the shower

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the showerThere are days where it is good to escape. Where all you want to do is go find a sanctuary to recharge from all the stress. I have a friend who works at a hotel. He told me during the weekdays no one uses the roof top pool hardly ever. He gave me a hotel pass to act as one of the guest so I could go up and enjoy some sun on my body. The feeling of that warmth and isolation is exactly what this girl needs.Wednesday mid afternoon I sneak in as a guest and head up. The elevator ride takes too long in m opinion but the doors give way and I come to the makeshift lobby with dressing/shower rooms on each side.I enter the women’s and get ready. I already cam with my suit on still paranoid that someone would find me out. I wanted to get out there quick. The pool is beautiful with a great view of downtown from across the river. Not a sole up here, everyone is in their business meetings or fucking their mistress in the room I bet. Next to the pool is a hot tub and chairs. I lay out my pink flowered towel and lower myself onto the recliner. “Mmmm” a sigh of relief from the world escapes my lips and I close my eyes ready to embrace the sun. Those rays feel intoxicating on my tight body. Calling to me “Sleep…Sleep…Sleep” I head the call and descend into darkness. A “fellow” weary traveler makes his way to the pool as well. Tried from a tough day in the markets, he too is looking for some release from reality. As he enters the pool area through his side he sees me lounging in the sun. I have sunglasses on but he can tell I am sleeping as my body is relaxed and open. He smiles to himself quietly comes within a distance where he feels he will not be sensed and looks me up and down, real good. His mouth opens just so slightly as he watches my breasts slowly rise and fall to my breathing beads of sweat glistening off of my cleavage. Feeling worked up he decides he needs to cool down so he steps quietly into the pool, careful not to wake me. Feeling better, the view of my parted legs still call to him. He swims underwater to the other side and slowly puts his head up out of the water and as he clears his eyes he realizes that he is starring right up the inside of my thighs, noticing that my legs have opened.I shift a little keeping my eyes closed enjoying the rays and wanting to feel the warmth everywhere. My hand slips down between my thighs. Trying not to be too obvious he keeps looking. I am thinking of my last sexual encounter and enjoying the tingling I acknowledge it by rubbing a little and picking up a leg to feel the breeze tease my pussy. I smile and turn over.The stranger continues to stare right at my crotch. My suit rides a little hi so I tug at it not sensing anyone around I pull further than usual the edge of my pussy lips almost visible. At that sight my stranger feels his cock starting to get hard inside his suit. Growing at that awkward angle he kaçak iddaa reaches down and adjusts himself self, debating, wondering is he could jerk off and not get caught.The sun has worked its magic and I slowly come out of my trance like state. He sees me stirring and starting to sit up. The sun having its effect on me I need to cool off my back still to him I sit up and stretch arching my back some. He has to turn away as he does not want to get caught. His mind is racing about what he just saw. I stand up and turn to the pool. As I turn to the pool I see him sitting there with his back against the wall. How long has he been there? That could have been trouble for me I’m glad he is nice. As I see him arms held out along the wall, the water beading up on him, “I like his shoulders” I say to myself and slowly walk by to get a better view.He turns his head to me, smiles and meets my eyes. “god what scorcher” he says. I smile and agree dipping a toe into the water just a little ways away from him. I shiver a little but the briskness of that water will feel good I know. I drop in and come up wet all over. I feel his eyes on me and smile to myself. “Maybe, I will tease him a little” I think to myself, no one else here.I swim over to the edge and pull up so my ass in out of the water. I rest a little there bending over the edgeHe starts swimming a bit, easily under water and on top, his arms slicing through the water. Looking, “hmmm so strong” I smile and lay my back against the wall my tits just out of the water almost falling out. He swims away from me but centers himself between my legs. I feel excited by him, who is teasing whom here? I see the clock and need to get ready for work. I get out of the pool slowly thinking, I will give him one last look. I go over to the changing room door. And pull on the handle. It won’t move. What’s this? Why is it locked? Now what do I do? Seeing my frustration, I need to get showered, he climbs out of the pool comes over. That chest of his, Damn. “Would you like to use the men’s room? I will keep a watch” he asks politely. “Well I don’t know, is there anyone in there now?” I ask shyly. Smiling he responds “I will take a look.” “ok” I smile. Leading the way he says “Let’s go look.” I follow him overwatching his ass as I do. “Damn he’s good looking.” He enters the shower room and feels me come in behind. I scan the place, “Looks clear thanks for checking for me. I wont be long.” I head for the showers oh great its a group shower. I turn to my handsome stranger and ask “Promise to keep an eye out?” He turns away and say he will. Was that a bulge in his suit? I smile and go to the showers. I turn on the hot water and steam caresses my body. Invigorating I strip out of my bikini letting the water stream between my breast and thighs. I felt so wonderful I did not realize even with his back turned he was watching me undress kaçak bahis before his eyes in a side mirror