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Subject: The problem solver – an adult youth story The Problem Solver ————————– ————————– Jack sat up in his military hospital bed. He was recovering from a mission in which he had been assigned to rescue the daughter of the English ambassador in Nigeria from some of the militant terrorists in the east in the country. They were not interested in a political statement, more a monetary affair to further their cause. The English government was not going to go public with it and would not pay a ransom. Jack was dispatched to get her back in any way he could. His major problem was in locating the girl. After two weeks without success he decided to play a very dangerous game like the horse of Troy and play the part of a rich businessman and try to get himself kidnapped. They were so gullible this actually worked. He found himself in the same cellar prison as the girl. He was severely beaten and cut as they tried to get the names of those they could elicit cash from. His back was bleeding and deeply scarred. After 3 days the guards were getting lazy and he took his chance to overpower and kill them. He fled with the girl in a stolen boat back to Lagos and the British Embassy. From there they were flown out in secrecy to the Army base in Wiltshire. It was nothing less than James Bond stuff !! Two men came up the hospital aisle towards him. “May we sit?” one of them said. Jack noted the military uniforms and nodded, wondering what this was all about. “We have come to congratulate you Jack on your latest mission. The girl will be alright after some counselling” They handed over a small box. Inside Jack found the “George Cross”. One of the men formally congratulated him. There were smiles all round. There was silence and the first man looked at jack. He knew something was coming. “Jack, we would like to move to work of national importance” “Sounds interesting, tell me more” said Jack. “Well we believe that your recent escapades have left you with very serious wounds, you are 40 and have had some terrible injuries in the last couple of years. We believe you can do your country an enormous service but maybe in a slightly lesser combat position” “You mean I am being retired?” “No, definitely not. Just another position. There are certain tasks in this world which simply cannot be handled though the normal court procedures. We need somebody to make local and quick judgements. In fact to be judge and jury – a problem solver” “That’s not strictly legal is it?” said Jack. The two men looked at each other. “Strictly not but there are so many things which happen which are not strictly legal and if the government held to every single law then we would never get anything done.” Jack smiled “We would like you to go home for six months and get your strength back. After that we will contact you. Try and keep a low profile. There are only 6 people in this country who will know of your role. We are two of them and will act as your handlers. The four others are members of the security services. Not even the prime minister knows since we offer him the luxury of plausible deniability.” The three men discussed this role for over three hours until Jack finally offered his hand. There were to be no written contacts but he would be very well paid from a slush fund. He would want for nothing. The two men left. Jack was dismissed from the hospital a week later and he took a train back to Brighton. Here he had a flat on the beachfront and a 20 acre plot of land 5km further inland. Jack sat in a cafe at the bottom of the Brighton Lanes sipping coffee and reflecting on this life. He smiled. In fact Jack was a cold callus killer and had killed on many occasions in various wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Northern Ireland. He had survived through wit, strength and ability. He had little humor and little empathy for other people. In the last few years he had developed deception to a fine art and had used acting to deceive many an enemy both men and women. On more than once he had sexually used his body to win over a male or female opponent. This did not bother him too much. Both of these in fact were in Northern Ireland against the IRA. He had sex both with a older woman and a younger man. He had killed them both shortly after by breaking their necks after information had been extracted from them. He was only acting and put it to the back of his mind Now sitting in the little cafe and reflecting on his past and his new life. He knew he was lonely. He was really in the prime of his life. He was 40, fantastically fit and strong, not lacking money in any way. He really could not be bothered to start any relationship with any women. He could not bear the thought of having to be home at 5pm. He was a free spirit. He knew at the back of his mind that in his brief sexual encouteres with men and women that he was gay or at least bi !! He had buried this thought for many a year but now sitting here alone in the cafe he could not help himself looking at the young students walking past him. He knew that he always ended up looking at the young men and not the young girls. Out of the caffe came the boy who had served him earlier. He looked about 20. Smallish, slim, and toned and a real good looker. He gave this boy more than just one look and saw his tight butt as he walked back into the coffee shop. Jack was resolved to do something about this