The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Caoimhe

It’s so cool that mommy’s letting me drive while she sleeps, but I haven’t gotten a single word out of her about where we’re going. Driving south and leaving Michigan behind, that’s all I know, but I want to know more. Like, where are we going?

There was no address on the brochure and I couldn’t find shit on the net. Is this place even real? How can something exist that’s not online? It doesn’t matter, since we’re going somewhere and I’m driving. I love driving and need to show her that I’m responsible enough to have my own car.

Mommy’s starting to wake and Michigan is hours behind us. I want to ask her again, but I’m also hungry and I see a place up ahead to get lunch. I can still taste that breakfast and wish I couldn’t. I need to brush my teeth, or at least gargle some mouthwash. Why does breakfast taste so good when I eat it, but not hours after?

I keep my eyes on the road as I ask her once again. “Where are we going, mommy?”

She lets out a yawn, but doesn’t answer my question. “Are you hungry, Caoimhe?”

I can’t believe she won’t call me Cammie, damn her. “Yes, mommy. Where are we going?”

I can feel her eyes on my face, but I don’t turn towards her, since I have to show her I’m a responsible driver. “Pull off at the next exit that has food. You need to take a break.”

I shake my head and keep my hands on the wheel right where they need to be. “I don’t need a break, mommy.”

I need to pee and I need to eat, but I don’t need to take a break from driving. I love the way the wheel feels in my hands. I have to watch my speed a little better. There, mommy, I slowed down. I hope you saw that. There’s no reason not to get me a car now. I’m an adult and want to do adult things, like get a job and go to parties. I’m lying to myself a little. It’s the parties.

Mommy’s hand is on my shoulder and it feels good as she says, “Yes, Caoimhe, you do. Your body’s not used to driving this long and you’re already going to be sore.”

I smile to show I feel fine and say, “I can drive all day, mommy.”

We pass a sign giving us the city limits and I turn on my signal. Did you see that, mommy? I start to slow as I exit and head for the diner, since that’s the closest place and I really need to pee. My bladder feels like it’s going to explode.

I continue to drive perfectly for mommy to see, even if I do want to drive right into the building. We stop and I make sure to turn off the car first. Did you see how I parked, mommy? I made sure there are no cars on either side of us and know I’m in the lines. Maybe not quite between them, but close enough.

I release my seatbelt and take the keys as I say, “I have to pee, mommy. I’ll see you inside.”

I don’t wait to hear her acknowledge anything as I rush inside and glad to find the place mostly empty. That means there’s no waiting to get into a stall. Why the hell didn’t I stop and pee at the rest stop about ten miles back? Fuck, this hurts.

I release my bladder while I try to think of some new means to get an answer from mommy. There has to be something I haven’t tried. Shit, mommy, just tell me already. I’m so fucking frustrated I want to scream, but I won’t. I can’t risk mommy changing her mind. She’ll do it, because mommy’s done it before.

I wash my hands and use the blower on the wall. I don’t like these things. Why can’t they make one that works? Shit, guess that’s what pants are for, but they need to invent something better. Give me the paper towels any day. At least they fucking work.

I leave the bathroom and see mommy sitting at a booth. I sit across from her and look at the menu. Fuck, I’m hungry and everything looks good, but I don’t want the whole damn menu. I just want something quick so I can get back to driving.

She looks up and says, “Give me the keys, Caoimhe.”

I let out a groan as I hand them over. “Yes, mommy. Where are we going?”

She gives me an odd grin that I haven’t seen before. “We’re going to eat and then I’m going to drive the rest of the way. Don’t look at me like that. We’re almost there.”

I pout my lips to show mommy I’m not happy, but she did say we’re almost there. What does that mean? Come on, mommy, give me something more than almost there. Shit, this is frustrating.

We both order something light, which makes me happy. I don’t want to be here any longer than needed. Let’s just get back on the road and let me get back to driving. You saw how I drove, mommy, and can’t say I’m not a good driver.

I devour the meal as quickly as I can without actually tasting anything and mommy’s getting the bill. It’s starting to get a little crowded and I’m glad she didn’t catch me driving a little fast. I don’t want mommy to see me park when it’s this busy. That’s why I need my own car, since I need to the practice.

Mommy gets up to use the bathroom and leaves me at the table. She always wants to make sure the waiter or waitress takes the tip. Too many thieves, at least according to mommy. I’m not about to argue with her, not right now. We’re canlı bahis almost there and I don’t want to ruin a fucking thing. What does almost there mean?