and his cock grows rigid. He looks around think to him self “damn can this really be happening? I start to soap up enjoying this sexy stranger guarding me, I feel a tingling grow between my thighs. Distracted I get some soap in my eye. “Where did I put my towel?” Blinded he sees me reaching around and comes into the shower area. I feel his chest by me my eyes still closed I smile. I can feel him rubbing into me. “Hmm. Can you help me? Do you have something for my face?” I ask keeping a hand on his strong chest. “Let me look.” He replies all the while holding still as my hands work their way across him. Water is bouncing off of both of us. I feel his hands on my arm as he tries to help steady me. I fall into him letting my breast rub against his chest. My hands fall on his waist. Resting my fingers inside his waist band, I say “these will do.” “Mmm. Yeah sure what ever you want.” He says as I feel his breath deepen.I pull his trunks down letting my head come ever so near his cock. I know where it is but keep my eyes closed at the moment. I come up and open them. “I think its better. Thanks for your help.” His cock is soo hard as I feel it poking into my legs. Smiling I look into his eyes. “Mmm. Nice baby.” I lean in and taste the water off of his shoulder. Looking at me in disbelief he mumbles. “I don’t even know your name and here we are naked in this shower.” I shake my head and whisper “shhhh.” Then kiss his lips. Mmmmm so nice. His hand reach around my face and he kisses back hard. My body rocks backwards my hips fall forward and meet his. I open my mouth and let the water pour in. His hands reach for your body and he pulls me in. I kiss him and let the water run out of our lips, feeling it run down our bodies. I grab the soap and rub it on his chest and down to his rigid cock. “god” He moans. “You are going right for it.” I get behind him and stroke him as the steam builds even more. His hands reach out to the shower pole to steady him self. Kissing his back I reach under and fondle his balls. One hand in front stroking, the other behind. “You like that baby?” I ask. He presses his ass back against me. It would seem I am the aggressor and he smiles being just fine with that. I push his legs wider and grab his thick cock with both hands rubbing every way I can. I drop to my knees behind him and tongue his ass. I just made his knees go weak. I feel his hand on the back of my head pushing me in deeper. My tongue goes in as I clean out his asshole. I drop lower and turn over so he is straddling me. His cock and balls hang over me. Full of soap I put his cock in my mouth. A mixture of soap and precum fill my mouth. Hanging on with my lips I continue to caress his balls and look into his eyes while sucking just the tip. “So nice.” I think. I want him illegal bahis to shutter so I work all the way down his shaft causing him to shudder. “god damn. You are really getting me hot.” He moans. I see his hands alternate between my head the shower pole and my shoulders. I can sense his mind racing. What to do? Let me keep sucking or fuck me now? I make the decision for him and turn over exposing my ass to him. He knows what I want as I grab at his cock pulling him down. I guide the tip in and rock back onto him. The warmth of the shower the warmth of my pussy water splashing both of us drowning us. He pulls away and says “Hey what do you think I am?” My hair flings back throwing water everywhere. I turn on my back on the shower floor soaping my upper body nice and shiny and reach for his head guiding it to my moist pussy. He starts eating away at me, tonguing me, licking everywhere. I pull at him and buck beads of water trickle off, washing our lust, filling our mouths, pouring off my pussy and into you, you spit it out on me on occasion and I moan. I must have him. “No more Mr.” I say as I push him on his back and stand over him exposing myself to him looking down and rolling my hips as my hands run over my body. I lick my lips and grab the shower pole. Lowering myself slowly onto his shaft. Lost between the glimpses of my body and the steam like a dream I sink onto him tightening my pussy hugging his cock. I moan and squeeze some more. Reaching up he grabs on to my hips and pulls me down, thrusting up as hard as he can. I know he is not gong to last long. He reaches around and grabs my ass. I can see it in his eyes the tension building. I ride him hard. Holding his hands onto my body so he can push harder. He grabs me and a finger goes in my ass my mouth opens and my eyes close. I look into his eyes “Cum on my face baby. Let me know when. I want to taste you.”I pull up knowing I want him in my ass. I turn around so he can see himself enter me. All soapy, he enters easily. The view is wonderful as he bucks into me harder. Lost in the moment he yells, “oh god yes, fucking your ass!” He reaches up and grabs my hair. I reach back and massage his shaft when it comes out of my ass before he pushes back in. He can’t help it and starts slamming into my ass. I can feel his balls smack my pussy as he starts making a****l sounds. Grunting, moaning. I push back. We are as one. My ass so tightly gripping his shaft working the cum closer and closer. Screaming “godd damn!” Knowing his is close I pull off, turn around grab his cock and suck hard, faster, deeper, tighter. He tenses his cock swells deep in my mouth and he blows his load deep in my mouth. I open wide. Some flies in my hair some in my eye, damn, my eye again. Most in my mouth. I swallow some and let some run out giving him a show. As he lays there spent. I get up leaving some of his cum on me. I smile and grab a towel. Drying off and dressing. He keeps an eye on me the whole time. I go slow just for him. and leave with drops of seamen hanging in my hair. I don’t care. He is a puddle on the floor.Bye for now