The Hotel Part 1

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The Hotel Part 1I knew when this started it would be like nothing I had ever done before. I drove up to the hotel early friday morning. I was checking in for seven days. Seven Days of non stop pounding of my asshole, Strapons, Crossdressing, forced fem, huge dildos, and giant buttplugs are just a few of my fetishes, and I expected every fantasy to be fulfilled this week.As I pulled up under the awning of the front enterance I was met by a woman in a French Maid uniform. I introduced myself, and said I was checking in fo rthe week. She smiled, as she opened my car door, helped me out of the car, took my bags and walked with me to the front desk.At the front desk I filled out a bunch of paperwork, and signed the contract that detailed and outlined what would happen during my stay.When I was finished filling out all the forms, I was told to have a seat in the lobby and a representative would be assisting me shortly.After waiting about twenty minutes, I was greeted by a beautiful tall red headed woman who led me to a private office.Her office was like the toy section of an adult book store. She had some of the biggest Doldos, buttplugs, enema, bags, and devices I’d ever seen. Bigger than most I had seen in videos online, and certainly not for the novice user.She had two binders she placed on her desk. one had a selection of rooms for every fetish under the sun, the second had a detailed Bio, and photo set of each mistress available for services.I wanted to be dressed to be a passable cheap sexxy slutty whore, and wated to be able to do it with a dominanent female who enjoyed hours upon hours of anal pounding. I was getting so horney from the anticipatiion of waiting I wanted to grab the dildo on her desk and start fucking myself right there.I selected a room, and began looking at the pictures of the Mistresses When I turned the third or 4th page, there she was Mistress Katya she was the one. I recognized her from videos I had seen online. She played with huge dildos, and knew how to use them.I was really going to be a dream come true.I was about to be fucked by a monster dildo anal pro.At that point I was exited from her office through a door on the opposite side of where I had entered.I was escorted to anther room with lockers in it. She gave me a key to locker 425. I was instructed to get undressed and put every item of clothing and all personal belongings into the locker, I was to only have my key in my hand.I did as I was instructed, so horney at this point I would do anything I was told. I get completely submissive when I’m horny.After I finished undressing and putting all my belongings into a locker, I locked it up and sat with the key in my hand completely naked. It was only a moment of so after I sat down that another door opened, and I was let by a beautiful nurse to an exam room. I was told to get up on the table, and put my legs into the sturupps. I was then informed of the first two steps I would endure and this is where the story begins.THE EXAM ROOM:As the nurse was locking my feet into the sturupps with heavy leather straps, she casually informed me I would be receiving several enemas to completely corar my lower and upper colon, Some might be very painfull and cramp inducing and that is why the have to strap my legs in. She promised she would be gentle, and continued to walk around me and lock me down tight. As she did I laid there admiring her sheer beauty and basking in the sensation of her touch. Thinking about how I was soon to be with the hottest anal slut online, my cock was screaming hard, and I wished I could start to jerk off right there.The nurse also explained how the Mistress I chose was very demanding of her slaves, and that I would need to pass an endurance test to be with her, if I failed the test I would have to pick another mistress.I wanted Katya so bad, that I was determined to pass the test no matter what it was.Once the nurse was satisfied that I was firmly secure, she asked for my key which was still in my hand, and I gave it to her.425 hum…and she smiled lovingly at me, sorta giggled, then rubbed by leg coming about a half inch from my cock she stopped, then she flicked my cock with a sharp direct wack of her finger.It hurt, and this was just the start.She then turned around and walked over to get the first of several unusually large enemas I was to be subjected to.As she prepared her equipment, a Doctor walked in. He was wearing w Male Stripper tyep Doctor uniform, but only had a Cock ring and leather straps around his waist his cock was completely exposed, and as he walked past me to get his gloves, I could see that the straps coming around his waite to his balls, also held in a rather large looking size dildo that was sunk deep in his ass.He must be the doctor here to perform my exam