The Hostage

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Dripping Pussy

The HostageThe HostageLisa had lost count of how long she had been a prisoner. The days had turned into weeks and now she suspected months. Only if she really concentrated could she remember walking to wards her car in the parking station and the hand that grabbed her from behind forcing the cloth over her mouth and nose. The last thing she remembered before she passed out was the sound of a Van door sliding open.Every day was the same. When he came for her, the light would go out, the door opened and a man shone a torch in her eyes so she was unable to see.The hood was slipped over her head and tied gently around her neck and she was led by the arm up the stairs.She knew the amount of steps by heart .34.A right turn followed by 2 left turns. Another door and then the bathroom. She was naked. She had been ever since she woke up on that first day.The shower was always just the right temperature. The lights were off when he took the hood off and she felt her way into the shower in the dark.The soap and shampoo were always in the same rack hanging from the shower. They were the same brand she had used in her apartment..Once a week the shower would be turned off early, she was led over to a soft table where she was laid on her back and shaved totally. She had never been completely shaved before this but now every week, the stubble of her pubic hair, legs and armpits was carefully and gently removed then she was returned to the shower to finish her ablutions.The towels were always fresh and she could tell by the roughness of them that they were sun dried. She loved the feel of them on her skin. Lisa always enjoyed the harshness that made her skin red. It made her feel alive and in touch with herself queenbet yeni giriş again.After the shower the man arrived back with the hood. Always the same man. Always gentle, never speaking. With the hood in place, she was lead again out into what she suspected was the hallway. One left turn one right turn, up 12 steps and knock on the door. The door opened and another mans hand tool her arm and led her insideThe door closes,She is led over to the strange, but by now familiar, bed and laid face down with the high tri angular pillow under her stomach.It always felt like it was a massage table with the hole for the face at one end but as yet she was still unsure. Lisa knew that it was low setAnd with her legs strapped to the arms the man spread them apart. I’m sure he must have had this table especially made for the purpose She thought to herself. Whilst her body on the pillow stayed in the same place, the two arms of the bed below opened up. She imagined she looked rather comical. Her face on the bed at one end, her backside almost pointing at the ceiling and her legs wide apart. All she knew was it felt sexy. She loved the feel of her legs being opened and her vagina opening with them.She enjoyed the oil massage. He was slow, gentle and defiantly through. Slowly his hands worked their way from her heels to her thighs, up on to her buttocks and down her back over and over again. Eventually his hand began to reach under her and stroke her tits. The nipples were always erect by now and the soft gentle motion of the oiled hands was like and aphrodisiac. Never touching her vagina or arse for at least an hour.It was always the same. She couldn’t help it. She became wet.The queenbet giriş first half a dozen times she was terrified but as time went on she began to relax and actually looked forward to it. It was a beautiful, gentle and sensuous encounter.When she was on the verge of Cumming, the man would slowly insert a finger into her vagina then another and another untill his small hand was completely inside her.This had taken weeks of training. She had never been small, after all she had a lot of sex over her 22 years but this was way beyond what she had ever encountered in the past. Now she could, with a lot of gentle encouragement, be fisted. Lisa loved it.After her first climax, the man began to work on her arse. First was the finger then the second etc untill she was totally relaxed and in went his hand, now with both holes filled to capacity he began to work, Like a pair of pistons the arms slowly but steadily slid in and out. She began to know her cum was close she could feel it, so could he. Lisa raised herself up so her large breasts would swing free, and she lowered herself down just enough for the nipples to rub on the sheet that covered the bed. It was sending waves of electric shock through them. It made her want to cum even more. SUCK MY FUCKING TITS… she cried out …..PLEASE LICK MY CUNT…..PLEASE….PLEASE…. PLEASE …. FUCK ME!!!The speed increased the gentleness was replaced with a harder more urgent thrust as both hand pounded into her cunt and her arse. She screamed FUCK FUCK FUCK over and over again at the top of her lungs and still he pounded on.I LOVE YOU… I LOVE YOU… FUCK ME…FUCK ME… FUUUUUCK ME… YES YES… YES… YES… MORE …MORE ….HARDER… HARDER She screamed.The queenbet güvenilirmi man payed no attention. The hand pounded, Lisa screamed on and on untill at last it stopped as abruptly as it had begun. Lise knew he had cum she could her him grunting and his heavy breathing, then the hands came out.The man moved away and someone else removed the straps.Standing was never easy. Slowly Lise regained her balance. Her guide waited patiently for her equilibrium to return then he led her toward the door.Back in her windowless room, a beautiful meal always awaited with a bottle of wine. Books by the score lined the bookshelves. Chess set, scrabble, jig saw puzzles of every kind were there to relive her boredom. Videos, enough to fill a library stood in racks against the far wall. Although a single red bulb was all that only lit the room, her eyes had long become accustomed to it.Lying back on her bed after dinner, Lisa nearly always felt the urge to masturbate. She had to admit it. She was becoming addicted to sex. Now she wanted the man to do more to her. Anything, She would let him, Welcome it. Relish it The encounter always left her spent but horny and as she rubbed her clit, it stood up and accepted the attention willingly. Her imagination always ran the same images across her eyes. The man and what he looked like. She imagined he was slight built by the size of his hands. She wondered why he didn’t fuck her, but, perhaps that was still to come. It was a beautiful large cock that she pictured ramming into her cunt then her arse, She wanted to take it in her mouth and suck it, drink his cum kiss his balls The more she imagined the hotter she became untill at last she reached her climax which was now where near the ones she experienced up stairs, but they were different. They were brought on by here desires and what her mind could see. What she couldn’t see was the hidden camera in the ceiling directly above her, or the two middle aged women who were watching.