The Next Day

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I was roused out of my deep sleep by Megan bumping her leg against mine. “Bill, I really have to pee!”, she said. I rolled over, reached out, and felt her furry crotch. It took me a second to remember last night.“Oh, that’s right”, I recalled, “I tied her up and teased her to the edge before shutting off the light and making us both go to sleep.” That explains why I’m naked and Megan’s pussy is bare. It’s also why she didn’t just get up to go pee.Neither of us had any interest in watersports so I definitely didn’t want her to wet the bed. Plus, it was morning and time to get up and meet the day. So, I unhooked her Velcro wrist straps from the tie-down straps to free her. Megan quickly got up out of bed and headed off to the bathroom while I dozed off for a few more minutes.When I woke up again, Megan had finished up in the bathroom, gotten dressed, and gone downstairs. So, I did the same.Being the weekend, our day was filled with household chores and weekend shopping. Nothing was said about my tying up and edging Megan last night or the plan to watch smut tonight. But I was definitely remembering it, which made me horny and semi-hard all day.Late in the afternoon after our weekend chores and all our shopping had been done, Megan and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was working at the counter, so I walked up to her and started kissing her on her neck. She tilted her head to give me better access to her neck. I also put my hand on her back and started sliding down. I slid my hand down inside her pants and panties to grab and squeeze her bare ass. As I continued kissing her neck, I kept sliding my hand around her ass and into her pussy. She was already wet so it seemed she was also remembering last night and looking forward to tonight. I started finger fucking her and kissing up and down her neck. Megan had to grab the counter for support to hold herself up from my assault on her cunt.After finger fucking her a few times and getting her pussy sloppy wet, I whispered in her ear “Since you put up a fuss last night about having to wait, when we watch our porn tonight, you’re going to be naked!” Megan stiffened up, but she didn’t say anything. I think she knew it would be a horny time and was looking forward to it.After fingering her for a few more minutes, I pulled out and started removing my hand. But as I passed her ass, I couldn’t resist shoving my finger up her ass. My finger was so wet and slippery from her cunt juice, almanbahis I slid right into her back door. I pumped my finger in and out a few times which brought a whimper out of Megan. Then I pulled my hand the rest of the way out. It was time to continue fixing dinner.I fired up the grill for a BBQ dinner with a salad and a bottle of wine. Again, nothing was mentioned about our earlier sex play or the upcoming games. After dinner, I cleaned up the grill and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher while Megan got ready for the movie.When I made it out to the living room, Megan was already there lying on the couch under a blanket. I sat down next to her and she moved over to lay across my lap, still under her blanket. When I ran my hand up and down her side, I could feel an absence of clothes. So, she was naked and was using the blanket for warmth and modesty. I was letting that pass, for now. I queued up some porn on the Pay-Per-View channel.As the movie played and the action got hotter on the screen, I noticed Megan’s hands moving under the blanket. When the actress started getting fucked from behind, I could see that Megan’s right hand was between her legs. I wasn’t going to let her play with herself. So, I grabbed her hand and scolded her, saying “Naughty, Naughty. You’re not allowed to play with yourself.” I had been expecting her to try that and so I had placed our Velcro wrist straps on the table behind the couch. I retrieved them and wrapped the first one around the elbow of her wandering hand. I pulled it behind her back and then grabbed her other hand and pulled it behind her back as well. I wrapped the other wrist strap around her left elbow, then used a clip to fasten the two D-rings on each of the Velcro straps to each other.Megan grunted when I pulled the D-rings towards each other, but her arms were able to stretch enough to let me fasten them that way. Now her arms were trapped behind her back, and because her elbows were almost touching each other her back was arched and her boobs stuck way out, practically begging to be squeezed. Her nipples stood at attention as an indication of her horniness. I pulled her blanket down to expose her boobs to my view and I pinched and pulled on each of her nipples to drive the point home that I was the one to play with her body, not her. When I did that, it caused Megan to let out a loud moan.As we continued watching the movie, I lazily squeezed Megan’s boobs. I would gently squeeze almanbahis yeni giriş her