The Live Streamer

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It was going to be a first for me by far. The year was 2011 and Craigslist was still open for the “casual hook-ups” business. I had hooked up with a few people and serviced them orally. However, I wanted to push myself further and a new posting seemed like an interesting opportunity: “Wanted, oral slave for 4 hour window while I work. You can’t leave, you can’t speak, do everything you’re told. I do not negotiate with subs/slaves. If you can commit to being under my desk for 4 hours, message me.” Also included were the usual strings of letters and numbers giving the stats (often a bit smudged) “ddf, swm,19yo, hwp/thin, avg cut” and so on, but this post also had a picture. Head-to-toe, fully clothed was a guy who looked like the quintessential nerd. Mostly skinny, unkempt hair, acne, very large nose and baggy clothes.

I was not physically attracted to him at all, but that was one of the ideas that captured me. I had never thought of servicing anyone younger than me or smaller than me. I could even be dominant in the bedroom, when I wanted to explore submission I sought men who had strong dominant characteristics. Choosing to obey and service this smaller, younger nerd would be a true act of submission. I thought about it for a few hours, jerked off thinking about being under his desk sucking him off but surprisingly I didn’t lose interest after shooting a load. I replied to the message.

“Hello Sir, I have a little bit of experience orally servicing men. It would be an honor to serve you for hours. I am ddf, 25, hwp – maybe a few extra pounds (played a lot of sports). I hope to hear from you.”

I didn’t receive a reply. A week went by, then another week and I was jerking off regularly rereading this nerd’s post. I loved fantasizing about this little geek cumming in my mouth. I even crawled under my own desk just to get a feel of what it would be like to be under his desk for hours. It was a little uncomfortable, cramped and I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to touch myself once you added his legs and feet to the equation to take up more room in the already very enclosed place. Additionally, once a chair was pushed in with his lap right there, I would basically be smashed into position with my face stuck in his crotch and my body locked into position. I was going crazy fantasizing about being so helpless to this pip squeak.

I didn’t want to message him again – I thought that would seem too forward if he took the dominant/submissive thing very seriously and his “no negotiation” line made it seem as if he didn’t want me, then I probably couldn’t change his mind. I began reading other posts looking for a new opportunity before the message I was waiting for landed in my inbox.

“Couple weeks ago you said you wanted to serve me and you could do it for hours. This isn’t a joke. I have tried 2 others and they failed. I am a live streamer. I am doing a 4 hour stream this Thursday night. If you fail – I have to shut off my camera and mic and that costs me. I get penalized and I can lose sponsors. I shouldn’t have to explain myself to a sub, you should do as told, but after 2 failed attempts I need to impress upon you dumb fucks that this isn’t sucking me off and then you get to go. I want your mouth on my dick for the entire live stream. Reply with your number and I’ll text you my address IF and ONLY IF you can follow my orders.”

“I’m incredibly sorry about the 2 who failed you, Sir. I even practiced by crawling under my own desk and I vow 100% service to you for 4 hours. I will not let you down. Here’s my number. I am thankful you chose me, Sir.”

I was hard as a rock, before I could get my cock out and start stroking I got a text. “I’m going to give you a shot jock boy. Show up at 7:45. I’ll get you situated under my desk, I’ll be logged in playing video games, camera and mic on at 8. You will keep my dick in your mouth until I shut down at midnight. Do. You. Understand?”

“Yes Sir”

I had 2 days to kill before this fantasy would play out. I beat my cock raw over the next couple days. I reread the original post, the email, the text 1000s of times and every time my mind would spin out of control and my cock would reach new levels of engorged. I crawled under my desk a few more times and I pulled my chair in to get as accurate of a feel as possible. I realized I could only leave my arms by my sides or maybe rest them on the bottom of the armrests where they connect to the seat. I was so excited. Even at work, I spent half my time looking at desks and thinking about being underneath them. I had his email and his number – I thought about contacting him a million times to further add to my excitement. Tell him how much I want to serve him – maybe he’d say something demeaning to me, say something that would increase his role of domination over me. However, I knew it could blow the whole thing so I bit my tongue and waited. It was an excruciating 2 days to say the least.

