The Lift

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The LiftI stood gazing looking all around its still quite busy and I had a relatively packed agendaI had just checked into my hotel and am about to go up the lift to my room and I am standing in the reception waiting for those stainless steel faced doors to open.The bell rings with each floor it stops at as I wait for it to open for me. A long week ahead and all I want to do is get undressed, take a shower and get into bed. I have a very busy schedule booked for tomorrow. I look at my watch and it is 10:35 PM. It is late and all I hear in the lobby is a phone ringing way off in the distance at the registration desk and of course that soft piano music being piped in all over the hotel, the tinkling of the ivories is both soothing and annoying.The full-length windows that line the lobby show my reflection staring out into the late night darkness, I stare at myself for a moment looking particular scruffy today after my travels, I can see some flashing of lightning off in the distance. Must be a storm approaching. Each flash highlights the clouds and accentuates the darkness of the cloud that surrounds the bolt of lightning.Finally, the bell rings for the lobby floor. The doors slowly open. The gap is expanding ever so slowly. As it opens my eyes are blessed with a vision I have never seen before. There you stood, with the most piercing eyes I have ever seen on a woman. It’s as if you could look straight through me. Your dress was floor length; deep cut showing your cleavage. I could only imagine what would happen if one of your spaghetti straps were to break. I am sure I could not be that lucky to witness that as well today. The colour of black was well suited for you and the twinkling of the sequence just sparked around you as if you were another constellation in the night’s sky. A flash of lightning lighted up the interior of the glass lift you are standing in. You were lighted with the intense white light of that flash. I am ever so slightly spellbound with your sensuality as take in the scent of your light heavenly perfume.You stepped from the lift and walked towards me. You passed by me and I could smell the slight scent of a body spray on your white soft skin. Damn, I have not felt this giddy since meeting my ex-girlfriend. I watched you walk away; watching your walk hypnotised me with your grace as you glided across the carpeting. Not once did I see your shoes. It was as if you just moved without any motion across the carpet. Your dress exposed the full length of your gorgeous back. You suddenly stopped. Another flash of lightning that was very close to the hotel lights the interior of the lobby. You turned around and you smiled at me and said, “I left something in my room. Need to go get it before dinner.” You stepped back into the lift, turned around and smile at me again. “Going up?” you said to me with a beautiful smile. Through your eyes I see so much more than the deep blue of your irises. I can taste the smile that they emit. I again come back to my conscious self after being put into a trance with you, and nodded to you as I picked up my bags and laptop. I step into the lift and place my bags on the floor. As another bright flash of lightning pours its light into the glass-covered lift I take in the complete vision within that split second. The door closes and we start to climb upwards. We are climbing up the exterior of this five star hotel and can see the lighted skyline of London all around us. The only other hotel I have seen with such a lift concept was the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. But, now there is a different skyline here and a different country and a much taller hotel.Again, more flashes from the bolts of lightning. And another, then another now it seems they are flashing intensely and so close to the hotel every few seconds. This is a tremendous storm that is coming down on London so late at night. Between flashes the sky is as black as crude oil. Then the night’s sky turns to a brilliant bluish ordu escort white light and then backs to black again. Followed by yet another intense blinding flash of blue white light. The storm is pounding down on London.I glanced down to your back as I stood to your side and behind you a bit and the flash of yet another lightning bolt, As we passed the 57th floor a flash of lightning occurred that was too close to the hotel building. Suddenly the lift stopped. The lift’s soft interior lighting was extinguished. There we were stuck 57 floors above the streets of London and looking out of our glass enclosure we could see that all the buildings around us were also void of any light. All we could see was the silhouetting of buildings as distant flashes of lightning occurred. This was scary and exciting all at the same time. And to be locked and trapped inside of this glass prison with such a beauty left my mind racing with all the possibilities. But such occurrences only happen between the covers of Penthouse Forum or other such magazines. Surely it would not happen to me. The lightning and the pounding of the thunder are getting more intense and louder. The storm cell must be directly over the top of the hotel for there is just flashing and continuous rolling of the pounding thunder. The crash of thunder deep with reverberations pound the surrounding glass cage we are imprisoned. The crash of thunder is almost instantaneous after the flash of lightning. The storm sits right on top of us.I touch your back. I halfway expect to receive a slap for being so forward with a total stranger but all you do is turn your head slightly to your left to acknowledge that you felt the gentle touch I just gave you, but you don’t make eye contact with me. Could this be a signal that you want more than just a touch to your lower back? I certainly hope so.