Mommy comes back to the table as the waitress picks up the cash, which includes a good tip. I guess she’s in a good mood, since that’s a lot more than she normally leaves. Is mommy nervous about something? I don’t know what it is, but there’s something there.

I try to take advantage of the situation as we walk back to the car and keep my eyes away from the lines that I was supposed to be between. “Is everything OK, mommy?”

She stops as we reach the car and looks into my eyes. “Everything’s fine, Caoimhe, why do you ask? And don’t roll your eyes at me.”

I wasn’t going to roll my eyes, even though I should. “You seem nervous. Maybe I should drive the rest of the way.” It can’t possibly go wrong.

Mommy lets out a soft laugh as if I’m joking, but I’m not and she fucking knows it. “No, Caoimhe, you need a break. Now get in the car and not another word.”

I get in and want to scream, but I don’t. I have to show her I’m not a little girl anymore. Maybe she’ll stop calling me that. I feel my eyes roll, but didn’t mean to. I don’t think mommy saw, since she didn’t say anything. Maybe she’s more nervous than I thought. Maybe that’s why she left the tip. It wasn’t happiness, but nervousness.

Mommy is really tense as she starts to drive and we leave another city behind. So much for short distance. Shit, mommy, just tell me where we’re going. I see mommy’s fingers tighten a little on the wheel as she turns off the freeway and stops at a gas station. We don’t need gas, but guess mommy’s being cautious. Maybe we’re going someplace that doesn’t have one close, which means we must really be close.

What’re daddy and Aunt Kayleigh going to do? They don’t like each other. They try to hide it from us, but we know. I don’t know why, but it’s true. They don’t even want to look at each other when we’re all in the same room. Maybe they’ll have it out and be done with it, whatever it is.

Mommy gets back into the car and we aren’t heading back to the freeway. Instead, mommy’s taking us in the other direction. There’s only one road as she drives into the woods. I want to ask again, but she needs to concentrate on the winding roads. Maybe this is why she took over.

I’ve never driven on a road like this before. There’s a lot of blind curves and I see mommy’s knuckles whiten a little. Mile after mile and still no sign of anything, not so much as a cabin. I’ve been in the woods plenty of times, but this is different. I hope we’re close, because I don’t like this road.

Mommy turns on her signal and we turn off the road onto a trail. This can’t be right, can it? I feel the bumps as the car struggles along and mommy isn’t stopping. I hope we don’t get stuck out here. This has to be why mommy’s so nervous. It’s a horrible road, not really a road, and I feel my ass hitting the seat. Talk about getting sore. Shit, this road sucks.

The car levels out as we find a real road and I lose my breath for a moment. In front of us are the same gates I saw in the brochure. I can’t see anything else, except a big wall on either side and more of these fucking trees. Mommy stops at a box before the gate and presses the button. She says something, but I missed it, and the gates open before us.

This can’t be real, can it? I see a few vehicles once we pull through and now I know why mommy’s nervous. They think I’m twenty-one and mommy’s afraid of getting caught lying to them. I’m ready to play along with mommy, if that’s what it takes. Why are there so many fucking trees. I hate trees.

I see a few people holding hands as they walk around, but something’s off about it. I can’t quite place it. Maybe it has to do with the age differences of most couples, but it’s something else. It’ll come to me. Right now, I have to get ready to lie for the sake of wine.

We’re pulling up to a building with several places to park, but no other cars. I wish I could drive to show mommy I can park, at least get practice parking. Mommy turns off the ignition and sits in the car. I can hear her breathing is different and she’s still nervous. I want to tell mommy that I’m OK with lying about my age.

Mommy turns to me and does her best to conceal the slight tremble in her voice. “Let’s go and bring your purse. We have to check in together.”

I get a little scared, since I don’t know if I can lie good enough to get the wine. I hope they don’t kick us out. I hold my purse in my hand and get out of the car in order to follow behind mommy.

Mommy opens the door to the building and a man with a stern look on his face is standing behind the desk. Now I’m really worried, since he doesn’t look like he can take a joke. Mommy guides me towards him and my fingers are trembling a little, just like hers.

His voice is guarded as he says. “IDs.”

No good morning, or is it afternoon. No smile to greet guests. What kind of place is this? They must have some really good wine bahis siteleri to go through all of this. I’ve had good wine plenty of times, but maybe this is even better than what I’ve been drinking at home.