Thursday, I left work and as soon as I got home I jerked off bahis siteleri and took a shower. I dressed very casually – I wanted to be as comfortable as possible under a desk for four hours. My heart was racing as I drove to his address. Can I suck cock for 4 hours? My mouth has definitely gotten tired after 15-20 minutes. I guess, I wouldn’t be putting in the full hard sucking for four hours, I just had to keep my mouth on his cock for hours – that could include licking, kissing, or even just lightly nursing it for stretches of time. Can the rest of my body take being cramped for 4 hours? I think so – if I focus enough on what I’m doing with my mouth, and only shift slightly when I absolutely have to, I could pull this off. I was parking. He lived in a large apartment complex – not cheap, but not really nice ones, they had been built within the past 5 years though so they still looked nice. I knew this complex was primarily college students as it was only a few blocks from the state university campus. They have been building housing constantly for years around the campus as enrollment was skyrocketing during the recession.

I followed signs on buildings to find his apartment number – ground-level. I knocked. This was it. The door opened and there was the nerd. He was at least 5ish inches shorter than me and half my bulk. His picture was unattractive and in person, he was not much more attractive. His hair was long, but not styled and was a little greasy. His large nose was even more pronounced in person and his acne took over patches of his face. He backed up and used one finger to motion me in. He closed the door behind us and I began to say, “I’m super excited…” before he cut me off with a “Shhh” I fell silent immediately and looked into his eyes – I was raised to always make eye contact and I have found out over my lifetime that it makes some people uncomfortable.

He reached up and put his hand on my shoulder; he was guiding me to my knees. I was getting hard as I lowered myself in front of him. I noticed his Mario Bros t-shirt and he was wearing black athletic shorts and I would guess no underwear as I could perfectly see his cock outline. He began, “I have a bit of personality disorder – I am only comfortable talking to people when I am in a position of authority. It just makes me a lot more comfortable with you on your knees so I can look down at you. If you are really submissive, you should be more comfortable in this position too, right?”

“Yes, Sir.” I replied but I did not make eye contact this time. I looked down toward his feet. He rested his hand on my head.

“I like you jock boy. We only have a few minutes before I have to be online. Let’s test a few things out to make sure this is going to happen.” He pulled my head into his crotch, my lips fell onto his cockhead. I could faintly smell it through his shorts. “Kiss” he said and I began kissing his cock all around the head and up his shaft. I could feel he was at least semi-firm. He pushed my head back. Abruptly, he turned around pulled his shorts down and bent over like he was mooning me. “Kiss” he said again, I leaned forward and kissed his left cheek a few times, then his right. “Crack” he commanded. I didn’t want to hesitate because I knew this was part of the test. Do exactly as I’m told, when I’m told. I kissed the top of his crack and then another kiss lower and another even lower. I kept licking my lips between kisses and I didn’t want to kiss his asshole. The idea of making actual contact with his asshole made me sick to my stomach but I wanted him to believe I’d do anything and I did love his power over me. I left my lips parted as I connected them to his crack directly above his asshole and I exhaled hot air which I know he felt directly on his puckered hole. I lowered my mouth again and kissed directly below his asshole. I enjoyed the feel of the soft skin against my lips. And his ass didn’t smell bad, just a bit musty and a stale sweat.

“Good” he said as he straightened back up and pulled his shorts back to his waist. You said you don’t have a lot of experience submitting to men, but you didn’t hesitate to do what you were told. I want you to remember that for the next four hours. You exist to serve me. Don’t hesitate, don’t think about it – your mouth is actually mine for the next four hours. I own it.” He started walking down the hallway and I crawled behind him. I didn’t dare stand up and make him uncomfortable. On my hands and knees I followed him into a bedroom he had turned into his gaming office. I could tell he definitely gamed professionally by the room. His desk was a bit larger than mine, which was nice, it looked like I could probably move back and forth between sitting and kneeling. He pointed to under the desk, it was carpeted so at least I didn’t have to worry about being on hardwood floors for hours.

I crawled under the desk and was situating myself as he sat in his chair. He was still a couple feet back and he looked at me underneath the desk. As canlı bahis siteleri if he had read my mind, “I don’t mind if you shift around as long as you can do it without breaking contact between your mouth and my dick.” He shed his athletic shorts and he wasn’t wearing underwear. He pulled his wheeled chair up to the desk. This was it.

