The “job” interview

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The “job” interviewI am 23 years old and a fresh college graduated that has been looking for a job for almost 2 years. I have been on a couple of interviews but still nothing. I recieved a call from a marketing company I had submitted a resume to over a month ago and they wanted me to come in for an interview. I eagerly said yes and set up the time. Finally the day was here I went downtown to the address I was giving it was a the largest building in town atleast 60 stories and they were located on the top floor. I got off at the 60th floor and there was not much on the floor just a desk with an older lady sitting at it and a couple chairs. I told the lady who I was and she told me to take a seat. After about 5 minutes of waiting she said Mr. North will see you now. She walked me down the hall way to a door with Mr. North’s name on the door and under his name said president. I was feeling real excited about getting to interview with the president and was really excited about my chances. I walked in and introduced my self and handed him a copy of my resume he asked klasbahis yeni giriş me to sit down while he looked it over. As he looked over my resume I was looking around the office it was a huge corner office with a sitting area and a huge glass desk, the view of the city from his office was amazing. I told him what a great office it was and he simple said it is ok. He then looked up and said we had 2 openings but had one position filled and had several good prospects for the other one. I quickly said I am willing to do anything to get my foot in the door and show that I can do any job. He paused for a second and said “any job?” I replied “yes sir”. He said just call me Tony we are not very formal here. “Ok Tony” I replied. He then started asking me if I would consider a personal assistant position that would include working “very” close with him. I instantly said yes I would love to learn from you directly, like I said Tony I will do any job that gets me in the door. He then smiled and said “Any job” and glanced down at the glass desk as klasbahis giriş he moved my resume over to the side. I could see his cock out of his pants under the desk. I said “like I said any job” as I stood up and walked around the desk. I got down on my knees infront of him and took his cock in my mouth. I was sucking his cock very slowly trying to make sure he enjoyed it since I did need this job. Licking his shaft up and down then taking his cock to the back of my throat repeating it letting his cock ease down my throat more and more each time. Tony said “We all types of jobs around here and we make sure the job is finished and clean at the end” He then stood up and removed his pants and boxers while I continued sucking on his cock. He was starting to thrust back and forth making his cock go deeper in my throat. I was thinking how rough and kinky was this going to get Tony was about 50 years old surely he isn’t a freak. Just as I was thinking that he said “do every job that needs to be done” As he said that he turned around and bent over klasbahis güvenilirmi the chair with his ass in my face. He reached to grab my head but before he could reach me I dove into his ass licking and eating it like it was the last thing I would ever do. He was moaning a little and would a little loader when I would stick my tongue into his ass. Tony turned around and sat down in his chair so I could service his cock, balls, and ass. I was taking turns sucking his cock then licking his shaft down to his balls and sucking on them, then going down to his ass to tongue his ass while taking my hand and stroking his cock. Tony stood up and grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth I took my hands and went to work rubbing his balls and asshole. I could feel his swell in my mouth when he let loose a massive load of cum. On the first burst his knees buckled and he fell back into his chair. I was slurping down his cum trying to keep any from getting out like he said “we clean up at the end” I continued swallowing his cum and stroking the shaft try to get every last drop out when I noticed some had slipped out and was sliding down his balls. I quickly went down and licked up the cum that was on his balls and got a little bit more that was on his ass. I came back up and sucked on his cock a little more then stood up and asked when do I start.