The Promotion

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The Promotion”Thank you very much, Mr. Halston, you won’t be disappointed,” James joked as he had been rewarded with the promotion he had been seeking for over a year now.”You deserve it, James,” Mr. Halston replied, “You’ve already thanked me with all the hard work you’ve done over he past year, which is why I’m sending you to Ms. Ligouri’s office, she’s expecting you Monday morning and will teach you everything you need to know about the position”And with that, James hung up and phone and took a long sigh of relief. Mr. Halston was right he had worked hard the last year giving up everything in his personal life, his friends, family and even his girlfriend Sonia. The way he saw it his true friends would still be there for him and family, well, they were family, enough said. But Sonia… Sonia was different… she gave him what he had been lacking for over a year now, exciting, sometimes rough yet playful sex that would last hours. The only problem was that the jubilant 21 year old always wanted to go out and party. James was only 25 but couldn’t keep up with Sonia and a demanding job in the insurance world. She was beautiful but immature, it didn’t last and now it had been a year since James had gone out and had some fun.It was now Sunday night; James had so much to think about that weekend. Thoughts which made him nervous. His ex-girlfriend Sonia… his new job… his raise which allowed him to be able to work lesser hours and go out to enjoy him self. He had planned to do just that. James had always been popular with the ladies, he stood 6’2, black wavy hair, green eyes, strong jaw line and tanned skin. He tried to keep himself in good shape, he was no Greek god but his wide shoulders and big arms always turned on his past lovers. A thought of Sonia always made him extremely horny and tonight was no exception. As he lied in his bed after taking a shower he thought of Sonia’s big tits bouncing up and as she rode his cock like she always did. His now rock hard seven inch cock poked through his half opened robe and he couldn’t fight it any longer. James stroked his cock and envisioned him sliding his cock in-between Sonia’s titties until he creamed her neck, shoulders and hard nipples. The thought was enough to send James over the edge and he shot his cum all over the bed sheets and his stomach. Relieved and tired, he fell asleep dreaming about the possibilities ahead.The next day James woke up bright and early to the sounds of the morning news. He looked around a little surprise but quickly realized what had happened last night. He got up, showered, shaved and got dressed in usual business attire just like any other day but this day seemed different. Not only was it the first day of his new promotion but it also symbolized a new start… a new chapter in his life. James arrived to the new office at around 8:30 am and was quickly surprised at what he saw. The biggest difference was the abundance of females working there. Insurance offices within the company were mostly male dominated with a couple of girls as secretaries if you were lucky. But this place was different; the male secretary who greeted was one of the few guys he actually saw around. As he looked around at all the potential eye candy in the joint, trying to figure out who was important and who wasn’t, he was startled by a female voice.”Not exactly what you’re used to huh,” The strange voice questioned. James turned around to see what he presumed must’ve been Mrs. Ligouri standing near the largest office.”Well not exactly, but I do believe that change is good,” James nervously replied. This also gave James a chance to look at his new boss and he was taken aback that a woman he knew to be in her mid-forties could look so good. She stood 5’3 but her black stilettos made her look about 5’7. She carried herself with confidence and beauty with her short and stylishly cut brown hair. Her bangs covered part of her round brown eyes and accented her olive Italian skin. Her mouth was small with a fat bottom lip. Looking down Mrs. Ligouri was wearing a black blazer and white blouse which was on the border of being unprofessional while giving James an incredible view of two olive skinned 36D size tits. Continuing his adventure down she wore a matching skirt which again might be viewed as a little too short but look amazing wrapped tightly around her wide hips and thick thighs. When Mrs. Ligouri finally invited him in James got a great look at Mrs. Ligouri’s best feature which was her large round and shapely ass which swayed sexily from side to side when she walked.Inside Marie Ligouri’s office, James was able to find out more about the mature vixen he was eye fucking only five minutes prior. They discussed many things, James being able to receive his promotion in less than a year, his lack of a personal life and what she expected from him at work. They veered off a little and James was able