The Making of A Sissy-Part Two

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The Making of A Sissy-Part TwoAs Bella blossomed physically, Jane ensured the girls took control of her; she was made to know her place amongst females and was still subjected to their choosing her outfits. Bella was habitually made to pose before a full length mirror as Jane and the girls scrutinised her feminine shape; the girls were especially pleased on those occasions when Bella was held naked before the mirror as they stroked and admired her sweet white thighs and bottom, cupped her deliciously formed breasts; the smiling girls actions making Bella’s sissy hairless cock rise with excitement. This gave Tara licence to administer a spanking in front of the other two girls; Jane having given the older girl this authority over Bella; the sissy well and truly knew her place. Jane smiled with satisfaction on viewing her arrogant elder daughter bring tears from Bella as her hand brought a rosy warmth to the exquisitely formed feminine shape which lay submissively across the haughty girl’s lap; the hormone treatment was working better than she or any of her feminist friends could have imagined.Bella was of an acceptable age now; Jane would soon be inviting some prominent middle-aged males to the circle; Bella would be shortly be used to entertain them, she intended selling her to the highest bidder when the time came.Now Bella had come of age she was no longer simply dressed in pink frilly dresses; though she was still paraded on a Sunday in such attire the girls, with Jane’s full approval, would often show off Bella’s feminine beauty with more slutty outfits. Her hair had grown long and soft and was oft tied in a pony-tail now; she was adorned with black stockings and stilettos, a tight short skirt which accentuated her now perfect round bottom, tight thick canlı bahis patent leather belt which squeezed her slim waist, and a tight white silk blouse, her sweet little cleavage peeping through the top enticingly. Though the girls still taunted her and made her feel inferior at every chance, Bella was so proud to be a sissy, and the girls taunts only pandered to her submissive nature, ensuring her cock poked sweetly erect in her soft panties; the elasticated waist-band rubbing her excited little bell-end, and keeping it tight against her soft belly as she wiggled on her heels, chaperoned by her female betters.She was still taken to the mall, but the trips to the dumpsters behind the stores were no longer viable; the girls were much too noticeable now; their march through adolescence to ripe womanhood now complete. This of course was much to the chagrin of the boys of old who were now young men; whilst they would jostle for places in the café next to Tara and her two sisters, Dominique and Victoria, Bella was still the main attraction to most if not all of the boys. Their attitude was different however; no longer did they taunt in the manner of old, they stood near to the sweet smelling sissy, the bulges in their jeans showing their excitement as they stroked the blushing beauty’s soft hair, some of them begging Tara to be allowed to take her off somewhere, just for five minutes as they used to. They showed less interest in Tara, attractive as she was, a whiff of pussy was now easily obtained elsewhere and Tara was a very dominant girl; the boys might secretly masturbate over being caned by her, but outwardly the soft and vulnerable sissy gave them a deep novel desire.Bella could not even walk to the toilets without being followed by a troop of males, watching bahis siteleri the sweet bottom wiggle and pinching and stroking it playfully at every opportunity. Tara grew tired of this as each trip followed a similar pattern but with growing intensity. Bella bathed in the erotic atmosphere of being an object of desire; her panties would have to be changed immediately she got home; sometimes she would actually ejaculate at the thought of these boys taking her away somewhere, stripping and humiliating her, being made to pleasure them en masse. If only poor Bella knew what awaited her so soon at home.Then there was the one boy who was now a handsome young man, who looked at Bella so differently before and now again when their eyes met. Adam yearned more than any other of the boys for a return to the dumpsters, not just for gratification, but simply to be able to hold Bella with affection. Bella did her best to show what little assertion a sissy could muster, in order to remove whoever sat next to her and allow Adam the chance to sit and feel her special warmth for him; this was impossible on most occasions due to the crowd of boys who would all jostle for contention. Ready for this on one occasion, Bella managed to meet with Adam as she left the haven of the Ladies toilet. Unseen she deftly passed a bag to Adam which he clenched as though it were his very lifeblood, and quickly secreted it down his jacket; he opened it later to reveal a pair of Bella’s sweetly scented panties and a little daintily written letter, pouring out her yearning for him.The affection that was there was not unnoticed by Tara, who had designs on Adam herself. She had a plan and intended having Adam on his knees before her; her pussy tingled, she would break him.When the girls güvenilir bahis returned home that evening, there were other people in the lounge. Jane hastily ushered the girls upstairs. Bella was made to undress. The girls giggled and Jane smile contentedly as the ripe and now very desirable sissy was made to wear nothing but a white smock top, which barely covered her hips; the lower part of her sweet bottom remained on show, as did her little sissy cock which dangled at the front, her little round breasts puffing the smock out, somehow emphasising her virginal status.“You girls stay here; Bella, you’ll come with me. You are going to be a good little sissy for me tonight. I have some friends who want to see you.” Bella was frightened, but the situation made her erect and her bottom tingled; what was to happen to her? The girls were most despondent at not being allowed to witness what the sissy was to face. They waited till she was led quivering away by their mother, then crept downstairs to peep through the lounge keyhole.There were many stern faced women there, and sever middle-aged suited males. They all eyed Bella with wicked smiles and applauded Jane, who looked very satisfied. She smiled at one of the males who nodded back and now approached Bella who had been made to kneel on the floor. The man smiled as he undid his trousers to reveal a stiff and excited cock. Bella’s little cock dribbled pee, she was that scared. The man put his hand under her chin.“Don’t worry, I shan’t hurt you, you’ll learn to enjoy being a sweet little sissy after tonight.” The audience murmured their approval and watched intently as he flexed his large hairy cock before Bella’s nose. The girls gasped as they jostled to get a peep through the keyhole.Across town, Adam was blissfully unaware of Bella’s situation, and was stroking his cock for the umpteenth time, the crotch of Bella’s panties across his nose as he spurted as best he could from his spent balls at the sweet scent of the sissy he desired…