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Subject: The Mason Twins The sixteen-year-old African American twins, Steven and Danny Mason, loved each other to death, no matter what their Instagram posts looked like. On there, they were always arguing and what not. At home, away from social media, they were real nice to each other. Off camera, they were always hugging and kissing each other. For example, one evening, they gave each other a bath. Their dad even knew how much they loved each other. On this day, their dad suggested they do something different. He suggested they oil wrestle. They both agreed to it with big smiles. “Should we go into the locker rooms and change?” Danny asked as their father handed them a red speedo and a blue speedo. Their dad looked around. On this day (Sunday) their gym was closed. “It’s Sunday. No one is here.” Their dad said. “I don’t see why you can’t change in front of each other.” The two boys grinned from ear. They took off their shoes and socks then stripped out of the rest of their clothes. Then they put on their speedo. Next, their dad pulled out two bottles of baby oil. “Now for the baby oil.” “I think you both should oil each other up.” Their dad suggested. Both young men smiled at this suggestion. Their dad handed them each a bottle of baby oil. First, Danny oiled up Steven. Danny grinned as he got to work. When he was done, he handed his bottle to his dad. “I think you missed a spot.” Their dad said. Danny looked quizzically at their dad. Then their dad got behind Steven and, gently slid his speedo down around his thighs. “You forgot his ass, dick, and balls.” Danny grinned from ear to ear and said, “Oh yeah!” So, as Steven stood there, with his arms folded across his chest, Danny poured a little baby oil in his hands. Then he rubbed Steven’s ass with baby oil. Steven had to admit that Danny’s hands felt good on his ass. Danny made sure Steven’s ass was slick with baby oil. Then he went on to Steven’s dick and balls. As he stroked Steven’s dick, he chuckled. Steven looked down and saw that his dick was rock hard. All he could do was shrug his shoulders as if to say, “Oh well!” When Danny was done, Steven pulled his speedo up and said, “Now, it’s my turn.” “Don’t forget to oil up your brother’s feet, too.” Their father said with a smile. So, Danny rubbed and caressed his brother’s feet. “Now, you’re done.” Now, it was Steven’s turn. He made sure to get all the spots. When he got to his brother’s feet, he grinned. Danny was hella ticklish on his feet and he loved tickling his feet. So, when he was done, he tickled his brother’s feet. “NO! HAHAHAHAHA! STOP! HAHAHAHAHAHA! UNCLE!” Danny shrieked with laughter. Steven looked at his dad and stopped immediately. “Now, you know I’m gonna have to do something about that, right?” His dad asked him. Steven knew he was in trouble. Before Steven could react, their dad grabbed his arms and held them over his head. “He’s ticklish on his underarms and stomach!” Their dad said to Danny. Danny began tickling his brother’s stomach and underarms. Steven wriggled around, laughing his ass off. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! UNCLE! HAHAHAHAHAHA! UNCLE!” Steven cried with laughter. Danny immediately stopped tickling his brother. “Are ya’ll done?” Their father asked. The boys smiled at each other and said, in unison, “Yes!” “Alright,” Their father said. “Now, let the match begin!” “Hold up, dad!” Danny said. “What are the rules. How do we win.” Their dad thought for a moment. Then he snapped his fingers. “You have to get your opponent’s dick hard or, make them want to cum. The loser has to do when the winner says for a week! Whenever, wherever. “SO, if I win, Danny has to do my chores?” Steven asked. “Something like that.” Their dad said. “Or, if I win and I want to him to suck my dick on the playground,” Danny said. “Steven has to do it?” “Now you’re getting it!” Their dad said. They both grinned broadly. “You both ready?” Their father asked. They both nodded `yes’. “Let the games begin!” As they slipped and slid on the