The mall part 2

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The mall part 2My boss had to leave work early, so we only worked a half a day.I decided to take advantage, and do some shopping at the mall. I was only in the mall about 20 mins, when I recognized 2 boys that were approaching me. There was actually 4  boys altogether,  they were all around the same age. I figure they were 16, turned out two were 17, two 16.The two I recognized, were the same boys, I caught taking pictures up my skirt, on the escalator, a few weeks prior. I ended up teasing them, leaving the curtain open in the changing room , and letting them help me pick outfits for me to try on. They asked if I was going to be buying any clothes today, and if they could give their opinions  on the outfits. I said I probably, would be, and would love their opinions. The new boys, kept checking me out, and couldn’t stop staring at my legs and smiling. As usual, I wore a short skirt, and a  button down blouse, nothing under either.I got on the escalator , like I did before, and the boys followed about 3 steps back. I figured I might as well give them what they came for, and dropped my purse. Bending at the waist,  I slowly bent over to retrieve it. I could hear the distinct sound of a camera, clicking. I knew my ass and pussy was in plain view. I fumbled with my purse, slowly picking it up, and standing.The boys we’re seeing what they came for, …. me. Next stop was a furniture store, I told them I was looking for a recliner.  I sat on a few, reclining back on them, making sure my legs were open giving them a bursa escort look between my legs. I figured that I had teased them enough, and it was time to try on some clothes.The saleslady recognized me and said hello, she said it was nice to see me and my son’s again. I told her my son’s  and their friends,  decided to come to the mall too. The boys wasted no time, picking out a few outfits for me, and went straight to the furthest dressing room. It’s the same one I used last time, it’s kind of hidden by racks of clothes.I took the first 2 outfits in with me, closing the curtains behind me. I made sure they were slightly open, so they could still see a little. I tried them on and came out asking their opinions of the outfits. They found 2 more and I went back in to change, this time I left the curtain open about half way. I talked casually with them thru the curtain. With my back to them, I could see their faces in the mirror, in the dressing room. All 4 had their cameras up videoing me as I removed my blouse. Next I removed the skirt, giving them a great view of my ass. I turned around, and reached for the next outfit. My tits and pussy were in full view, as I got dressed, I continued to make small talk. Again I stepped out, asking for their opinion. Again I went back in to try on the next outfit, I could hear them talking about seeing my pussy. This time I made a poor attempt at closing the curtains.  If they closed 2 inches that was a lot, I faced them dropping the skirt to the floor. I acted as if I was bursa escort bayan having trouble with the small zipper on the blouse. They were smiling and filming me, all the while, finally removing the blouse. I stood there nude with them staring. I turned around, bending from the waist,  to pick up the skirt. They were so busy filming me they forgot to get another outfit.I sat on the bench nude, raised my right foot up to put my heel on. My legs opened, causing my pussy to fully open. I lowered my right foot and brought the left foot up. Putting the heel on, I let my leg drift outward, opening my pussy for their view again. Pretending to be having issues the the heel, it took awhile for me to lower my leg. I sat there legs parted, putting my blouse on. I stood and slowly pulled my skirt up over my hips.I took the skirt to the register, and the boys waited outside the store. The saleslady saw them outside and said they must have gotten bored. I paid the bill, and joked that they got bored looking at clothes.As I walked to the door, I saw them laughing and showing each other the pics or videos they took. I walked out and caught a glimpse of the video the one boy was looking at. It was of me, sitting and trying to put my heel on. My pussy was wide open, he didn’t see me, and told the others he could see my whole pussy.I pretended not to hear him, I told them I was done shopping and was going to leave. They said they would walk me to my car. As we walked, I thanked them for helping me. As we got to the escort bursa car, I unlocked and opened my door. I bent over the seat, and placed my purse and shopping bag on the passenger seat. I again heard the clicking of cameras. My skirt was up around my waist, and I felt something touch me between my thighs. One of them wanted a close up, and accidentally touched my inner thigh. I pretended not to notice, stood up, and sat in the car with my right foot inside. My left foot was ouside, and my legs were opened fully. One of the new boys, accidentally blurted out , holy shit !!  I pretended not to hear him. His buddy said that he liked my outfit, and asked if he could snap a pic of it. I smiled and said sure, but no pictures of my face.I asked him if the way I was sitting was ok. He and all the boys said it was , all 4 said they wanted a pic of the outfit too.As they took pics or videos, the one boy asked if he could adjust my skirt a little. I said it was ok, and he reached in between my legs as if to adjust my skirt. He moved the skirt, letting his fingers touch my pussy at the same time. He looked, and again adjusted the skirt, slipping a finger between my pussy lips. When I didn’t object,  he put 2 fingers in spreading my lips. He slid his fingers in further, and asked the other boys if that looked better.    They all agreed it did, and continued filming me. I asked if they were happy with the skirt the way it was, they all looked at each other, and smiled. I smiled back and told them it was ok to adjust it if they wanted too. Two of them moved the skirt higher up, the last boy also adjusted the skirt, and slid a finger in at the same time. As I drove away, I looked in my mirror to see them high fiving and checking out their phones cameras