Mommy places hers on the counter and I fumble to get mine out. My age is on there and I don’t know how we’re going to pull this off. Shit, he takes the card from my hand as he takes mommy’s from hers and there’s nothing gentle about him at all.

He holds them up and compares our faces, then sets them down on the counter. I guess he believes it’s us, but that doesn’t do me any good. Mommy said it was all taken care of, but she must have lied.

I hear typing on a keyboard that’s hidden from sight and he must be reporting us right now. My fingers tremble a little more as he looks up again. He’s looking at me, not mommy. Shit, we’re busted.

I hear something from behind the counter and fear the worst, but he pulls a couple of keys from beneath the counter and hands them to mommy. He tells us a number and gives us directions, but I miss it all. There’s still no smile on his face and it has to be about me. Maybe he doesn’t want to let me in, but he doesn’t have a choice.

We leave and mommy gets into the car just before I do. I know mommy just said something, but it was under her breath and I couldn’t make it out. If we got away with it, then why is mommy still nervous?

Mommy drives down the road and makes several turns as we disappear. There’s nothing but green out here and it’s not just the trees, but those fucking bushes. I haven’t seen anything that looks like civilization and this better not be a fucking tent. I hate tents.

Mommy turns down another road and I see a change of color. She pulls in front of an odd looking white house and I can’t see anything else around. I’ve never seen a house without windows before and wonder why we’ve stopped. We can’t be staying here, can we? Why is mommy stopped? At least it’s not a fucking tent.

Mommy turns off the ignition and hands me the keys she was given by the man that doesn’t like me. “Go open the door, Caoimhe. I’ll get the bags.”

I’m a little startled by all of this and can’t find any words, so I take the keys and get out of the car. I should offer to help with the bags, but this can’t be right. I slide the card in the slot and hear the click, which means I must be wrong. Shit, this place is so fucking weird.

There’s noise coming from the distance and I laugh as I recognize the sound. Those moans can only mean one thing and I laugh a little harder. Their not exactly close and I wonder just how loud they really are. I would have seen something if they were close, but it’s just the sound carrying in the air.

I open the door and hold it open for mommy as she brings the bags inside. I’m glad mommy handled packing for me, because I was too excited to even think of packing. I hope mommy got everything. It isn’t like we can just run out to a store to buy something.

I follow mommy inside and can sense her nervous state increasing. Then I forget all about that as I look around the room. There’s several bottles of wine and two glasses several feet in front of the door. This is how mommy’s getting around me being underage.

It’s almost all open and I can see a clear wall that looks like a reflection of water. I look away, because that can’t be what I think it is. I don’t see a TV or computer and there’s no place to even hook one up. There’s one bed and it has to be a mistake, since I can’t share a bed with mommy. That’s kind of gross. There’s another clear wall and I can see the shower through it, but the toilet’s behind some fogged up area. Why aren’t there any windows? Fuck it, there’s wine and I don’t need to know anything else.

Mommy’s voice brings me back to her. “How about some wine, unless you want to go for a swim first?”

Did I hear mommy right? “Swim?”

Mommy closes the door and guides me to the wall with the funny reflection and opens a door as I get a glimpse of the water. “We have a private pool.”

I love the water and mommy knows it. I don’t care about the bed. Our room actually has a pool and wine. Not one of those close to the room type of pools, but one that’s actually inside with us. I hope she packed my bathing suit.

I grin as I say, “Swimming, mommy, definitely swimming.”

She starts to undress in front of me as she says, “Good idea, Caoimhe. I know I can use a dip.”

I pull my eyes away from her and feel my face flush. “Mommy, where’s your bathing suit?”

Mommy laughs softly as she says, “No need. There’s no windows, so we don’t have to worry about anyone watching. You’re an adult now, Caoimhe, and this is what adults do.”

I don’t know what’s so funny. I can’t swim naked, not with mommy. That’s gross, but I do want to swim. Shit, why didn’t I check the bag? Because I didn’t think about it, so it’s my own fucking fault.

I feel my face flushing a little more as I say, “I don’t know, mommy.”

Mommy smiles as I avoid looking down. “It’s OK, Caoimhe, there’s bahis şirketleri plenty of time for swimming. How about some wine to help you relax.”

I smile back and say, “Sounds good, mommy.”

I notice mommy isn’t putting her clothes back on as we walk, but that’s OK. A little wine will help. Mommy’s pouring me a glass, but hers remains empty. Makes sense, since I’m the one with the red face. How can mommy be so calm about being naked in front of me.

