The Morning After

29 Ekim 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


The Morning AfterMy girlfriend of three years invited me over for dinner last night when i arrived she pourd me some wine and we sat down to eat a wonderful meal she had prepared while chatting lightly she was sipping her wine and before i knew it i had drank almost two bottles of it myself. I dont remember going to bed however i must have been sleeping hard because when i awoke my wrists were bound over my head to the head board and my ankles bound to the foot of the bed i had a raging erection and was very excited i noticed i also had some jumper cables lying beside canlı bahis me but noone was around a moment later my girlfriend comes into the room with her two best friends in tow all three naked even tho i have never been tied up i was extremely excited i noticed they had a very powerful vaccum with them i was a little nervous to say the least but i went with it they came over to me took the jumper cables and clamped them to my nipples and the other end to each of my balls the pain was inviting and it surprised me they then slipped the nozzle of the vaccum over my cock and bahis siteleri turned it on oh the pleasure it caused me was intense for a minute they left it as it was then went to a drawer and pulled out the fattest vibrator i had ever seen lubed it up and stuck it in my ass as far as it would go i loved it after they got it to stay put they climbed on the bed one sat on my face and told me i better eat her good while the other two had belts and were slapping my chest and stomach with increasing intensity it was very exciting all three got a ride and afterwords removed güvenilir bahis the vaccum and proceeded to impail themselves on my erection and grind themselves onto my face in turn i loved it. after all three were done they untied my ankles and removed the cables to turn me on my stomach all three were wearing very large strap-ons while one was fucking my ass another ordered me to suck hers and the other ordered me to fondle hers they all took turns which lasted about three hours i came so much the mattress was soaked under the pad i had never completely been more satisfied in my life after they were thru they untied me and ordered me to clean up the mess while they all went out to lunch. this was the most wonderful day i had ever had and i have promises of many more surprise.