The Plan backfired to my pleasure

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Double Penetration

The Plan backfired to my pleasureAfter a while regular sex can be a tad boring and for myself personally I need new impetus and daring-do to stimulate myself, hence my leaving off certain articles of underwear, leaving a curtain drawn, door ajar, indecently exposing myself in an impulsive act of bravado, or just letting a man touch me indecently and giving a blow-job to a stranger, have all the elements of something different or excitement that drives my libido to new heights.I prowl chat rooms looking for sex with men and in the days before the Internet, I would phone older men and talk dirty, while masturbating on the phone.Improving the intensity and the quality of my orgasms is something I strive for in my interactions, and positive feedback is something I always crave during the bonding with potential sexual partners.One of my first challenges in the early years of chat rooms was to satisfy my need for good physical sex and watch others during intercourse.I have always been obsessed with wanting to watch, but I also realised that the beauty of that desire, was that there were more men and women looking for a girl to interact with, so it was just a matter of time and myself plucking up the courage to participate.I found a man in his 50’s who liked younger girls and we would play in the chat rooms in the Yahoo before they banned them, due to the u******e clean-up.Between us we agreed we should meet, that was before it was labelled ‘Grooming’, and I said I was keen, and then I asked him about bringing a friend along.When I told him it was another girl my age he enthusiastically endorsed it, having two girls work his cock was his dream scenario. Trouble was I was thinking about my second desire and what I wanted was to bring a girl with me so I could watch him take her, and I could play with myself watching them.I called Halley, who was ages with me and always talking sex like a pro, but I wondered if she was as active as she claimed, or just like the boys our age, all talk.When I asked her about staying over with me at my uncles, and telling her he was cool and let me drink istanbul escort and take boys to his home, she went along with it and agreed to stay with me. Getting back to my friend I suggested he be my uncle for a night and he laughed saying it might be better than my daddy.We talked out a plan where he would buy us drink and wait until we were smashed, before fucking us, and with everything in place I called Halley and we were going for the Friday night.During the train journey up to the city I kept looking at Halley and found myself in a high state of sexual excitement, trying to visualise her naked and being fucked, something she had no idea about, and this visualisation gave me urges to want to touch myself during the journey.Organising something as hot as putting two people into an interaction such as fucking was starting to look to easy and I could not wait to say hello to him and start drinking and leading us both into sex.We took a taxi to the address he gave me and as I breezed up the stairs I felt no apprehension, even when I saw him looking out through his closed curtains, when I rang the bell to his house.He was a lot older than I anticipated, when seeing him in the flesh for the first time, but I did notice his voice was shaking, now both girls were walking into his house, and his sexual fantasies were now a reality, now I was here with him, at least he knew that was guaranteed. He smelt nice with his aftershave and I suspected he had just taken a bath as I also suspected he was wearing very little under his house-coat.Halley was cool and relaxed and never even remarked to his state of dress, which made me feel good, as she was now convinced he was my uncle and we were going to have fun, problem being she did not know what I had plans for her fun, but I needed to get her drunk first.’Hey Unc’, I called out to him, ‘How about giving your girls something strong to drink’, turning to Halley, winking and giving a wanking hand signal to her, which reduced us to a fit of laughter.He came into the room with a bottle avcılar escort of Champagne, ‘Ever drink this stuff?’ he asked inquisitively, ‘Nope, Why?’ asked Halley, ‘Because it will make your panties drop’, and we all laughed at the thought.Both girls were not used to drinking and after two glasses he could see we were on our way to getting drunk, especially with Champagne.He was sitting very casually in his chair and starting to show more chest as his robe was becoming undone and loose.’Unc’, I said, ‘You trying to show your niece and her friend your jewels’? I was looking at Halley to judge her reaction to my comment of drawing attention to the fact we suspected he was nude under his robe.She was totally relaxed spread out on the divan looking at him and swinging her leg in an up and down movement, in his direction, whilst having a slight smile on her face.’Come on Mar’ she retorted, ‘It’s his home let them hang out Unc’, she continued, adding, ‘can I call you Unc too’?’He rose and stepped towards her and reaching down cupped her head between his hands and kissed her full on the mouth.I watched them for that instant, noting her relaxed pose, neither responding or making any attempt to break from him, and when his finished kissing her, turned to me and said, ‘Mariel, I just her to bits’ to which I replied, ‘Wicked’.He left the room to get more Champagne and I said to her, ‘What do you think’?’I think he want to fuck me’, she said in a matter-of-fact tone, ‘Would you be mad’?My heart raced, she was up for it and I felt a surge of renewed sexual energy coursing through my veins.’You’ve been fucking him’ she quizzed, ‘Does it show I asked’ my voice thick and my head light with the giddiness of how events were transpiring.’Be right back’ she said and stood up and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. I sat my mind racing with what I had to disclose to him, while she was out of the room, and I waited impatiently for him to return.When neither returned I got suspicious and got up and opened the door, walking stealthily down the hallway şirinevler escort I could hear her as I approached to door.Pushing it open a little I was met with her naked and bending over the table, with the unopened bottle of Champagne beside her and him fucking her with an unusual forceful thrusting.It was happening, everything I planned for was happening, then I felt a Little anger at being left out, angry with her going out and asking for it and angry with him for just doing it while I waited in the main room.My anger added depth to my sexual frustration and I started undoing my belt and zipper, pushing my denims down below my crotch, and started to sexually relieve myself.Halley was offering herself willingly to him, but clearly lacked enthusiasm as he fucked her in his standing over her position.Stepping out of my denims and socks. I walked over to them and started to caress his ass, dropping my hand onto his balls and squeezing them as he continued to slide in and out of her.I looked on the kitchen floor and saw Halley’s clothes in a longish trail going back to the door, she must have started stripping off as she walked towards him.I moved up beside her and we stood together with him inside her still fucking and now using his fingers inside me, feeling my wetness in readiness for him to fuck.Dismounting Halley he slid into me and the response was electric, as I started to moan loudly as he gathered momentum as the fuck got under-way. Halley turned to face me and just started stroking me under my jumper, then lifting it clear over my head, unclasped my brassiere and freed my tits and started to knead them pulling painfully on my swelling nipples.She was kissing my body and as she descended down my thigh I suddenly realised where she was heading, she got in between my legs and started to lick my pussy, each kiss and lick more determined than the previous, now she was getting into the sex, it was me she was interested in and I was in no way going to stop her as it felt so normal and good. After we all finished I excepted my introduction to making love to a woman as an interesting experiment, and Halley and I became bi-sexual casual lovers, but usually with another man, as my preference was still cock.Either way it turned out to be a good evening, a first for me, and one to remember and recount to you guys out there with your cocks wanking, and wishing to be between Halley and myself.