I take a sip of red and love the flavors on my tongue. There’s nothing quite like it in the world and I soon find myself to be very relaxed. I’m no longer blushing, but my cheeks are still a little red from the wine. There’s that feeling that I love, that little bit of numbness and warmth.

Mommy smiles as she asks, “How about I give you a massage?”

I smile back and know just how good mommy’s massages feel. “Sounds good to me, mommy.”

Mommy’s tone changes a little. “Why don’t you take off your clothes and lay down in bed. I can’t give you a proper massage with your clothes on.”

It has to be the wine, but I don’t think anything of it. After all, mommy’s right. I’m an adult and this is what adults do. They don’t get massages with their clothes on, do they? Of course not.

I take another sip of wine to calm my nerves a little more. Why am I nervous? It’s just mommy and there’s no windows. I’m glad, since I wouldn’t want anyone to see this.

I take off my clothes and there’s a slight chill as I lay on the bed. Is that mommy’s eyes on my ass? Can’t be, just my imagination. I let out a sigh as her hands start to work my neck and shoulders. Mommy is so good at this. I know she’s staring, but it feels to good to have her stop.

Mommy’s hands are starting to work their way down my back and I let out a sigh as my tight muscles start to release themselves. Is that mommy’s lips on the back of my neck? Can’t be. I have to be imaging things. Mommy would never do that.

Mommy’s hands reach my ass and she’s not skipping over that part. Doesn’t matter, it feels so good. Don’t stop. Now that was a kiss on my back, but I don’t care. Kiss away, mommy, I trust you. I let out another sigh and don’t want her to stop. I’ve never had my ass massaged before and I like it.

The pressure changes from mommy’s hands and she’s no longer massaging my ass. Mommy is caressing my cheeks and it feels so good. I let out a soft moan as I feel mommy’s lips join her hands. Why the fuck am I moaning. It’s mommy, damn it, but it feels wonderful.

Mommy’s hands and lips start to work their way back up my body and it feels so good. Not as good as my ass, but sill good. Did I really just think that. It has to be the wine and I don’t give a fuck.

Mommy’s finger pulls a strand of hair to the side and whispers into my ear. “Do you want me to keep going, Caoimhe, or do you want to get in the pool?”

Mommy’s breath on my ear feels good and I want her to keep going. What the fuck’s wrong with me. This isn’t just the wine, damn it, it’s me.

I press myself up and say, “The pool, mommy, definitely the pool.”

I can feel mommy’s eyes on my ass, so why am I not trying to cover up my body? Fuck it. It’ll be OK once I get into the water. I’ll come back to my senses. I just need a little more time. Why am I dripping a little down my legs?

I get into the pool and hope mommy doesn’t want to join me. It feels good as I dip my toe in, a little warmer than I expected. I submerge my body and try to stay down as long as I can. I should have taken a deeper breath.

I pull my head out of the water and feel my hair stick to my back. Why are my nipples hard? I see mommy slowly getting in and my eyes are drawn to her body. Why the fuck can’t I look away from mommy’s shaved pussy? Curiosity, that’s all it is. I’ve never seen another woman naked before and I’m curious. Nothing wrong with that. I didn’t know she shaved herself there.

Mommy’s shaved pussy is submerged as she walks towards me and my eyes move to her tits. Not mommy’s tits. It’s her fucking nipples. How the fuck are they standing out like that.

Mommy brings her body close to mine as she asks, “Do you like my body?”

I want to say hell no, but I can’t. “Yes, mommy. What’s wrong with me?”

Mommy’s voice is reassuring. “Nothing’s wrong, Caoimhe.”

I shake my head and pull my eyes up. “Bullshit. I’m sick, aren’t I.”

Mommy’s smiles and I start to lose myself to her green eyes. “No more than me.”

That’s true. Mommy’s encouraging all of this. Fuck, she’s the one that started it. That doesn’t make me feel any better, because I’m still the one with these fucking thoughts.

Mommy’s smile fades as she says, “It looks like you need some time. I’m getting out and won’t come back in.”

Mommy turns and her ass appears above the water. Why are my eyes drawn there? I can no longer blame the wine for this. I’m completely sober and wish I weren’t. At least I’d have some fucking excuse.

Why am I following mommy out? I need some more wine, that’s why. Not to help me get over this, but to give me a little strength. I hate to admit it, but I really am a sick fuck. If I were a lesbian, or interested in girls at all, I could right it off to something else, but I’m not and have no excuse.