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Subject: The Railway Boy Chapter 2 Here is the next instalment of The Railway Boy. As before, I must stress that this story is pure fantasy and must not be taken as approving or condoning sexual relationships with people who are under age. If you are under age in your country or if reading this kind of material is illegal where you live, then please leave this website now. On the other hand, if you enjoy it, please make a contribution to Nifty, so that the service it currently provides free of charge to both readers and writers may continue. The Railway Boy by Scotnat Chapter 2 We got off the train together at Holt and wandered along towards the far end of the platform, where the locomotive crew were busy uncoupling before running round. The locomotive this time was the unique ex-Great Eastern Railway Y14 class 0-6-0 goods engine, painted a beautiful dark blue. Ronnie stood close beside me as we watched. Eventually, he turned to me and said, “The shuttle bus to Holt is along here. Come on,” and he led me further away from the station to where a bus was waiting for the last few straggling passengers, including Ronnie and me. As we got on, the driver said, “Hello Ronnie. Found a friend today, have you?” “Yes, this is Jim. I didn’t know he was coming today. We’re going to Holt for lunch.” “Hi there, Jim. Are you enjoying the day?” “Very much so,” I replied as I forked out the fares for the two of us. “All the better since bumping into Ronnie here.” Clever boy, I thought; without telling any lies he had given the impression that he and I were acquaintances, possibly family friends, making my keeping him company appear totally legit. Holt station is about a mile from the village which it was built to serve. The Victorian engineers who built the railways of England weren’t too fussed about linking closely with smaller centres of population; hence the reason why the modern preservation society which keeps the railway running provides a shuttle bus for the benefit of passengers who wish to see the village. Holt is one of the many attractive villages for which Norfolk is renowned. As the bus trundled along the straight, level road to Holt, Ronnie was being quiet again, and I couldn’t think of a way to break the ice. Eventually the bus pulled up in the village square. “Enjoy your lunch; I’ll see you later maybe,” said the driver as Ronnie and I izmit escort bayan got off. “Café or tearoom?” I asked. “How about Mildred’s?” Ronnie suggested, to my surprise. It was a very genteel sort of place, not what I would have expected him to choose, and I said so. “Mildred’s a friend of my gran’s,” he explained. “She’ll do us a good lunch at mates rates! I quite often go there on my own on days like this.” “Won’t she wonder what you’re doing with me?” “What are you doing with me?” “Good question, Ronnie! You seemed to want to join me on the train, and here we are,” I replied. “Come to think, won’t your grandparents wonder what you’re doing spending time with an adult male?” “No they won’t, and Mildred won’t bother either. Anyway, Gran and Gramps know I’m with you. I told them I’d seen you and was going to meet up with you.” “But you don’t know me, and neither do they! What did they say?” “They said I’m old enough to choose my own friends. I told them I liked your smile and your wink and wanted to meet you. What’s your excuse?” he grinned cheekily. “I saw an attractive young man who seemed to be showing off for me, so I decided I wanted to meet him.” “Do you think I’m attractive?” he murmured, leaning in close. “Yes.” “How attractive?” “Tell you later. Here’s Mildred’s — lead on, Macduff!” Ronnie opened the tearoom door and strode confidently in. Mildred, a large lady “of a certain age” as the French put it, came forward to greet us. “Hello, Ronnie. How are you this beautiful day? You’re certainly dressed for the weather.” (Undressed, more like, I thought to myself.) She looked up at me and recognised me, as I knew she would. “Mr Yorke, how nice to see you. Are you a friend of Ronnie’s folks?” Meantime Ronnie was staring at me with his mouth hanging open. I’d wondered how long it would take for the penny to drop. Realising it was up to me to cover for him, I replied “Well, more an acquaintance really. I just met Ronnie on the steam railway and his gran and grampa were quite happy for me to take him off their hands for a bit.” “How nice,” said Mildred. “We’re rather busy today, but I have a small table free at the back here. It’s really only big enough for one, but we’ll find another chair and you can squeeze in. What can I bring you to drink? Yvonne will take your food order in just a moment.” She bustled off and we squeezed izmit escort in — quite literally. The round topped table was only about