I’d imagine.He walked up and began to talk to me. As he stood next to my bed, his huge cock was right in my face.It looked so big and delicious I wanted to kiss it. Fortuneately he noticed my distress, and slowly began to feed his massive beautiful cock into my face. For a minute or so I sucked it, savoring the delicious aeroma, of his musky scent. Then he pulled away and began to talk with the nurse.So we’re doing a Katya exam on him huh? Turning to me he said, “Hope you’re a pro”.He walked over with a tatoo gun, and began to carve my locker number into my arm. He explained it would be my locker number from now on, and everytime I return to the hotel I will always be given that locker number.It only too a few minutes of him working away at the tatoo, that when he was done, I haden’t even realized that I had a Bardex enema nozzle in my ass, and I was begining to feel the cramps. I looked up and saw an enema bag ther size of a five gallon gas can hanging over me.The nurse gently rubbed my belly and made it a point of turning he ass twords my face often, leaving me to admire her beauty while the doctor finished working on my arm.When the doctor was finished he got up and walked out of the exam room, now it waas just the nurse and I and this extremely huge enema, I was now really feeling the pain from.The nurse casually explained that I needed several large enemas administered in different ways with different nozzles to ensure by bowls, and colon were completely cleaned for sanitary reasons.My ass was to be the center of attention for 7 days and it needed to be spotless.The nurse then wheeled a device over that looked like a giant vaccume, and it was. it had a hose on it that was to be inserted into my asshole to suck the enema out. this too would be done at different dephs and with different size hoses to ensure my ass received a thurough clensing. I was told I would do this everyday I was here, and that she would always be the nurse assigned to my case. That ment that although mistress was to be with me 24/7 for 7 days she too would alway be onhand to administer medical needs, and to cater to me as a slave of my own.I had not know this till now, and was very excited to have a beautiful goddess of a nurse that was to answer to me the whole time I was ther, to be my non stop slave, to live with mistress and I while I cater to mistress every whim, she will cater to both of us.As she continued to administer the enemas, and clean them out, she then canlı bahis producted a huge long rubber baloon. She said it was an anal diolator, designed to be inserted into my ass and inflated and expanded several times to loosen my colon, and release any remamining remenants of the final enema.As she inflated and tested it, I noticed it’s sheer size, and began to worry. It was gigantic, like almost 3 feet long, and stretching to be over 8 inches round. My heart pounded as I began to think of the fact that there was nothing I coud do to stop her, and this ws going in my ass wether I wanted it or not. The fact was that I did want it, I jsut didn’t know if I could handle it.The nurse then connected a blood preasure monitor to my arm, and a few sensors on my chest, She connected a metal band around the base of my cock and balls, and connected it to some wires as well.Finally the last of the enemas was finished and nurse vaccumed it out of my ass, sne then began to feed tihis huge diolator into me slowly inflating and deflating as she worked it deeper and deeper into my ass. Eventually I began to feel that the expanding was clear past my colon bend and going deep intoo my upper colon. when she was satisfied that it was fully inserted, and only a few inches were still ooutside my hole, and activated a device that began to monitor my blood preasure, and control the expanding and contracting of the diolator. Everytime it expanded it got a little deeper, a little bigger, and went a little deeper, and soon it was fully expanding and streightening my colon bend till I felt it up my back and nearing my chest. I was left this way for quite some time feeling the constant need for release of my bowls. When the diolator was finally removed from my ass the doctor came back in to examine my ass and make sure I was capable of being with mistress for 7 days. He began to finger my ass and soon I felt his thumb curl around and his whole hand slid up my hole. I screamed just a bit as nurse held a bottle of poppers under my nose and as I breathed in, the pain went away. I was left with the pure sensation of a huge mans fist burried in my ass. nurse was rubbing lube all up his arm, and it was clear to me that I was about to feel the width of my asshole wrapped around his forearm.After a few hundred punches of his fist, he stood up behind be, and insserted his cock into me. As he fucked the life out of me, working his cock like a piston