The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 04

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Notes: This will contain actual sex from the son’s perspective.


Chapter 04: Son’s Perspective

After discovering the two amateur-like videos of mom on her laptop, I couldn’t imagine what else was on there. However, I’d have to look at it another time. I needed to be focused, as tomorrow was going to be the start of a three-day baseball tournament. Some of the best high school kids from all over the country – and some from around the world – were going to participate.

After meeting a countless number of these kids, both male and female, I was generally very impressed with their skill levels, especially given their age. However, skill wasn’t everything as it was about attitude, which could include how they were to treat their teammates and how they respected themselves. It was crucial to remember not to get overly excited. Similarly, it was equally crucial not to overlook a kid too quickly, even if he or she might not have been immediate stand-outs or if he or she didn’t do very good. Skill might get someone noticed, but attitude would enable that person to push through the hardest of obstacles – whatever they may be. Not all kids have both. Not all kids had an equal opportunity.

There were quite a few that were exceptionally talented at baseball as they were with other sports or with other talents. For example, some also played basketball and hockey at a very high level. Inevitably, some had to sadly abandon one sport for another. Others wanted to emphasize on school first – some had very high marks. Whatever path they took, I knew that they’d succeed. They were born leaders.

I arrived to the stadium early and watched some kids practicing and warming up. I couldn’t imagine how much pressure some of them would feel playing in front of family members and other scouts. But, it was important to note how a kid would carry himself, given this type of environment.

I wondered about how mom was able to come to terms with being videotaped. I wasn’t sure if she had considered what the men would do with those two videos. They could equally sell it and enjoy it themselves. I had a feeling that if I were to go through that laptop, there’d probably be more videos of her somewhere. It was exciting. Fortunately, I stopped myself from being further distracted. The game was about to start.

After three hours, the thrilling game was over. I gathered up all my notes and headed back to the motel. I was looking forward to seeing what else was on the laptop. I might have smothered my urges temporarily but they had come back.

I opened up her laptop and looked at the exact porn sites that she looked at, but I made sure to use a private browsing session, so that it couldn’t be seen by her. What I saw was that she looked at sites that, for example, featured women being skull-fucked, as well as being gang-banged interracially. In other words, they were sites that I, myself, might have looked at. Then, I decided to see what she actually downloaded. After the two “Training” videos that she made, not all downloads were pornographic at all. Some videos were completely innocuous, like snippets of comedy sketches or news stories. This indicated that she was living a somewhat ‘normal’ life. On the other hand, there were a couple of obvious porn titles.

The first one was called “White Wife Dogging”. Dogging is a British slang for good old-fashioned outdoor sex. This video was very short and appeared to be a movie sample. The movie was very dark, as the scene took place in some non-descript forest, but night-vision was turned on for it. It featured a mature-looking and fully-clothed Caucasian woman sucking dick near a parked car. It briefly showed her visibly enjoying a couple of positions in and around the car, specifically bending over at the rear of the car and doing it missionary style over the hood. Finally, with her top off, she let him cum over her breasts!

The second video was called “Funnel of Cum in Asian Woman”. Unlike the first movie, this one was full length, but it was a lot more bizarre. This one had an attractive Japanese woman, seemingly in her 20s, naked. In the audience of about ten men, she played with herself till she was very wet. After that, she sucked and stroked their dicks till they were hard enough to fuck her. Each man fucked her very briefly in the missionary position, as if they were courteous to each other about the timings. Then, the men pulled out a large funnel. At the end of that funnel, there was a narrow tube which they put inside her cunt. It was clearly discomforting to her, so the men were careful. Eventually, she held the funnel with both hands as the men lined up to jerk into it! One by one by one, the cum had accumulated to the point that it was going to overflow at any moment! They found creative ways to solve that problem though. Finally, after the men were done, she stood up and a stream of cum poured out of her and onto the floor!

It wasn’t immediately clear why these videos were downloaded and presumably watched. I searched bostancı escort bayan and found more porn videos, some of which were interracial or gangbang or both. Others had ‘rape fantasy’ in it. Though I found all of these videos to be appealing, especially given that she downloaded them, she wasn’t physically in any of them.

