The Neighbours tale

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The Neighbours taleWell when we moved here to Bath, not in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined such a perfect neighbourhood or next door neighbour, thank god Spring is here, who needs Robin’s in your garden, when you have the exotic Nicola Diamond, yeah since the weather’s warmed up she has migrated outside with each passing day.Makes a change from sneaking down to the Summerhouse in the cold to spy on her thru the bushes, the perfect view of her lit windows at the back of her house.What she gets up to is cock-teasing to the extreme.Some of the outfits I have spied her wearing,had many a wank over them!Well only the other day, I had my best experience of jizzing my shorts, a bit premeditated but so worth the effort.It was a day, when Wifey had gone off to an early shift at the hospital, she’s a nurse.I could hear the washing machine next door going as I stood by the back door, drinking my first coffee of the day.It was then I thought, The Goddess will be out to hang the wet laundry soon,cunning plan, I would find my cock-ring and talk to her over the low 3 foot fence, Wifey wanted a 6 foot replacement, no canlı bahis no it would cut out the light…Light entertainment more like!Up in the bedroom I found it, along with its sister part a vibrating bullet, think they were a gift on Valentines day, ah the cock ring, damn flat battery, taking the old batteries out and replacing them with the ones from the t.v. remote I was sorted.I slipped it on my semi- hard and switched on, oh yes that hit the vital parts, soon I had a boner like a coppers nightstick.No time to waste up with the shorts, on with me mp3 player and headphones to disguise the wiring and buzzing.Ready for some horny action…Just in time too, I heard her back door open click clack on the patio decking, I stood in the doorway to get the wonderful view of her butt as she bent over to hang the washing from the laundry basket, fuck me what was she wearing, red stiletto’s tan seamed stockings tight white blouse and a black pencil skirt, yowser!Flicking the control in my pocket, the ring burst into action bzzzzzzz.As she turned around I greeted her.”Hi how are you,got a business meeting, you look very bahis siteleri chic this morning” Always works for me telling a woman she looks chic when you really mean you look like a real good fuck today!Her hair up in a clip,her cleavage on display, the red glossy lips, mmm crank up the vibe ring yoohoo!Miss Diamond spoke”Hey Rodger what a gorgeous day, I am doing a little work from home, but have a lunch date later”She smiled. I moved to the rail on the fence leaning over my eyes transfixed on her boobs, her perfume filled the air as my shorts buzzed like a swarm of bees, my cock throbbing, slightly side tracked I asked.”Are they stockings you are wearing?” She looked down at her legs, then replied “Yes I always feel more ready for business in them,are my seams straight? she asked turning round and running her manicured hand up her calf. Turning back around she asked me”Do you have any cigarettes I can borrow I am right out” Mindnumbing I so enjoy watching her smoke, “yeah Marlboro” I reply croakily, quickly heading for the kitchen worktop for box and lighter, on my return journey I looked down my erection güvenilir bahis tenting my navy Where she gone!She appeared at her back door clutching her purple cigarette holder, “Oh thanks Rodg must go and buy some soon, I owe you one” She purred her words, as she lit the filtered ciggy, long inhale…mmmmm fuck the vibe was taking me to the edge of cumming,”Can you hear a funny buzzing noise Rodg” she enquired with suspicion.I am not turning the cock ring off now, bzzzzzzzzz full throttle.”Bees or Wasps or Tinitus???What a crap reply.Can you do French Inhales? I ask. “Yes she replied and proceeded to show me, well I wanted to punch a hole in the fence and ram my cock down her throat, my fantasy took over, holding her head that red lipstick smeared all over me 8 inch knob, ripping that blouse open and stuffing it between her boobs. She was now leaning over the fence with an open mouth full of smoke, staring at my crotch as my tent pole twitched and exploded in my shorts, she must know I think to myself oh fuck the cum is pouring out of me,I turn off the vibe-ring “Hey that buzzing has stopped, you alright Rodg you look very red in the Face” she commented.A wet patch was beginning to appear on my shorts,”Is that my phone ringing” I made my excuses and headed for my house.She is such a cocktease…. part 2 Can’t wait.Rodger