canvas, they grappled to get a good hold, which wasn’t easy since they both were so slippery. At one point Danny had Steven in a half nelson. While Danny trapped one of Steven’s arms, his pother hand slid down the front of Steven’s speedo. “Oh, hell no!” Steven barked. He wriggled his way out of his brother’s grasp. Then Steven maneuvered himself to sit on his brother’s face. Then he FARTED! “Oooh, that’s gross, Steven!” His dad said as he began to laugh. Then, somehow Danny kicked Steven in the face, knocking him off him. As Steven shook the cobwebs out, Danny pushed him to the ground. Before Steven could get back up, Danny gave him a wedgie. “OWWWWW!” Steven screamed. “MY BALLS!” He curled up into a fetal position. Then their dad threw in some dildo’s. “You can use them on each other.” He said. Danny caught one and, somehow, Steven caught the other. Danny turned Steven over and hit his brother in the crotch, again! “OWWWW!” Steven cried out, again. While he was curled up in pain, Danny was able to get Steven’s speedo off. Then as he sat on his brother’s back, Danny rammed the dildo up his brother’s ass. In and out the dildo went. “I WILL NOT CUM!” Steven roared. Then their dad threw in a pair of handcuffs. “Hey, where’s the other one?” Steven said. “Only one this time.” Their father said as he shrugged his shoulders. They fought hard to get those handcuffs, neither wanted to give his brother the upper hand. At on point, Steven slammed his fist into Danny’s crotch. Danny dropped to the ground. Steven dragged Danny to the corner. He handcuffed both his brother’s hands around the ring post. Then he, easily, slid his brother’s speedo off. He lifted his brother’s legs and exposed his ass. “Guess what time it is?” Steven said. “Guess what time it is?” Danny looked at him blankly. “It’s time for a spanking! Danny frantically tried to get loose! “Oh, hell naw!” He said. He wasn’t afraid of a spanking (he got them all the time). Spankings turned him on (That’s why his dad never gave him any). He wasn’t trying to get spanked by his brother. He kicked gaziantep travesti and thrashed for all he was worth! “Lookie what I’ve got!” Their father said. They turned to look at him. In his hands, their dad had a pair of leg shackles!” “Dad!” Danny cried out. “That’s cheating!” “Oh, you wanna see cheating?” Their dad said. He got up in the ring and carefully walked towards them. “What you trying to do to him, Steven?” “I wanna get at that ass.” Steven said. So, their father grabbed both of Danny’s legs and shackled his ankles to the top ring ropes, lifting his ass in the air. “That ass is all yours, Steven!” Steven grinned from ear to ear. “Not just his ass,” Their dad said as he smacked Danny’s ass. “His entire body!” Steven in mind, neither of you have won the match, yet.” “That’s right!” Steven said. He looked down at his brother. “Do you submit?” “No!” Danny said defiantly. “I’ll never submit to you!” “I was hoping you’d say that.” Steven said. Steven knew all of Danny’s `hot’ zones. He began to, roughly, grope his brother’s nipples. “Look at them pretty nipples. Just look at them!” He pinched and caressed Danny’s nipples. Then he bent down and bit and licked Danny’s nipples. “OWWWW! Danny cried out. He wriggled and squirmed. Steven continued to torment Danny’s nipples, leaving bite marks on them. “Where do you think you’re going?” Steven asked. As he bit his brother’s nipples, he slid two fingers up his brother’s ass. “MMMMMM!” Danny moaned. He was starting to get hot. He could feel his dick starting to stir. “Please, don’t cum!” He desperately thought to himself. Then Steven looked up at Danny’s ass. “Spanking that ass gets you hard, doesn’t it?” He asked. Danny didn’t say a thing. Steven looked at their father. “Dad, can I have your belt?” At that point, Danny’s eyes got real wide! That was one way to get him hard. Now, Danny was really trying to get loose. Of course, it was no use. When their dad handed Steven his belt, Steven turned Danny onto his stomach. Then he caressed Danny’s ass one last time. Steven bent down to Danny’s ear. “You’re about to get the whooping of your life!