boob, then pinch her nipple and pull it out evoking an, “Oh Yes!” from her. Then I would do the same on her other boob, going back and forth. In addition to her moaning, Megan was writhing around on my lap. That was causing the bulge in my pants to get bigger and stiffer.The movie shifted to a scene where the actress was giving a blow job to a black guy with a huge cock. That got Megan going and she started moving her mouth up and down on my package through my pants. She started tracing the length of my cock, trying to feel its entire length. Her breath flowed through my pants and I could feel the warmth on my shaft. I decided to help her out and unzipped my pants and pulled my rock-hard cock out through my boxers. Now she was able to get at it. After taking several inches a couple of times, Megan settled into a rhythm of just sucking on the tip like it was an all-day sucker. She would lick off my pre-cum with her tongue and then kiss the tip. I was producing a steady stream of pre-cum that Megan had to keep sucking clean.As the porn actress was deep-throating the black cock, another guy came up behind her. The actress was so into sucking on the large black cock, that her pussy was soaking wet and the guy behind her slid straight in with just one plunge. That got to Megan and she lifted her knee up to spread her legs and presented an open invitation to play with her cunt. So, I had to oblige.I slipped my hand under the blanket and on down to her crotch towards my target of her pussy. But before I got there, I was shocked to find Megan had shaved her pussy completely smooth. I had asked her to shave a few times in the past but she never did. Upon feeling her smooth crotch, my cock pulsed inside Megan’s mouth and I had to put my other hand on Megan’s forehead and lift her mouth off my dick to keep myself from cumming, although she continued to lick and suck on my tip. “Why you little minx,” I told her. “I’ve asked you to shave and I see you finally did. When did you do it?”She replied, “I thought you might like that,” but with the tip of my cock in her mouth, it came out mostly muffled and she wasn’t really able to carry on a conversation. She must have shaved that morning when I fell back asleep. And when I was fingering her in the kitchen, I went in by way of her ass, so I missed that she was shaved.“If I had known you were shaved, almanbahis giriş I would have made you strip naked during dinner too. I will have to inspect your pussy up close when we go upstairs” I told her. Meanwhile, I continued rubbing her smooth mound as I slid down to her clit and pussy hole. As I slid my fingers down over her clit to her cunt, Megan flexed her hips trying to get my fingers deeper into her hole. Her cunt juice was leaking out and making the insides of her thighs wet. She had also resumed sucking on my cock.By this time, the movie was almost finished. Plus, our action was hotter than what was on the screen. So, I decided it was time to head upstairs. I turned off the TV and pulled Megan’s head off my cock. I told her, “You can have more of my dick when we go upstairs.”She replied, “Yes, please. I want to try deep throating you.”With her arms tied behind her back and laying on the couch, she couldn’t get up by herself. So, I helped her up to a sitting position. After sitting up, I had to admire Megan sitting there, naked with her arms pulled tight behind her back making her tits stick out obscenely towards me. I spread her knees apart so I could get a better view of her newly shaved pussy. I slipped my hand under her crotch and rubbed her wetness around and pinched her clit between my fingers in the process. That brought a gasp out of Megan. She was starting to leave a wet spot on the couch so it was time for her to get up and start heading upstairs.To help Megan stand up, I grabbed her nipples and pulled up. She let out a loud “Ooh!”, but got to her feet. After she stood up, I started passionately kissing her. We both opened our mouths and our tongues fought each other. As we were kissing, I reached up with my left hand and started squeezing her tits, shifting from one to the other. Then with my right hand, I slid down her back and cupped her ass. I kept sliding around her ass to smear her juices between her clit, pussy, and ass hole. I pushed my thumb into her cunt to get it wet and slippery and then slid back and shoved it up her ass. Then I put my index finger into her pussy so that it felt like I was holding a bowling ball.I stopped kissing Megan and let go of her boobs with my left hand and said: “OK, now it’s time to go upstairs”. I used my thumb and forefinger to guide her up the stairs. I can’t say it helped her since her knees were almost buckling from my fingers probing her holes. But I was enjoying it and judging by how wet my hand was getting, Megan was enjoying it as well. Every few steps, she had to stop and take a breather. I would grab her tits along with my hand on her butt to keep her from falling on the stairs.