slamming into my hole, he pushed in really deep, colapsed onto me, and I felt for the first time as huge jsts of cum were injected into my asshole. The doctor pulled out after his cock went lin=mp inside me, and nurse then inserted my favorite Doc Johnson, Tripple Ripple Buttplug. She put a leather strap around my waste, up through my crotch, and pulled tight to secure the buttplug deep in my hole.I was then untied as the doctor walked up twords my head, and began to rub his cum covered cock onmy face. I opened my mouth to happily accept his glorious tool and savored the taste of my ass and his cum, and I cleaned every drop of cum from him.By this time I was asked to stand up, and having been in the exam chair for so long, required the nurses assistance to get up on my feet. I felt week and work out already, and yet I know I had 7 more days of this non stop anal abuse.Still Completely naked, except now with a strap holding a tripplew ripple buttplug up my ass, I was lead by my nurse out of the exam room and down a long hall. We walked doen the hall together, and nurse stopped to talk to another nurse. She too was escorting a naked male, with a strap holding a buttplug up his ass as well. As they talked, I couldn’t help but to stare at the mans cock. it looked as hard as I was, and clearly was in need of release as much as I was.The two nurses continued to talk for quite some time and all the while I continued to glance at the huge hardon this man was sporting. Eventually the nurse noticed me staring and asked if I like the look of his cock. I replied that I did, and she asked her other nurse friend about the details of her patients contract with the hotel. She explained that he was being subjected to orgasm denial, and had not cum for three days, she was just bringing him to the milking room, he had finally earned a visit to after not being allowed to cum for three days. My nurse asked if it was a direct order that he be released by the milking machine, or if any form of ejaculation was acceptable. The other nurse replied that he was just to be allowed to cum, and she was not given specific instructions as to how it was to happen. My nurse the gently and lovingly guided my with her hand on my arm, and her eyes glued directly to mine, ans she guided me to my knees right there in the hall with other doctors, nurses, and patients were all walking by. I blocked out the fact that I was on complete display for all to see, and I slowly allowed the head of his cock to be guided to my mouth. I began to suck, and worhip his rock hard pole, and he closed his eyes and enjoyed the fact that his cock was finally being given the attention he so desired. The man didn’t last long and soon he was spraying and coating the inside of my moth and throat with hot long strings of salty juicy delicious man seed. His com was so thick and delicious haveing been built up after days of being so close to an orgasm yet denied, and now he filally released it all into my hungry waiting mouth. By this point I need release as well, but nurse told me I would have to wait till given premission by my mistress.Soon I was back on my feeet and we proceeded down the hall, I was lead into another room. It was beautiful. Done up to look just like a womans appartment, it had a waterbed, jacussee, lots of cloths all as I later found out were my size, they had put the cloths in based on the forms I had filled out when I arrived. I had school girl mini skirts, and other sexy outfits.Nurse walked me over to the bedroom where I saw the dressing table. I was told to turn and bend forward and I did. The Nurse undid the strap holding in my buttplug, and removed the plug from my ass. she placed it on the makeup table, and pulled out a chair for me to sit. Attached to the chair was a huge black dildo. I positioned my ass over the tip and glided myself down onto this monster invading my ass. after a few tries and pumping up and down on the monsterous shaft it was now burrried deep in my ever expanding hole.The nurse began to work applying my make up when she realized I had not yet been shaven. I was then motioned to stand up, and my buttplug was reinserted, and I was brought into the bathroom. The bathroom was pink, and very girly, it had pretty smelling flowers and insence candles burning in it. There were places all around for hooks, and pullies, and ropes to be attached, I was told to stand in the shower as nurse applied a cream all over all my body hair. I stood there and watched her as she gently massaged to cream into every pore of my body and after 20 minutes, I was wanted off, and along with the cream and water, off went all my body hair. she turned me around making sure she got every bit of hair away from my cock balls and ass.I was then brought back to the dressing table again, this time I knew to bahis siteleri remove the tripple ripple