The Second Time I Fucked

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The Second Time I Fucked**** Since I got a good response to how I lost my virginity, thought that I’d tell you how my second sex experience went. This is a true story, so hope that you enjoy hearing about it ******* Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂 ***This happened last summer when I was 20. I had just recently met this girl through a slightly younger (she was 18) mutual friend and we seemed to get on alright. Disappointingly, she had mentioned that she had a bf so it seemed like nothing would happen.One evening, she messaged me to ask if I fancied going for a drink. Most of our friends were away and we were the only ones about town. So, I went to meet up with her. We talked about all sorts of random stuff and had a couple of drinks, seemed liked a decent night. As the drinks started to set in, she started telling me much more interesting things like the fact that she had cheated on her bf a few times and that she once had sex with her bf 5 times in an evening. This was quite surprising to hear since we barely knew each other.Anyway, by the time we had a couple of drinks, we decided to head off. As it happened, we lived in vaguely the same direction so I offered to walk her to her flat. We stood outside the entrance to her flat building to say our goodbyes, I took a chance and went in for a kiss…she happily responded. After a few mins of snogging, she remembered about her bf and that she shouldn’t really be doing bornova escort this. But that didn’t stop her. We continued for a bit and then she suddenly just said “do you want to see my tits?”. Before I could answer, she pulled down the sides of her t-shirt from her shoulders until the top of her bra was revealed. Then she put her hands down the front of her bra and uncupped her breasts. I was very happy, especially since we were still outside on the street of her flat. She has really nice tits, like perfect. A good handable size and nice small nipples which were erect (perhaps due to the cold night air or perhaps due to her being horny). I groped and felt her breasts while ramming my tongue down her throat. She responded by rubbing her hand on my jeans to feel my growing cock. I knew what she wanted, so I said to her “let’s go upstairs to your room”. She agreed, must have been like every time she pulled a random guy and taken him back to hers.We got up to her flat, snuck past her flatmate’s room and opened the door to her room. She threw her bag and keys down and we continued snogging. It didn’t take long before I started tugging at her top to get it off. Having already loosened her bra downstairs, she took her t-shirt straight up her body, taking her bra with it. Now she was half-naked with her nice tits out, something I could only have dreamed of when I had first met her. We made our way over bornova escort bayan to her double bed, I decided that this was a good time to start stripping down to my boxers. She seemed pleased to see a large bulge in my boxers and took off her own jeans. She was wearing navy blue, lace undies. She looked like the most fuckable girl ever. We played around and fondled each other until she took my cock out. At which point I dove my hand down her undies, expecting to feel some red/ginger pubes but I discovered a completely smooth and wet pussy. My favourite.We couldn’t resist our desires any longer, she moved further up the bed, bent over the edge and opened the bottom drawer of her cabinet. She had a ton of condoms in there! Made me wonder how many guys she had cheated with. Anyway, she handed me a condom, I rolled it onto my rock-hard cock and got ready to enter her. She was lying there, on her back, with her legs spread, wriggling about to get comfortable for fucking. I slowly penetrated her wet pussy, it felt good. Not tight, but not loose…clearly she had a few cocks in there. A good fit for my cock, could feel all the ridges of her vagina walls. I started fucking her, she enjoyed it; letting out little moans of pleasure as my cock went right in. She’d probably done this loads of times, but she still absolutely loved it. The bed was rocking as we did it, making occassional creaks and spring-pops. escort bornova If her flatmate was awake, she’d certainly know that there was some fucking going on in the room next to her.As I got hornier from the pleasure my cock was getting from pounding her, I increased the speed and her moaning got louder. Her tits looked great bouncing as we rocked the bed, the nicest tits ever. Her bf was a very lucky guy getting to see this most days, perhaps even more than once a day. All that I could hear while fucking, was her breathing, the bed creaking, the sound of a wet condom going in and out and her moaning (either saying “yes!” or “fuck!”). This was a really good feeling, getting to fuck another guy’s girl. Her eyes were closed, I wonder whether she was thinking of him or how bad she was for getting fucked by someone else. Things got pretty hot and intense and she breathlessly said “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum”. I fucked harder for her and all of a sudden, she let out a big “oooh!!! fuck! Fuck!”. She had cum, this one the neighbours would have heard. I kept going between her legs, pounding her pussy. I was getting pretty close. She had a strained look on her face, obviously hardly being able to take more pleasure after cumming. I whispered into her ear “do you love cock?”, she replied “yeah, yeah…keep fucking, I want it more”. My cock was almost ready to explode, I gave her a few more, long pleasurable strides of my cock. Then I released a huge load into the condom and exhaled, she knew I just came ;). I pulled out, saw that the bedsheets were wet and snogged her a bit more. What a night…I stayed until morning and left…both feeling naughty and bad haha. Hope that you enjoyed hearing about my experience 🙂