The Smiths’ New Neighbors Ch. 02

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Note to readers: This story takes place after other stories that I’ve written have taken place. For the full background to this story please read my other Back to School, Bobby’s Graduation Party, and Westville stories if interested. This story also features Emily and Mike Williams from Leon22’s stories. Thanks to Leon22 for letting me use his characters. If you have not read any of his stories I highly suggest checking them out. All characters in the following story are over 18 years of age.

The Smiths’ New Neighbors — Part 2

This story picks up exactly where part 1 leaves off.

Bobby Smith drove his car into the driveway of his house and turned the engine off. He had just gotten back from campus where he had found out that his one and only class of the day had been cancelled. He was glad to have the rest of the day off but it was a little frustrating having to drive across town to campus just to have to turn around and come back. At least this may give him some more time to fuck his mother today. With his dad gone on a business trip all week, he and his mom were taking full advantage of their “alone time” and were fucking like rabbits.

Bobby was a student now at Westville State University. He hadn’t chosen a major yet, but he was considering going in to teaching. After all, the faculty at his high school had been such an inspiration on him (in so many ways!)

Grabbing his backpack from the passenger seat beside him, Bobby opened his car door, stepped out, and began walking up the driveway toward the garage. His family lived in typical suburban America. The houses down his street were identical in every way since they were all built at the same time by a housing contractor; The color was the only thing different about each house. The neighborhood was what most people would consider perfect – there was no crime, the sidewalks were clean, the grass was green, and the people were friendly. But Bobby and his mother were far from a typical family.

What a big façade. Bobby thought to himself as he looked at his house. If our neighbors only knew that my mom and I are lovers. I bet we’re the strangest family in the whole neighborhood.

“Hello there!” a voice yelled to him, and Bobby turned to his right to see a woman standing in the driveway next door. She wasn’t just any woman though – this woman was absolutely gorgeous. The woman began walking over the grass toward Bobby, crossing the distance between them until she stood at the edge of her property. The woman had long, curly dark hair that spilled down around her shoulders and around her bust some as well. Her skin was smooth, creamy white and was totally flawless. She was wearing a pair of extremely skimpy sweat shorts, and a thin little sleeveless tank top, the kind everyone called a ‘wifebeater’. That little shirt clung to her upper body tightly, hugging her enormous breasts so tightly that they stretched the fabric to its limit.

“Hi there. I’m Emily Williams, your new neighbor!” the busty woman said happily, extending her hand out.

Bobby crossed the lawn and stood before her, and shook her hand eagerly, but a little surprised at what he was seeing. He didn’t even notice his backpack drop from his shoulder as he gazed at the woman’s curves. Her juicy thighs were the kind of legs he’d love to bury his cock between, and her tits were just absolutely amazing. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but those huge, twin globes stood up, just as perky as ever inside her tight little top. So this was his new neighbor. Mike Williams, her son that Bobby had met earlier in the day, was a lucky man to get to look at her each day.

“Uh, hello there Mrs. Williams. I’m Bobby.” Bobby said as he shook her hand watched as her tits jiggled with the motion. After shaking Bobby’s hand, Emily adjusted her top, noticing the way Bobby was staring at her assets.

“Oh, Its Ms. Williams, I’m not married, but you can just call me Emily, sweetie. Have you seen my son around? I’ve been looking for him.” She asked.

“Yeah I met him earlier, maybe half an hour ago, in the driveway. I was on my way to class but it got cancelled today.” He said to his buxom neighbor.

“Oh darn him! I need him to move some of the heavier boxes upstairs. Moving is such a pain, you know.” She said to him, smiling.

Bobby rubbed the back of his neck as he glanced over at his house, then back to his gorgeous new neighbor. Mom can wait! Bobby thought to himself. “Well, uh… I could help you out, Ms. Williams.”

Emily clasped her hands together, causing her big 40E tits to squeeze together, bulging even more. “Oh, you would! Oh thank you! Follow me, and remember just call me Emily, hun.” The sexy woman winked at him and then turned around as she walked back toward her own house. Bobby followed behind and looked at her ass. Her little shorts had the word “BOOTYLICIOUS” written across the back of her full, but tight butt cheeks.

“You certainly are… Bootylicious.” illegal bahis Bobby said, hoping he didn’t overstep himself with the woman as he followed her toward her house.