buttplug, and sit back down on the huge invading dildo that was to be firmly seated up my ass as my makeup was applied.My arms were secured behind my back, and the nurse said this was because she didn’t want me to be tempted to touch my rock hard cock.She then bent down and secured my legs to the chair legs. this left me with all my body preasure pushing me firmly down onto the dildo up my ass. With my arms pulled back behind me my chest was pushed upt, and the nurse then begam to play with my nipples. She fondled and pulled and rubbed my chest, and as she did she pushed and worked the chest and massaged the muscles. she then wheeled over an exam table that looked as it should have still been in the exam room. it had an assortment of syrenges on it. I was soon to feel as one needle after another injected saline unter my skin on my chest, and when she was done, I had full B cup breasts. I began to get nurvous as I have a family, and can’t actually have tits for the rest of my life, but the nurse assured me that the saline would be absorbed and after 7 days my body although hairless, would return to its normal shape.She then began to apply my makeup and as she did Mistress walked in. She was so beautiful, just as beautiful as in her videos, and I knew I was going to love worshiping her while I was here. I was commited to completely giving myself over to my mistress to use me as she desired, to stretch and gape my ass as often as she wished to. I was going to be her fuck toy, and I was in love with her already.Mistress started talking with the nurse, they said hi to eachother, and mistress mentioned that she would be looking forward to having nurse as an assistant. Mistress asked if I have had sex with the nurse yet, I said that I had not, but did find nurse very attractive, and I would be honored to have her as our slave for the week. Mistress stopped me and said “A Week?” You commited to a whole week with me? Wow, you’re gonna need a really good proctologyst when you leave here. Most men who think they want to take it like I do, have no idea of the sheer massiveness in size of the huge toys I play with. Most men can only dream of being with me, and to hang out and play along with me, which is exactly what we will be doing a lot of. you’re gonna spend the next SEVEN DAYS!!! weit myself, and nurse watching all kinds of porn, and getting your ass, mouth, and any other hole I find, or can put on you. If I pierce your nuts, you’ll love it. If I shove both my hands up your ass, you’ll love it. If I make you suck off cocks through a gloryhole booth, you’ll love it. You will be 100% passable the whole time you are here, and will be expected to walk, talk, and act like a woman at all times. when we fuck, even iff your cock is in me, you will still act like a woman.””Is that understood??!!””Yes” I answered.She ment business, and I was excited by every word she said. I was willing to do all those things for her, and was looking forward to it.Over the next several hours I was slowly and completely transformed into a cock sucking sissy slut look, and then into a more presentable just a woman going out look. Along with the shaved body, and the fake tits Looking down my body I felt like a woman, my tit’s were just big enough to bounce and add weight to my chest, but also small enough to match my small nipples.Mistress told me that she normally really enjoys orgasm denial, but since this scene is specificly designed as a custom packages of fetishes, instead of an all anal expansion session, and since it was for 7 days she wouldn’t hurt them too bad.Once my makeup was done, I was uncuffed from the chair, but told not to get up yet. at this time mistress picked up the triple ripple buttplug held it in her hand in front of me, and asked “Is this your favorite buttplug?””Yes”I answered.”Good she said. It’s one of my favorite also. It is the one I wear whenever I go out.”You will do the same she then commented as she began my session saying that “as a beautiful woman, and I was for now no longer a Man, I should spend as much time as we can out entertaining real strong manly men as we can. since I will have too go back to being a Man (Kind of) after our 7 days were through I should enjoy as much partying woman time as I can. I that it was not an option. I would be entertaining men, and I was going to do it with her, and love it!”At this piont I was allowed to stand up and when I did, my ass felt completely empty without a dildo in it, but it was not to be for long, mistress had nurse bring out a box full of dildo’s and buttplugs of every size imaginable. most all were huge meaning bigger than a arm, and most were actually a lot bigger than that even. I was in heaven. Mistress picked out a burrplug bigger than the triple ripple buttplug, and had me turn around and bend forward over the side of the bed. she lubed up