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Subject: The Premonition Part 5 Gay Adult youth You should read these stories by Douglas DD I Have been reading them straight for a week and a half. Excellent writing and great stories. Just go to the Author page click D and go to Douglass DD The list has them in order. Fantastic stories. The Perfect Game The Big Time Diamond Dreams Rough Edges Aiden 1 Aiden 2 The Mayfield Episodes Mayfield Titans Donate to Nifty I also wanted to say I forgot to give a proper thanks to Zero in the last chapter for the great work he did on it. He is a great editor and Im glad he helps me so much. Because of him my stories are better. The Premonition Part 5 Written by Eric Murphey Edited By Zero M I wake up, look at my clock, and see that it displays 6:32am. I get up and notice right away that it’s not just chilly in here, it’s downright cold. I put on some pants and a hoodie, and turn on the heater after I pee. It cranks up pretty quickly and it’s nearly a comfortable temperature by the time the boys wake up. I don’t have to make breakfast this morning because they never ate their donuts last night. I got boiled eggs for me, so we are good. I put some glasses of milk on the table for the boys and I get myself some lemonade. I know, lemonade for breakfast? But it sounds good so that’s what I have. I put two donuts on each of three plates for the boys and grab four eggs and some salt for me. “Aren’t you having a donut?” Eddie asks with surprise. “No, there are only six left and that makes two for each of you.” “You can have one of mine,” all three boys offer together. I smile at them. “I am not much on sweets, and besides the boiled eggs are an amazing treat,” I say as I peel one of them. “You sure, daddy?” Jack asks. I like it a lot that he and Jim are now calling me daddy. I wonder if they know the impact it is having on me. “When we get done eating, we need to get our chores done and start picking and digging up veggies. I figure we’ll start with the carrots as I already took care of the tomatoes and peppers before you guys got here. We had two rows of them, so I will be cleaning and canning them all day long. Then we got potatoes to dig up and popcorn to pick and remove from the cobs. I go through the rest of the list of what is left in the garden. “We got lots to do, huh dad?” Eddie observes. “Yeah, you could say that. Please dress warm, it’s really cold outside. And Eddie, there’s no need to weed now; we are done with that for the year.” “Good,” he says. “Yeah, I know it sucks to have to weed the garden, but we have to do it. It is part of the Adamic curse.” “I’m not complaining, dad. I just wish we didn’t have to do it.” “Me too, buddy.” “Daddy, what’s the Adamic curse?” Jim asks me. “Well, you know the story of Adam and Eve, right?” “Sure, they was the first people god made, right?” “Absolutely 100% correct. When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, they got cursed by God.” “Was it an apple?” “No buddy, it was sex. So when they broke the one law God gave them they were cursed, Eve was cursed with labor pains during child birth, and monthly periods. Adam was cursed by having to grow his own food and to deal with weeds.” “They were stupid, just one thing not to do and they do it.” “They were tricked according to the bible by the serpent.” “You mean the devil?” “That is what we are led to believe, but I don’t know for sure.” “Dad, do you believe in all that? You know the bible and all?” “I believe that there is a creator. I don’t believe all the stories as they are written. Some seem pretty far fetched.” After this brief conversation on my beliefs I tell the boys to put the plates in the sink and we will get to them later. We go out and I get the wheelbarrow. We start pulling carrots and it takes very little time with four of us working on it. When we pull the last carrot I look at the boys and tell them, “Why don’t you guys all go play and I will take care of this.” I start pushing the wheelbarrow up to the house. It’s nearly full of carrots; we will have enough, I think. The boys are walking with me. “Aren’t you guys going to go play?” “Daddy, we are going to help you,” Jim says. “Yeah, daddy. We figure it’s only right.” “Yeah dad, and it’s probably a good thing for us to learn how to do it.” I sigh as I look at all of them. “I cant argue with your logic, Eddie. I just wish you guys could just be boys and be able to run and play all the time.” “Daddy, if we was farm boys we would have been doing this before, too.” Jack says. “You boys are so smart,” I say, making them all smile. We head in and I start Jack and Jim on washing the carrots. I get out a peeler and have Eddie start doing that. I am chopping the washed and peeled carrots then filling jars. Once I have the first pressure canner filled, I get it started and work until we have all four going. Yes, I have four; there’s no reason to waste time while canning. It’s not a fun process and I like to get it done as fast as possible. Not to mention I have a lot to can. It works out pretty well today. As one machine is done, I remove the jars and