The sexy mother just giggled and turned around to wink at him again as she walked up to her front door, “Awww, thank you for noticing, Bobby.” She said to him as she wiggled her ass a little in a teasing, flirty manner.

Emily opened her front door and led Bobby inside. Bobby looked around as he entered the house. The entryway lead directly into the living room and Bobby looked around, noting how the layout was identical to his own home, except that this house was completely bare. A sofa was set up against the back living room wall, but other than that, there were just hundred of boxes lying around the house.

“Thank you so much for offering to help. I don’t know where Mike could have run off to!” Emily said as she brought Bobby further into the house where there were a stack of boxes beside the stairs that led up to the second floor.

“No Problem Ms. Williams… I mean Emily.” Bobby said.

“Here are the boxes I need moved. Do you think you could bring these upstairs to my bedroom?” She asked, pointing at three large boxes on the floor.

“Yeah sure, no problem.” Bobby said.

Bobby was not an extremely athletic kid. He wasn’t fat by any means – he was in shape from bike riding but other than that he didn’t work out much, not like Emily’s son Mike. But what Bobby lacked in muscles and brawn, he made up for in charm.

Bobby hoisted the first of the three boxes up and grunted. It was so heavy! “Uhhn… lead the way, ma’am.” He said as he struggled to hold onto the heavy box.

Emily led Bobby upstairs and down the hall to her bedroom where Bobby set the box on the floor near her closet. They went back downstairs and repeated the process with the second box.

When Bobby picked up the third and final box, he was surprised to find that it was much lighter than the first two. “Oh, this one isn’t too bad.” He said to her.

“Yes, but be careful with that one, it’s very important.” She said to him, smiling.

Bobby walked up the stairs with the box in hand. The college student couldn’t see in front of him with the box in his hands, and he thought he remembered there being one less step on the stairs than there actually was. Bobby tripped on the top step, and fell forward, the box flying out of his hands and landing on its side, spilling open. Bobby himself landed on his face with a painful grunt.

“Oh no! Are you okay sweetie?” Emily rushed to his side to help him up.

Bobby stood up and shook his arms a little bit, making sure that they were okay. “Yeah, I’m fine. At least I didn’t break my arms. I wouldn’t want to do that again.” He glanced at the box which had landed on the floor, and it looked like cloth or clothing that had spilled out of it. “Sorry about the box. Let me get that.”

Bobby squatted down near the box and picked up a few of the pieces of clothing and tossed them back into the box. Finally he stopped, realizing what he had in his hands. Bobby held the little piece of fabric up, getting a better look at it. In his hands was a pair of black crotchless panties that seemed to be made entirely of lace.

“Uhhh… wow!’ Bobby said, and looked at Ms. Williams. She was blushing as she knelt beside him and helped pick up some of the sexy underwear.

“Well, no use keeping it a secret any more. You were carrying my box of lingerie.”

Bobby poked his finger through the open crotch of the panties and felt the silky lace with his fingers. “Wow, this stuff is really sexy! Do you actually wear all this?”

“Sure I do. I love dressing sexy, especially when I have sex!” Emily exclaimed, and then clamped her mouth shut.

Bobby picked up another pair of panties, a g-string with a front made of black lace that was so sheer it was see-through. His dick began to harden just holding the frilly little garment in his hand. He looked up at the sexy mother and said, “I bet you’re a sight when you’re wearing this lingerie, Ms. Williams…errr I mean Emily.”

“Would you like to see me dress up in some of it?” She asked.

“Would I? Yes!” Bobby said before he could even take another breath.

“Ok, bring the box into my bedroom then.” She said to him, leading Bobby back down the hallway into her bedroom. Bobby plopped the box of lingerie on top of the others.

“Don’t look until I’m done changing!” She told him.

Bobby turned around and crossed his arms. He heard Emily Williams rummaging through the box for several minutes, then she entered her walk-in closet and shut the door. While she was changing in her closet, Bobby looked through her lingerie some more, feeling her bras and taking some of her panties up to his nose to smell them. He rubbed his cock through his pants which had grown to a full erection.

“Okay, are you ready?” He heard his neighbor’s voice call from inside illegal bahis siteleri the closet. Bobby quickly turned around and folded his arms over his chest as he was before. “Yes, I’m ready!” he called out in return.