I felt the need to trace her steps. She must have been contacted somehow and I was fairly certain that she wouldn’t have met these men on her own or through her friends. So, I believed that she probably met these men online somehow. I just wasn’t sure how. Perhaps her email would hold more clues, which I didn’t have the password for. Fortunately, I knew just how to do it. I decided that I was going to put a trojan horse onto her computer. From my computer, I’d be able to connect directly to it, which would allow me to help me spy on her or take control of that computer, if needed.

The next two days of scouting went well. After compiling a bunch of notes, I, along with the other scouts, had to host a meeting with the general manager and his people, to recommend which players to pick. I’d also have to give him trading options too. Once that was all done, I could go home until the next assignment.

I phoned my mom and told her that I was coming back and that I had fixed the computer. She offered to drive me back, which I thanked her for. I was a bit nervous to see her. When we met up, we hugged. I couldn’t help but notice her breasts again. In addition to that, she was wearing some light perfume.

“I love you mom.” I whispered.

“I love you too, son!”

We arrived home. I looked at the family room that was to my right. I had a brief flashback of my mom doing the dirty with two men here. After she set up the laptop in the dining room, I asked her to see what she thought about it. She replied that it was working a lot better than normal, right after she entered her password into her email. She thanked me and I smiled. I told her that I’d bring the webcam next time and she said it wasn’t a rush. Then, I asked her how she has been doing lately, especially with dad. She said that she’s been well, but she hasn’t talked to him lately. I asked if he has changed at all and she chaffed at me like I was silly to even ask. To avoid the awkwardness, I asked her if I could stay and have dinner with her and she was delighted.

After she did what she needed to do on the computer, she went to the kitchen to prepare. She asked me how I was doing and I told her about the work I did these few days, minus discovering her videos! She told me how proud she was about me. I almost felt bad about putting that trojan horse onto her computer.

I went upstairs, where our bedrooms and study were. I crept into her room, which was open. At first glance, it was very tidy; there was nothing to suggest that she was so kinky. Then I walked up and opened up the drawer that she opened in the second video. I found a half-used, medium-sized box of condoms, bottles of lubrication and a few sex toys! I closed that drawer quietly and looked behind me. She wasn’t lurking. So, I went to check to look at her closet. There she had some low-cut one-piece dresses and cocktail dresses that she never had before. I left right away after I heard mom call me down for dinner.

After the delicious meal, I told her that I was going to head back home, which she didn’t object to. However, she wrapped up the remains of tonight’s dinner and told me to take it home to warm up for lunch. I gave her another hug and left.

Back home, I accessed the trojan horse and it gave me her password! Her password was “calendar12”. It probably hadn’t been changed in so long. I used it to access her email, discovering that she had frequently been writing to a man named “Jimmy Pearson”. There was a lengthy time gap between the online postings and these emails. I decided to skim them all, starting from the earliest.

Jimmy was some kind of a sex counsellor in which my mom had opened up to, although their conversations didn’t talk about sex right away. At first, they had some cordial conversation, which helped form a relationship with each other. After they exchanged personal details about each other, including pictures and cellphone numbers, she poured out her marriage life to him in a series of emails.

There, he suavely encouraged her to use sex to win back her husband. He mentioned that there was a specific way of using sex in which he could teach, at no cost. He said that he could even provide all the teaching materials needed! Regardless, she didn’t agree to it. Then, one day, she wrote about how she just got into argument with my dad that she agreed to meet at a pub named “Pony’s”. Pony’s Pub was about a ten minute drive from her place, according to the online map.