but he lacked social skills. He could act and deceive but making any advance towards this boy would not be natural to him. He knew he had to let go of some of his inhibitions a little and enjoy life. He tended to be in Brighton during the week and then go to his little ranch during the weekend in the forest. He found Brighton too packed with tourists during the weekend ! One Wednesday evening he showered and ate in an Italian and and then at 9pm went down to a bar. He realised that this was a gay bar by chance. He felt the urge to leave but on the other hand he was interested to see what happened. He noticed all types. The queens, the old guys, the young hopefuls, the drug dealers and the bullies. He also noticed the young boy from the coffee shop. That surprised him. The boy did not seem to be the gay type but then again who would guess about himself? After a perrier water Jack left. Walking back to his flat he began to notice how many bad types could be found around Brighton. The drug dealers, the pimps, the male and female escorts. In fact Brighton was a university town. The government had insisted on a 9,000 yearly education charge and many young kids had to either work their way through college by standing in a coffee shop or bar or selling their bodies as escorts. In the next couple of weeks Jack saw this boy in the coffee show several times in the bar once and konyaaltı sınırsız escort several times in the gym. The boy really looked after himself with good strong and lean muscles and a perfect bubble butt. He was also a very good looking blond! They began to nod to each other and then to even say hello. Jack felt his pulse hop every time he saw the boy. One evening in the gay bar Jack was drinking his perrier water. A group of nut heads had come in and were obviously intent on causing trouble. The young barman asked them to leave and he was punched on the nose and fell back bleeding. More by instinct Jack moved into action. 15 seconds later he had floored the five trouble makers who were now groaning on the floor with various trivial injuries. Jack left quickly. On the way out he passed his coffee shop boy. They saw each other but Jack did not stop. He made it home. He opened the door to his terrace windows and let in the sound of the sea. He sat on the terrace and read the paper. He wondered if the police would track him down. It was obvious to all that the bullies got what they deserved. There was little danger since he knew if they did manage to locate him then he could simply pass them to his handlers and the police would be told to back off. The following morning he went for his usual 5k jog. He could not run 10k yet due to his injuries but he would get there soon. He had just reached his flat and on the beach he noticed a sack. His training and senses kicked in and he knew this was a body. He moved down to the beach. He pulled the body over and the boy groaned and coughed. He was alive. The boy was blood strained. He had been slashed with knives. His trousers were half down his legs and it looked as though he had been raped. More than this Jack knew he had hyperthermia. Jack looked at his face. It was the boy he had begun to know from the coffee shop. He was in a bad way and the boy needed urgent treatment. Jack pulled up the boys trousers, picked up the 70kg boy and carried him 50 meters to the entrance of his flat. He took the boys clothes off and carried him into the bath to warm him up. Jack lay behind him in the bath to support him. After 15 minutes the boy began to stir. Blood was visible in the bath. Jack had to tend to his wounds. He was a field expert so this was a simple task for him and he did not even consider a trip to the local hospital. He even had antibiotics and antiseptic at home. This was just a part of his lifestyle. He treated the boy’s wound. He gave the boy 15 stitches in all and then let him rest. The boy slept for 12 hours. It was 7pm when the boy woke. Jack brought some soup and bread. “What happened?” said Jack. “I was mugged” “Did they do anything else?” “I guess they stole my cash” “Well you seem to be ok and it’s only money cuts and bruises” “They fucked me” said the boy “Yes I guessed that” said Jack “I found you on the beach in a pretty bad state with your trousers round your legs. I carried you back here” The boy gave his thanks. “Did you take my clothes off and get in the bath with me?” said the boy “Yes” said Jack. “Don’t worry I have seen it all before and nothing else happened” “Why don’t you just relax up here for a couple of days. When you feel better then you can go back to your digs.” “Ok” said the boy. He introduced himself as Oliver. “Who did this?” asked Jack. “It was the five bullies you put down in the bar. How did you do that?” “I was in the army and saw quite a bit of action.” Jack was shocked. It was possible the bullies got so angry that they just took it out on Oliver. Jack felt guilty and responsible. Oliver continued “those 5 are over the whole town. They extort for cash , sell drugs, beat up kids for no real reason. The police can’t touch them since nobody is willing to testify and they seem to always know how to avoid the video cameras.” “Where did you learn all that medical stuff?” said Oliver “In the army – its called field surgery but I can see you are healing nicely, there is no need to go to the hospital” Maybe those bullies need teaching a lesson” said Jack. Now just you lay back and