The young college student heard the closet door creak open behind him and he turned around. As his eyes met his neighbor’s body, his jaw nearly hit the floor. Emily was standing on a pair of extremely high black heels, her thighs were clothed in white thigh-high stockings with were then attached to garters. The garters disappeared up underneath the pleated plaid miniskirt she was wearing. The skirt itself wasn’t a real skirt; It was the kind of thing a pornstar or stripper would wear. It came down just over her rear-end and kept her crotch just barely hidden. Bobby wondered if she was wearing panties underneath. Emily’s flat tummy was bare, and on top she was wearing just a white bra made of lacey fabric that matched her stockings. The push-up bra hugged her huge tits and thrust them up, and together, making them even more perky and fuckable than they were before. With her stockings and plaid skirt, Emily Williams looked like a gorgeously slutty pornstar schoolgirl. Bobby was speechless. He just stared at her, taking her all in.

“Do you like what you see?” Emily asked and she twirled around. As she faced away from Bobby she bent over slightly and lifted up the back of her skirt, showing Bobby her bare rear-end. Her smooth cheeks were completely bare and tight. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

Bobby quickly stripped off his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His cock was throbbing, completely hard, and it tented the front of his boxers as it stuck straight out like a pole. “Look at what you do to me, Ms. Williams! God, I’m so hard!”

Emily giggled a little and walked closer to Bobby. With her heels on, she was nearly as tall as he has, but not quite. She reached down and gently rubbed her fingers over the huge bulge in the young man’s boxers and whispered, “Call me Emily, honey.”

“Sorry, Emily.” Bobby said to her. He groaned as he felt the woman’s hands on his cock, even though it was through his boxer shorts. Immediately, Bobby reached his hands up and cupped both of Emily’s gigantic, massive melons in both of his hands. Her tits were absolutely wonderful – they were huge, perky, and firm. Her creamy skin looked fantastic against the white lace bra she had on, and Bobby slid his hands around her tits and caressed the inner curve of her breasts.

Emily let out a long, deep purr as she felt the young stud’s hands roam and knead her breasts. She arched her back a little, thrusting her bulging knockers out even more for the young man to access. Her own hands squeezed his stiff rod through his boxer’s. Her fingers closed around it, making the rod visible with the fabric of his shorts wrapped around the shape of his stiff dick.

Bobby’s hands squeezed and kneaded Emily’s gigantic melons like he was working with bread dough. He absolutely loved them. As he was caressing and rubbing her huge jugs, Bobby found the clasp of the bra in the front, nestled between the cleavage of her tits. He quickly unhooked it, and Emily’s gigantic E-cup tits spilled out free. Her creamy, white tits were as perky as a teenager’s, and each one had little, quarter sized nipples that were stiff and excited. He rubbed and squeezed her bare tits a while longer, then Bobby leaned forward and sucked one of Emily’s stiff nipples into his mouth.

Emily continued to squeeze the young man’s rod with one hand, and she lifted up her other to stroke his hand and hold his head against her breast. “Oh, Bobby, that feels good. Suck on my titties, honey!”

The eager, horny teenager lifted his head from Emily’s tit and said, “Your tits are just as good as my mom’s!” Then he switched to her other breast, squeezing it in his hands while he sucked the nipple into his mouth.

Emily dismissed his comment as dirty talk and responded by saying, “I’ll be your mommy today, Bobby. Mmmmm, Mommy likes when you nurse her titties. What a big, fat cock you have!”

Bobby moaned against his neighbor’s tit as she sucked and slurped on her big, juicy melons hungrily. His tongue lashed over her nipple as she slobbered on her, all the while squeezing and rubbing her big, delicious tits in his hands.

Emily broke away from the young man she’d just met, and Bobby looked at her longingly as her tits were pulled away from his mouth. She dropped down her knees in front of him and a huge grin returned to Bobby’s face. His cock was still within his boxer shorts, and Emily had been rubbing and squeezing his cock so much that the fabric clung to the shape of his cock, and there was even a large wet spot where his precum and leaked through the fabric.

The stacked mother pulled on Bobby’s shorts, sliding them down his thighs. Once the young stud’s boxers were halfway down his thighs, Bobby’s stiff cock sprang up free and slapped up hard canlı bahis siteleri against the underside of one of Emily’s buxom tits. His dick thrust up with such force and speared directly into the smooth titflesh underneath Emily’s breast. Emily just giggled and then took Bobby’s cock in her hands and began to stroke him.

