The Repairman

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My bedroom was full of morning light and hot, humid air as I woke to the sound of the downstairs front door bell. My nephew was still asleep beside me on the damp sheets. I must have worn him out during our fun yesterday but his beautiful cock had a full erection as he slept. I slipped off the bed as the bell rang again. I didn’t want the bell to awaken Stephan so I slipped on a pair of heels and pulled up the sheer thigh-highs that had slipped down my legs during the night and, with a last look at the sleeping Stephan and his lovely hard cock, went downstairs to the front door.

I opened the inner door and tiptoed across the small hallway and looked through the lace curtains and beveled glass of the outside door. I could make out the figure of a tall man in work clothes and carrying a tool box.

Oh, hell, I thought. It was the repairman for the pipe that had been leaking under the kitchen sink for the last two days! I had forgotten all about the appointment I had made to have it repaired.

I reached for the floor length black silk robe I kept on a hook. I always kept it there for emergencies, like unexpected guests!

I tied the belt around my waist, looked in the large mirror, did what I could with my shoulder length, tousled hair and opened the door.

“Morning! You made an appointment with Henley Brothers for a sink repair?”

He was beautiful! Tall and rugged with a movie star look about him. Light sandy hair and dark brown eyes! Rolled up shirt sleeves showing muscled, sun brown arms. A narrow waist and flat stomach.

“Ma’am? You called us, right?”

I found my voice as that wonderful familiar tingling started between my legs.

“Yes, I did. It’s in the kitchen. Please come in.”

As he walked past me I could smell his sweat as I closed the door and the tingling increased! He followed me through the living room, dinning room and into the large, cool kitchen. I opened the cabinet door under the sink and showed him the bucket Stephan had put there to catch the water. He put his tool box on the floor and told me it would take about an hour or so. He looked at the pipe and said he would have to go to his truck to get a new trap and pipe. I showed him the back door to the driveway and he said he’d bring his truck up to the door. The door closed and I went upstairs to my bedroom to wake up Stephan. All I needed was him coming downstairs in his nylon’s and heels and surprising the lovely repairman. I opened my robe as I went up the stairs, letting the air cool my body and the wetness between my legs.

Stephan was still asleep, his cock as hard as when I woke up. What a shame! Any other day I would wake him with a blow-job followed by a good humping of my fuck-hole or ass-hole and then breakfast followed by the household chores or yard work. I kissed his hard cock and he stirred in his sleep. I began licking and he woke up. He stretched as he opened his eyes and then opened his legs wide as he did every morning, knowing I was going to lie down between them and position myself for our first fuck of the day.

“Not this morning, sweetheart. We have a visitor downstairs in the kitchen.”

His sleepy eyes blinked at me. “Huh?”

“You have to stay upstairs. I don’t want him to know you’re here.”


“Yes dear. The repairman for the sink.” I kissed his lovely hard-on and then French-kissed his mouth. He tongued me in return. “He’ll only be here for an hour or escort ataşehir so. So go back to sleep now.”

He closed his eyes and took his cock in his hand and started to slowly stroke himself as he fell asleep. We must have played harder yesterday then I thought.

I closed the bedroom door and went back downstairs and was almost to the kitchen door before I realized my robe was still wide open and billowing behind me. I was always nude or semi-nude around the house so it was second nature to me and Stephan. But maybe being greeted at the door by a woman in just heels and nylons would be a bit disconcerting to a visitor, and was the reason I kept the long robe handy. I tied the belt, letting the top reveal a little more cleavage and the tops of my tit’s then before. If he was any kind of a man he would like that.

My heels clicked on the floor as I went to answer the knocking on the door. I opened it and he came in past me and again I smelled his sweat and the wetness between my legs increased! If I got any closer to him I would be dripping on the floor! And I wanted to get closer! He put the parts on the counter top and smiled at me and I saw his dark eyes flicker over my cleavage and tit’s and the wetness increased. His wonderful eye’s flowed down my body then back up to my tit’s and then my face. I should have combed my hair and put on some makeup when I was upstairs but I wanted to make sure Stephan stayed up in the bedroom! The Adonis didn’t seem to mind as he looked at me.

