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Subject: The Perfect Tan-Part 1 The Perfect tan-Part 1 This story is 100% fiction. This will be a multi-part story that explores a teen boy’s quest for pleasure and the perfect tan. There will be sex acts between the teen male and adult males, so if this type of thing offends you, please stop reading and go elsewhere. Please consider donating to the archive to keep this great fty/donate.html My name is Albert and my quest for the perfect tan started 4 years ago when I was 10. It began innocently enough, I was chosen for a small part in my school’s play, I didn’t even have lines, all I had to do was stand with other classmates as the lead actors did their thing. I had been to all the rehearsals so I was ready for everything the night the play was going to debut, except for one small thing, the assistant principal was applying face make up to everyone to cut down on the shine that the lights would cause. I lined up, waiting my turn, and finally sat in the chair wondering what it would feel like. The assistant principal stuck her fingers in a jar of some kind of makeup and carefully began applying it to my face. When she was finished she said, “You’re even cuter with a tan Albert.” There was a large mirror just to the left of her and I saw that the makeup did make me look like I had been out in the sun. Her words really stuck with me, that night and through the years as I found myself constantly trying to get as much sun as possible. Luckily there was plenty of sunshine where I live and beaches everywhere. When I turned 13 my parents gave me more freedom and I would ride my bike to the beach almost every day, always careful to not get too much sun or allow myself to burn. It was during one of these solo trips to the beach that another encounter changed my life. I arrived at the beach around noon, locked my bike, and carried my gym bag with me looking for a great spot. It was busier than normal that day, but I found a spot, opened my gym bag, and lay my towel on the hot sand. I then looked around to make sure no one was watching and quickly pulled off my t-shirt and shoes, tucking them in my gym bag and made my way into the water. I had been swimming since I was 4 years old and it was the one thing in my life that I knew I was good at. I swam out as far as I could, then slowly swam back to the beach. As the water got shallower and I stood up I noticed a man sitting on a towel not far from my own and saw that he was taking pictures in my direction with a very expensive camera. I was still quite shy about my appearance at 13 so as I walked to my towel I kept my hands in front of my shorts, trying to cover up as much as possible. When I was close enough I asked the man, “Were you taking pictures of me just now?” His face flushed red and he cleared his throat a few times, then he nodded and said, “Yes, sorry. I’ll delete them if you want.” He looked so embarrassed that I began to feel bad for him, so I said, “Naw, it’s okay.” Most of the redness left his face as he asked, “Do you want to see them?” I looked around the beach and saw there were enough people around that I felt safe enough to nod my head as I walked over to his towel. He stuck up his hand and as I shook it he said, “My name is Charles.” “Hi Charles, I’m Albert.” I watched as he adjusted his camera and up close I could see it was very expensive professional one with a large lens. I knelt down beside him and stared at the viewer as he showed me the pictures, surprised at how many there were. Not only of me walking towards him, but he had been taking pictures of me as I walked into the water and while I was swimming as well, there were easily over a hundred pictures of me on his camera. Knowing he had been watching me for so long made me nervous but also a little kütahya escort excited as he began showing me the pictures again. He paused on one particular picture of me, it showed me walking towards him, the water up to my mid calves and as I looked closer I saw that my shorts had dropped down quite a bit in the front, showing the pale skin above my groin. His eyes were staring at the viewer as he said, “Damn, that’s hot.” Charles quickly cleared his throat and started stammering, “I….mmmmean, ummmmmm.” To this day I have no idea where my words came from, I should have asked him to delete it, but instead, I asked, “You really think I’m hot?” His hands trembled slightly as he lowered the camera to his towel, then his eyes met mine, “Yes, I do Albert, very hot.” His face flushed red again. “Thank you so much.” I had never been called hot before, cute many times, but never hot. I was about to head back to my towel when he cleared his throat and said, “You should get yourself smaller shorts, or even better, a speedo.” This time it was my face that flushed red as he stared at me. I was afraid my voice would crack, but it didn’t, “You really think so?” He nodded his head, “With a body like yours, you should show it off.” I felt my face get warmer and I