After that, the emails stopped! The trail apparently went cold. I took a shot in the dark and looked up his name on a search engine. What I found was that he was a porn director and porn-star that ran ümraniye escort a newer production company, named Moonlight Productions, which was a subsidiary to a more well-known porn company, known as “Starlight”. Both these companies catered to a different audience. In the case of Moonlight, it focussed on darker and semi-extreme themes, as its name suggested. He had pictures of himself on here and I verified that it was him from the pictures found in my mother’s email account. The website bragged that its contents were updated daily and invited newcomers and members alike to check them out. I scrolled down to check out the various episodes that they had. Most of the women were tied up in some sort of way. Some were handcuffed and some were chained. Others had their entire bodies tied up elaborately with rope! I couldn’t recognize any of them until I saw a still of my mom in a scene! It was titled “Wife Winnie Offers Herself To Save Husband’s Life!” In fact, Winnie was actually her middle name!

The set of sample photos first showed her frightened look, as she saw her bruised, tied-up and gagged Asian “husband”, who was wearing only his underwear, held captive by three masked men! In the second photo, that man gave off a helpless stare as she sucked one of the masked men, while the others around her waited for their turn. Next, she was predictably triple penetrated. Finally, the last picture had her smirking with cum all over her face.

I felt like I wanted to watch this movie! Unfortunately, I needed to pay for membership in order to see it, as searches for free online copies of the movie came up empty. I decided to sign myself up for the least expensive option. After I hit submit, I downloaded it and watched it, realizing afterward that the movie wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. It was full of bad acting on everyone’s part and it soon became a typical interracial gangbang. Because of the entertainment factor, they put her through numerous acrobatic-esque positions, namely holding her upside down to skull-fuck her or carrying her upright to fuck her. Despite all that, I found it boring. If she had become this common slut, I wanted to control her. And that got me thinking – what if I could?

I decided to quarterback a plan. I needed to find out how Jimmy was primarily contacting her, though I suspected it was either by phone or text. I could perhaps look into her phone during the time when I would be visiting. After all, I still had to give her the webcam, but I needed an excuse to stay there longer. So, I activated some of the trojan’s features – some of which could produce error messages and other nuisances. After that, I phoned mom to innocently ask if it was a good time for me to stop by to drop off the webcam. She was glad that I called because she needed me to look at the computer again.

I was in.

I was over at her place now to pretend to “analyze” the computer. She left me alone to do it and I had ample opportunities to look into her phone. That’s when I saw the kinds of messages that she and Jimmy were writing. The latest text from him asked if she had been naughty while he was away, in which she affectionately replied, “Always, but not without you. I miss you.” Thus, I begrudgingly accepted that the two were more than just “colleagues”.

I was reminded of the fact that I was the one who suggested to mom to find somebody who would care about her. On the other hand, I was very angry at the fact that she had fallen for this wily, manipulative man. Before, I normally would’ve wanted my mom to deserve someone better, but not now. I wished that she’d have so much sex that she could forget about me entirely.

Then, my twisted thoughts expanded on that “wish”. I could text her as Jimmy and ask her to entertain his close friend or friends. I was sure that she’d be more than likely to cooperate. First, I would need to add my number under his name in the address book, but still keep his number in another column. Then, I’d delete my own name from the address book. All of this was the easy part. The hard part was being physically there. I couldn’t possibly be there – unless I had help. If she was blindfolded, I could be there – or if I hid inside the closet, which was much less desirable. As for the help, I was sure that the prospect of getting action with her would draw practically anyone – or better yet, they could pay me for the action. It’d help with my rental fees. Maybe I could even get her to suck my dick too or more! Either way, I had tremendous desire to see this go through.

After I fixed her computer, I was ready to leave. I walked out so fast that she asked me if I was mad at her. I told her not to be silly. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. At the same time, I smirked evilly – she’d never see this coming. Although there was a chance that it could fail badly, I understood the risks, but I felt that I had taken steps to minimize the chance of failure.

I started my texts as Jimmy:

“Hi Angie!”

“Hey Jimmy! What’s up?”

She escort kartal was taking the bait!

“Not much. I’ve got a couple of close friends in town. Wanna entertain them for me tonight?”

“Sure! Where and when?”

“Thx. Maybe at your place? 1-2 hrs from now?”


“I’ll let them know where to find you. Thx again.”

“Anything for you! ;)”

And that was it! The first phase was done!