“We always use the best parts,” he said, turning back to the sink and picking up a length of pipe. “This is double thickness chrome. It’ll last forever. Hot day already, huh?”

“Yes, it is. Going to be another hot one today.”

“Sure is. I hope I can finish the day early and get some swimming in.”

“Oh, you’re a swimmer?” I asked stupidly. I didn’t know what else to say as I ran my eyes up and down his body!

He looked at me. “A friend of mine has a pool. It’s nice on a day like this. Well, better give you your money’s worth and get started,” he said as he again ran his eyes over my body.

He was interested! I can always tell!

I sat at the table with a glass of milk, my stockinged and sweaty legs crossed under my silk robe, and watched as he repaired my pipe and I thought about his pipe! I was getting wetter between my legs and I was enjoying it! My bare nipples were getting harder and I was enjoying that too! He was on his knees under the sink and his ass was pushed out and round and hard! Then he was on his back and his spread legs showed a bulge just below his hard stomach!

I had to move around and decrease the nervous energy building in me so I went to the fridge to get more milk and let my heels click loudly on the floor, just to let him know there was a woman in the kitchen with him. He didn’t seem to notice! So I pulled the opening of the robe lower and went and bent over him to give him a good look and asked “How’s it going?”

“Not much longer,” he said, not bothering to look at me!

I took my milk and sat back down at the table, being sure to hide my nylons. I knew some people would wonder why a woman was wearing stockings and heels and a silk robe so early in the morning! And maybe wonder what else she was, or was not, wearing. Maybe I shouldn’t let this Adonis wonder. Maybe I should show him!

“I think that’s got it. Would you run the water for me?” he asked kadıköy escort from under the sink, his bulge bigger!

I clicked my heels to the sink and turned the water on. My thighs were now wet with my juice and I could smell myself. Could he?

He looked up at me from under the sink and smiled. “I think that’s all you need. It’s done.”

I moved closed. It wasn’t all I needed! I wasn’t done!

He stood up and began collecting his tools as I though about his tool! He looked around the kitchen. “This is a big house. You live here alone?”

The alarm went off! Every woman has that alarm! Why was he asking?

“I mean a big house like this would keep a lot of people out of the rain, you know?” he said as he continued to collect his tools.

Fear of rape or not I wanted him!

“Just me in this big house,” I said, and untied the belt of my silk robe, letting it hang open. He must have heard the whisper of the silk because he looked at me. Then he turned and leaned back against the sink and really looked at me.

“Very nice! Can I see more?”

I let the robe slip to the floor. My body was wet with sweat and my cunt wet with desire and he knew it! He came to me and took my tit’s in his hands and kissed me on the neck. Then he moved his hands down my body and grabbed my ass and pulled me into him! He was a repairman. Someone who came to my house to fix my sink! I was naked and completely open before a stranger! And I loved it!

“I could smell you. You’re wonderful. I never smelled a woman like you before!”

His hand was on my cunt, a finger probing my open lips. Then he gently pushed me down on my knees and he was standing over me taking off his clothes and when he pushed down his pants and a nice, red, long, hard cock sprang out at my face I had to grab his legs and take it into my mouth! I was so absorbed in my sucking of the wonderful sweaty prick that I almost failed to hear the squeaking of the kitchen door behind me. Either Stephan had come into the kitchen with me and my sudden lover or he was watching from behind the door.

As I sucked the wonderful cock harder the repairman didn’t seem to notice the quiet sound as he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth!

“Suck me baby! Suck me off! Then I’ll fuck you any way you need it!”