the next set go in. ataşehir escort It’s like clockwork. “Dad, why don’t we eat lunch?” Eddie asks out of the blue. “Are you hungry at lunchtime?” “No, not really.” “Let me know if that changes and we will start eating lunch.” He looks at me and nods. “You boys know that it’s October 16th today, right?” They all look at me with expressions that asked how I could possibly think they would know this. “Well, I was thinking that in fifteen days it will be Halloween. I think it would be fun to go down to the Washingtons and trick or treat. So why don’t you guys think of what you want to dress up as.” Now they understand the significance of the date and all start smiling. “You know, I could go as a scarecrow. I could put on one of your caps and shove some straw in it and up my sleeves and in my pant legs, too,” Eddie says as he unleashes his imagination. “That’s pretty clever,” I tell him, and he smiles at me. “Yeah, I could dress up like the Cowardly lion,” Jack says. “And I could be the Tin Man,” Jim responds, sharing his thoughts. “Yeah dad, and you can be Dorothy,” Eddie says, laughing and making us all laugh at that thought. “I have in my head how to do the Tin Man, but the Cowardly Lion may be tricky. I’ll have to think on that one for a day or so, but I am sure I will figure it out.” We finally finish the canning. Well, I finish it; the boys have been done for a while and are playing with their trucks and cars. They are smart little guys. One says he runs a service station and they have to stop and get gas. He uses one of the buildings of Lego’s we made last night. They are all playing and having fun. I decide that tonight we should have a real treat. I start making some fresh bread, which always smells wonderful. I go to the back deep freeze (remember that I have two of these that I am currently using) and I pull out a frozen lasagna. I walk back in and turn on the stove to preheat it. Jack sees the box and he is up so fast that the trail of fiery tire tracks is behind him again. “Oh my god daddy, that is my absolute favoritest thing to eat in the whole wide world.” “I’m glad you like it. I’m making garlic bread, too.” He is dancing around in circles. The other boys are happy about it too, but Jack is completely elated. “Boys, I got some chips left if you want some to hold you over until supper.” Now I have two dancing boys in my kitchen. Eddie says he will wait but the other two enjoy some nice chips. As they sit and play on the living room floor, I put the lasagna in the oven and set the timer. I have ten more of these left. I am thinking we’ll eat one a month. I got cheese and other things in the freezer, too, so I can make some more lasagna when these run out. I kind of doze off from being out in the cold; it saps my energy. I half wake up and feel someone climbing on my lap. I don’t bother opening my eyes. I just put my arm around Jim and go back to sleep. A little while later, I am awakened by the alarm going off. I wake up fully but reluctantly, see that the other two boys have crawled onto the couch to nap as well. Jim is sleeping, so I lift him off me,. get up, and take the lasagna out of the oven. I slice the bread and put some butter and garlic on it and put it in the oven. It won’t be like Italian bread, but it will still be good. Jack is already awake and watching me with anticipation. “Why don’t you set the table? The bread will be nearly done by the time you finish.” He hops up and gets plates and silverware. I get glasses and fill them with iced tea. We aren’t loud but the other two boys wake up and sit at the table as I pull the garlic bread from the oven. I get a spatula and cut portions of the lasagna. I give Jack a bigger piece then all of us and it doesn’t go unnoticed by him; he smiles at me. “Thanks, daddy.” I smile back and the other boys notice and smile, too. I’m not showing any favoritism, but when something is their favorite thing, I think it’s nice to give them extra. Especially since it’s hard to say when the last time was that they had their favorite. “Eddie, whats your favorite thing to eat?” “Meatloaf and mashed potatoes,” he says blowing on a bite before he pops it in his mouth. “Then we will have that in two nights, because we will have left over lasagna tomorrow.” I see three boys who are very happy. “Chocolate cake would make this perfect,” Jack says between bites. I nod. “Yep it sure would. I got brownies we can make. But I don’t have a cake mix.” “Oh my god, brownies!!” Eddie half shouts. “Yeah, we can make them after supper.” “I get to lick the bowl,” Eddie announces, calling it first. The other two boys just giggle. “Daddy, I think we are going to get fat,” Jack says. “No, I don’t think so. I think you will be just right. Besides, you are all much too skinny. I need to get some meat on them bones of yours.” They all giggle at me and continue eating. One thing I’m learning is they don’t mess around while eating. It is serious business when you are hungry for a long time and then avcılar escort you get food on a regular basis. “You know what I missed a lot before we got here, daddy?” Jim asks me. “I don’t know