The Powder Room Job By Adam Brody

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The Powder Room Job By Adam BrodyStory The Powder Room JobJuly 18 1992I was called to a house very early one morning. A middle age woman opened the door. She showed me the way to the bathroom and told me the shower was leaking. It was a beautiful day and the morning was hot already. As I was fixing the tap she came in with a nice cold drink. She introduced herself. Her name was Christine. She was wearing a nice bathrobe. Being so early in the morning I didn’t take much notice of her appearance. Because she was much older then myself I thought she wouldn’t be interested in me or I in her. Talking about the weather she sat on the edge of the tub crossing her legs. I noticed then that she had very nice slender legsChristine was still talking happily when she stood up and the robe inadvertently opened at the front showing a nice round breast with a beautiful nipples. I noticed her blushing and felt a tinge of desire for her. I tried to think of something else. She could have been my mother. I never experienced a sexual encounter with an older woman and that made me curious. I wondered how it would feel being loved by an older person and am 17 years old. I only went with younger girls. She went to her room and came out fully dressed. “I am sorry, I apologize. I didn’t mean for that to happen!”I felt sorry for her. I knew she was telling the truth. In a way I was wishing she did that on purpose. When I finished my job she paid me and I was gone. Jaclyn was in my mind for days after. It was like an obsession. I couldn’t think of anything else. I wanted to meet her again.I was filling my car with petrol one day when she pulled behind me. She was very elegant, wearing a lovely blue suit. I offered to help filling her car and she gladly accepted. I noticed how green her eyes were and how enthralling her perfume was. Her car was full of shopping. “Would you like me to help you with your shopping? I don’t live far from here. It wouldn’t be any trouble.” “Well, there are some heavy things to lift, I would appreciate your help, thank you.”It was getting late and I should have left but something told me she wanted me to stay. I liked her company and in the back of my mind I knew that I wanted to be intimate with her. She never encouraged kaçak iddaa me. I was drawn to her. My mind was wondering and my sexual feelings were accentuated by her body. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I didn’t know how to tell her that I wanted her. Christine I have been sitting here all this time talking to you about so many things but I was making love to you. In my mind we were very intimate. You know my situation. I am not going to force you. I just hope you find me interesting enough for you.You are alone. I know you are a passionate woman from the way you were describing your life I want to be honest with you. You also know how deprived I am at the moment. My longing for you is making me sick with desire. It is up to you dear, if you don’t want me just show me the door but if you do I will make you feel alive again.”She came to me and stood between my legs. I just embraced her while sitting down. She was caressing my hair and I could smell her sensual perfume. I wanted this woman so much my heart was beating uncontrollably. I undid the buttons of her jacket and blouse and my mouth was caressing that wonderful warm skin. My hand went under her bra and uncovered the same beautiful breast I saw that day in her bathroom. I couldn’t resist her hard pointy nipple. It felt good in my mouth. I pulled down her skirt and she stood in front of me wearing only her panties and stockings. She looked so sexy and desirable I sat her on the table in front of me. Her panties came off and I was looking at her love place as if I have never seen one before. Oh Adam!” She said with her soft voice “it has been so long. I am so happy it is you I am with now.”Gently I pushed her down. I spread her legs wider and kissed that beautiful hungry flower. She took my head in her hands and softly pulled my hair while my tongue was caressing her hot lips. Her moist vagina was driving me crazy. I inserted my tongue in it as far as I could go and then sucked her nice fleshy clit It was so long since I did that. My penis was pushing its way up and I couldn’t resist the urge of taking it out and touch her love place with it. I stood up and rubbed it on her clit. Christine was gasping for air, we were both breathing heavily. Oh the feeling of having a woman kaçak bahis again! I just went straight in and pushed hard all the way and then I stopped. I just wanted to enjoy that feeling for longer. She was beautiful. She wasn’t older anymore. She was just as young as I was. Showing all her feelings of lust and love and of long waited desire to be shared with someone who cared. Her legs closed behind me, pulling me closer and her hands holding and she was kissing my face. Her hungry tongue was showing me how expert she was. I took her ankles in my hands and spread her legs wider and pushed harder and faster in her. We were both moaning and in a moment we were going to experience our first orgasm together. It was awesome! I just wanted to give her as much of me as I could. We were kissing tenderly now and holding each other. The shower was big enough for both of us and washing each other was getting us excited again. Her bedroom was very inviting. Her bed was full of many soft cushions. Our desires were building again and looking at ourselves in that big mirror in front of us was making us even more stimulated. Christine invited me to lie on her bed. “Now let me enjoy your body.” She said. It was lovely to have a woman pampering me again after such a long time. I decided not to do anything and just enjoy her experienced hands and mouth. Her hot tongue pushed her way inside my mouth caressing my tongue. Her hand was playing with my testicles. Softly scratching them with her nails. Her lips were kissing my face now and her tongue licking my skin sucking my lobe going down to my neck. All this was going on while my blood was on fire. Then she knelt in between my legs and put my manhood between her breasts and licked the top of it with fast little stubs and then she stopped and went down the whole length and up again and again showing me how well she was doing it. I wanted to explode in her mouth but I wanted to hold it at the same time, I wanted it to last for a long time. I have been with quite a few women but I have to say this one was the best. My tool was throbbing. “Christine stop. Stop or I will come in your mouth.” She didn’t stop, she went on and I just turned her with her love place near my mouth and started kissing illegal bahis and licking and sucking her clit. We both came together. Her come was sweet and exhilarating, it was like an elixir. I wanted more and more and she must have felt the same because she didn’t let it go. We were still playing with our tongues caressing our sex organs. With my big surprise my penis was still hard. It still wanted to play with Christine . While watching ourselves in the mirror I made her standing on her knees and hands. She looked so sexy in that position. I knelt behind her and slowly inserted myself in her flower. Her breasts were bouncing while I was pumping in her. She lied her upper body on the pillow and her bottom was pressing against me giving me a great desire to have her in her forbidden place. I never did that before but somehow I knew she did. Would she do it with me? How could I let her know what I wanted? I thought if I’d be extra tender and gentle she would let me! I would have to make her very moist. And what better way then using my tongue? I was so eager to try that for the first time that I didn’t care how long it would take. I then started to lick her pussy. My tongue was like a little penis. It went in and out of her, caressing her clit and then going deeper in her clit , teasing it and touching it with my fingers as well. I knew Christine was extremely excited. I could feel she was ready for it. I inserted my dick in her wet flower and gave her a few hard strokes and at the same time I was massaging her clit and then slowly I was pushing in her very tight hairy vagina my penis was getting so so stiff hard . I wanted to go in deeper.Then Christine pushed herself to me and I went straight in. Oh God that was good! That was so good! She was holding my testicles in her hands and I thought I was going to die from so much passion Christine was all shining and the music was like a magic feeling. I felt like I was in a different world. My tool was as stiff as a piece of wood. I forced myself to be gentle but I felt like I wanted to go straight in. I was holding her on her hips and slowly, slowly I went in. Oh it was heaven. It was so good. My strokes went faster and faster. She was moaning and crying with pleasure. Her hand was squeezing my testicles and I just couldn’t wait anymore.Then I exploded my big load inside her burning hot moist tight pussy  with a loud ahhhhhhhhhhh My legs were a too weak to move when I tried to stand.