the monster buttplug, and pushed it up my ass. it went in easier than she expected, and she complimented me on my skills. I was in awe of he saying anything nice to me. she said I was sexy and soon would know what a woman feel like to be pampered and catered to by men just because they want my hole. She said soon I would know just how to manipulate a man and get anything i wanted, just because they want my hole.She also mentioned that I was going to sometimes be expected to just give myself away, just because of my love for cock, and my desire to be filled with huge loads of cum for one cock after another, as I satisfy their urges, and offer myself as a true faithful cum crazed sissy slut. Knowing I wanted it, I was enthraled with everything she said. So far neither mistress nor nurse had mentioned anything they had planned that I wasn’t totally interested in doing. The office administrator I originaly met with did a fantastic job of understanding exactly what my fantasy was, and Mistress, and Nurse were doing a great job of making it all happen.Since we weren’t rushed, and had so much time to do everything, and with Mistress being happy with the way I took her first buttplug admission, we took our time as nurse and mistress dressed me to look like a passable colege girl, with tight jeans that hugged and shaped my ass, and a t-shirt that had a very femininne look, with my makeup already done she touched me up a little bit and told nurse to prepare things while we were gone.Mistress took my arm as she was grabbing her best girlfriend and we headded out the door of the room. It was about 7:30pm. I had arrived here this morning at 7:00am and therefore started calculating how much time my ass had been stuffed to maximum capacity and thought that if I was taking such a big buttplug already after probably 11 hours of stretching it had already gone through, that I should be able to have a fire extinguisher or traffic cone up my ass before I leave here.As mistress and I walked down the hall, I precticed my female voice, as we talked, just girl talk, general conversation. A few times mistress gave me advice on how to walk more aluring, but said I was doing a great job, and with the huge buttplug up my ass, and the 3 inch heels on my cowgirl boots did a good job of helping me to hold güvenilir bahis my posture correctly.We didn’t leave the hotel. Mistress said that we would do that tomorrow, for now, we were just working on preparing my lady like skills, so I can go out in public, and people will think it is just two woman. This was also time we needed for my ass to get used to what was in it, and to prepare it for the next step. and so while we waited and my hole stretched we casually walked along the hotel grounds both talking and telling stories, on a few occations we stopped and made out, and with my cock tucked into such a tight position, it really hurt, but I had to learn to orgasm like a woman, and that was to be without my cock, Then after my anal orgasms, I will be allowed to have penis orgasms. this will be for me to drink.Mistress and I had a lot in common, besides our kinky habits. We enjoy the same music, and the same foods. Mistress explained to me how she got to be so kinky, that when she was young, she needed money and took a job as a porno model. She was to be trained to film movies, and would be mounted on a fucking machine sometimes for hours everyday. and eventually she started coming home still so horny and empty she decided to do anal sessions on her own. Now she is adicted to anal stimulation, and just as she said that she pressed a button on her key chain, and my ass started to vibrate as the turned on the buttplug up my ass.She said I was doing such a good job of walking, and looked 100% like a really college girl, with my jeans, boots, tight shirt, and straw hat, that maybe we should go out. I told her I would do anything she wanted to do, and I was feeling comfortable, but still wan’t sure I could go to a bar yet. Mistress asked if I wanted to just go do some shopping at a store real quick then come back. I said Okay, and figured this would be a real test of how I looked.Mistress called for a car, and we walked through the front lobby. 