The maid’s knickers – part five.

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The maid’s knickers – part five.Of course, once Chi-chi had left, I missed her (or perhaps getting inside her knickers) really badly. And what made it worse was that she would bring her boyfriend to sit on the wall opposite the house every night. She knew I’d be watching her sitting in the moonlight making out and she’d always put on a good show. Partly hidden by the bougainvillia bushes, she’d draw his cock out and masturbate it into a full erection. Then, when they were both well and truly ready, they’d move off and disappear into the tall cogon grass and papaya trees up the road to fuck. And she’d always look back, I noticed, just as she led him into the long grass, as much as to say, “don’t you wish this was you”. She knew the exact spot where I’d be standing, because it was from my bedroom terrace that we’d once watched Lee and Annabelle fucking in the kitchen next door, and we’d slowly masturbated each other and gone into the room to fuck on my single bed.But it was too late to regret the lies that I’d told my parents in order to get rid of her now. She was getting her own back, I suppose, in the best way she knew how. Anyway, I had a new fantasy to occupy me. Ever since the American guy who ran the bikini bar in town had told me that part of his job was to interview the new girls for the club and get them to undress and istanbul escort try on the tiny pink costumes they used to wear down there and then photograph them, I’d thought what a fantastic job he had. And now the postcard for the new “helper” was on display in the local sari-sari store, I eagerly awaited the arrival of any applicants at our door: with me able to carry out the interviews in the absence of my parents who’d probably be at work when the girls called. Just the thought of it used to keep me awake at night masturbating.And so when the first telephone call came about two days later, and a lady called Carolina introduced herself, I told her that she’d be able to come for an interview straight away. As soon as the phone was down, I could feel my cock stirring, and I recall she rang the door bell at about two o’clock and all I could think about was that I had just three hours to get her knickers off. I recognized her as one of the attractive girls I’d seen hanging round the basketball court in the evening in shorts, eyeing the guys playing for the local team. This made me think she’d be up for it. But also made me slightly nervous, as I still lacked confidence and thought that she probably had a lot of experience and high standards in bed – learned by being avcılar escort fucked long and hard and often by those athletic guys down at the court. She was quite chubby and I guessed she was about 25, so had had plenty of chance for cock.She could speak English quite well as she’d worked abroad in the Gulf, but told me she really needed the job because her Aunt had died and was being forced to leave her Aunt’s house on the sub-division because of debts. I immediately realised that she would probably do almost anything to get the job. So I thought, led ever onward by my cock, to see whether my intuition was correct. I couldn’t really stop myself anyway. She had big tits and the sight of her bottom moving inside her skirt as I’d shown her up the stairs had already given me a rock hard cock without conscience. I persuaded her that I would see she got the job and at that moment she came forward and hugged me. We both hesitated for a second, both surprised I think at what was happening between us, before nature fully took over and I found myself eagerly pulling at her pantyhose, with Carolina assisting me with her undressing. Every new sight of Carolina’s body got me more and more excited. Her fleshy stomach and hips and full tits were all exquisite. And I soon discovered, once I’d pulled down her şirinevler escort knickers, that her pussy was attractively hairy. She stood over me, still in her blouse, and I pushed my tongue into her pussy and enjoyed the feeling of wetness slowly running across my cheeks. My whole face was soon wet, and I moved it from side to side to get ever more soaked in her juices as well as to excite her outer lips. I could soon feel it even on my shoulders, and when I finally came up, I thought I had to wipe face with a towel. Old fashioned Chi-chi had hated to smell her own pussy as I kissed her, but sweet Carolina simply asked: “Whatever’s the matter?”, and pulled me close again. I fucked her hard on the sofa in the living room, and when I was about to come, unlike Chi-chi, she simply whispered “It doesn’t matter”, gripped my bum cheeks, and I was able to release myself deep into her. In just half an hour with Carolina, who I later learned was 28, I’d achieved more than I had done with Chi-chi in three or four months. It was as if she knew exactly what I wanted, just as if we’d been together for years. She knew exactly where to kiss my cock, exactly where to stroke gently to and fro under my balls, and she even knew that I had a thing about panties and left me her’s as a kind of trophy. I’d found my ideal maid – the maid I’d always dreamed of – and I’d found my soul mate, it seemed, as well. And so I ensured that it was indeed Carolina who got the job. My parent’s couldn’t understand why there had been just one applicant for the post. My sexual education was about to start, and it was Carolina who was going to be my teacher.TO BE CONCLUDED NEXT TIME.