watch some TV and get better. I will be in and out to see to you now and again” Oliver closed his eyes and drifted in and out of sleep. On the third day Oliver got out of bed and on the fifth day was walking around the flat. All his clothes had been bloody and ripped and Jack had thrown them away. He had walked around only in a pair of skimpy shorts and a tee shirt. On the 7th day Oliver said he was good enough to go back to his flat. He borrowed some clothes from Jack, gave him a big hug and left. Jack thought – I like having that kid around it’s going to be lonely now. Two hours later the front door rang. It was Oliver. He stood with two bags and was sobbing uncontrollably. “What’s the matter?” said Jack “I have been thrown out of my digs. I have nowhere else to go” “Why?” Well the government takes 9,000 a year for lessons at uni and to pay for my flat and food and books then I have to work at the caffe. Two weeks ago I flunked my exam because I have to work most of the time at the caffe. It will cost extra to take the summer courses. The bullies just stole all my cash and since I could not pay my rent I have been thrown out.” Oliver put his hands in his face and bent over howling with tears. Jack came up to him and cradled him in his arms. “OK, ok we will sort it out young man” “How?” said Oliver. “Well the money bit is easy to solve but the bullies has to be better arranged” Jack asked Oliver to tell him more about the bullies. After two hours Jack had worked out society would indeed be much better off if they did not exist. “Firstly” said Jack “Move your things in here. I am only here 3 days a week and it would be good to have you around. I have kinda got used to it. Next you resign from the coffee shop and concentrate on your studies. I will give you an allowance for any needs you have” “Why would you do that for me?” “Well I feel responsible for beating up the bullies. Now I need to finish the job. Additionally we should go to my house in the forest and I will teach you self defense. You are big enough to be able to defend yourself from anybody and anything. It will be kinda fun having a student” Oliver’s chin was shaking and then he was sobbing. “Nobody has ever been this kind to me ” And so their friendship continued. Oliver studied during the week and they went to the forest to train each weekend. Oliver learned to run 10k, box, he learned Krag Magre and how to defend himself from attacks of all kinds. They were only in shorts and tee shirts for most of the day. After the first day they took a shower together. Oliver was shocked by the scars on konyaaltı türbanlı escort Jack’s back, legs and arms. Jack admitted he had been tortured. “What is it you actually do?” Jack replied “I sort out problems for the government” In the next week Oliver and Jack settled into a routine. Jack was happy to see the boy strutting around his flat. It was summer and they both used very little clothes On more than one occasion Oliver walked around naked. Jack learned that Oliver had done a lot of Yoga and athletics. In fact Oliver was strong and super flexible. Oliver took to doing Yoga naked on the terrace. Jack removed the boy’s stitches. It all looked ok. In the newspaper Oliver read that two boys had been attacked just outside the town. They had their arms broken. The gossip around the town was that it was two of the bullies. Oliver asked Jack about it and he simply replied that the bullies would no longer be a problem and he should ask no more questions about it. After three weeks they were sitting on the sofa watching some football. Oliver had taken to snug into Jack’s shoulder like an older brother. At half time Oliver had made his decision. “Jack can I ask you a question” “Of course” said Jack “Do you like me?” “Of course I do you silly boy” “I mean really like me?” Jack put his arm around the boy’s shoulder. It was just about the first time they had touched since Jack had carried him off the beach and gone into the bath with him. “What’s brought this on?” said jack. “Well, I first saw you in the coffee shop some weeks back and I know you could not stop looking at my bum. I also saw you in the gym and of course in the gay club.. In the last few days I have been going around here mostly naked. Despite all this you have not once tried to come on to me in any way physically. Is there something I have done wrong? Do you like me?” Jack gripped him tighter . “Of course I like you. In fact I think you are really sexy. It’s just that I am not very sociable. It comes from my work. I don’t really know how to approach you or even what to do. I don’t even know if you fancy me or older men. I have only ever had sex with a couple of people and that did not go so well.” They went quiet for a few seconds. “Well I think you are sexy. Would you like me to teach you?” said Oliver. Jack’s chin dropped. He had never been propositioned by a 20 year old before. Jack could do nothing more than just nod. Jack’s right arm was still around Oliver’s shoulder so Oliver took Jack’s left hand and placed it on his silky leg. Oliver moved Jack’s hand up and down to teach him how to stroke. Oliver looked up at Jack and said “Kiss me”. Jack slowly moved towards Oliver’s lips. Oliver took over and kissed Jack deeply. At the same time Oliver moved Jack’s left hand from his leg and moved it slowly up his leg to his own crotch. Jack squeezed Oliver’s rock hard cock. They stayed like this for a very long