The Invention of Vibrators Pt.3 (Nadia Styles)

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The Invention of Vibrators Pt.3 (Nadia Styles)(This is Mariam(Bane) and I decided to finish Max’s story and to put as my guest I will use my favorite porn star, Nadia Styles.)Karen is back in her workstation when Megan walks in with a very sneaky look on her face. Karen shuts the door and begins yelling at Megan at what she had to corrupt her idea about a simple massager and use it to turn it into a device to deliver screaming orgasms. Megan says the both of them will become one of the richest people if they were to pursue this path. Karen then looks at Megan and starts on about what she had done to Roselyn and how she gave Roselyn the most savage orgasms of her life. They were forced upon her and she had no choice but to fight the restraints. The Megan says something that really fires Karen up. Megan had an idea to take a vibrator motor and she was going to have it surgically implanted into Roselyn’s clitoral area. Karen says that will obvoiusly fail to stop Megan but she wasn’t listening. Megan tells Karen the surgery is tomorrow and begins to walk out. Before Megan walks out, Karen tries to make a deal. Karen says “If I build a more effective canlı bahis vibrator than you, you have to give me credit for my invention, and stop this madness, including not performing the surgery on Roselyn. If you win, I will join you, and you can do whatever you want with Roselyn. Megan smiles and says, big mistake. She leaves and Karen gets immediately to work. She works at it for days replacing motors and styles until one day. She has her device to use against Megan. She smiles and calls up a special person to ask to demonstrate it. The day has come and Megan brings Roselyn out still swearing and yelling at her. Yet again Megan has a live audience to observe the competition. She has Roselyn strapped down again and applies her vibrator to Roselyn’s clit. She activates it and runs while still watching Roselyn screaming in Spanish. Megan laughs as Roselyn cums over and over again without mercy and she is stopped at 3 orgasms in 2 minutes. Megan’s assistants unshackle Roselyn and she tells her men “If Karen loses, strap her down to the surgery table and have the micro-vibe ready to be implanted.” Roselyn starts yelling at Megan again while she just bahis siteleri chuckles. Karen comes outside and calls in her volunteer. Nadia Styles. She walks in with black high heel boots and black leggings. Nothing else. No bra, no panties no anything. She amazes the audience as she walks up to Megan and says “Better get the strongest chains you got.” She stands there waiting for Karen to introduce her device. Karen says “Unlike Megan’s model, mine is a portable.” She takes out a pair of panties with large spikes for show. She turns the panties around and shows right in the clitoris area there is a nub. Karen tells the men “Please chain Nadia to the table now.” While the assistants pick her up, place her on the table and start to shackle down her limbs, Karen explains “This nub contains the strongest motor ever created. In fact, for some girls, it can cause almost instant orgasm. Please separate Nadia’s legs.” The assistants open her legs up as Karen puts the special panties on Nadia. There is a little duct in the crotch area of the panties and Karen explains that the remote needs to be attached in order to operate. Karen brings the remote and attaches güvenilir bahis it to the panties. Karen tucks the remote into Nadia’s leggings with the start button facing outward. She asks Nadia “Are you ready?” Nadia(nasty)”Make me scream.” Karen tells the assistants to stand back and she hits Nadia’s leg to start it and runs away. Nadia begins to scream as she pulls against her restraints. She shoots up in a strong response, squirts, and her fists open up. Megan gets a little worried she might lose the way she sees Nadia reacting. Nadia’s heart rate increases as she screams more and more. After one minute she pulls hard enough she snaps one of the wrist shackles. She continues to scream until the final 10 seconds are being counted down. Once it reaches 4 seconds, Nadia’s waist fires up as she lets the loudest scream of her life and squirt is leaking through the panties. Karen calls the time and shuts off the vibrator. Nadia lays there exhausted and twitching. Karen takes off the panties and some squirt comes splashing out. Nadia says “What a rush. Hehe”. Just then Nadia begins having spasm shaking in all directions for about 7 seconds. The assistants unshackle her and calm her down. They pick her up and carry her to the backroom to rest a bit. Megan admits her defeat and obliges Karen’s side of the bargain and Karen never hears from Megan again.