I knelt there as his legs parted, his knees brushed my shoulders as his mostly soft cock, about 2″ laying on a nice pair of balls and nestled under a regular bush of dark black pubes. “This is the last time I will talk directly to you until after midnight. Kiss my dick if you understand.” I placed a wet kiss on the pink head. He tapped me with his left foot – “Left foot means move from my dick to my balls or if you are on my balls, then move back to my dick. Kiss my dick if you understand.” I placed a wetter, longer kiss on his cock head, encircling a quarter inch of it. This is what I had fantasized about for weeks. He was a true stud regardless of what he looked like. I was salivating at getting to serve him like this. He roughly tapped me with his right foot. “Right foot means swallow. I’m only giving you the warning because I don’t want you to cough or choke when it hits your throat. If my mic picks up any noise, there is a chance one of the 1000s people watching me will hear it and start commenting in the live chats. If you understand, take my cock in your mouth, start sucking me, and agree to only stop after I release you in 4 hours.”

I ran my tongue around his cock and took it into my mouth. It was firming up. I was completely focused on his cock. I love the feeling of a soft cock hardening in my mouth. Growing toward my throat, feeling my lips stretch as it thickens. It seems to get warmer as more blood pumps to it. I get that sense of fulfillment as my oral cavity becomes a tool for a cock. I settle into the notion that my purpose is to make the cock feel as good as possible. I enjoy just feeling it in my mouth for a while. Letting my mouth get accustomed to the size, shape, and best of all the flavor of the cock is one of my favorite parts of sucking cock.

I’m not sure how much time passed but I heard him start talking. I had forgotten there was a little gamer nerd attached to this cock. I was brought back to my senses briefly as I listened to him address the people logging in to watch him, drop a few sponsor names, acknowledge a few other gamers. I had his whole cock in my mouth, about 6″ I would say. His pubes were surrounding my nose, I could taste so much precum and feel it completely coating my tongue. I felt his right foot tap me less than a second before he rocked his cock into the back of the roof of my mouth and a very strong flavor of bleachy cum. I began swallowing fast and hard. I didn’t want him to worry about anything. I could hear him talking about getting the game underway.

He was already cumming and he had literally just begun gaming. As I was swallowing the last bit of his cum mixed with my spit I wondered how many times he could come in 4 hours. His cock was softening – another one of my favorite things to feel in my mouth. I was licking his piss slit and cum dribbled out. I was trying not to moan, but I was so excited to be trapped underneath his desk, being forced to nurse the cock of someone who was half my size and also a teenager and I could be in for a lot of loads.

Left tap – I silently kissed the cock then took a plump testicle into my mouth. His sack was much more vinegary than I had anticipated. I brought up an abundance of spit and bathed his balls in my spit. I wanted him to feel like my mouth had transformed to his personal nutsack jacuzzi. I swirled my spit around his nuts while lapping at his testicles with my tongue. My spit had taken on the flavor of his balls. I loved it. I let my tongue venture even further behind his balls and I realized I was picking up the full flavor of nerd taint.

It was musty, stale, even a bit funky I guess but I was going crazy doing something so demeaning. Here I was licking the dirty taint of a gaming nerd. This was easily the lowest I had ever been. I had never submitted to anyone like this. I had never demeaned myself like this. I had used my mouth to get a few guys off before, and while that felt very submissive at the time – this was much more. I had given this kid my mouth to use as he pleases for four hours. With one tap he can make me lick his balls or suck his dick or tell me to start swallowing. This was true submission. I was a nasty lil sub slut now.

I french-kissed his sack all over. His cock was completely soft and had retreated so only the head was really visible. I love the feel of the soft cock head brushing up against my face all over as I moved my mouth around his balls. I wasn’t sure of time, but I’d say at least a good 30-40 minutes had passed since I began and I felt like I could definitely do this for four hours. I tuned into him talking to his audience while I was licking his balls. I listened for a canlı bahis solid 15 minutes and I was so mesmerized. He had a great voice actually. While I have never really gotten into video games and certainly not watching other people play them, I could understand people wanting to at least have him on in the background. He sounded both cool and knowledgeable as he played the game.