to pry out of Marie tuzla eve gelen escort that she was married at an early age and had a c***d who was now 17. She got a divorce from her first husband, who according to Marie was a real asshole, and had gotten remarried, to Steve about five years ago. James and Marie spent pretty much the whole day talking; she admired how smart and funny James was and really enjoyed talking to the young man who made her laugh and feel sexy. She could feel his eyes on her chest and she loved it. She made sure to lean forward on her desk to give James a better view. James was no idiot; he could tell Marie was at least a little turned on by being the object of his desire. After they had lunch and talked some more it was time to go home.Marie seemed to have a smile on her face the whole night and was so turned on by her new co-worker she tried desperately to get Steve to fuck her that night. No use. Steve was a construction worker in his late fifties and rarely ever fucked Marie which made her lonely and horny. She decided that the only thing she could do was to take care of herself and headed to the shower with her box of toys, soaps and lotions. Lighting candles she slowly undressed herself and cranked the shower up. “What kind of man wouldn’t want these titties or to fuck this fat round ass,” she thought to herself. Marie loved her body and spent the next hour rubbing lotions and soaps all over her tits and thighs while shoving rubber cocks in her aching pussy and ass.Over the next six months at work constant flirting went on between James and Marie. James loving every minute had become very close to Marie. The woman who was perceived by the other girls in the office as a “bitch” or “hardass” was becoming much attached to James. Marie could talk to James about anything, her family, friends and even her sex life. Nothing went much further than the occasional hug goodbye or rub of a shoulder at lunch but the sexual tension was still there. Marie wore sexy outfits everyday, short skirts, low cut blouses, high heels and thigh high stockings had James going home every night and stroking his prick to Marie Ligouri. No longer was James thinking about Sonia’s tits, instead it was Marie bent over her desk and James ramming his dick into her.Although Marie liked James very much she found herself fighting guilt and jealousy. The other girls in the office were starting to show a lot of interest in James. She feared one of the four other girls, all in their twenties, who worked in the office, would eventually get their hands on him and she had no plans of letting that happen. Even Marie’s daughter commented on James telling her mom that he was a “hottie.” Marie later told James during lunch telling him he had a little admirer. The next time Marie’s daughter came to visit he was finally able to meet her only to find she was a younger version of her sexy mom. Jessica Ligouri was about 5’1, tanned skin, shoulder length brown hair and huge tits just like her mom. She laughed at every joke James told and blushed whenever James looked at her. James thought it was cute and chalked it up to the fact he was older and more mature then the little boys who were probably fucking her. Before Jessica left she begged her mom to invite James to her 18th birthday party two weeks away. Marie agreed and asked James if he could come by early in the day to help set up. James agreed to help out and Jessica kissed him on the cheek before she happily skipped away.A couple of days later he walked into Marie’s office and she had a serious look on her face. She was on the phone with Mr. Halston and informed James they had to go to an emergency meeting. They both had no idea what it was about but it was to be held at the end of the day. At around five that evening the two left work to drive to the meeting. Marie suggested they take her car which was fine with James since her car was much newer and had air conditioning, a must in the dead heat of summer. They talked about this and that on the way there, James nervous about the meeting and finally being alone with Marie. While she was driving, her skirt creped up her thighs and James looked upon her with passion as he eyed her legs. Marie noticed and started to feel her panties getting wet wishing she could pull over and jump on James’ young cock which was starting to make a nice outline on his pants. She resisted temptation and they finally arrived at the meeting.James and Marie were both surprised to find out that the meeting was a not as serious as they thought and that they were being rewarded with a dinner party that night. The announcement was made at Mr. Halston’s main office room which was a large room with a big desk. Everyone was so excited and they slowly left the room one by one to get their things together for the dinner party. Everyone had left instead of Marie and James. The last tuzla otele gelen escort person to leave was Stacy Roberts from the Brighton Office whose dress was pinning back