the pool cleaner

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the pool cleanerwe were into the 2nd wk of our summer holiday.i had rented a private villa with pool and all though not totally secluded it was comfortable enough for my now ex-wife and i to get that all over tanthe days had been hot,so the inviting pool was welcome,we had a few fumbles around and in the pool,but my wife never felt really comfortable,she was a little bothered people could see,so our intimate moments had until the pool cleaner arrived been limited to the bedroom and showeron the day in question Dikmen travesti i had been in the pool on the lilo,totally naked,after some breakfast my wife came down to the pool and disrobed infront of me,she had for some reason decided to wear some heelsmy cock got instantly erect,she lowered herself onto the sun lounger legs either side and starting to rub suncream onto her breasts,she could see i was excited,her hands got lower and lower and she started to massage her inner thighs and pussy.just Eryaman travesti then the side gate opened and the pool man appeared,i half expected her to cover up,however,she winked @ me and carried on what was now obvious to me a masterbation sessionhe was tanned 6″ in height and well toned he saw the state of me ,but took no notice,when he saw my wife,he suddenly adjusted his now very tight shorts.with out a word,she beckoned him overhe was towering over her as she gently lowered his shorts and Esat travesti starting to engulf his cock in her eager mouth,i lay there totally stunned and moitenless,i thought i was going to explode right there and thenshe turn to his side facing me and winked @ mewithout a word said,she got on all fours grabbed his cock and guided him in to her very glistening pussyall i could see was his buttocks clenching each time he thrust into her,she started to moan ,i knew she was on the verge of cumming,its something she liked to do when taken from behind,i could that she had got his balls in her hand and was rubbing them quicker and quicker,he was close ,then he came,she came and as he dismounted her,you could see her cum deep inside her pussy HEAVEN