eighteen inches across. Towards the front of the room, the back of the chair of the person sitting at the next table was almost up against it, so Ronnie had to sit at right angles to me with his back to the passage, which was rather narrow here; there were no other tables across from us. I was sitting facing the front of the room. It was inevitable that our bare knees would touch — it was unavoidable in such a small space. As we touched, Ronnie rubbed his knee against mine, and for the second time that day my cock responded. I was glad my crotch was hidden by the table. We had to speak very softly in order not to be overheard by people at the next table, which was so close! “Are you James Yorke? The James Yorke? The writer?” “Guilty, I’m afraid!” “I’ve read all your books, I love them! What are you doing here? Where do you live? Is it near here?” “Glad you like them, that makes writing them worthwhile,” I replied. “I’m here to enjoy a day on the railway in this lovely weather, just like you, and yes, I live not far from here, just outside Blakeney.” “How come I didn’t know that?” “I tend to keep my private life just that — private,” I said. “I don’t know many people around here, and that’s the way I like it.” “Will you make an exception for me? I’d really like to know you. I thought that before I knew who you are.” “Were you showing off for me?” I asked. “When?” “In the loo at Sheringham and again on the train.” “I thought you hadn’t noticed.” “Not very observant then, are you?” “What do you mean . . . oh,” he suddenly realised. He leaned slightly to his left and glanced down to where my shorts now had a very pronounced bulge. “Do you really think I’m attractive?” “Yes, very. In fact, I think you’re about the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.” At that moment Yvonne the waitress arrived and we ordered sandwiches. When she had gone, our conversation continued. Ronnie had obviously been desperate to say something while Yvonne noted our order on her pad. “Beautiful? Boys aren’t beautiful, are they? Am I?” “I suppose it depends on your point of view, but I think you’re beautiful, yes.” “So you like good looking boys?” “I’d rather say young men,” I replied. “By the way, what age izmit kendi evi olan escort are you, may I ask?” “I’m 15,” he replied. “Really? You don’t look it; I thought you were about 12 or 13.” That was when Yvonne came back with our food, and for a while we were busy shuffling things around on that tiny table, and then being both quite hungry, were too busy eating to talk any more. However as we ate, Ronnie’s knee kept rubbing against mine. My erection was now quite painful. I wondered how on earth I was going to get out of that tearoom without everyone noticing. Eventually I said, “You really must stop that or I’ll never be able to get out of here.” “Stop what?” He batted his eyelids, faking innocence. “You know perfectly well what!” I put my hand on his knee and gently pushed it away from mine. Big mistake! He took hold of my hand and drew it up his leg in the direction of those so-sexy shorts he was wearing. As he did so, he was finishing his sandwich with his other hand, still trying to look innocent. I was totally in a spin. On the one hand, I loved what he was doing, and it was obvious that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. On the other hand, there we were in a crowded tearoom in the genteel community of Holt and I had a raging hard on that I would never be able to disguise. Had I mentioned that like Ronnie, I had also chosen to go commando that day? The only good thing was that it was all happening under the table, and there was no-one behind or across from us who might have noticed. Eventually I returned the grip on his hand and made both our hands stop moving. He grinned at me again, and said “Don’t you like it?” “Yes, of course I like it,” I whispered, “but not here! I need to get out of here without people noticing. So do you,” I added as I realised he was probably as hard as I was. “I’ll fix it,” he said. “Time we were going anyway.” He caught Yvonne’s eye, and when she came over he asked her for our bill and also a glass of water. When she came back with them, he picked up the wallet containing the bill and passed it towards me. In the process he managed to tip the full glass of water over, right on my lap — in full view of Yvonne, who was waiting for us to pay. She went into full customer service mode and rushed off to get a dry towel which she brought back for me to dry myself. The ruse had worked, to an extent; what with the disturbance around us and the effect of the cold water, my erection had gone down, mostly. I now just looked as if I had peed myself. As I looked up to pass the towel back to Yvonne, I realised that the little devil was killing himself laughing.