To Bobby, it felt great to have his bare cock stroked now. Emily wasted no time at slipping her lips around his cockhead and as soon as it hit her lips, she was nursing on his rod. Bobby grunted and placed his hands on his hips, deciding not to touch her head, and just to let her work her magic on her own.

Emily slurped messily on Bobby’s long, stiff cock. She let globs of her saliva drool down all over his cock, and down her chin, purposely letting it drop onto her tits and trickle in between them. She sucked on his cock like this for several minutes, slurping and sucking messily, giving him the sloppiest, best blowjob he had ever felt. After a few minutes, Emily let Bobby’s cock slip out of her mouth and it sprung up again. Looking down at her, Bobby saw her tits were shining with a slick coating of her drool.

Bobby immediately squatted down just a little bit, and aimed his cock in between the voluptuous mother’s jugs. Emily aided him by lifting her tits up with both hands, and Bobby nuzzled his penis in between her breasts, feeling her warm, smooth titflesh envelop his cock. It was heaven.

With Ms. Williams’ tits on either side of his dick, Bobby pressed his hips right up against her chest, and his dick disappeared into her voluptuous, silky melons. Bobby placed his hips on Emily’s shoulders and began to pump his hips forward and backward, which pushed and pulled his shaft up and down through the gorgeous woman’s rack.

“Oh God, your tits feel so good, Emily!” Bobby gasped.

“Do you like them, sweetie? Do you like rubbing your penis all over my titties? I love how it feels sliding between my breasts! Oh, fuck my titties!” She asked, puckering her lips up at him.

“Oh yes!” Bobby gasped again.

Emily squeezed her breasts together tightly, mashing them around Bobby’s dick. His shaft was squeezed between the two huge jugs tightly. Bobby pumped his dick happily and eagerly through her tits which were squeezed together so hard it was like he was fucking a pussy.

“Emily… uhhh… I want to cum all over your tits.” Bobby grunted.

“No! You haven’t even fucked me yet!” She squealed and suddenly stood up.

“I get to fuck you too!?” Bobby asked, having been caught off guard. This was definitely turning into a good day so far!

Emily walked to the end of the bed where she bent over and placed her hands on the foot-board of the bed. She arched her back and bent over, sticking her ass out. Bobby came up behind her and flipped up the back of her skirt, revealing her bare, gorgeous ass. Her rear-end was full and heart shaped, and her skin was creamy smooth. He placed his cock flat against her ass cheeks and rubbed it across her skin.

Emily’s pussy was peeking out between her cheeks as she bent over. The hairless lips of her swollen cunt were clearly visible and looked ready to plunge into. He pushed his cockhead up against the entrance to her pussy and pushed his hips up against her ass, plunging his cock inside her. Emily moaned deeply at the same time that Bobby did, and she arched her back as the thick cock slipped into her body.

Bobby couldn’t believe he was now fucking the woman he had just met a moment ago. Her pussy was tight and slippery wet, making it easy for him to pump his dick in and out of. He thrust his hips up against her ass, watching as it jiggled. The straps of her garters were stretched tightly over each of her cheeks. Bobby leaned over her and reached around, cupping each of Emily’s huge jugs that dangled down as he fucked her. He squeezed and groped her jugs hard as he began really fucking her, sending his shaft pounding in and out of her slippery fuckhole.

“Mmmm, your cock feels so good, Bobby!” Emily said between moans as she reached down between her thighs and rubbed her clit as the young man fucked her from behind.

Bobby pounded her pussy, thrusting his dick in and out of her faster and faster. Each time his hips thrust up against Emily’s he watched her ass jiggle and shake as he buried his dick up deep inside her. His dick was pummeling in and out of her like a well-oiled piston. Finally he knew he was about to pop.

“Oh, Emily… I’m going to cum!” He yelled to her. A few more thrusts and then Bobby pulled his dick out of the slick, tight pussy and aimed his cockhead right at her gorgeously curved ass. His cock erupted, sending streaks of his white, gooey semen across her cheeks. He squirted more and more fuckjuice, splattering the sperm over her buns. When he was finally done, Bobby slapped his dick down onto Emily’s ass, which was completely glazed in his cum. Drips of his jizz oozed down her ass, and down the back of her thighs as he rubbed his cock over her rear-end, smearing his cum around on her body.

The two of them collapsed into the bed and Emily snuggled up beside her new neighbor. “So Bobby, what is your last name, anyway?”