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Steven slammed the leather belt across Danny’s ass, making his brother’s ass several shades darker. Instead of hearing screams of pain, both Steven and their dad heard moans of pleasure. “Feels good, doesn’t it, Danny?” Steven asked as he continued to spank Danny with the belt. The whooping felt so good, Danny’s toes curled. Danny tried to keep from cumming but, he just couldn’t. “I’M CUMMIN’!” He roared. Steven turned him back over just in time to watch Danny’s dick erupt like a volcano. Cum splattered everywhere! “And, the winner of this contest,” Their dad said, raising Steven’s hand in victory. “Steven!” They unshackled and uncuffed Danny. Then Steven turned to his father and asked, “Can I do ANYTHING I wan to him?” “You sure can.” Their dad said. “For the next week! What’s the first thing you wanna do?” Steven smiled and said, “Make him lick my ass.” Steven said. Danny looked at his dad as if to say, “Please, don’t make me do this.”.” “You heard what your brother said.” Their dad said chuckling. “Go head on and lick his ass!” Danny did not want to lick his brother’s ass… Not in the least. “Fine!” He said, irritated. He got down on his knees and, slowly, licked his brother’s ass. “Don’t forget the crack of my ass, too.” Steven said. He was really enjoying this. Not just because it was humiliating to Danny, but also because he licked getting his asshole licked. “Mmmm! Feels so good!” Danny smiled to himself. He had to admit, he did like making his brother feel good in this way. As he licked his brother’s asshole, Danny, gently, spread his brother’s ass cheeks apart. Then he slid his tongue up Steven’s asshole. “Oooh!” Steven moaned. “Mmmm!” Steven backed his ass up on his brother’s tongue. “Oooh, that feels real good! Jesus!” Suddenly, their dad, gently, grabbed Danny’s dick and stroked it. With his other hand their dad tickled his balls, which caused Danny to chuckle. “Well, damn, Danny,” Their dad said. “I didn’t know tickling your balls made you giggle.” Danny gave his dad a dirty look. “I got this, dad.” Steven said. “Now, it’s my turn to have some fun!” Steven grabbed a stool from one of the corners of the ring. He set it down in the center of the ring. “Now, Danny get down on your knees and crawl to me.” Steven said. So, Danny crawled to his brother. When he got there, Danny looked up at him. “Now, kiss my feet.” So, Danny kissed both of his brother’s feet. “Now, get between my legs and suck my dick.” Danny got between his brother’s legs and Steven slid his nine-inch dick into his brother’s mouth. “Mmmm.” Steven moaned. This was the first time he had Danny suck his dick and, it felt awesome. “I swear, my brother’s done this before.” In truth, Danny had been sucking dick since he was twelve. Mostly, to get out of ass whoopin’s from the older boys at school. Anyway, Steven was the beneficiary of all that practice. “Dude, that feels so good!” Danny looked up at him as if he didn’t believe him. “Naw, seriously, bro! This is awesome, no cap (no lie).” Danny smiled to himself. He was glad he made his brother feel good. He may fight with him a lot but, he really did love him. Steven moved down to the ground as Danny continued to suck his dick. Then Steven pulled him off his dick and brought him face to face. “Kiss me.” Steven said. Danny paused for a moment. “Kiss me.” “I heard what you said.” Danny said nervously. We’ve never, ever kissed, bro. Give me a minute!” Danny took a deep breath and kissed his brother gently. Believe it or not, it felt good. “Dude, you have the softest lips.” “So do you.” Steven said. “We have got to do that more often!” Danny grinned and said, “No cap!” As he kissed his brother, Steven gently caressed his brother’s ass cheeks. Then, Danny randomly asked, “What’s your favorite body part on me?” Steven grabbed a handful of Danny’s ass cheeks and said, “This ass!” Danny just smiled. “What about gaziantep masaj salonları me?” Danny didn’t have to think to hard but, he was afraid to say it. “You’re