“My name is Danny” i stutter, “Nice to meet you Danny I am……” The lift shudders slightly I then take my fingertips and lightly graze the lower portion of your elegant back from side to side and passing directly over the top of your pert bottom.What will you allow me to do next to you? I wonder. I let my hand drift southward to disappear beneath the black material below the scoop in the lowest portion of your back. I can feel the crease of your ass with my middle finger as I let my hand drift lower. You don’t react at all. I take this a signal to continue my exploration of your body with my fingers. I shall in deed.Again there is another flash and a crash of a bolt and thunder directly overhead. The entire side of the building is lighted from the near direct hit of lightning. I come in close to your back so that my hand and arm can extend further down the back of your dress. I cup your right ass cheek and then your left as I feel the satiny texture of your skin. I bury my middle finger deep into the split between your cheeks and allow it to penetrate further south hoping to find that bit of skin between your split and your sweet lips. I slip out of your split and am reaching for your lips and still no reaction from you. Only that your breath has suddenly quickened to my touch. This must be another signal that you have no intention of making me stop. I find the top of both of your thighs and with my fingers make a motion to spread your legs. It is like we are dancing to an erotic tango and you know what each of my guiding touches me for our dance as you spread your legs as far as the material of your dress will allow. I now can reach further between your legs and I feel the warmth and moistness of your own pussy. The lips are so smooth as I find you have a clean and shaved pussy and it is dripping with its own juices as you have become excited by my touch.I reach up to your shoulder with my left hand and play with the strap that is holding your dress up over your breasts. I lean into your neck and give you a very light kiss and a taste with my tongue and you raise your head osmaniye escort as if telling me that you want more. And I shall.I pinch the thin strap material that holds your dress up to your shoulder and pull it slowly over your shoulder and it slides down your arm to your elbow. As soon as the strap reaches your elbow the material covering your left breast falls away to expose a firm and full breast to me with a very erect nipple now exposed to the night air. I gaze over your left shoulder to see the radiance of this wonderful full breast below me.Another series of flashes and crash of thunder overhead and outside as it gets heated up inside of our glass enclosure. The windows are steaming and it is becoming more difficult to see the skyline outside but I have no desire to see the sights outside for I have a once in a lifetime sight of my own inside our tiny enclosure. I bury my forefinger of my right hand deep inside between the lips of your hot pussy. You are so moist and warm. I bury this finger deep and even deeper and your knees buckle and you suddenly take a dip in your stance. You must be getting even more excited as I penetrate you using my finger. I cup your breast with my left hand and massage your firm breast and I hear your breathing begin to take on a series of short panting. I pinch your nipple lightly and your head again looks upward and I can hear a slight moan from deep inside of you as I lay a series of tiny kisses on your neck.I pull my finger out of the crease between your lips and pull it upward between the split of your ass and up above the hiding place beneath your dresses material. That same finger I insert into my mouth to taste you. Your juice is so sweet truly the sweetness of nature’s own nectar is what you have inside of you. With my right hand I now pull lightly on your right strap and let it slide down to your right elbow and like magic the material hiding your right breast now comes free and falls forward to reveal your gorgeous right Breast to all who can see it, yet it is only you and I at the moment.I tug on the black material to allow your dress cascade over your hips and down to the floor, as a theatre’s curtain would do at the close of the final scene of a play. But, for me this play is just beginning. Your dress lies at your feet in a heap of blackness only slightly visible in the near darkness we share in the lift.I place my right hand in the centre of your back and again as taking direction from our tango you feel my guidance and know that I want you to bend forward and you do. You place your hands on the top of my suitcase that sits before you. I now take my hand and place them between your silky thighs and direct you to spread them apart only by touching them. Again, you are aware of my direction and spread your