a huge set of 38E milky white tits. Marie looked over at James and saw the same huge bulge she saw in the car.”Guess Stacy had a little effect on you,” she said with a bit a jealously in her voice. James laughed and looked at Marie, “You know this is because of you Marie, I and I know you saw it in the car.”Marie blushed and laughed but had heard enough and was dying to grab James’ cock. “Really,” she asked huskily as she starting to rub James’ cock over his pants. The door was shut and she had her chance to see James’ dick. She unzipped his pants and reached in to pull out James’ seven inch cock under the table. James couldn’t believe what Marie was doing with their co-workers right outside. She slowly starting to stroke his thick cock and whispering his ear how long she wanted to fuck him. Just then Mr. Halston opened the door and told them to hurry up and get going to the dinner hall. He couldn’t see what Marie was doing under the table but the close call made them more excited. When Mr. Halston left Marie looked over at James and said “Come on, let’s go, we’ll have to finish this later.”As soon as they got back to the car James was all over Marie finally able to touch her curvaceous body. He grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed his tongue down her mouth for the first time and soaked in her full lips, wet mouth and fat tongue. Marie immediately responded by grabbing James bulge and rubbing it between her fingers. Seeing and touching James’ fat veiny cock in the conference room made her so wet and all she wanted to do was stuff James dick far down her throat. Thank God Marie’s car windows were tinted and no one could see the high school like grope fest going on. Finally as the last of the cars were leaving the parking lot Marie’s realized they had to get going seeing as they were the first to their car and the last ones to leave. They both straightened themselves out and Marie started the car.The car ride was silent and intense. James looked at Marie with pure lust. “That thing looks so fucking good,” Marie finally said breaking the silence.”You look fucking good, Marie. I’m getting a good look at those legs and I need to touch them,” James quickly replied.Before James could finish Marie was unbuttoned his pants and pulling out his young hard cock again and stroking it, while James was rubbing up her thighs. After fifteen minutes they arrived at the dinner hall, the whole time Marie rotating between trying to drive and licking her hand to stroke James’ dick. She couldn’t take it anymore and decided they both needed something. Marie pulled to the end of the parking lot where no cars are around and immediately downs James’ cock in her mouth. James is surprised how much she takes at once but is in heaven as Marie moves on all fours and starts inhaling James’ cock. Marie’s mouth is warm and wet, “Ohhh fuck, Marie, baby,” James moans out. He puts his hand on Marie’s head and runs his fingers through her hair, kissing the back of her head as she pumps James’ cock in her small hands. Marie moves James’ hand to her ass which is bent over the center console. “Marie, you have the most beautiful ass,” James screams as Marie enjoys the young man’s cock while loudly moaning. Her skirt slowly rises up and James can see a perfect view of her round ass in the driver’s side window. James rubs and spanks Marie’s ass while pushing her head down on his cock. He forces all of him into her while he pulls Marie’s black thong to the side and rubs her sopping wet pussy. He feels his balls getting tight and knows he is close to cumming in Marie Ligouri’ sexy mouth.Two fingers slide easily into Marie’s aching pussy and she screams, “Shit James you keep doing that and I’m gonna cum so fucking hard” That’s exactly what James wants and keeps up his steady finger fucking.”Marie… shit…I’m gonna fucking cum in your mouth… Shit… baby” James exclaims as he pushes Maries head down one final time before Marie starts her own orgasm soaking James fingers. James continues to hold her head as he grunts and shoots loads of hot white cum down Marie’s hungry throat. Marie has tears running own her cheeks as she makes sure to hold her head in place for James wonderful cock and is breathing heavily through her nose. James slowly pulls his fingers out of Marie and licks them dry loving the taste.Both exhausted and still in position, a loud knock on the window awakens them both from their daze. They both jump up to realize that it’s Stacy knocking on the door trying to see inside. Quickly the pair gets themselves together, James making sure to glance at Stacy’s huge titties jiggling as leans over the car. Once they are both settled and Marie makes sure to rub her chin full of saliva tuzla sınırsız escort and James’ cum, she rolls down the window to tell Stacy everything’s okay.”Why are you guys parked so far away,” Stacy asks as she inspects the car out of curiosity. She remembered Marie telling her how hot James was but