buddy what?” “Toilet paper.” “Yeah,” the other two agree. “Well go easy on it. I only got a room full.” “You got a room full of toilet paper?” Jim asks incredulously. “Yeah, the room that we haven’t gone into since you have been here is full to the brim. I would buy a 24 pack every week. I filled up that room and before you guys got here I had some that wouldn’t fit and it was stacked in my room. But still, don’t go crazy with it.” “Oh no daddy, we all talked about it and we use three sheets and fold it up so its thick enough then we fold it over and wipe again. Sometime we got to do it twice. But we are making sure to not waste it.” “OK, that was more information than I needed! But I’m glad you guys are thinking ahead.” “Dad, try wiping your butt with dried leaves a few times. You will think ahead about that, too.” “You guys are smart for sure. Speaking of smart, when we finish getting the garden in, we are going to start some school work. Just because the world has gone to shit doesn’t mean you boys can be lax in learning.” Jack and Jim smile, while Eddie frowns at the news. “Don’t worry, Eddie I don’t have any school books, but I do have some books that will help us out.” He still doesn’t look happy about it, but I think he will get over it. I will make it fun for them. I’m not really sure how, but I will. We finish supper and Jack asks if he can have a little more. I smile and tell him to get as much as he wants. He just gets a little bit more. I am surprised he is such a good eater; he really packed it away tonight. We still have half of it left so that’s good and will be enough for tomorrow. I put some wrap over it and put it in the fridge. I walk out and grab a bag of brownie mix and Eddie helps me make it. True to his word he got the bowl. I did give Jack and Jim the beaters. It was hilarious to me watching them snake their tongues between the tines, which were spotless when they got done. The boys washed the dishes and put them away. “You want to watch a movie boys?” They discuss it a minute and decide they would rather play with their toys. After a little while Jack goes to the restroom and comes back a minute later naked. “I feel so much better now,” he says when he walks back into the living room. “That’s a good idea,” Jim says and strips right there as does Eddie. They fold their clothes up and take them to their room. I smile that they are taking good care of them. I wish that they didn’t have to for the reason they do. But we will make it; I’m sure of it. I figure the brownies have cooled enough by now so I cut them up and give each boy a very large piece. I have a piece one half that size and am very content. I gather up the plates, shoo the boys away, and wash them. Afterwards I grab a book, start reading, and glance up at the boys playing. I see one of their butts up in the air every now and then showing their lovely hole. They all look very inviting, so much so that my cock is rock solid half the time. After a few hours the boys announce they are tired and heading to bed. “Good night, boys.” I say and each comes and give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Jim whispers in my ear. “I love you daddy.” I whisper back, “I love you too, Jimmy.” Then I pat his little butt. He smiles and scoots off. Jack is next in line. He whispers in my ear as well, “Daddy I love you. Are you coming to bed soon?” I get his ear and whisper back, “I love you too, and I’ll come to bed after this chapter.” Eddie is last in line as the others are on the way to bed. Eddie hugs me tight. “Dad, I think I love you. You are helping us so much and want nothing in return except for us to pull our weight. I was so surprised when you made us pants. I mean you really just met us and you are doing all this for us.” “Eddie, I do love you. When you get older you will realize that sometimes in life you have to help someone. I had to help you boys. As for the pants, they were something you all needed. I was happy I had the materials and tools to do it.” I figured he would head to bed but instead he sat on my lap and put his arms around me. “I don’t just think I love you, dad, I know I do. I was just scared to say it. Cuz well, you know.” “In case I don’t feel the same way it hurts. I understand.” “Dad, I want to give you a present.” “Eddie, you don’t need to give me a present. Besides you just gave me the best present ever.” “What’s that?” “Your heart.” “No really, I want to give you something.” “There is no need.” As I say this he grabs my semi hard cock and gives it a nice squeeze plumping it up all the way. I reach down and pull his hand away. “You don’t have to do anything Eddie. You don’t have to pay me or feel like you need to do this. I have already decided that you guys can stay here forever if that is what you want. I don’t expect anything in return for it either.” “I know dad, that’s why avrupa yakası escort I really want to do it. You never lied to us when we got here. You said you liked boys and have always wanted to do stuff. I know last night Jack jerked you off because he wanted to. Just like I want to now,” he insists, putting his hand back on