The Sex Theater

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The Sex TheaterMy friend Jill and I decided to take a ride to the east side of the city, to check out the night life. When I mean the night life, I mean the whores, the gays and just the strange people walkng around.We found a place to park, right on the main drag. We weren’t the only ones siting in this lot to people watch. The people in the car next to us, were waiting for some whores to come hit on them. Jill and I just laughed at them and way they were acting. I backed out of that spot and went to the other end.These 2 guys walked by, hot looking, buff chests, muscular arms..omg they were very hot. We watched them as they walked by and went to this one club. My friend and I followed and went in. There were all kinds of people in here. Old, older, young, gay, straight, sluts and prostitutes. Some of the people I didn’t know what they couldn’t really tell if they were men or women.We seen the guys at the bar drinking a beer. We walked over next to them, ordered some drinks and stirred up some conversation with them. One of the guys with blonde hair said they were getting ready to go catch the movie in a few minutes. He then asked if we wanted to join them. We said sure, not really sure what kind of flick, but why not.The guys bought us another drink, then walked us to the movie room. At first when we walked in, it looked just like a theater, except they had chairs, couches and benches. It smelled like sex and there were condoms all over the place. The cool part was, there was a condom machine by the doors. I knew this wasn’t just any kind of movie.The four of us, found a couch and sat down. The blonde went over and bought some condoms, then came back to me and winked. I could canlı bahis feel my pussy twitching as he sat next to me with his arm around my shoulders. I placed my hand on his upper thigh. Jill and her guy were already making out. Their hands were all over each other.I told the blonde my name was Lori, he said he was Steve. Then he looked at me and kissed me. Then we were feeling each other up. His cock was huge and pushing against his jeans. I know when he touched my crotch I came, he told me my pants were wet and I should take them off. So I did just that. I had on a new thong panty. Steve said he really wanted to smell my thong.I took it off to hand to him. He smelt them, then put them in his pants pocket. I guess I’m not getting them back. Steve got on his knees, spread my legs and began to lick my pussy. He said that my cum tasted great, as he was probing his tongue in and out of my hole. He was doing such a great job, that I had to unbutton my shirt and free my tits. I was tugging my erect nipples as he licked and sucked on me.Jill and her guy stopped to look at us. Jill leaned over to me and kissed me. She then leaned to my tits and began to suck on them. Her guy Stu, went to undo her pants and pull them off. He did the same with his pants. His cock was long and thick. I told him to come to me and let me suck on him. Before he got to me, he helped Steve remove his pants.Steve continued licking and fingering my pussy, Stu let me give him a blow job. I was thinking I was going to suck on him for a bit, then let him fuck Jill. No, he got off in my mouth and my cheek. I was surprised, but I know that he will last longer for Jill. Steve heard Stu get off, then came up to my face bahis siteleri and licked his cum off my cheek.Jill was happy to see Steve do just that. She wanted to clean my face, but she knew she would get her own load of him to swallow. Wen Stu was finished getting off, Steve put a condom on and began to fuck my wet pussy. His tick cock stretched my hole and made me cum again. I never had a guy this thick before, but he was great.Steve fucked me while I was hanging off the couch, then he got up to sit down. I sat on his cock reverse cowgirl. I was pumping his cock as he held onto my tits. Stu and Jill were getting hot and heavy again. This time Jill was straddling over his face for him to eat her out. Some guy from behind us came over and began to suck on Jills tits. Steve pulled me closer to his chest, exposing my pussy to whoever wanted to peek. Another guy came up to me and fingered my clit as Steve was fucking me. The guy fingering me, told me to turn around so he could lick my ass. I twisted around, faced Steve and began to kiss him. My ass has a tongue, then a finger, then 2 fingers shoved deep.With that, I’m beginning to cum again for Steve. This guy, pulled his zipper down, put a condom on and stuck his dick in my ass. He and Steve fucked me like a slut on the movie screen. Jill and Stu began fucking, with the guy that was sucking her tits, put a condom on and stuck his cock in her pussy along with Stu’s. Jill was moaning and smiling. She said her wildest fantasy has just came true.Steve and the other guy pulled out of me. Steve went over to Stu and put his cock in Stu’s mouth. I watched for a few seconds, when another guy came up to me to suck on him. I got on my knees güvenilir bahis and sucked on him and 2 other guys. I had another guy slide uner me and begin to lick my pussy.Stu got up from Jill, pulled Steve closer, to hold his head. Stu pulled Steve’s head back and forth for him to suck him harder. Steve is tugging on his own cock. I enjoyed him in me, that I so wanted him in me again. Stu, then turned around for Steve to lick his asshole. Steve got it nice and wet, then put another condom on, before entering Stu’s ass.Steve had a tough time at first, but just inched his way thru the tight hole. Stu was telling him to fuck his ass hard. Stu said that he wants to be punded like he would a street whore. Steve held onto Stu’s waist and shoved his dick in deep. They fucked for a short time, when Steve was ready to blow. Steve pulled his condom off, then stroked his cum into Stu’s mouth.With that, stu had Steve bend over so he could do the same to him. Steve bent over and spread his cheeks. Stu slid in with ease. Jill came over to me and began to suck on my pussy. I fingered her til she came. I had her mount my face so we can please each other. Jill had stuck four fingers in my hole, pumping my pussy til I began to squirt.Stu was getting off in Steve’s mouth as I was squirting all over Jill’s face. We had an audience by this time. guys fucking other guys, girls on girls, and just mf couples everywhere. The smell of sex filed the room. Used condoms some empty some filled with cum.Jill and I gave Steve and Stu our numbers before we left. We told them we’d like to fuck with them again and hopefully soon. By the time we left the club and got back to our part of town, we had a text, saying they had a great time and wanted us to go out the next night.I told Jill that we may have scored us some guys for play toys, or maybe even as boyfriends. I guess we will just have to wait and see what tomorrow night brings to us.