gonna laugh.” Danny said. “I promise. I won’t laugh.” Steven said. “Tell me.” “Your feet.” Danny said, finally. “You like my feet!” Steven asked. “Uh uh!” Danny said. “But you pushed them off you when we sat on the couch!” Steven protested. “Only because I was too tempted to, at least, rub them!” Danny said. “I’d want to rub them so bad. I also like your muscular chest” Steven grabbed his brother’s face in his hands, looked him dead in the eye, and said, “Well you can rub them any time you want. As long as I get to at least pat you on the butt.” “Naw, bro.” Danny said. Steven looked dejected. “You need to either grab my ass or smack my ass. No girly patting my ass.” “Deal!” Steven said. “Now back to business.” Danny went down the length of his brother’s body. As he went down, he kissed his brother’s body gently. When he got to his brother’s dick, he opened his mouth and sucked it down. “OOH FUCK!” Steven squealed. Danny licked his brother’s dick from the base to the tip and back down again. “Mmmm!” Steven moaned softly, gently rested his hands on his brother’s head. “Damn, bro!” “Wait!” Steven said. “Did you say you also like my chest?” Danny grinned sheepishly and said, “Yep!” “Hey, what about my arms?” Steven said. “I work really hard on them.” “Danny chuckled and said, “I know I’m there when you work out. Remember?” Steven made a muscle and Danny kissed his bicep. Then Steven flexed the other bicep and Danny kissed that one, as well. Next, Danny licked his brother’s neck, and his tongue made a trail all the way day to his chest and stomach, not stopping till he got his brother’s navel. As Danny’s tongue took a trip down Steven’s body, Steven’s body trembled and shuddered. “Danny’s tongue is dangerous!” Steven thought to himself. “I’d better get back in control of this situation.” He roughly flipped positions with him now on top. He looked at his brother. “I think it’s time I got up in this ass, don’t you?” He said. Danny just grinned from ear to ear. “But first, let me get that hole ready for this dick.” “Hold these.” Steven said as he folded his brother in half. Danny grabbed his own legs and waited for what would happen next. Steven slid his middle finger up his brother’s ass. “Oooh!” Danny exclaimed. Steven slid his finger in and out of his brother’s hole. “Mmmmm!” “Your ass is so tight, bro!” Steven said, excited. “I can’t wait to bust it wide open!” “Ahhhhh!” Danny moaned. “Ohhhh!” “You ready for another finger?” Steven asked. “Yea but be easy.” Danny said. Steven slid another finger up his brother’s ass. Danny’s body trembled as Steven fingered his hole. “MMMMMMM!” As Steven fingered his brother’s hole, he reached up and played with his brother’s nipples. “OOOOOH!” Danny’s moans could be heard all over the gym. “I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve.” Steven said. Then he bent down and licked and sucked on Danny’s asshole. At this point, Danny looked like he was convulsing. “Please fuck me, bro!” He cried, desperate to be fuck. “I’m begging you!” “I got you, bro.” Steven said softly. “I got you.” He, slowly, gently, slid his nine-ich dick up his brother’s ass. “Mmmm.” Danny moaned softly. Steven bent down, whispered to his brother, “Feel that dick, bro? How does it feel?” “Feels so good, bro!” Danny said. Then Steven kissed his brother’s lips. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a while now.” Steven admitted. “I wanted to see how tight this hole was.” “Is it tight enough?” Danny asked. “It feels like a pussy.” Steven said. Danny just smiled and said, “That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me, bro.” Sweat dripped from Steven’s body as he long stroked Danny’s hole. Something caught Danny’s eye as he looked to his left. Steven followed his gaze and his jaw dropped. Both boys saw their father, naked from the waist down, stroking his dick as he watched them fuck. “Hey, bro.” Steven whispered. “Let’s give dad a show he’ll never forget.” Danny smiled and nodded in agreement. Steven nibbled on his brother’s neck as he long stroked that tight hole. “Fuck me!” Danny