my cock. Well, I’m not going to argue about getting a hand job from a gorgeous boy that’s for sure. He slides his hand inside my shorts and starts stroking me slowly. I let out a moan of pleasure. He pulls his hand out after a minute, stands up, and grabs my shorts waist band. I lift up and he pulls them off. I’m surprised when he leans forward and takes my cock into his mouth. I gasp in surprise and pleasure as his small wet mouth takes in the head and about three inches of cock. He looks up at me and I nearly burst then. I don’t know why I didn’t to be honest. He starts bobbing on my cock and is fondling my balls. I let out another groan as he does. I can’t take my eyes off his mouth and face as he sucks me and is giving me what is possibly the best blow job of my life. He lifts off and swirls his tongue around the head of my cock. I am going wild with lust and the desire to cum. He does this a good minute driving me wild. I am bucking my hips and he is smiling as he licks around my cock. He takes it into his mouth and really starts working the shaft with his hand and the head with his mouth. It doesn’t take a minute after that and I warn him, “I’m going to cum.” He continues on and I shoot in his mouth. I cum even harder as I watch him swallow my cum. Once I finish having the best orgasm of my life he sucks me dry, lets my cock slip form his mouth, and lays it on my belly. As I am coming down, I want nothing more than to suck him off. “I want to suck you now.” “No daddy, maybe tomorrow. This was just for you.” He gets up and walks to his room with his cock rock hard. When Eddie called me daddy that was the final straw. I am completely devoted to these boys until the day I die. I pick my shorts up off the floor and walk to my room, shutting off the lights as I go. We only use a few lights. I do have plenty of light bulbs and they are supposed to last ten years. I guess we will see. I see the light on under my door as I walk back. I smile as Jack has become my little snuggle buddy at night. I used to hold a pillow and dream it was a boy. Now I really get to hold one. My life is great now. I walk in and he is laying on the center as usual and looks up at me. “So did Eddie suck you?” “Yes.” “He said he was going to. He is really good at it, but Jim is better.” I can’t imagine better, I think “I just wanted to wait on you to go to sleep. I like sleeping with you; it makes me feel safe.” “I’m glad you feel safe.” “Guess what tomorrow is?” “Saturday?” “My turn.” My cock twitches at the thought. “Then Jim.” “You boys don’t have to do that. I love you and will take care of you whether you do it or not.” “We know; that’s why we want to do it. Before we came here had to do it to keep alive. Now we got someone who loves us and we want to do it.” “Well if tomorrow is your night, then tonight is mine,” I say, sliding into bed and running my hand on his flaccid cock which gets hard in a second. I decide that tonight I am going to savor his body and make him feel better than he has ever felt. Just like Eddie made me feel. I toss the covers off of him and I kiss his neck and ears as I slowly stroke his hardness. I work my way to his nipples and he gasps as I lightly nibble one. I lick around it and suck on it lightly then move to the other one. I work back and forth on it a few minute as I am gently stroking him. When he starts to buck into my hand I know he is really close and I don’t want the fun to stop for him or me yet. I run my hand to his balls and gently rub them. I slip a finger down, rub his perineum, and he lifts and spreads his legs as I run my finger over his pucker. He lets out a moan as I run it over and around it. I work my mouth to his stomach and start kissing him there and I lick his belly button. I start stroking his cock again as I work down and I am kissing his pubic region and god its so delightful. I work a little further down and suck his tight ball sack into my mouth and he lets out a gasp. I lick and suck on them for a minute or longer then I lick further down and work on his lovely hole. He lets out several moans of pleasure as I do. I work my tongue slowly into him and he is really enjoying this. I let up on his lovely boy hole and slide his cock into my mouth. I take it all in one motion and start to slowly slide up and down on it, sucking slightly and working my tongue on his delightful boy boner. I slip a finger down to his hole and start to gently push into him. He pushes against my finger and sinks it in to the hilt. “Oh, that’s so good,” he moans in a lusty voice that is so hot I nearly cum. I start working his ass and his cock and it doesn’t take long before he starts pushing his hips up at me. I speed up and within thirty seconds he lets out a long moan that changes pitch as his climax hits. It is almost funny that he goes from low to high each time his cock twitches in my mouth. I let his cock slip from my mouth and pull my finger from inside him. “That was amazing,” he says, panting. I smile at him. I go and wash my hands and come back to bed. He is next to me in a flash and is asleep nearly as fast. I am not too far behind him.