legs.I get on my knees behind you and run both of my hands down the outside of your thighs and over the black-laced top thigh high stockings. I feel a shudder from you as I reach your ankles. I then switch to the inside of your ankles and direct my fingertips up the inside of your leg, past your knees, over the lace top of your stockings, and across the smooth white texture of your upper thigh. You then raise your ass high so I can see a clear view of the underside of your pussy and in the darkness being lit by the continual flashing of lightning I see the moisture building to a drip on your lips and begin to trickle down the interior of your thigh. The sight of your round ass and the wetness on your lips is far too much for me to ever imagine. I stand behind you again and as I do you reach back with your right hand and cup over the bulge that has built inside of my trousers. I have an erection that is growing as I see you naked before me. You squeeze my cock with such a grip I know what you are now telling me with your touch. I unzip my trousers and undo my belt and release and let them fall to the floor. You reach out now with both of your escort bayan hands in front of you and clasp tightly to the brass handrail that encircles the entire interior of the glass lift car. You raise your ass to signal me of your intentions and desires.You take my cock and so gently rub your lips and wetness to tease you more. You do not want to be teased as you thrust your hips onto my cock and completely surround it with your warm moist pussy Oh my God I whisper, I slip into your tight pussy and I can feel my cock bury itself deep into you. I cannot go any further into as you rock back and forth to take in more of me.I begin to move my hips into you as you greet each thrust with a slap of my pelvis. I can feel your pussy nearly sucking my cock with each stroke. Back and forth – slap and suck. This is the most turned on I have ever been in my life. Outside the storm seems to be subsiding. For a moment I almost had forgotten there was even a storm happening for I am so deep into you and want only you as my focal point. I am now completely oblivious of our surroundings.The lights in the building across the street suddenly are lighted. One by one the buildings are coming back to life up and down the street. Suddenly the lights of our prison return to a gentle glow and a jerk of the lift and we are now moving upwards to our 80th floor destination.I want you to cum so much right now, yet we are still pounding pelvis to ass slapping our bodies together in our moment of passion in our upwards-moving exterior lift. All I can think about is seeing your ass cheeks below me and hearing your gentle moans as you near your climax. The glow of the interior light is giving me a view of your long back and beautiful ass that I missed in the darkness we shared just moments ago.I now quicken my pace and pound deep into you with a mighty thrust. I quicken the thrust and slam into your pussy harder and harder. You are arching your back as I feel the quick spasms of your oncoming orgasm deep within your pussy. The spasm again sucks on my cock as I pound deeper into you and then you are trying to suck my cock right off of my body. I pound it into you, harder, deeper and even harder still. You are gasping for air and screaming, almost a loud moan as your spasms turn into a whirlwind of ecstasy filling every pore of your body. I can hear your hands now on the glass as they try to keep traction and your hands give that squeaky sound as you are trying to hold as I pound even harder into you.Oh no! Only ten more floors to go before the door opens for my floor. My own spasms are now welling up inside of me. I feel it getting closer and closer. I pound into you as there is no more time to live and this will be our last moment on earth. Slap, slap, slap, slap is all I can hear. Even now the thunder outside is not real to us as we can only hear our passions slam together for all it is worth. Only 6 more floors and the doors will open. I pound into you, deeper, faster and deeper the rhythm that we have built together now churns our souls as we know that it must end and we both feel our own climax about to occur but we want to hold on till the last possible moment before we finish.Now there are four floors to go. Your juices are squirting down the inside of your thighs. My cock is about explode and bury my own juice deep into you. With a final thrust we both let loose with deafening screams as we each release our own orgasm while connected and thrusting against each other. I pound into you once again, and then again as I feel my spunk fill your pussy. There are only two floors to go.We reluctantly see that we are about to finish our rides. We hurry to get your dress on and I pull my pants up around my waist and connect my belt just as the lift stalls.The door opens. There stands a man with a purse in his hand. You say, “Oh there you are. I was coming up to get my purse and was stuck during the storm.” He said, “I thought you were still down at the party. If I knew you were in the lift I would have been worried. “No need to be worried. I was well entertained.” I will be just a minute.“My boss” you mutter as you kiss me on the check, and sly tuck our room key into my pocket Now that was an lift ride that I will never forget.