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The After Party ­čĆ│´ŞĆÔÇŹ­čîł Casey”s Pride Parade, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter 10 — Out of the Closet and Up the Butt for Casey ­čĆ│´ŞĆÔÇŹ­čîł

“Does it feel good?” I asked, thrusting my hips back and forth as the luscious sensation of anal intercourse gripped my 14 year old frame. When Jackson nodded, I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He brought his hands up to my face and cupped my cheeks, then he tilted his head and treated me to a mouthful of tongue.

It was almost 10pm when Jackson arrived at my door for a nightcap. In anticipation of his arrival, I”d managed to clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher, then I tossed the empty beer bottles. I left the vodka out for him to enjoy if he wanted it, but that was nothing but an afterthought for my stud. Almost as soon as I closed the door, he had his hands on my ass. He was squeezing it and kneading it with his fingertips while I rolled my hips around and moaned with desire.

In no time flat, his pants were down and my undies were on the floor, kicked to the side while I dropped to my knees and blew him with a lusty smile. He was seated on the couch, running his fingertips through my hair while I moaned and deepthroated him with hunger in my eyes. I could feel my ass getting hot for his dick while the clit in my throat was worked out so deliciously.

Finally, I couldn”t wait another minute so I scrambled to my feet and straddled his lap. With a needy whine, I lined my hole up to the tip of his hard dick and sank down. The feeling was pure pleasure as his glans melted through my hungry entrance, then his 8 inch monster slid all the way up my ass and I sighed with relief.

“You needed this, didn”t you buddy?” he asked me with a gleam in his eyes. I nodded my urgent reply, then he caressed my cheek and said, “I”m so glad I got to see you tonight.”

“I”m glad I got to see you, too,” I said with a shy smile, then I rested my hands on top of his shoulders and started my decadent cock ride.

He reached down and grabbed my hips, digging his fingertips and thumbs into them while I moaned like a whore and shivered uncontrollably. My little dick was standing straight up, pressed flat against my pubic bone and leaking with precum while it burned with pleasure. With each up and down stroke I took, I could feel my body erupting with the flames of gay ecstasy. They were spreading fast, lighting every nerve ending in my body on fire as I luxuriated in his length and thickness.

While I was lost in the rapture of anal intercourse, he moved his hands from my hips to the small of my back. I cooed with delight when I felt his fingertips press against my spinal column while goosebumps broke out across my naked body. Acting on sheer instinct, I changed the rhythm of my ride so that my hips were rocking to and fro.

When our lips met and our tongues touched, my ecstasy peaked and I knew my ass had been thoroughly serviced and totally satisfied. The pleasure signals felt like a waterfall that was pouring down my body, from my head to my curled up toes. Violent, unrelenting, powerful and beautiful as it ran its course through my sexed up body. I was caught up in the current and there was no way to fight it, so I simply gave in and let it sweep me away. When I reached the edge of the cliff, I plunged head first with a long, lascivious moan that signaled the peak of my pleasure while Jackson”s tongue swirled around in my mouth.

When he shot his load up my ass, I was barely cognizant of what was happening. My head was spinning and I was under a spell so powerful that everything sounded like white noise. His hands moved from my cheeks, back down to my hips so he could hold them still while his cock heaved his precious seed into my sated rear end.

We broke our kiss and I collapsed denizli escort forward, laying on his shoulder while we both shivered and sighed with sweet release. I could feel his labored breath in my ear, fluttering through my hair and against the back of my neck while he recovered from his orgasm.

While I was reveling in our orgasmic energy, I asked, “Will you come see me tomorrow morning?”

“What time?” he panted.

“As soon as you can,” I said, feeling my tummy burning with carnal heat. “I want to start taking care of your morning wood for you everyday.”

“Oh yeah?” he said in my ear. I could hear the smile in his voice, and it filled me with even more contentment.

“Yes, please,” I said, then I picked my head up and we shared another kiss while my boy pussy gave his rock hard prick a satisfied squeeze.

“I get up early to run,” he told me when our tongues disengaged. “How early is too early?”

“Anytime is perfect,” I told him with a dreamy sigh, running my fingers through his blond hair. “I just want to start taking care of your morning wood for you.”

