The No Entry Club, Chapter 4 – Jennifer

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Monday morning came around soon enough. I knew Himari went to a relative’s house on Saturdays, and I went to my middle brother’s house for Sunday lunch so we’d had all weekend to think about Friday night, and to prepare suitable excuses and apologies if the need arose when we met again on Monday morning. When Himari got into the office at about one minute to nine our eyes met, clearly searching for the other person’s feelings regarding the No Entry Club, and other activities.Neither of us spoke for a second, but Himari seemed upbeat, especially for a Monday morning, so we each figured out that the other person didn’t have the ‘morning-after-regrets’.“Morning.”“Morning. That was a great evening we had on Friday. Can we …?”“This evening or tomorrow?” asked Himari.“This evening.”Thus both aligned about our new relationship, we decided to keep it clean and get on with the sales figures analysis. During the day, I felt Himari was looking at me more directly than previously, and I couldn’t quite help looking at her more, particularly what top she was wearing. Normally I could describe her clothes in a general kind of way, but now I was seeing how her boobs – the ones I’d played with on Friday night – looked in the smart work clothes she was wearing, how skinny her legs actually were and how she sometimes forgot to keep her knees together to hide the camel toe. She usually wore a white top with a dark jacket on top, and dark leggings with matching ‘sensible’ heels.I guessed she was doing the same to me, although my boobs were a lot flatter than I would have wished, and my mother drilled me into keeping my legs together almost from day one. And my skirt was long enough to cover anything which needed covering. We worked together the same as we had always done, but we each allowed ourselves to look at each other in our work clothes with no inhibitions, for the first time ever.I preferred a skirt. Today’s was a charcoal midi length A-line thing from Marks & Sparks, with a dark matching top not showing my lack of cleavage, and a pair of low black heels. Having not had any children my stomach was just about smaller than my tiny bust, although it was a close-run thing, with (sometimes) a padded push-up bra underneath, for enhancement purposes.Today we eyed each other’s under-our-clothing boobs quite openly, there being no one else in the office for the most part. Sometimes the boss (who we called Mr MD, or more usually just ‘He’ with the uppercase H) came in for a chat (usually embarrassingly one-sided) or a look at some bahis şirketleri figures, and at the end of the day the factory manager would come in with some employee time-sheets. Often, Lindsey Hill, Mr MD’s PA, would come in for some paperwork or just to chat and tell us the latest factory joke, disaster or scandal. When people came in we behaved normally, but when it was just us two our eyes were everywhere, if not our hands. And we hoped it wouldn’t show up on the office security CCTV system.Lindsey came in around lunchtime with some paperwork we’d been waiting for, and we started chatting. She usually perched her neat bottom on the edge of the spare desk in the corner of the office, in a little black pencil dress where the top of it began with a low-cut neckline covering a strapless bra and the bottom of it ended halfway down her thighs. Her trim legs were in some black tights which ended in a pair of sheer black heels that must be agony to get into on a Monday morning, and out of on a Friday evening. We caught up on the latest gossip and then the conversation slowed a little. Lindsey was just about to stand up and go back to her desk inside the MD’s suite.Himari and I looked at each other desperately, eager to ask Lindsey ‘the question’ but reluctant to be the one to actually do it. The battle was fought in the gaze we each had for the other as Lindsey prepared to ease the strain on that perfect posterior and head for the door. I won. Himari was first to ask.“Lindsey, are you dating anyone?”Himari could be refreshingly direct, sometimes. Lindsey threw back her head and roared with laughter.“You know I’m not!”“Well, what do you do for, well, you know…?” continued Himari.Lindsey looked a little surprised, and then her face cleared. She’d known us both for several years and we had occasionally got nearly this far in our conversations on previous occasions.“You don’t need a man for that!” she snorted. “I, well, I do what most other single women do, I suppose. Just keep a fresh pack of batteries and all will be well!”Lindsey’s face changed again.“Why do you ask?”I looked helplessly at Himari. My thoughts transferred to Himari silently. ‘What now?”Don’t panic!’ came the unspoken reply.Unconsciously, we all looked at the office door which always swung shut when people walked through it. The computers running under the desks in the office, humming machinery from the factory floor, the forklift in the yard and various traffic noises coming from the despatch area, the car park and the road through the Industrial bahis firmaları Estate kept up their normal background noise. No one could overhear us. Even so, Himari spoke more softly.