The postman cums twice 1

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The postman cums twice 1I went by to pick up my buddy, Fred, to go fishing. We liked to get out once in a while and sit in the boat, telling lies and drinking beer. Fred was a nice enough guy and we had good times together, but the best part of fishing with Fred was the time spent around his sexy wife and equally sexy daughter. Just to watch them from the corner of my eye for the few minutes before we left and the usual cup of coffee after we got back was worth the whole day.Fred’s wife, Connie, was just my size. I mean she was just exactly the size that made my dick hard. I’m six feet and she is about 5′ 2″, with dark hair and flashing eyes. Just a glimpse of her makes my dick dance. I can’t help wondering what it would be like to ram the whole damn thing up that hot little snatch of hers and go for the gusto.The only thing that stops me from trying to see if she might be willing is my relationship with Fred. (Not that kind!) If Fred got pissed at me for making a pass at his wife, I wouldn’t get to come over and lust after his women. He was my free pass to a lot of fantasies that kept my dick hard many nights, just remembering the way their bodies move.Oh, didn’t I mention his cheerleader daughter? When they built that shithouse, there weren’t any bricks left over. She was one of those girls who is so fucking perfect that it hurts your eyes to look at her. Just trying to imagine what aspect of her you would change if you had the opportunity is enough to make you cry.Unlike a lot of women who seem to regard an appreciative glance as an infringement on their copyright, both Connie and Julie seemed to truly enjoy my eyes boring into their asses. Without overt acknowledgment of any kind, they would somehow manage to preen and pose for me whenever they were in sight, and always gave me the impression that they enjoyed my looking as much as I enjoyed it.Julie looked even darker than her mother, which always made me wonder if Fred had a little help in the genetic department. Julie’s dark good looks didn’t appear to have stemmed from African genes as much as, maybe, French Canadian. Those Canadiennes can produce some extremely beautiful women and just maybe Julie was one. On the other hand, as far as I knew, Fred’s mother could have looked just like Julie. Oh well, all that really mattered was how much she made me want to try to make up for waiting 18 years for her to become legal game.We were loading the truck when Connie came out to the garage.”You’re going to have to take Julie fishing with you, today. I have plans for this afternoon.”She had approached us from my back and leaned around me to speak to Fred, who was up in the camper. Her firm tits were trying to climb over the top of her loose fitting chemise sort of top and one of them was rubbing against the back of my arm. I tried to move just enough kaçak iddaa to feel the touch of her tit flesh against my arm. She casually d****d her hand on my butt as she leaned in.I looked down and could see the edge of her nipple, down the open flap of her top. It was obvious that she knew I was checking her out, because she leaned over a little further, just enough to let her top fall away to reveal the entire erect nipple to my greedy eyes. Her hand brushed lightly across my ass cheeks.Well, hell! If it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me. I returned the favor by grabbing one of her cheeks.Fred was way back in the camper, stowing stuff in one of the overhead bins and couldn’t see us at all. I got a little bolder and expanded my exploration of his wife’s ass by rubbing it very lovingly, all over. When Connie only seemed to enjoy what I was doing, I gradually got bolder and bolder. My hand went further down, to stroke her upper thighs and tested her reaction to my fingers lightly touching her crotch.Assuming that her moan meant she didn’t mind if I went ahead, I did. Her hand was now inside the waistband of my shorts and reaching lower. As my heart beat faster and faster, I wondered where this was leading.Fred was still intent on his packing and hadn’t bothered to respond.”Did you hear me, Fred? I said you guys will have to take Julie with you today.””Yeah. I heard you”, he answered gruffly. “What kind of plans did you have?”Connie was now dry humping my leg. “Oh, you know. Just plans. Hope you don’t mind”.My hand was now really going to town on Connie’s ass. Every time she said the word “plans”, her crotch would push back against my hand and wiggle against it.I was wondering if I had the balls to unzip my shorts and give Connie something to play with, right there behind her husband’s back, when I felt the pressure on the back of my hand.For a moment, I froze, trying to understand what it could be. Connie’s head was in my line of sight, so I couldn’t see what or who was behind her. Then Julie spoke up. “Hope you don’t mind, Dad. Just think of me as your designated driver. You and Unka Howie can drink all the beer you want without having to watch for cops all the way home.It was Julie who had my hand trapped against her mother’s ass! How much had she seen? What did it matter? There was damn little doubt about the fact that I was seriously groping her mother’s ass in broad daylight, a few feet from her father. Then a further realization struck me. The back of my hand doesn’t have the same degree of feeling as my fingers, so it took a while to realize that it was Julie’s crotch against the back of my hand, pressing it into her mother’s ass.My back already realized that it was Julie’s firm tit that was pressing into it, just left of the spot where her mother’s tit was kaçak bahis burning a hole in my arm.Had I