The Secret Desires Of A Son

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*All characters are fictional and 18+.

Hi I’m Sam and this was the best night of my life. I’m just an average 18 year old high school kid. I’m not to tall, a little over 5’7″. I have blonde hair and dark blue eyes, just like my mom. My mom is gorgeous for her age. She is almost 40 years old, and looks amazing. She has curves in all the right places and the perfect breast. They are medium size D and don’t sag. She has an ass that deserves to be spanked. As you can tell, I like her.

I have had so many sexual fantasies about her while pleasuring myself. Constant dreams of her blowing me while rubbing herself. I couldn’t take those thoughts anymore so I had to try and seduce her. My mom has been divorced for about 3 years now, and she is “unsatisfied”. As you have been able to guess she hasn’t had any sort of actual sex. I can still hear the sound of orgasmic moans coming from her room. It causes me to have to relieve my self. I have always wondered what she thinks about when she masturbates.

Could it possibly be me. She always gives me looks like she wants me, but I doubt it. The thought of my own mother having sexual thoughts about me causes me to stiffen up. It was a warm summer day and I was in my room just doing some research of things. I couldn’t hear anything downstairs so I got up and looked out my window, which was facing the backyard, and I saw the most amazing thing. My mom was lying on a chair in the smallest bikini in the world. I instantly got hard canlı bahis but kept staring. She looked up and I quickly moved out of the way hoping she didn’t see me staring.

A few minutes later and I heard the backdoor open and my mom walk in. She called for my name and this is when I knew I was in trouble. My heart was racing and I was scared of what she was going to do. I reached the bottom of the stairs of started slowly walking to the kitchen. When I reached the kitchen my mom was standing against the counter in her bikini. My face turned red and asked what she needed. She came up to me and gave me a hug. It wasn’t a normal I love you hug this one was different. Me and my mom are about the same height so when she hugged me she spread her legs slightly. This allowed my quickly growing dick to push against her pussy.

I heard a slight moan escape her lips which I don’t think she noticed. Then she lets me go and told me that she wanted me to stay home today. Also that she misses spending time with me since I have grown up so fast. I told her I would stay home and we would do what ever she wanted. That’s when she gave me a naughty giggle and walked away shaking her ass. I thought she had something up her sleeve and I found out I was right. It was late at night and me and my was watching a horror movie.

There was a pop up and my mother screamed and jumped on to my lap. She looked at me and then did something I never expected. She gave me a kiss on the lips, but it wasn’t an bahis siteleri ordinary kiss. Her tongued slid its way into my mouth and I quickly followed. She asked me to follow her so I did. We reached her bedroom and she took off her clothes. They were the most amazing pair of breast I have ever seen. She told me that she has always fantasized about me. So I told her I did too. With that I grabbed her and we fell on the bed. We were kissing and grinding on each other as pleasure rushed through our veins.

She told me she was kinky and liked to be tied down and forced to do things. So I ripped her shorts and underwear off revealing a landing strip leading to a beautiful pussy. She told me to look in the top drawer of her dresser so I did. I found two pairs of handcuffs I knew exactly what to do with them. I put the cuffs around her wrists and ankles then worked my way down her body. I quickly reached her pussy and started flicking my tongue on her clit. Moans escaped my mom’s mouth as she bucked her hips slowly. Then I inserted fingers into her and she quickly picked up speed. She gasped and then started shaking so I knew she came. I sucked up my moms juices and swallowed them.

I told her to suck my cock and she did just that. It was amazing, it was a feeling that couldn’t even be described. Her tongue slid over every spot on my shaft and head sending shivers down my spine. I told her to stop and then flipped her over and pulled her ass in the air. She told me to take her and bahis şirketleri make her my bitch. I quickly started thrusting my cock in her listening to her moan over and over again. She shook again and this time I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock as she came again. I decided to try something that I have always wanted to do since I had such a juicy ass in my face. I sucked my thumb and then slid it into my moms’s ass. She screamed with pleasure and told me I just did her favorite thing.

She asked me to take the cuffs off so I did. She pushed me hard backwards and told me that I was going to get a treat. She started sucking my cock faster and faster as I moaned. Then she stopped and stood over me then lowered her self. She grabbed my cock and positioned it and slowly started sitting down. It didn’t feel like her pussy, and that’s when I realized that I was about to be in her ass. The head of my cock popped in her ass and she clawed my chest and moaned then started gently bouncing.

She slid farther and farther down till she reached the base and started screaming and shaking again. She came just by riding my cock while it was in her ass. I stuck my thumb under her clit and started rubbing as she rocked back and forth. She continuously came then she fell off breathing heavy. I grabbed her and bent her over and put my cock back in her ass. I started pounding her ass as she moaned. I got close and told her then pulled out and she started sucking my cock. I shot rope after rope of cum down her throat as she swallowed it all.

We lied down and cuddled, and she told me next time it’s going to be in her.


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