“That”s really sweet, babe,” he said with a cute smile, making me blush. “You love riding my dick, don”t you?”

“Yeah,” I said with a shy smile as he tightened his grip on my hips. “I want to take it everyday after school, too.”

“I”d love that, buddy,” he assured me, then he started bucking his hips up into me and I realized he was sending me the signal that he had another load to give me. Never one to pass up a chance to be studded, I reciprocated with a soft moan, using my legs to ride him up and down while pleasure signals erupted all over my 14 year old body.

When he creamed my ass for the second time, I dutifully climbed off and sucked him clean, then I sat in his lap and made out with him until he had to go. With his promise to return secured, I sighed blissfully and set the deadbolt, then I floated to bed a contented pussyboy. ­čĆ│´ŞĆÔÇŹ­čîł

The next morning I was awakened by the sound of an incoming text from my stud. He was leaving his house for a jog and wanted to know if I still wanted to see him. I picked my phone up and saw it was 6:10 in the morning, so I texted him back to let him know I did, then I got up and went to the bathroom.

I made a point of brushing my teeth so I could be treated to some tongue, then I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and tried to fix my messy hair up in the mirror. There was a cowlick that wouldn”t go down and I realized that I needed a shower, but there was no time. So I slipped into my long nightshirt and fingered a glob of Vaseline into my boy pussy.

Before my stud arrived, I popped my head into mom”s door to make sure she was still asleep. She was out like a light, so I gently closed her door and waited by the front door for my service top.

When Jackson showed up, I quietly unbuttoned his pants by the front door and took his dick out. I pulled a sharp breath through clenched teeth while my body burned for penetration. I stroked his dick for a few moments while he treated me to a deep kiss that made me even hornier. When I was sure it was ready, I pulled the skirt of my nightshirt up and crawled onto the couch cushion. I held onto the backrest and let the small of my back sink down so that my hips were jutted out. I let them sway from side to side while he mounted me from behind, then I straightened my forearms for leverage while he prepared to fuck a fast load into my ass.

As soon as he fed me the first cock thrust, my toes curled and I felt the joints in my feet crack. I let out a strong, feminine moan and shut my eyes tight as the delicious sensation of anal sex carried me into a state of nirvana. His cock felt like sheer manhood as it tore along the lining of my boy pussy. Each and every thrust was putting me in my place as a pussy boy while I gripped the back of the couch and shook from the orgasmic tremors. In less than a minute, he”d carried me to a place of total satiation, then he creamed my ass while I sighed with relief.

When he pulled out, I sat on the couch and sucked his dick clean, disregarding the taste of vaseline while I washed the head around in my mouth. I put his rod away and smiled up at him with stars in my eyes, then we shared a kiss on the lips and he was gone.

With my stud”s load planted in my ass, I was able to focus on starting my day. With a switch in my hips, I sauntered into the kitchen and sighed, feeling totally refreshed. I started mom”s coffee and put four pieces of bread dikimevi escort in the new toaster. The smell of brewing coffee roused mom from her slumber, and soon she joined me in the kitchen.

“Good morning babe,” she said, her voice groggy as she kissed me on top of the head. She caught a whiff of my freshly fucked ass and made a face, then she said, “Make sure you take a shower before you catch the bus this morning, Casey.”

“I promise to, mom,” I assured her, then I took a mug down and poured her a cup of coffee.

While she was sipping her morning joe at the table, she called me over to her. I leaned into her side and she wrapped her arm around my waist for a hug. When I rested my head on her shoulder, she fed me a bite of her toast, then she caught me off guard by asking, “Who was here this morning?”

I froze for a moment, but I quickly regrouped and said, “Just a friend from school.”

“Was it a friend from the football team?” she asked, and I realized that she remembered our talk from the night before. I nodded sheepishly while she rested her chin on top of my head and told me, “Make sure you pick your undies up from the floor before you leave for school, okay?”

My cheeks were burning with shame as I nodded obediently and meekly said, “Yes mommy.”

She rubbed my back while I stayed stunned for a moment, reeling with regret because I knew she remembered at least some of what I told her in her room before she passed out.