The next part would be fun. I could find people manually or I could go online and make a posting. I favored online because I felt like I could drum up a lot of interest, in which I could handpick some people. It was also much easier to approach someone too. So, I made a Craigslist posting, advertising that I could hook up the “right candidates”, which were men that didn’t do drugs or carry diseases, with an attractive MILF tonight. Within minutes, I had a spam of mail from men! They sent me all kinds of junk, from one-liners to dick pics. All of them reeked of desperation, though there were a few replies that were better written. I picked three from the pool and asked them to provide their numbers. I paid no attention to their names. After that, I showed them a picture of my mom. They were to meet me first at the corner of an intersection nearby.

Even before we met up, the three men were very giddy. They were roughly around my age range, though they differed in skin tones and body types. To elaborate, Nikko wasn’t very tall, spoke with an accent and had a build slightly bigger than mine; Mandeep was a behemoth-sized local-born East Indian due to his height and belly; and Jamie was black, tall and fit, like a sprinter or a swimmer.

After I told them that they were going to get lucky tonight, they made so much noise that I told them to keep it down. They had to follow these rules: First, they had to introduce themselves as being friends of Jimmy, but make no mention of me, even though I gave them a fake name; secondly, they could have sex with her in any manner they wished, but they’d have to put a blindfold on her, as well as a pair of handcuffs, both of which I had provided; thirdly, they had to wear condoms and could ask her for one.

Jamie asked, “Why so many conditions, man? Do you know her?”

I lied, “Errr… she’s my friend’s mom.”

The men chuckled as Jamie gave me that nod of understanding.

Then, I told them to pay a donation of any sort. They were reluctant in reaching out a wallet, but they probably didn’t want to risk me turning them away. They each gave me 20 dollars, which I accepted, even though it was far less than what I wanted or anticipated, because I didn’t want to spoil the mood. When I told them to leave the door unlocked so that I could enter later, they didn’t have any problems with that.

I watched as they rang the doorbell. I heard them greet her and say that they were close friends with Jimmy, which was the signal to let them in. After the door was shut and locked, I could only hear murmurs that faded in volume. I panicked for a split second until I heard the door being unlocked again.

I crept to the right hand side of her house and peered through a window. I saw that she was not blindfolded. With her tits out, she was already blowing one guy, while at the same time, stroking on the others until she gave them their turn. Her jerking movements made her dangling earrings shake violently. Occasionally, she’d make several rounds licking them from top to bottom and vice versa. Finally, she gave everyone a tit fuck too. All of sudden, she got up and asked them if they wanted to take it upstairs. They agreed, naturally.

I ran back to the front door and snuck in like a burglar. I heard her mumble in the distance. With each slow step that I took, I anticipated nervously of what I expected to find. At the top, I heard her repetitively moaning!


She was naked, bent over and being rammed senselessly by Mandeep. The side of her face was resting on the mattress. Fortunately, she had her blindfold and handcuffs on, so I wasn’t worried that she might see me.

Mandeep said, “Awww, your pussy feels so good!”

She seductively asked, “You like how wet and tight I am?”

“Uh huh! You’re so fucking sexy, Angie!”

Jamie said, “Damn! I need to give that a try after!”

Mandeep fucked for a good few minutes, which made a lot of flapping noises in the process. After he pulled away, I realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom! I angrily motioned him to come my way, which he did. His massive body dwarfed me badly.

“Yo, why aren’t you using a condom? We had a deal!”

He shrugged and whispered, “We asked, man – and she was like, ‘Don’t worry about it. I trust you guys’ – what were we supposed to do?”

I shook my head as I watched Jamie and her having a whale of a time. I couldn’t blame any of these guys for not jumping at the opportunity.

The sounds of her moaning were making me really horny. I wanted to do something about it! So, I pulled down everything and stroked myself. It just so happened that her mouth was vacant and I bravely weaved my way over to her. I lifted her head up, held my breath and guided my cock towards her lips. Unquestioningly, she took me in! And oh god, did it feel good!