13 hours ago I had walked in through this door a man, and now I was walking out a woman. I got a little scared, but then I saw my administrative assassistant, the woman who got me checked in this morning. She didn’t even recognize me as I said hi to her.We got in Mistress Car, and she drove us away from the hotel. This was when I suddenly realized that I didn’t have my phone, or my id, and even if I did have my ID would I really want to be known !!??? NO!!!Now i’m kinda scared and I think about what I;m doing. My real world. now I don’t think this is what I want. What if we get pulled over or in an accident. I’m dressed like a ready to party colege girl, and I’ve got an enormous size buttplug up my ass. If people knew that this was my fetish I’d never be able to move anywhere and not have it follow me. Soon Mistress turns into a parking lot, it’s an Adult Video Arcade just off the interstate. they have truck parking, and car parking. There are a few other cars, but there were 20 or so trucks. We parked, and mystress checked my makeup for me like she would he best girlfriend, and right now that was me.We got out of the car and looked like two lesbians looking for toys. They had a lot of dildos, more than I’ve ever seen in one store. Mistress knew the girl working in the store, and she immediately started telling mistress about a new dildo she was going to love. Mistress stoped her, smiled and introduced me as one of her girlfriends. The woman and I both said hi me using my best female voice as I talked. She asked if I was into gigantic dildos, and strapons, and I replied that I loved them. Mistress make a point of mentioning loud enough for everyone around us that we were here to buy a buttplug even bigger than the one I currently had stretching my hot young ass. Through the outline of the tight jeans hugging and forming my feminnine looking ass you could clearly see the huge ring of plastic right in the middle of my cheaks.After looking at the toys and buying not only a brand new extra extra large buttplug, mistress pulling at me like I was a girl she was with, and I was now really feeling like I was just one of her Girlfriends, we already know al lot about eachother, and I was very relaxed just being accepted by Mistress, and happy to be her girlfriend for the next week… Wow, a whole week I was going to be here, and we were already out as two girls shopping for sex toys, and now heading into the video booths to watch a few movies. I told mistress I really need to cum, and she just replied Maybe.We went into a booth together as a bunch of truckers gawked at us. We put money into the booth video player,, and the screen came on with a video of some girl sucking off a bunch of guys in a dorm room. As we watched mistress started kissing me as if we were hot lovers. I responded and started to feel the pain in my pants from my cock being confined in tight hip hugging womans jeans. As we kissed and watched the movie, and rubbed eachother, mistress paying special attention to the new tits I just got only hours earlier.. Soon we could hear someone in the booth next to us, and soon after that, he stuck his cock through the wall. I was so horny for mistress that seeing his cock sent me straight over the edge, and I had an earthe shattering orgasm. Not Cum, but instead a convulsive energy that came from the sensation of my ass being stuffed full of a huge plug.Mistress held the guys shaft with her hand as she guiided my head down to him. I had never sucked another mans cock before today, and now 15 hours later I was about to suck my 3rd real cock. I took it in my mouth and after a few minutes of sucking and stroking he shot his hot sticky wad of jiz into my hungry and waiting mouth. We stayed long enough for me to suck off three other guys and when I finished with the 3rd one mistress had me gargle some of his cum out of my mouth so It would be running down my chin as I exited the boothe and walked back throught the store. When We unlocked the door to the booth all the men cheered that two woman were in the store sucking a bunch of cock. Mistress pointed out that I alone had sucked all the cocks while she watched, and that I still wanted more. she gave the men a card with a phone number and said I was in town for the whole week, if any of them wanted any company they should call me. We picked up our packages at the front door as we exited the store, me with the tell tale signs of a good time all over my face.We put the toys into the trunk, a=got back in the car, and we were on our way. We arrived back at the hotel, and mistress had me cary the bage back to our room. I still had dried cum all over my face, and although I felt I was a fully passable woman, and it was okay for a woman to have cum on her face, the wank back through the lobby still reminded of the time earlier that very day when i was a man walking into this very same lobby. As I did so, I saw other men there waiting to check in, wondering what fetish they have, and how long they are planning on staying.Once back at the room, nurse was there to greet us. Nurse had set up all kinds of devices, that looked like they were designed for extreme anal abuse. Mistress started to kiss me wrapping her arms around me as if we had been lovers for ages, and she was so happy to see me. As we did so, snd began to undress me till I was down to my bra, and then she slowly removed my jeans, leaving me naked except for the buttplug harness holding the huge buttplug up my ass.To Be Continued Soon……..