The Maid

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The MaidI was about 16 years old, it was spring break and I was hanging around at home. I was at the age where all that was on my mind was sex. I was watching a lot of porn but wasn’t getting much pussy. It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and my housekeeper was cleaning the house. Both of my parents were at work.My maid had just made me lunch and I was watching TV. All of the sudden I got really horny and decided to go up my room to jack off. I had gotten all the lotion out and was looking at my playboy magazine. I was really going at it and was starting to get hard and all of the sudden I heard somebody turn my door knob. It was my maid!!! Now keep this in mind; my maid was fucking bomb. She was about 32, two k**s, black hair, canlı bahis about 5′ 5”, great rack about 36 d tits, superb ass, great figure, and she was from venezuela. I had jacked off to her her many times. She opened the door and I couldn’t stop jacking off so she saw me and dropped my laundry all over the floor. She was wearing a white tank top and some short shorts.She said “My muchacho! what are you doing.” I said “I, I’m sorry I just couldn’t help it.” Then she saw my big wet cock about 8 inches long and hard dripping wet with precum and said “Ay dios mio! You’re no boy anymore you’ve gotten big as a bronco!”She came over and just stared at it for about 5 seconds then asked if she could touch it. How could I say no!?!?She bahis siteleri started gently stroking it and caressing it. I was getting so excited. Then she pulled my pants all the way off and put her warm lips on my cock and started to kiss my dome. Then she started licking it with her wet, warm tongue. Then she lifted up her tank top and revealed her sexy red bra. Then she ripped her bra off and revealed her nice firm bosoms. And she asked me how I liked her “tetas.” She let me play with them, they felt so nice.Then she started deepthroating my cock, she looked beautiful. Her ass looked great in those short shorts. Then she unbuttoned her shorts and took off her red panties. She hopped right on my cock and started riding güvenilir bahis me like I was a stallion bucking bronco style. Her tits were bouncing beautifully. Then she bent over and we started to kiss and i was grabbing her ass. Then she turned around and started riding me reverse cowboy rodeo style. She was moaning and groaning and talking to me in dirty Spanish which was unbelievably hot.We switched into doggystyle and she bent over and I started mounting her like a bulldog. It was the best I’ve ever felt. I never wanted it to stop. She had me pull out and lick her pussy a little and then she sucked my cock to slick it up again. Then I mounted her missionary style, as we were fucking I heard the front door open my mom was home. I felt my cock about to burst and shot the biggest load of my life all over her face and tits. I gave her a big wet kiss and put my clothes back on and kept my mom busy while she cleaned up in my bathroom.