He referred to himself as “Master” a lot. He would say things like “I know you all love it when the Master takes down another level” or “the Master strikes again.” He got into the game, I could feel him move from the waist up at times and yell, “Boom. There is the Master at work!”

I didn’t know his name. I almost chuckled with a mouth full of ballsack at the idea I didn’t know the name of the guy who made me kiss his ass, shot a load of cum in my mouth, and for all intents and purposes owned my mouth for four hours. I began to think of him as “the Master” not necessarily in a Master/slave kind of way, even though I was serving him, but mostly because I had heard him refer to himself as that over and over again and I had no other reference to go by. The Master’s balls were great. I loved them. I missed the bit of funky flavor, but I still enjoyed the feel of the soft skin on my lips and tongue and as I did my best to please the Master.

Sometimes it seemed like the Master was talking to me while he was live streaming. “The Master has taken complete control, everyone. I have made all foes fall to their knees before me. For those of you tuning into the whole stream, you will literally witness me dominate for four hours.” Things like that which I could easily apply to him talking about me. The sheer magnitude of what was happening was setting it. I was being dominated in front of 1000s of people. I know they didn’t know, but the Master knew it and I am sure that was a major turn on for him. It was for me too. It had never crossed my mind that I would be turned on by being used in a “public” way. Wow, I cleaned the Master’s balls in front of an audience – 1000s of people witnessed me swallow a load from teen nerd – albeit they didn’t know they witnessed it, I knew and the Master knew.

Left Tap – I had been hoping this would happen. I wanted to feel his soft cock firm up in my mouth again. Now that I was filtering the entire experience through servicing the Master while people watched I had reached a new level of horny. I think the Master could tell. His voice was a little louder, he was talking more and more excitedly. I had only the head and just enough shaft for my lips to grip as his dick was clearly still asleep, but I was looking forward to waking his dick up again. “The Master is getting ready to truly own this next bitch” he said and his cock grew about an inch; it was resting nicely on my tongue. Again, my nose buried in his bush. I was looking forward to swallowing for the Master again. Right then my attention redirected to listening to what was going on above me. The Master clearly wanted to get everyone’s attention for whatever he was doing next on the game. He was almost yelling, “Watch everyone! Give me your attention! This level Boss everyone says is so tough is about to be my bitch, completely. Everyone, glue your eyes to the screen while I mark my territory. I’m going to beat him to his knees and he is going to serve me. Ladies and Gentlemen of the gaming community, you are about to witness true humiliation.”

Right Tap – time to swallow for the Master. Wait. His cock was nearly completely soft just resting on my tongue with my lips just past the head. I felt it before I tasted it. A trickle of fluid flowed down my tongue. I didn’t understand. What was happening. No. Please no.

“Oh yeah, the Master is owning another one. Listen up, just take it. Take what the Master is dishing out. You know you want to serve the Master!” I 100% froze in fear. I had no time to think about what to do. I wanted to panic, but I realized the Master was really talking to me. He was telling me to serve him – that this was part of my service to him. This was just like the ass-kissing test, I couldn’t hesitate or back out on the Master.

I swallowed.

More urine flowed into my mouth. It was no trickle now. It was a regular flow of piss from the Master into my mouth. My mouth. My mouth was being used as a urinal by a scrawny, teen, gamer-nerd. “Everyone, by the looks of the numbers – 3,986 people just watched the Master take down another one. Thank you all for tuning in to the first half of tonight’s stream. And a fine stream it is – a good stream.” He chuckled as more of his piss streamed into my accepting mouth.

I swallowed.

The taste was apparent now. I think my lips being sealed around his cock while he emptied his bladder had actually helped me. The setup had at least made it to where I couldn’t smell his piss. I never liked the smell of piss. Not smelling it, made the taste much more subdued – I guess. It was kind of chalky in the mouthfeel. I have heard people describe it as salty and bitter – I didn’t get the salty aspect, I guess it was bitter though in that it made my mouth feel dry and it was maybe acidic. Years later I had a cheap Pinot Grigio that tasted similarly.