moaned. “Give me that dick!” Steven fucked his brother a little hard and a little faster. “MMMM! OHHHHH! AHHHHH!” Danny’s toes curled as Steven slammed his dick up his hole. “OOOOOH!” “You like this dick, bro!” Steven asked. “I l-love i-it!” Danny stuttered. “Let me fuck you from the back, bro,” Steven said. “So, I can see that ass bounce back.” So, the boys switched positions. Danny got on all fours and Steven got right behind his brother. Steven spanked his brother’s ass real hard. “MMMMMM!” Danny moaned aloud. SMACK! “AHHHHH!” SMACK! SMACK! “OOOOOH!” Danny backed his ass up to meet each slap on his ass. “Danny’s got a big a big ole butt!” Steven chanted. “Danny’s got a big ole butt!” By the time Steven was through, Danny was hotter than Hades! “FUCK ME!” Danny bellowed. Seconds later, Steven rammed his dick up his brother’s phat ass! “OOOH SHIT!” Steven repeatedly slammed his dick up Danny’s hole. “You like that, bro?” He asked as he continued to fuck his brother with a vengeance. “Hunh? Tell me you like it!” “I… like… it!” Danny said as his body shook with each thrust of the dick. Then, the boys noticed that their dad came back in the ring. This time, he was stroking his dick as he walked towards them. Danny licked his lips as he gazed at his dad’s thick sausage. When their dad got close enough, Danny immediately opened his mouth. Their dad slid his dick down Danny’s throat. “That’s it, son.” He said. “Swallow all this dick!” Meanwhile, at Danny’s other end, Steven was taking care of business. Steven loved being in Danny’s ass. “I wonder if Danny would let me get in this ass, at least once a day?” He thought to himself. “I’d probably have to let him rub my feet, though.” Steven thought about that for a moment. “Hell, for another crack at this ass, I’d let him tickle my feet!” Steven continued gaziantep escort bayan to fuck his brother’s ass. Suddenly, he looked up and was staring at his dad’s dick. It was thick and curved a bit to the right. He looked at their dad, who smiled back at him. He leaned forward and took his father’s dick into his mouth. Their dad’s dick was so big, he could barely get it into his mouth. Several times, he gagged on the dick. Danny looked a little worried. He didn’t want to choke on their dad’s dick. Their dad pulled his hard dick out of Steven’s mouth. “Damn, you fellas are real good dick suckers.” He said as he stroked his dick. Steven got back to fucking his brother’s hole. “This dick is so fuckin’ big!” Danny exclaimed. Then, suddenly, Steven pushed Danny onto the canvas. Before Danny could do anything, Steven laid on top of him, sliding his dick back up his ass. “FFUUCCKK!” Danny’s eyes got big as saucers as he really felt Steven’s dick now. “OOOH! MMMMMM!” He moaned. His dick was rock hard. He reached under himself and began to stroke his dick. Steven bent down and whispered, “One of these days I’m gonna tie you to the bed and rape this ass!” Danny was beyond hot now. “Would you like that, Danny?” Dirty thoughts rolled through Danny’s brain like a freight train. “You laying their tied up and helpless. I bet you’d like that.” The things his brother was saying and the seductive way he talked had sent Danny over the edge. Suddenly, Danny roared, and Steven knew he’d spilled his seed all over the canvas! “Danny, it sounds like you came all over yourself, bro.” Steven whispered. “Let’s see what you did.” He rolled Danny over and, sure enough, Danny’s cum was on himself and all over the canvas. “I think you need to clean up your mess.” “What should I use to clean up?” Danny asked, knowing the answer. “Use your tongue.” Steven replied. He watched as Danny got on all fours and began to lick the canvas where the cum spill was. As Danny got to work, Steven noticed that his brother’s dick was getting hard again. “The more degrading the task is,” Steven thought. “The hotter he gets. Now, that’s interesting. That gives me an idea.” As Danny cleaned up the cum, Steven grabbed his brother’s dick. Steven stroked his brother’s dick as he worked, which made more cum, which created new spots to clean. This