The Kiss that didn’t Miss

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I would first like to thank auntyliz for editing this, It probably would have never gotten to lush if it were not for her. This story begins with a guy and his sister. Now before I start I must point out that the relationship between myself and my sister isn’t any different than any other siblings; we occasionally fight and bicker but all in all we get along just fine. So let me tell you a bit about my sister.She is nearly eighteen, average height with a toned body and has got brown soft curled hair with blondish streaks and piercing blue eyes. The most noticeable thing is her perfect smile; I know it sounds cliché but it’s what I’m told by friends and many others. Enough said, my sister is the cute yet beautiful sort and frankly I’ve always thought that way of her.Now I am a year younger and the opposite of her – tall, 6’3″ to be exact; I have brown hair spiked in the front and share my sister’s eye colour. I am not the most popular kid, nor am I extremely ‘hot’, although I consider myself as very intelligent but not noticeable from physical appearance; quite good looking and talented (not trying to be arrogant). My friends are many and I can’t be sorted into any ‘group’ of the stereotypical high school variety.This all started before Christmas in my last year of high school then off to UBC, hopefully. School had been a bitch so far especially with physics, but I managed to pull through with low 90’s and I was really looking forward to the break and hopefully Xbox, I like video games very much. What can I say? I’m pretty much just a regular teenage kid.My sister wasn’t so fortunate in the brain department, I’m not saying she’s stupid, she’s of average intellect. I have spent lots of time helping her with homework which I didn’t mind doing.One night she got home late from a party, a mild one though neither of us was fond of rowdy parties where people got gunned. She came in and asked me if I would help her with English, “uuggghhh, English” I thought. I hated English; I had just finished my work and started to watch NCIS: LA on the television, since our parents were out walking the dog. I patted the couch for her to come sit down.”Seriously, Taylor!” she said “I have to do my English.”I gave in after a while because I knew she wouldn’t let up until I did so. A while later we had finished and not easily. My parents had returned and were finishing my favourite show without me. She thanked me for the help. “Yup” I said with a reluctant look on my face. I turned to her after looking at the door blocking my parents from view.I reached over and… kissed her, our lips were locked when I opened my eyes I saw her eyes were open staring into mine with shock as they must have been through the duration of the kiss. It took me a second to realize what I had just done. My feelings had finally surfaced as I stood in shock in front of my sister as she sat there staring.Rushing up to my room and feeling ashamed of what I had done I killed my lights and jumped onto my bed with my face planted to my pillow to muffle the sounds of weeping; tears poured into the istanbul travesti indents in the pillow which made my face warm and wet, the salty taste reached my lips. I loved my sister…, so much it hurt and I had no idea what made me kiss her in that moment after helping her.Hoping that I hadn`t ruined our relationship I realised that I had fantasized about doing that and other things to her for a while now. I had never planned on acting on the said fantasies for fear of the consequences. It must have happened because I had let my guard down and my feelings for her couldn’t be withheld any longer. I had just probably ruined all of the plans for my break and I was pissed that I had let it happen, but relieved to have shown the love I felt for her.”Fuck” I thought, what have I done? I assumed I would get kicked out of the house and become a reject to my family. The following morning, although nothing was said, the tension was unbearable and the silence was awkward. For the days following my sister was non-existent. While she stayed at a friend’s house I was left to ponder. My parents had no idea and I had no intentions of them finding out.When my sister returned three nights later she spilled the story to our parents while I was out of the room doing my work and thinking how frustrated I was with the situation. I heard a knock on the door so loud it startled me. I unlocked and opened it, which was a poor decision on my part.”Did you make out with your fucking sister?” dad yelled.When I didn’t respond, he grabbed me by the neck and repeated the question through bared teeth. I knew I had to answer, so I nodded; he pushed me and I fell from his grip and hit the wall.”You fucking freak” he said.He grabbed me again and I tried to escape but it was no use. Even though I was a good head taller than dad he compensated with strength. I spotted my sister on the stairs silent with tears rolling down her face. Dad forced me towards the downstairs and my sister hurried out of his way. He then pushed me to the ground and he grabbed the shovel from the fireplace to hit me.My sister shrieked “NOOOOoo Daddy, NOOOOooononono” as it faded to sobs, but nothing broke his rage. I was in pain lying on the carpet, and through my tear filled eyes I made out the shovel being raised to hit me. I closed my eyes and braced for the hit but it never landed, only my sisters warm embrace against my sore body. I felt her breasts against me which, strangely, I thought of at the moment and her tears hitting my face.As she pressed against me tightly, I was momentarily happy. My dad yelled at her to get off but she just shook her head, so he proceeded to pull her off. Then he picked me up and pushed me out of the front entry and the door slammed shut.