The Enabler Chapter 4

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The Enabler Chapter 4“ Now go in the closet doggie, be a good White boy. Do as you are told. Be quiet so the big bad well hung black men don’t find you and decide to fuck you too.” She said with a wink. The closet was situated behind her bed. Venetian blind accordion doors that didn’t fully open sandwiched behind Mary’s bed. April had the identical set up behind her bed but with more respected space so the doors actually did open all the way. But Mary obviously brought her own bed and the dorm room style bed that she should have had was mysteriously absent. Missing, to accommodate the kind of bed you can really fuck in. Mary’s bed. Her cell phone buzzed.”He’s coming, he’s Coming quick closet boy hide!” I did, she closed the shutters behind me and I wondered. If enough of the men were humping hard enough? Maybe the bed would move enough and make it impossible to bahis siteleri open the closet door. I would be trapped until whenever, then I realized I was trapped already. When Wayne arrived he was kinda scary. I was not even sure he was a student. I could see him kissing and groping on Mary from the closet. The he looked over at her empty roommates bed. “ What no April tonight,I thought you were going to help me make her one of my girls tonight.” Wayne Asked. “ I told you. I told you she would never fuck men, and I told you she would never turn tricks.” Mary answered. “ So your going to do my whole crew yourself baby? You must really love me” he said as he kissed her again. Then he grabbed her face just like she had done to me only he smacked her right across the face and said “ Next time you ask a bitch to belong to me, make sure she says yes. Now I’ve gotta canlı bahis siteleri worry about your fucking College roommate” “ You don’t have to worry baby. She not going to tell anyone anything. She’s been partying on your supply for a long time. If she talks I’ve got the pictures to prove it to.” Mary told Wayne assuring him. She gave him her cell phone. “ A public pussy eater when she’s wasted” Mary proclaimed. Wayne started to chuckle “ She know you got these?” He asked her.“ Not yet baby I’m trying to use the carrot.” Mary answered while handing Wayne what Appeared to be a switch. “ Not the stick” she continued. “ Bend over girl “ he said. “ Pull your shorts and panties all the way down and touch those feet.” He ordered her. I could see from the closet the front of Mary, as Wayne started a regiment of Bare bottom spanking on Mary. Not to hard, but Forceful. canlı bahis He lifted the switch which appeared to be a bamboo like stick the kind you use to secure a droopy plant. Or too of course discipline A naughty young lady. After a few light swats he stopped and said “ I’m gonna hit you harder when they get here. Also each one of these niggers are going to pay you. Just take the money so they all know your payed. You pay me when they are done fucking you, and after the last nigger leaves. Tips and all bitch don’t hold out. I have a feeling your gonna get them. I don’t want them to know I’m your pimp. They don’t have to know shit except I think you worth it. That’s called the long con Sugar Pussy. The long con gets you payed and the customers always come back for more” After Wayne finished his little pep talk,Mary slowly rose up to kiss him. She told him “ Wayne that is the sexiest thing any man has ever said to me. Of course I will give all the money to you after. I’m doing all of this because I am so in love with you.” “ of course you do baby, of course you do” Wayne answered.