The Phone Call

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The Phone Call**Part 4 of my adventurous Summer with my Mother, enjoy.**Part 1: 2: 3: sat with my Mom watching something boring on TV while my Dad was loading up the car to drive down and visit my Grandfather again. Even though it’d only been a few weeks since his last visit, he wanted to go fishing with the old man. It was quite a bit cooler now and we had a recent heavy rain so with the attic fan on it was pleasant in the house. Mom was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, same as I. The only difference is my nipples weren’t standing at attention like hers. I really enjoyed those large firm breasts, no matter how I got to play with them.”Bye hun” My Dad said as he bent down to kiss my Mom. He then tweaked one of her nipples while whispering into her ear, which made me chime in.”Ahhghg, would you two get a room, jeez” I mocked and put my head down into the palm of my hand pretending I was disgusted. My Dad just smiled and chuckled a bit then headed to the front door with the last of his gear for the weekend.”Bye guys, try not to have too much fun while I’m at Dad’s””Yeah you get fishing with Grandpa for the weekend, WE get to sit here in the house and watch tv…Woohoo.” I played my best to seem completely disinterested. At the same time I started to get a little twitch in the cock knowing what the weekend would really be like.”Be careful honey, love you.” Mom said tenderly.”I will, love you too. Bye” Then he shut the door and put the rest of his fishing gear in the trunk, got in and started the car. I was already out of my seat the moment he shut the door and was playing with Mom. She was sitting on the couch which is directly in front of the large bay window that faced the front yard and the drive way.”On your knees Mother!” I pointed to the couch itself, instructing her to kneel on it and put her arms on the back of the couch for support. Although we had curtains up they were the sheer type, you know the ones that let light in but you can’t see through them all that well, so Dad had no idea that his wife was 1xbet yeni giriş about to get fucked doggy style a mere 15ft from his car. As I pulled her shorts and mine down I saw her reach over and pull the curtain aside just a tad, enough that she could clearly see Dad’s car without him seeing much back in.”SLUT!” I exclaimed.”What, I just want to make sure your Father doesn’t come back inside for something he forgot.” Though the smirk on her face told me otherwise. She absolutely love the fact that we were sneaking around Dad’s back, or right in front of his face. I had been rubbing my hard dick up and down her slit to moisten it this whole time and then started sliding it in inch by inch.”Ooooo, god I love that feeling.” Her head went down for a moment then as if she felt worried she looked back at Dad in his car to see if he’d left yet.”You and me both Mother.” At that point I was all the way into her and grabbed each hip firmly so I could start what had become my favorite routine, fucking my own Mother. I slowly, almost painfully slow started inching my cock out until only the very tip of the head was left inside. As if by instinct my Mother stiffened her grip on the back of the couch as I plunged into her in one strong stroke.”Ummnph” As much as she liked it I continued the same stroke over and over. I would pull nearly all the way out then plunge into her harder each time. I had her pussy soaking wet withing 4 strokes of this. Right as I went to pull out again we heard Dad drive away and that egged me on so I started just furiously pounding her pussy as hard and fast as I could.”Oh my GOD, fuck me Son. That feels sooo good. I love you sooo much.””I love you too Mom but this is no time for pleasantries, I just wanna FUCK!” Accentuating the last word I gripped her hips tighter and continued my pounding. All I could think about at this very moment was filling her pussy with come and doing it quick. After all we had the entire weekend to fuck at our own pace.”God yes…fuck mee…!” She was already breathing hard, I think the little slut was going to come already, not but a few minutes after we started. I loved the fact that I had turned my Mother into 1xbet giriş my little cock whore. As I’m building up to my orgasm we were both surprised by the phone ringing. I immediately stopped and looked at my Mom almost in fright.”Don’t answer it, just keep fucking me” She said, it was obvious she just wanted to get off as well.”But what if it’s Dad, he’d know something was up if we didn’t answer.” So I pulled out much to my Mothers dismay and grabbed the phone. Looking at the caller ID I could see it was in fact Dad calling. I then got a grin on my face which made my Mother look at me funny.”Why are you smiling?” I said nothing, grabbed one of her hips and slammed my dick back into her. I then did something I’m sure she didn’t expect.”Hey Dad.” I said answering the phone. My Mom instantly clamped her pussy muscles down on my cock which made me pause for a moment.”Could you put your Mother on the phone for a sec please.” I handed Mom the phone and then started moving my cock in and out of her while she started talking to Dad.”Hello” Was the only word she spoke while obviously trying to stay as calm as possible so he wouldn’t know she was getting fucked right now at this very moment.”I just remembered I left my box of worms on the dryer downstairs. Can you go put them back in the fridge as soon as you can please, I’ll just buy some more before we go fishing.””Uhuh” She answered as I picked up pace, pistoning in and out of her now flooded pussy.”You ok hun?” I heard my Dad ask her.”Oh, sorry just distracted by the tv” She managed to say without stuttering or moaning. At that point she covered the phone with her hand, looked back at me and whispered “Are you out of your mind, he’s gonna know your fucking me!””Come on my cock Mother.” I whispered back to her. All she did was close her eyes and let out a slight sigh.”Oh, and make sure you turn off the attic fan around 10, we’ve been running it a lot lately and I’m afraid it’s going to die soon.””I…I will.” She stammered just a tad, but I figured he bought the whole tv distracting thing. I just continued pounding her as hard as I could without making too much noise and the pressure was certainly building in me, I figured my 1xbet güvenilirmi Mom was that far off either.”Also, if my package from Cabela’s comes tomorrow just put it on my desk in the computer room.” I heard a lot of noise with that comment and I guessed he’d just got onto the highway.”Ok honey.” My Mom was getting audibly worse as I continued fucking her pussy from behind. I took a chance that Dad wouldn’t hear us and picked up the pace and basically just started fucking her as hard as I could without hurting either of us. This had just the effect I had expected on her and she nearly dropped the phone.”Hey listen, I’m on the highway now and won’t be able to hear you well so I’m going to let you go ok. I love you hun, I’ll see you guys on Sunday.” My Dad didn’t even get through that sentence when my Mother put down the phone and did her best not to scream when she came. Her whole body shook violently and I would swear she even squirted as there was copious amounts of fluid now.”Honey? Did you hear me?” I heard him ask when she didn’t respond. She grabbed the phone and held it to her ear again, trying to compose herself as much as she could.”Yeah…I heard it…Sorry, dropped the phone, love you too.” Hearing her use the excuse that she ‘dropped the phone’ did it for me and I emptied my balls into her pussy. This of course made her moan a bit again. She did well to keep it relatively quite.”Ok, bye hun.””Bye, love you.” Then my Mother hung up, tossed the phone on the couch and looked back at me. “That…was…the hottest…thing I’ve ever…done!” She was panting heavily, her chest heaving and swinging those delicious breasts beneath her.”I think you even squirted when you came Mom.” This brought a little smile to her face which gave me a funny little idea. I pulled out of her and got up on the couch myself and then just stuck my dick in her mouth for her to clean up.”Here taste this and then you can tell me if you think you squirted or not.” She greedily sucked my cock into her mouth as if it was the best lollipop she had ever tasted. She was such a good little slut as she sucked and tongued my cock until it was clean of our mutual fluids.”Tastes great to me” She said then slumped down on the couch. “You’re gonna kill me this weekend aren’t you?” She smirked when saying that.”Yup, love you” was all I said then got up and went to take a shower.*Yes, I somehow posted this on my Blog instead of creating a new story, lawl.*