“You’d better be gone by morning, you piece of shit!” dad yelled.I heard someone lean against the front door; it was my beautiful sister as she proceeded to whisper “I love you Taylor… I love you so much and I’m so sorry” she fought to say through tears.”I love you too Car” I whispered back. (It was istanbul travestileri my nickname for her; short for Carson).With that I was gone and I headed to my closest friend’s house, also coincidentally named Taylor. Telling him I needed a place to stay for a while he took me in without question, knowing that I obviously didn’t want to discuss it. I got cleaned up and went to sleep on his floor.Next morning I felt much better even though I was still somewhat sore. Logging onto Facebook I messaged my sister that I was ok and she replied back at lunchtime saying that she was sorry; that she loved me and asked me where I was. I responded saying I would tell her later then logged out.I stayed at Taylor’s place for a few days without going to school and gradually started to recover although I was bruised in areas. I now understood just how good a friend he was, by what he had done for me.School was now ended and the whole blow up was a week behind us. Carson messaged me that Friday night after the last day of school saying that dad was going out of town for a few days to earn some extra cash for Christmas. I knew that I wouldn’t be there for Christmas which made me sad. She said he would be leaving the following night for Terrace and then Kelowna, so I replied that this was good news and I told her I was at Taylor’s but not to visit.She then told me to come by Monday night while mom was asleep. I told her I would and I got excited as I looked forward to seeing her for the first time since the event. I hoped that she had forgiven me or maybe even felt the same way as I did. As I arrived at the house at 11:00pm she was waiting in the backyard on the trampoline. Opening the gate she squealed quietly when she saw me, with her perfect smile beaming. I was also ecstatic to see her, I longed for her warm embrace.Carson jumped off the trampoline and rushed towards me and we held each other tight. I then pulled my head back and told her I loved her, planted a kiss on her forehead and then rested my head on hers and she cried. I looked up to the full moon casting dim light on the dew covered grass, making it shiny.Feeing something brush against my leg I realized it was our dog, Sirus, (he was an Azores – St. Miguel cattle dog), so I proceeded to scratch him behind the ears as best I could with Carson still holding me and then whispered “go night, night” to Sirus. Obediently he trotted over to his dog house and went to bed.What I said caught my sister’s attention as she slowly released me and stepped back. Then she proceeded to tell me that she had told mom what had happened hoping that she would understand. Mom must have told dad and the rest is history. She said she wasn’t sure how to react. She said she also felt the same way that I did, but she had to think about where this would lead to before proceeding. Then she apologized profusely and suggested softly that we went to bed. Carson took my hand and led me inside and slowly glided the glass patio door leading into the house open.Suddenly I felt like a stranger travesti in my own home. We tip toed upstairs hand in hand all the while making sure not to wake mom with any noise as she was a light sleeper. Carson’s room was at the far end of the hall to the right, quite the treacherous journey as we had to pass my parents room to reach it, however my room was at the top of the stairs.”How about we sleep in my room” I said.She gave me her best puppy dog look and told me with a loud whisper that my room stinks! Even though her voice reeked of sarcasm, I knew she was faking not wanting to go to my room. I can point out some obvious reasons that my room would be better in this instance; it was slightly less cluttered, I had a bigger bed of course and we didn’t have to chance waking my mom to reach it. She then admitted that she had snuck in and slept in my bed every night I was gone since I got kicked out.”Aww” I replied.With a cheeky grin on her face she then confessed that my sheets might have some stains though. I gave her a naughty look and she continued to smile. We entered my room, which was still unchanged from when I left. As we began to take off our clothes; she stopped at her bra and panties.“Are you sure you want to do this?” I said, although I knew otherwise.She looked at me unimpressed and told me that she had left them on for me to remove. Moving over to her I removed the bra and panties and stepped back to admire her beautiful body, what really caught my eye was her perfect pussy which was shaved bare. Then she returned the favour by pulling down my boxers, letting my obviously already hard cock spring free.As she blushed it was now very apparent how I felt about her if she didn’t already know. I think that my cock is quite big compared to most at eight inches and she most likely hadn’t seen bigger in real life. Her mouth was open in awe.We stepped closer and she held my cock like a hammer when the head is towards the ground. Lowering my head a little to lick one of her nipples she shivered and moaned and then we got into my big bed facing one another. I pulled her close with my shaft pressed tight against her pussy and she was wet and I could feel pre-cum on my head rubbing onto her stomach.”I never realized how much I loved you until that night dad threw you out” she began to sob.“I mean I have always loved you, I thought if I continued to hide it even though I knew you felt same way, it would just go away.”I brushed her hair out of her face and rested it on the side of her head.”I should have never told mom but I thought she would understand because she had always been that way with…” she couldn’t finish and started crying again. She didn’t need to finish though I understood. I pulled her head into my chest to comfort her. When she stopped crying I moved my hand and wiped the tears from her eyes. I kissed her and she kissed back.”I love you…good night” I said.A smile crossed her tear stained face. She said she loved me too and said good night, and then she rolled over and moved back against me as my arm went over her. My stiff cock was nestled between her warm ass cheeks, she rubbed against me slightly then we drifted off and both of us fell asleep with not a care in the world.I woke up being tapped on the face by my sister’s hand gently and as I slowly broke from my deep sleep and looked at the clock it was 4:00am.