time. Oliver could feel he would cum soon and that he did not want. He stood up and kneeled down in front of Jack. He unid Jack’s shorts and the erect cock popped out. Oliver went down on him and took him in one go to the root. After a minute or two he could feel Jack’s stomach going up and down so he came off Jack’s cock. “Not so quick,” he said to jack. “I have waited a long time for this” Oliver got onto Jack’s lap and wiggled his bum. Jack knew what was going to happen and he tensed up. “Relax” said Oliver “enjoy” With that Oliver positioned his hole over Jack’s cock and lowered himself. Both Jack and Oliver gasped with pleasure. It was no more than a couple of minutes until Jack’s stomach and breathing started getting quicker. Without any more warning Jack came deep into Oliver’s willing arse. They stayed like that for 5 minutes. Jack did not actually get soft. Oliver started getting cramp in his legs and had to pull off. Oliver was sitting there with a big erection. He had not cum and was not satisfied. Oliver realized that Jack needed some help knowing how to satisfy him. Oliver took Jack’s hand once again and simply said “Daddy, I need some help with this. WIll you give me a blow job?” Jack realised the boy needed a release. He copied Oliver by kneeling down in front of him and taking Oliver in his mouth. He engulfed the cock. Oliver cupped his head with both hands and gently guided him to bob up and down. Oliver was close. His stomach and chest started heaving. “I am coming Daddy!” With that Oliver shot deeply into Jack’s mouth. Jack wanting to please the boy simply swallowed the warm sperm. “Thanks Daddy, I needed that,” said Oliver. Oliver took Jack by the hand and led him into the shower. Here Oliver washed Jack all over and Jack did the same to Oliver. Oliver wanted more. He bent over and backed up onto Jack’s cock. Oliver felt the strong arms of Jack holding on to his hips as he thrust in and out. Jack came again with a gasp. Oliver was the first to speak. “Was that ok?” “Yes” said jack “I enjoyed that” “Shall we do it again – soon?” “Yes please” said Jack. They went back onto the sofa and relaxed in each other’s arms. Oliver taught Jack to be an expert and gentle lover. In fact Jack learned to play. Jack loved to play Daddy and son, teacher and pupil, master and slave. He would come home with a pair of new sexy underwear or ring home and tell Oliver to get naked and lie over the sofa. In fact this was of Oliver’s favorite positions. He would lie over the back of the sofa naked with his arse exposed. Jack would come in and take him. Jack would lift one of Oliver’s legs on the back of the sofa so that Oliver’s legs were at an angle of 130 degrees. This gave fantastic open access to Oliver’s willing hole. Oliver walked around the flat in-between a state of nakedness and skimpy shorts or briefs. Jack had to admit he looked better in the briefs since they showed off Oliver’s tight little bottom much better. Oliver still liked to tease him with total nakedness. Jack knew exactly what Oliver was doing and often commented that he was a little boy version of “Mata Hari”. Oliver often got his way and teased Jack into some form of sexual play. They both loved football. Another of their favorite positions was to both lie naked on the sofa. Jack would be behind Oliver and would gently enter him. At the same time Jack would gently wank Oliver. Jack just moved his hips back and forwards just enough to keep him hard. During a 45 mins half of one match Jack could edge Oliver close to ejacualation a dozen times. Oliver knew that as the match came to end Jack would cum in his hole and Oliver would be allowed to cum. Oliver would sperm into Jack’s hands and Jack would bring his hand up to Oliver’s mouth and would lick his own cum.. Oliver taught Jack all konyaaltı ucuz escort about the prostate and how to massage Olivers. Jack excelled and was able to make Oliver go wild with pleasure. Jack had bought some special cream in a chinese health shop which was supposed to be massaged into the anus. The owner said it gave a special warming, relaxing feel. It worked pretty well – it sent Oliver into a sense of passion. Jack had to put his hand over Oliver’s mouth to subdue his moaning. One day Oliver said he wanted to have sex in every room in the flat. Jack remarked that that was going to be a problem in the broom cupboard! They managed . They also loved getting into the bath to re-create the position of their first meeting. Oliver teased Jack and asked if he had really not given him a blow job that day. Jack knew he was just teasing. Oliver convinced Jack that they should both be free of genital hair. Jack sat on the edge of the bath and Oliver in front of him with a real barber razor. Oliver smiled and said “now keep still I don’t want to cut off the wrong bits”. Jack laughed and told him he was going to get a really good fucking when they were finished in the bathroom. Jack thought to himself just how many times he had killed with a knife not unlike this. He was indeed very trusting to let this boy so close him with a deadly weapon. Oliver got well and truly rogered that evening. He loved it! Jack said he was going to be away for a few days at a time in the next few months. Each time he came back Oliver noticed he was stressed and sometimes injured. Oliver tried to ask Jack what was going on but Jack just said “its better you didn’t know” When Jack was stressed Oliver