the first one:)

2 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri

the first one:)This is a story about my friend, RachelMy first time was with my boyfriend of 9 months. We were both 16, and we loved each other so much. We talked about having sex before, and we both thought we were ready, so we decided that if the chance came up, we would do it.One night I went over his house to hang out. His mom left buca escort the house to go out, so we were home alone. We started kissing and making out on the couch, and he put his hand up my skirt, and i had my hand on his crotch. We were getting really into it, so I asked if he wanted to, and he said yes. We got a condom out of my purse escort buca and he put it on. We could not believe that we were going to do it.We went up to his room, because I wanted to loose my virginity in his bed, because i was comfortable there. I went on his bed, and he took off my underwear. We started kissing again, and hugging. buca escort bayan I laid back and he got on top of me, and he entered me. It only lasted a couple of minutes, because it really really hurt. Afterwards, we got up and hugged each other. We started to cry, because we finally made love, and we loved each other so much.I love my boyfriend so much, and I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Me and him are closer than ever, and sex just made us more comfortable than ever. I am glad that I waited to have sex with him. I love him.