer”. She picked up her red dress from the floor where she’d dropped it and slid it over her head. Shimmying her dress down her thighs she turned and looked herself in the mirror. “Thank God for waterproof mascara”, she said to no-one in particular. Then turning to Emma she threw her arms around the near naked woman kissed her on the lips, turned and opened the door.Emma followed her out of the bathroom and took in the scene before her. Frank was laid on the bed a look of sublime satisfaction on his face as Marie wiped at her crutch area with a linen napkin “You OK now honey”, she asked Joelle. Joelle barely kept it together as she shook her head, eyes brimming with tears again and said “Can someone please call me a cab, I need to leave”.Mr X spoke from his position of observation on the chair. “My dear young lady, Gopal will take you forthwith, I completely understand, most unfortunate”.“Thank you X, I’m so pleased that there is at least one gentleman here in the room”.“Yeah whatever baby-cakes, fuck you very much too”, said Frank from the bed.They all watched as she walked to the door that led back into the enormous living room. She was just about to open it when it seemingly opened for her.In walked Marcus.“Good evening Ladies, Hi X, Hi Frank, sorry I’m a bit late. Did you start without me”?He looked around the room and was distracted by the sobbing girl stood in front of him“Where you off to Dahlin, not leaving already I hope. You’ll be sorry you missed me, you know what they say, it’s not the size of the cock it’s the educated arse behind it, eh”?He then made his first mistake of the evening; he gave Joelle’s perfect heart shaped bottom a slap.She drew back her right fist and punched him full on in the mouth. He reeled backwards and slammed into the wall as Joelle walked out of the room and slammed the door closed.“Fuckin ‘ell, was it something I said”? He looked around the room properly for the first time, his aching jaw with a trickle of blood running down his chin. As he finally took in those stood around the room, his bloodstained chin nearly dropped to his knees.“Well fuck me sideways, Emma, what are you doin here? Fuck you’re naked too. You’re a fuckin hooker. Well I’ll be fucked