would just get into bed with him and wait. Ultimately Jack would roll over and put his arms around Oliver like a pair of spoons. Oliver would rock back and forward until Jack was hard and then he would guide Jack’s cock into his willing bum. Their sex could be gentle and hard. In their play mode Oliver was on his knees in front of Jack and blindfolded. Oliver’s arms would be bound behind his back, then Oliver would be lifted on to the kitchen table face down. His legs would be opened wide and Jack would put his cock in hard. On other occasions they would be in bed. Oliver’s yoga allowed him to put his feet all the way behind his head. Jack would climb onto Oliver’s arse and pump gently from above. This was the position which allowed maximum depth to Oliver’s inner prostate. One day Oliver came home with a present to Jack. Jack opened it and laughed. It was the Kama Sutra of gay sex – One thousand positions. Oliver said “we have been through less than 5% so we have to spend some time on your homework” “You naughty boy, I may just have to spank your little butt” said Jack as he grinned. “Yes please” said Oliver. With that Jack lifted Oliver up and placed him face down on the back of the sofa for a good fucking. Jack did not resist ! In fact, Oliver never resisted in any way. He trusted and loved Jack. Up in the forest at the weekends Oliver became an expert in self defense and offense as well as knife throwing, star throwing, archery, axe throwing and shooting. Oliver was becoming a serious challenge to anybody who dared to mess with him. In the next few months Jake went away several times. Oliver began to see a pattern. He worked out that when Jake went away then there was some event in the newspaper of some criminal or drug baron or pedofile who had been killed in some way. Jack went away for a few days and on his return he found Oliver in the flat with bruises all over his body. He had been beaten up by the bullies once more. Oliver was able to better defend himself and had escaped with only minimal injuries. Oliver was sobbing. “They are not going to leave me alone are they?” “Jake” said Oliver “I know what it is you do for a living. I have seen it in the papers” Jake looked astonished “Would you kill them for me?” said Oliver Jake knew the secret was out. In fact he was happy it was eventually out and he could share his burden with his lover. Jake spent the next two hours telling Oliver all about it. Oliver just listened his jaw getting closer and closer to the ground. Oliver simply went over to Jake and gave him the biggest hug ever. Oliver looked up and said “Crikey, James Bond is my boyfriend” Jake said he would take care of the problem of the bullies. Jake went back to handlers and asked them to investigate the five bullies. The message came back they were serious drug dealers and it was of no consequence if they disappeared. Jack knew that this meant they should be executed. It would take some arranging. Oliver said he needed to be a part of it. Jack tried to talk him out of it but Oliver was insistent. Jack realised how desperate Oliver was. Jack told of the problems to think about. “Firstly it is best if there is no DNA trace. Burning with fire or acid is always good. Next they should disappear so that a firm time cannot be firmly established. In that way if we are questioned then there is no exact time to question about. Lastly it is best if the bodies are never actually found. There is no reason why we should be questioned since you have not officially complained about them. Even if the police do close in then with one phone call I can get them called off” Oliver realized that Jack was a pure professional and he was visibly relaxed. “Is it as simple as that?” asked Oliver. “Simple is best. Less to go wrong” replied Jack. The plans were laid. First they went into the forest to dig a large deep hole. They chose a place more than 2 miles from the nearest building. Jack stole a large amount of acid from a farm and they put it in the hole still in its plastic holders. They covered the hole with leaves and twigs. Jack had got hold of some Fluothane gas from his handlers. One evening Jack and Oliver went to the bullies house and injected the gas in through an open window. All five fell asleep within 30 seconds. Jake twisted their necks one by one and all five were dead. It was as simple as that. They took the bullies car and drove out to the forest and dumped the bodies in the hole. The acid bottles were opened and the acid spilled out over the corpses. They filled in the hole and covered it back with grass and moss. It was important that the hole did not look like a hole. Jake had been careful to arrange a pipe just poking out to let the gases out so that the hole did not start to bulge. Jake was happy with their work. They drove back to the town in the stolen car, wiped it clean and left it back at the bullies house. They avoided all the video cameras. “It could be five days or more before somebody realises ses they are not around!” said Jack “The longer the better” They walked back to their flat in Brighton along the water’s edge once more to avoid any cameras. Jake opened a bottle of champagne and they drank it on the terrace. “I am sorry,” said Jake. “It was me who caused you the bother in the first but they will not bother you any longer. Problem solved” Oliver cuddled up to Jake and they both fell asleep looking up at the stars over the Brighton Pier.