“Are you mad at me?” I practically whispered.

“No son,” she assured me.

“Sorry I was being nasty last night,” I offered, my voice tinged with desperation at the thought of her knowing everything.

“You weren”t being nasty, son,” she told me. “You were being honest with me. It”s okay.”

“Thanks mom,” I said, hiding my face in her neck. “I thought you were too shitfaced to remember.”

“I probably would”ve been too shitfaced to remember any other time,” she conceded. “But I knew it was important to you. I guess I sobered up a little while we were talking.”

“I love you, mom,” I told her, feeling my heart warm up at her thoughtful gesture.

“I love you too, son,” she told me. “Did you enjoy your company this morning?”

I nodded and she patted my ass through my nightshirt.

“I take it you”re not wearing any underwear under your shirt,” she said, and this time I shook my head no. Her eyes traveled down to the outline of my little boner and she smiled, then she said, “I hope he took good care of you, son.”

“He did,” I assured her. “I saw him last night, too.”

“I see,” she said with a thoughtful inflection. “Is he someone you see all the time?”

“Kinda,” I said. “I want to see him everyday but sometimes he can”t make it. But I told him I wanted to see him every morning. I want to see him every night before bed, too.”

“He must be pretty good, son,” she remarked, and I nodded in affirmation.

“He”s really big,” I admitted. “He makes my ass get off every time.”

With that, her eyes roamed back down to the outline of my rigid boyhood and gave it a long, reflective look while she ran her hand over my bubble butt. She seemed to understand what I was telling her because she smiled and said, “You have orgasms in your ass?”

I nodded again, then I told her, “It”s how I cum.”

“When you”re with a lover?” she asked.

Once again, I nodded, then I added, “It”s the only way I cum, mom.”

“I see,” she said, then she gave my rump a squeeze. “Do you make sperm when you jack off?”

I shrugged and said, “I don”t do that.”

“You don”t jack off, son?” she asked, and this time I blushed as I shook my head no. “Do you think that”s something you”d like to try someday?”

“I don”t really care about my dick,” I told her, then I watched as she lifted the skirt of my nightshirt and exposed my boyhood to the both of us. All three inches were standing at full attention and pressed against my nearly bald pubis, with a tiny trickle of precum lining the underside. My small nutsack was pulled so tight that my puny testicles looked like almonds inside the smooth skin while my seam looked like it was riddled with goosebumps.

We examined it for a few moments, then we made eye contact and I blurted out, “I have a little dick.”

She nodded in agreement while she gave me a sympathetic smile, then she said, “You”re still growing up, baby. It”ll get bigger soon enough.”

“I kinda don”t want it to,” I admitted. “I like it that way because it shows guys dikmen escort that I”m a bottom.”

With that, she let my shirttail go and the skirt fell back down to my thighs, then she kissed me on the cheek.

“Is that what you want?” she asked me.

“I like having a little dick,” I said with a catch in my voice.

With that, she tightened her embrace around my frame and said, “I love you, sweetie.”

“I love you too, mom,” I said. “Mom?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“Do you think it would be okay if we talk about sex sometimes?” I asked shyly.

“That”s fine, honey,” she said. “I want you to feel comfortable talking to me about anything.”

“Even if it”s about getting fucked in the ass?” I asked.

“Of course, son,” she said. “I know that”s something you”re going to do no matter what. I”d rather have you come to me when you need to talk than feel like you have to keep those things to yourself.”

“Do you remember everything I told you last night?” I asked her, and she kissed my cheek.”

“I”m pretty sure I do, Casey,” she said. “You were in your comfort zone last night.”

“Did you cringe when I told you all that stuff?” I asked guardedly.

“No honey, I already knew,” she said. “You were enjoying your men last night, weren”t you?”

I nodded.

“I”m sure you”ll enjoy yourself again tonight,” she said, swatting my bubble butt. “Pour yourself a bowl of cereal and get in the shower, okay?”

With that, she gave me a long squeeze around my slender waist while I nodded obediently, pondering how much gay sex I could have now that I was out of the closet as a total slut. ­čĆ│´ŞĆÔÇŹ­čîł

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