died and gone to heaven? Was I hallucinating? What kind of relationship did Julie have with her mother that allowed the two of them to make a sandwich with my arm as the hot dog? Was I going to cum in my shorts? (These and many other questions will be answered shortly, dear reader. Just hang in there. In case you are impatiently asking, “just where the fuck is the i****t”, bear with me.)I saw Connie’s chemise flap open a little more and realized that Julie was cupping one of her mother’s tits and rolling the nipple between her fingers. At the same time, her cunt was rhythmically forcing my fingers deeper between her mother’s thighs.Connie moaned softly and leaned her head against my shoulder as her body began to vibrate. Her fingers digging into my ass were a pretty good sign that she was getting off at the next stop.Julie’s breathing was pretty ragged, also. I won’t even try to describe mine. All I knew was that if Mr. Ed didn’t get out of the stall pretty soon, there was going to be a pretty unmistakable stench in the truck cab when we got on the road.With one quick zip of my free hand, the whole damn thing came bursting out. It’s a damn good thing I had worn undershorts. I shuddered to think what might have happened if there hadn’t been some sort of protection between my zipper and my pride and joy.My prick was no sooner waving in the breeze than both my companions stiffened. I don’t think it was possible for me to get any stiffer, but I certainly shared their pain. Mother and daughter were very obviously shuddering through a couple of world class orgasms, so the least I could do was to join them.My cum shot out in a long arc to splash against the wall of the camper shell, again and again. There was a wide, slick river of cum running down the wall. “Must clean that off before Fred comes out”, I thought to myself.What had never crossed my mind was the possibility that Connie would drop to her knees and clean the remainder of my cum from the drooping remains of the place where it came from.Julie stepped up into the camper door, blocking Fred’s view while her mother sucked me dry. Her ass was sticking back into my face and when I didn’t follow up immediately, she pushed it further back as an obvious invitation.Who was I to disappoint a lady? My expectation of a long recovery process from my previous orgasm was shot to hell by Connie’s talented tongue and Julie’s offer of her sweet, sweet cheeks.I pulled her shorts down and began to lick all that gorgeous flesh while she carried on a normal conversation with her father.”You don’t really mind if I come along, do you, Daddy?””Of course not, Baby. I guess I was being a little upset about your mother making plans without discussing them with güvenilir bahis me. That’s all. It will be great to have you along. Two hairy asses getting drunk together is not all it’s cracked up to be. You will brighten our day, I’m, sure.”She was sure as hell brightening mine. I had pulled her shorts down far enough to have her in a bowling ball grip while they talked. Connie was going all the way down to the short hairs on me, while she scratched my balls. How much good stuff can a man take?”Will you and Unka Howie teach me what you know?””Well, we don’t claim to be the world’s greatest fishermen, but we’ll be glad to tell you what we know. Eh, Howie? Can you hand me the fishing tackle?”My voice came out in a high pitched strangle. “Sure, Fred”.”You ok back there, Buddy?””Yeah, I’m all right. Just had something down my throat.” I felt Connie squeeze my balls to remind me I was down her throat.”Is Connie still out there?””Yeah, she’s here somewhere.””Well, ask her when she plans to get back.”I looked down expectantly at his wife who was doing such a great job on my prick.She shook her head without taking her mouth off my lollypop.”I can’t hear what she’s saying, but I think she’s telling me she doesn’t know.”Connie’s head bobbed up and down in a different angle from the up and down she had been using to deep throat me.”She’s nodding her head, so I guess that’s what she meant.”She nodded again and put one hand next to her ear.”Now, she’s indicating that you should call her later, I think.”Her nod nearly got the good stuff flowing again.”Yeah, apparently that’s what she meant. She’s nodding her head. Now she’s indicating that you should remember to take your cell phone and she will call you when her guests have left.”Connie gave me a big smile with her nod and drove a wet finger up my ass. I hope she was trying to get a mouthful of cum, because that’s what she got.”Julie, baby. Will you run get my cell phone for me? I forgot it. It’s a good thing your mom reminded me. Wonder why she can’t talk?””Sure, Dad. Just a minute. I’ve got some questions I want to ask you before we leave. Mom had something in her mouth and couldn’t talk, so Unka Howie was translating for her.””Oh. Ok, so what do you want to know?””Will there be a good place for me to sunbathe while you fish? I want to work on my tan.””Sure. Bring your tanning oil. Don’t forget a towel. The boat surface can get pretty hot on bare skin. You’ll be able to swim around the boat, too, so bring your suit.”Julie was running out of questions, so she was frantically ramming her ass back against my fingers, trying to get off before her father began to wonder why she was still there.”Oh!”, was all she said as she came on my fingers.”Are you ok, Baby?””I’m fine, Dad. Real fine. I’ll go get your phone and my stuff now.”I licked Julie’s cum from my fingers as Connie licked my prick dry and lovingly put Mr. Ed back in his stall. She stood up, gave me a lascivious wink and disappeared back into the house behind Julie.This was sure as hell going to be an interesting fishing trip!