dropped my hands in front of my shorts as I felt my cock start to harden. The way he was staring at me made my heart beat faster as I said, “Thanks, I’ll think about the speedo.” As I walked back to my towel I sensed that Charles was watching me and this was confirmed as I heard his camera start to click away, so just as I reached my towel I turned my head and smiled at him as his camera continued to snap pictures. I grabbed my suntan lotion and applied it to my chest, arms, and legs then very awkwardly applied it as best I could to my back, and then I lay in the sun for about 30 minutes, then turned onto my back and stayed another 30 minutes. As I was packing my stuff up to leave, I noticed that Graham had left. As I pedaled home, Graham’s comments about my body and the speedo filled my thoughts. Once home I ran upstairs and stripped naked, standing in front of my full-length mirror I stared at my body, wondering what Graham had found so interesting about it. At 13 I was 5’2″ tall, quite slim, my hair was dark brown and shaggy and my eyes, which I had been complimented on before, were dark blue. However, what really caught my eyes was how pale the skin around my midsection, the area covered by my board shorts was. The rest of my body was nicely tanned making this large area look quite strange. I rummaged through my clothing and finally found an old pair of shorts. Pulling them on I saw the legs were much shorter than my regular board shorts, the material was thinner and they were much tighter. The legs of my board shorts had gone down almost to my knees, but these only went about halfway down my thighs, showing several inches of pale untanned skin. The waistband rode about 2 inches lower than my board shorts, again showing the pale skin of my lower abdomen. I turned a bit and saw the thin material really clung tightly and as I watched my cock sprang to life. Unlike my baggy board shorts, these shorts made it obvious what was happening, and I watched my cock fully harden and begin pushing out the thin fabric. One thing was certain, I would not be able to rely on these shorts covering up my erections. The next morning I pulled on the smaller shorts and a t-shirt, but I was not ready to go out just like that so I pulled my board shorts on as well. I was at the beach about 20 minutes later and found a place that was not busy, set up my towel, and then went for a swim. When I was back near shore and stood up I looked around, hoping lara escort to see Charles, but he was nowhere to be seen. I dried myself off then awkwardly applied sun lotion to my back as best I could, then took a long look around making sure nobody was watching me before pulling off my board shorts. I felt almost naked, the sensation scared and excited me as I lay face down on my towel and soaked up the sun. After 30 minutes I flipped over and let the sun do its work on my front. This became my regular routine for the next several months. Looking at myself naked now I loved how much less pale skin there was, but I still wanted to improve. I thought again about the speedo but now at 14, I still didn’t have the courage to buy one, let alone wear it in public. I decided that from now on I would pull the legs up a bit higher and roll the waistband down a bit as I tanned. The next day I put my plan into action and again this became my regular routine. I was still very self-conscience, always making sure no one was watching and after a few months of this the pale skin on my body was even less, yet I still needed to go further. The next day at the beach another encounter changed my life. After I swam and dried myself off, I was again awkwardly applying sun lotion to my back when I heard a loud whistle. I turned my head quickly and saw a group of 3 men staring at me. I stood very still, unsure of what to do when I heard one of the men say, “Damn kid, you’re hot.” I was glad I was facing away from them as I felt my face flush deep red and felt my cock start to harden in my shorts. I heard another voice say, “C’mon kid, keep going, that sweet body is much too fine to have a sunburn.” Knowing they were all staring at me caused my cock to fully harden and my heart raced as I reached back and did my best to smear the lotion over as much of my back as I could. When I bent down to do my legs I heard, “Sweet, that’s the tightest ass I’ve ever seen.” I was both anxious and aroused at the same time and now my erection was throbbing against the tight material of my shorts. When I stood back up and raised my left arm to smear lotion on it, one of the men said, “Fuck your hot boy, but you’d be much hotter without the body hair.” I had only recently developed fine soft hair on my legs, arms, and underarms and a small patch at the base of my cock. Suddenly it hit me that the voice had sounded closer and when I turned my head I almost jumped as I saw the men had come much closer, only a few feet away now. My heart began to pound, fearing they might try to hurt me, but I scanned the beach and saw enough people that