surely they were not doing what she thought? Marie explained they wanted to make sure that the elder co-workers got the best spots. Stacy informs them they should just leave the car and hurry up because everyone was inside.The dinner hall was a large auditorium with several round tables set up around a dance floor and a large stage towards the back. First drinks were served and before long everyone was starting to get hammered including James and Marie. Dinner was served and after a brief award ceremony the DJ came on and started playing music. At James and Marie’s table was Stacy who loved to dance and grabbed James’ hand and led him to the dance floor. Stacy, obviously drunk started to grind her big ass against James cock as the music played. She grabbed one of James’ hands and placed it on her hip and moved it up to her left breast and James squeezed it hard making Stacy moan. After the song James and Stacy head back to the table only to be greeted by Marie who immediately grabs James herself and leads him back to the dance floor. Since it was dark, Marie was unaware of the sexy dancing James just experience but was going to give him a show of her own. With her back to James she slowly and seductively grinds James’ groin and slipped her soaking wet thong into his left pant pocket. Turning her head back and rubbing the back of James’ head with her arm she teased him with her words.”I had so much fun in the car James; I’m so drunk right now… but… I want you right here on this dance floor, do you want me too James,” Marie coyly asks. Thank God for James it was dark because he was now hard as a rock and needed to fuck this beautiful mature woman.After a couple of songs James tells Marie he has an idea. “Follow my lead Marie.” He leads her past the stage and around the back hallway where fellow workers are enjoying a smoke. James and Marie make small talk until the smokers leave. James sees a set of stairs and grabs Marie’s shaking hand and leads them down to the basement. He grabs Marie and pushes her against the wall and starts to kiss her neck while ripping her blazer off. After a few minutes of heavy kissing and panting they stumble across what looks to be a janitor’s room. Marie opens it and pulls her young lover inside and immediately drops to her knees. Inside it is dark with the only light coming from a streetlight piercing through a small window in the back of the room. Marie undoes James belt and pulls his pants and boxers down in one swipe. James cock springs up and hits Marie in the chin. Marie starts to pump James’ cock while she sucks his heavy balls. As she is doing this James pulls off Marie’s top and gets his first look at Marie’s huge tits which have very little sag and quarter size round nipples. After letting Marie suck his cock for a few minutes he decides he needs to fuck her. She pulls her up and leads her to a couch in the back sucking her tits the whole way and knocking over paint cans and brooms on their way. In the front of the couch he makes sure he pays more attention to Marie’s tits, he grabs them both in his hands and caresses them and gently sucking and biting her nipples. He bends her over the couch and pulls off that damn skirt in his way. Marie is down bent over naked, only wearing her 6 inch pumps and her glorious round ass is sticking up at James waiting to be fucked. The light from the window shines directly on her and James gets on his knees to taste the beauty. He starts by kissing her cheeks and rubbing her ass which drives Marie crazy. He spanks her ass and loves how it jiggles for him. James spreads Marie’s lips and starts licking her clit, rolling his tongue around it while both hands grab her massive ass. James drives Marie crazy as he licks from her clit, up her opened lips all the way up to her puckered ass.”Fuck James… baby that’s it, lick my fucking ass, oh shit that feels so good, keep doing that and I’m gonna fuck your brains out right hereeeeee,” Marie screams and cries wildly. James buries his face in her ass, he is in heaven, licking Marie’s ass which he jerked off to so many nights after work. James worked over Marie’s ass while sticking two fingers deep in her pussy bringing her to an orgasm.”Oh shit, James your gonna make me cum again you fucking bastard, AHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHH, Oh GOD, I’m cummingggg,” Marie cries out and grabs onto the couch for support as she covers James’ face with her juice. After a few seconds of shock, Marie knows what she wants now, she needs to fuck James and fill the void left by Steve. She gets up and pushes James on to the couch and straddles him. She licks James’ face clean of her own juice and slowly lowers herself onto James fat dick for the first time. James grabs Marie’s ass and starts assaulting her titties again as Marie tries to get used to James hard dick penetrating her. Once he is all the way in she moans loudly and James spanks her ass hard with both hands several times.