“We wondered whether you’d be interested in something different, not involving any men.”’OK, now you’ve done it!’ my look signalled.’Relax!’ came the look from Himari.Lindsey didn’t move from her half standing, half sitting perch on the spare desk. There was silence for a few seconds.“Like what?” Lindsey asked, though not sharply or crossly. Her voice maintained its chatty level. So far so good.Himari had been about to reply but I beat her to it.“Like an unofficial club for women to have some fun with other trusted women, ones that we know. By invitation only, nobody else to know about it.”I deliberately highlighted the word ‘fun’.’Good one!’ came the look from Himari.Again, another pause before Lindsey spoke once more.“Fun in this case meaning…” Lindsey paused, reluctant to be the first one to say ‘lesbian sex’.“Yes.” Himari and I both spoke together, looking nervously at the office door to see that it was still closed.“But in such a way as to not restrict ourselves to any one other person, so not a dating site, more of a …” I paused for thought but Lindsey filled in the rest of the sentence.“… place where we can make out with one person, then try another or another, then try the first person again…”Another pause, to gauge Lindsey’s reaction to the idea so far.“… all without anyone getting upset or jealous or clingy,” Himari finished.Lindsey looked out of the window for a tick, and then looked back at us.“You both will be in this club, and you want me to join?”We both nodded our heads.“And if I invite someone else, that person is free to make out with me, or you or any other member of this club?”“Yes, but only whilst at the club meeting. Outside the club, normal social rules apply,” I replied.“Mmm.” Himari signalled her agreement.Lindsey shifted herself on the edge of the desk. It must be beginning to cut into those pert little buttocks.There was a silence, a longer one than before. Lindsey looked at the office clock and stood up. She smiled at each of us in turn.“Sounds great! I’d love to join. When’s the next meeting? Can’t do Thursday evenings, that’s when I go to my Pilates group!”The buttocks separated themselves from the edge of the desk and she strode out of the office without any further ado. The office door swung shut again after she left, before Himari or I had time to react. We sat there, holding our kaçak bahis siteleri breath for a couple of seconds.“That went OK, Himari,” I said when we’d recovered our sang-froid.“Didn’t it just!” said Himari.The rest of Monday went as it normally did. Some boring book-keeping work dragged on through the long afternoon. And, five minutes before going-home time, three people came in with last-minute requests. I eventually left the office nearer six o’clock than five.In the car park, I saw Himari and Lindsey talking to each other. They saw me and waved me over to them.“We were just talking about the new club,” Lindsey began. “And I wondered whether I could come round one evening – tonight? And, well, talk about it?”“I haven’t got anywhere big enough for more than two people,” Himari said. “Can we come to your place instead?”I briefly thought of the three hours of cleaning I’d need to do before they came, but then thought better of it. The cleaning, I mean.“Yes, that’s fine. See you about half past seven?”That still gave me time to whip round with a vacuum and a duster and to change into a bra and a pair of knickers that weren’t falling apart at the seams.They both arrived together, as only Himari knew where I lived. Himari wore the same clothes as yesterday, and Lindsey came in (what to her was) some comfy clothes. A puffy jacket covering another little black dress, but this time one that was sleeveless and opened out into a thigh-length A-line, natural tights and three-inch heels instead of the four-inch ones she wore to work. Her bust wasn’t quite as up and proud as normal – she must wear some powerful push-ups at the office which she’d left behind for this evening. I’d had a dig around in my knickers drawer and found some new items I was keeping for a rainy day.Rover, my cat, took one look at the visitors and skedaddled through the cat flap which banged shut a couple of times before coming to rest, and we sat around my kitchen table, coffee in hand, talking about what Himari and I had wanted, and what we’d enjoyed together last evening. Lindsey was fascinated. Her eyebrows had never risen as high before, and she reacted quite pleasingly when Himari described each of our activities.We reached the end of our current ideas, and let Lindsey assimilate it all.“I suppose I’ve always been a little bit ‘bi’,” she began, by way of introduction. “Theoretically. If not more than a bit. My experiences with men haven’t been good but I have never actually tried what I have often wanted to. I am hoping that the right woman – women – will be gentler and more attentive to the other person than men are. They seem to think it’s OK to crash in, ejaculate all over my bra and then go down to the pub with their mates, bragging about how good they are in bed.”