The First Time

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Samantha Cox was a goddess at school. All the girls envied her and all the guys wanted to date and fuck her. She had long blonde hair, huge big tits, and an athletic body. I secretly had a crush on her, as I was a seventeen year old girl who didn’t look like a goddess. I was average, I wasn’t bad to look at. But every time I saw her at school, my pussy would get wet and I’d get a female bone aka an enlarged clit.I was just in the girls’ locker rooms at school one day sitting on the toilet when I imagined Samantha in front of me with her huge tits. Without realising it, my left hand went almanbahis şikayet to my wet pussy and began to masturbate over her. The more I pictured her tits, the more I rubbed. My breathing increased, my body grew hot, and I started moaning. I suddenly cried out as my body convulsed with excitement as I orgasmed. I leaned back against the toilet breathing heavily with a smile of satisfaction on my face.Suddenly, I heard giggling as the door to the girls’ restrooms opened. I peered through the gap in the door and saw that Samantha walked in with her friends. I watched them almanbahis canlı casino strip off their clothes, mainly Sam. Without realising it, my left went back down to my again wet pussy of arousal and began to rub it. I tried not to breathe heavily but I was getting so hot and orgasm was building up so fast inside once again.Oh, shit! I thought. I’m gonna come.”Sam, do you hear something?” one of her friends asked.Samantha and her friends were just about to step into the showers when they heard me breathing.I tried to stop myself masturbating, but I couldn’t. It was like almanbahis casino my hand was glued to my pussy and my middle finger was made to keep on rubbing it like a magnet. I couldn’t take it any longer.Oh, shit, bollocks, fuck! I thought.My body went into spasms of pleasure as I came all over my hand.”Hey, peeping Tom, get out of there!” Samantha said firmly.I pulled up my knickers and mini skirt and then opened the door and heard and saw Samantha and her friends; shocked gasps.”Well, I am surprised,” she said. “I never thought the perverted peeping Tom would be a girl.””Sorry, I’ll just be on my way,” I said, without meeting her gaze. I tried to walk past her, but she grabbed my right arm and pinned me against the wall with her friends.”Who are you?” Samantha asked.”Emily, Emily Mulvey,” I replied.”Were you masturbating in there?”