if I had to, I could call for help. The men noticed my scared expression and one of them said, “Relax boy, we’re just looking, we’ll back away if you want.” I thought about it for a moment and said, “It’s okay.” I flopped face down onto my towel and reached back to roll the legs of my shorts up to just below my butt cheeks and folded the waistband down to just above the top of my mounds. All 3 men whistled and I again heard, “Beautiful tight ass, so sweet.” My erection was pounding into the sand, my arousal growing every second, knowing that thye were staring at me. It also became obvious they were not leaving and that they were waiting for me to turn over. More than 30 minutes passed and I knew I had to do something, as I opened my eyes I saw they were staring right at me. I rolled onto my side so the front of my body was facing away from them. I was going to wrap my towel around my waist and leave when one of them said, “Come on boy, show us the rest.” I thought about it, but anxiety took over and I was about to leave when one of them said, “C’mon boy, let’s see if the front lara eve gelen escort is as sexy as the back.” I made eye contact with one of them and asked, “And you just want to see, right?” All 3 men started nodded their heads and suddenly the idea of rolling over onto my back in front of them was more arousing than scary. I took a deep breath and after covering my erection with my hands, I slowly turned over and lay flat on my back. One of the men whistled loudly, “Fuck kid, what a tight body.” One of the other men said, “Move the hand’s boy, let’s see the rest.” It felt like my heart was going to explode. My erection was throbbing and as I slowly let my hands fall to my sides it began pushing the thin fabric of my shorts up and down. I heard one of the men say, “Damn boy, you’re the whole package, but you better get some lotion on you.” I knew he was right so I grabbed the tube and squeezed some into my hands then sat up enough to apply it to the fronts of my legs, hearing, “Slowly boy, slowly, don’t be in such a hurry.” I slowed my hands covering my legs more than needed and as I did my erection shifted from pointing to the side to now pointing straight up in my shorts. I knew it would make it more obvious when I lay back down and I again almost ended this and wrapped my towel around me, but one of the men said, “You are perfection boy.” I couldn’t resist the compliments, so I put my left arm behind me, my hand resting on the beach and as I began to lay back down my hand slipped and I instantly flopped back onto my towel. As my back hit the towel my hips arched a bit and a second later the top button of my shorts popped open and I felt the head of my cock and an inch or two of my shaft push through the waistband of my shorts. As my hands flew to cover up, one of the men raised his voice excitedly, “Holy shit kid, that’s hot as hell, you’re uncut too, don’t cover up.” I let my hands stay at my sides too excited and aroused to move and thrilled that these men were watching everything. I was laying a bit awkwardly and as I shifted my hips a bit to get more comfortable, my shorts shifted a bit and in the process, they tugged downwards which caused my foreskin to retract almost halfway over my cock head. A loud groan escaped my lips as my cock throbbed even harder, which caused my foreskin to retract a bit more. I was so hard and so horny that I knew anymore movement would push me over the edge. I lay as still as possible, but then I heard, “You are the hottest boy I’ve ever seen and what an amazing cock.” His words echoed through my head, filling me with pride and without meaning to I shifted my weight a bit and all at once another inch of my shaft pushed through the waistband, my foreskin fully retracted and I shot my load. The first spurt flew up and landed in my hair, followed by two more that landed on my face and a few more splatted on my chest. My cock continued to throb as more cum landed on my abdomen and it was at that moment that I realized I had been moaning loudly as my cock exploded. My breathing was heavy, my chest rising and lowering as my erection continued to throb and pulse. I lay there for a few minutes, then heard, “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, and look, he’s still rock hard.” I opened my eyes and all 3 men were sitting as close to me as possible as my cum leaked deeper into my hair, down my cheeks and off the sides of my chest into my towel. A minute later I smoothed as much of it as I could into my skin and then smiled up at them and said, “I’m gonna go for a swim.” When I got to my feet I heard, “Before you go, how about dropping the shorts so we can see that sweet ass.” I thought about it, but instead, I smiled and said, “Maybe another time.” All 3 of them smiled back at me and just as I was reaching the water I heard, “Don’t forget what I told you about the body hair kid, you’ll look even better.” I hope you have enjoyed this first chapter. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.