The Master Bedroom

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There’s a reason it’s called the Master bedroom. It’s where the Master takes the sub or subs of his choice to use for his pleasure.It is there where he shows his dominance over whichever submissive catches his fancy on that particular day.Tonight, I have been lucky enough to be selected for use. It’s my first time. I’ve watched and waited while he has called my sister subs to his bed and has performed all kinds of decadent acts with them. But finally, it’s my turn.My sister subs have cleansed and waxed my body and subjected me to douches and enemas to ensure I am thoroughly ready for the Master.They have inserted an şişli escort anal plug to help stretch my anus for the Master’s enormous cock and inserted a ring gag in my mouth so it can be easily accessed.Clamps have been attached to my nipples to keep them hard. A leash is attached to the collar around my neck that says, slut.When it’s time, the Master calls me into his room. The head sub walks me in on my hands and knees, and I present myself for his use.“Here is the newest slut for your pleasure, Sir,” she tells him.“Leave us, pet,” he says. “I will return her when I’m finished.” She is şişli escort bayan the only one of us he calls pet; the rest of us are referred to as slut.When we are alone, the Master says, “I am your Lord and Master. You will not make eye contact with or speak to me unless I permit you to do so, and then you will call me Sir or my Lord. Nod if you understand, slut.”I keep my gaze lowered and nod.“Excellent. I know you have come to my house only recently. You broke up with a boyfriend who was cheating on you, so you have decided to try the life of a submissive. I commend you on such a wise mecidiyeköy escort choice. Have your needs been taken care of while you have been here so far?”I nod again. I have a comfortable bed to sleep in, delicious food to eat, and sisters who have welcomed me.“Very good; I do like my submissives to be happy. Happy sluts do more to please their Master. Come here and let me examine your body. Your red hair is alluring; your tits are full and perky, and your ass is delightful. Spread your legs, slut, so I can examine your cunt.”I do as I’m told and feel his fingers push into me. I am drenched with arousal, so they go in easily.“I do so enjoy a sub who comes to me wet and ready,” he said as he gave my bare mound a terse slap. It startles me, but I don’t react. The Master murmurs, impressed with me so far.“Bend down and rest on your forearms with your ass in the air for me, slut,” he demands.