time, however, the spots seem to be bigger. “I don’t think your tongue will fix it, this time.” “Use your…. ASS!” Steven said as he began to stroke his dick. Watching his brother work in the nude was making Steven hot! Danny did the crabby crawl across the canvas, wiping the cum up with his ass. “Damn, that’s hot!” Steven thought to himself. Pretty soon, Steven was ready to spill his load. “Come here, Danny!” He said. “I got a present for you!” Danny walked over to his brother. By the way Steven was stroking his dick, he knew what was coming. “Lay down, on your back.” Steven said. Danny laid down on his back. Then Steven stroked his dick furiously. “OOOOH! MMMMM! AAAAAAH! FFFUUUCCCKKK!” Steven roared. Then his cum shot out like a canon, spraying Danny from head to toe! After ten minutes, Danny was covered in Steven’s cum! “Alright, fellas!” Their dad said. “It’s time to go!” “Wait, don’t I get to clean up?” “No, son.” Their dad said with a smile. “We gotta go.” “We’re walking home, right, dad?” Steven asked. “Yep!” Their dad said. “You two are walking home naked!” So, the brother’s began to walk home while their dad took the car. As they walked on the side of the road, cars passed by, honking their horns as they passed. Suddenly, Steven got behind Danny and grabbed his ass. Danny stopped walking. “Naw, man.” Steven said. “Keep walking.” So, Steven got his feel on the whole walk back to the house. When they got home, they were ordered, by their dad, to take a shower, immediately! To save time, they showered together. They took turns washing each other. Steven let Danny wash him, so he could get his feel on. Danny washed his brother’s body, from head to toe. He, roughly, groped and fondled his brother’s body, especially his arms and chest. “That feels real good, bro!” Steven said. Danny turned his brother around so he could wash his brother’s chest and arms (his favorite parts- on his brother, anyway). The last thing he washed was his brother’s feet. “Oooh, I know who I’m coming to when my feet hurt. My bro, the best foot massager on the planet!” Steven said. Then Danny worked on his brother’s chest and arms. He made sure to get Steven’s armpits as well. He tickled his brother in the process. When their dad heard the laughter, he told them to stop playing and hurry up. So, Danny hurried along. “You know I’m gonna get you for that, right?” Steven said. Danny just grinned from ear to ear! Then, when the chest and arms were all clean, Danny bent down and sucked and nibbled on his brother’s nipples. “Oooh!” Steven moaned. Danny nibbled until his brother came in the shower. “My turn.” Steven said. “Now, turn around!” Danny turned around slowly, wary of what Steven would do to him. Steven cleaned his brother from head to toe, acting like nothing had happened earlier. Then, just as Danny was about to dry off, Steven put his brother over his knee and spanked the hell out of him. Danny didn’t dare scream, or, their father would whoop the both of them. He just had to sit there and take the ass whoopin’ he had earned! When they got out of the shower, it was chore time. Danny had to do the dishes that night. He did the dishes in nothing but a t-shirt, letting his brother see his naked ass. As Steven walked by, he grabbed Danny’s ass. Danny just smiled. Then the boys had dinner. After dinner, they watched a movie. During the movie, Steven and Danny sat on the couch. Danny noticed that his brother was shirtless. That made him smile. While watching the movie, Steven put his socked feet in his brother’s lap. Danny just pulled off the socks and began to rub his brother’s feet. Seeing a smile on Danny’s face made Steven smile. When they went to bed, Steven let his brother sleep with him on one condition: He was on top, with his dick in Danny’s ass. Danny agreed solemnly (Inside, Danny was jumping for joy). So, Steven slid his dick up his brother’s ass and wrapped his arms around his brother’s waist. “Good night, bro.” Danny said. Then Steven kissed brother’s neck and said, “Good night, big man!” Danny smiled as he closed his eyes. The End