I forgot about the sound as the repairman’s cock suddenly jerked and my mouth was filled with hot cum! He was certainly quick on the trigger! To damn quick! Oh, well. He continued squirting his jizm into my mouth and I tried to swallow as fast as I could but some got past my lips and rolled down my chin and dripped down my cleavage! What he lacked in control he made up for in quantity!

“Good, baby, good! Now it’s your turn!”

He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and I reluctantly let it go, as I continued to swallow his hot cum! Then I quickly got on my hands and knees because I love it doggy style and he was behind me and I was so wet and open that he had no problem pushing his cock in up to his nuts! My cunt was filled with his length and hardness and It was wonderful! He started a steady humping of my fuck-hole, his hot hands on my shoulders as he leaned over me and tried to push in deeper! I pushed my ass back at him as he pushed forward and then pulled out to his cock head and then pushed in again! I was lost in our fucking and the world was filled with nothing but pure pleasure! Then he jerked and his ball’s maltepe escort bayan let his load go and my ass was filled with his cum! Then he pulled out of me and pushed his dick-head at my shit-hole! I was so wet he was able to get halfway into me! But I hadn’t taken my morning shit yet so he had more trouble getting deeper into my ass then my pussy, but it didn’t stop him! He worked my ass until he pushed my shit deeper into me until he was in me all the way! Maybe it was what I ate last night when Stephan and I had a wonderful dinner at Mario’s on Main Street before we came home and played our games that caused my stomach to turn to water and my ass-hole to let go a stream of thin shit that greased his cock and let him get in deeper and hump me harder as it squeezed past his dick and onto his ball’s and the kitchen floor! It excited him as his fucking of my now greasy, open ass-hole increased! The mixed stink of our sweat, the smell of his cock and my pussy and my shit seemed to send him into a frenzy as he humped my shit-hole harder and harder until he yelled and a stream of cum squirted into my smelly hole! I was in heaven!

I hit my climax and the world went dark!

My head was on the floor, my wet hair around my head and a cock still buried in my shit-hole! The kitchen was filled with the aroma of sweat, pussy, cock and shit! The plug in my ass was slowly removed as I raised my head and saw Stephan watching through a crack in the door to the dinning room.

“That was great, baby! But I got two more appointments this morning so I gotta get going.”

I got him a towel which he wet with water from my fixed sink and washed his shit streaked cock and ball’s. He offered to wash my ass-hole, being the gentleman he was, but I told him I liked it the way it was! He smiled and asked if he could come back sometime to “repair” something else. I told him no because this should not have happened in the first place.

“To bad, baby, because you are one nice piece of ass.”

“Thank you. I know.”

“I hope my other appointments are half as good as you. Well, the guys will be sending you an itemized statement for the work I did. But the work I really did is free because I really enjoyed it, honey.”

He put his clothes on and I watched as the wonderful, semi-erect cock disappeared back into his pants. Then he took his tools out to his truck and nodded at me as he backed into the street as I watched through the closed door.

My ass-hole, legs and nylons were smeared and streaked with cum and shit when Stephan came into the kitchen.

“Who was that?” he asked. He was lovely in his heels and sheer tan nylons! I was getting wet again as I looked at his lovely but flaccid cock!

“A new friend with a wonderful cock, Stephan. A man who knows when a pussy is available. Just like I’m teaching you to know, dear.”

“The kitchen smells! And you smell!”

“Do you like it, sweetheart?”

“Yeah, but why couldn’t I play with you guys?” His sweet cock was starting to grow longer as he looked out the window.

“You’re lovely dear, but not ready for this kind of sport yet.”

“It looked like fun,” he said, his voice excited.

“Why don’t you get some towels and clean my ass and pussy, and the floor, and then you can clean the rest of me in the shower, my sweet darling.”

“Okay!” he said eagerly.

But I felt so bad about him being left out of my fun, and his sweet cock was so soft and long, that I sat him on the floor in the cum and shit and we played with his pecker until it was stiff and hard. Then he finger fucked my dripping pussy as I sucked his young and now hard cock until he filled my mouth with his first tasty load of the day!