the steam room

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the steam roomsome years back i was going to the gym almost every day and you get the same people at the same time .. i had a guy checking me out and me him.. i went into the steam room and could not see that this guy was already in there.. i sit near the front not far from the door but on the first row.. he is in the top row just behind me and moves his foot to touch my ass.. a little startled i turn and see his leg next to my arm and can see it is a very dark black man.. i did not get up or move and he increased the pressure with his foot.. which is now under my ass and moving his toes working further and further under my ass… now his foot is under me and his leg is tight up against my back.. so i lean into his leg and rub my ass up and down his foot.. now his other leg goes over my sholder and he pulls me back with a lift of his foot and his hand… he leans forward and starts to pinch my nipples and rub his foot under my ass till he is rubbing my balls with the top of his toes and foot… i start to kiss and lick his leg and work my way up and down his thigh to his calf and then up to his upper thigh till he pushes his pelvis forward and i now have his naked balls and dick in my face and he has a hold of my head pulling my face tight againt his huge hairy nuts.. and his dick is rubbing up and down my face and covering my nose and eyes…. i open my mouth and in go his balls.. well one of them.. at a time cuz they are pretty big and hard to fit both at the same time.. then he pulls back some on my head and moves his dick into my mouth… nice fat one … with one hand he reaches down and starts working on my balls and pulling sahabet güvenilirmi on my dick… i am sucking as much as i can and trying to relax and not gag… but this is a real mouthful.. and with all the excitement i am having to pull back and as i do he pushes forward and pulls on my nut sack.. my mouth is opened with a huge gasp of part pain part pleasure… and i have to breath so i do so real fast and then it is back down the throat with his dick… it took what seemed like quite some time for him to release his grip on my head and balls.. but he sooon moved to my level and then started to work on my ass instead of my head with his one hand and keeping a good strong grip on my balls he manuvered me into a new position with his fingers working my ass probing my hole and pulling on my balls… it was quite a bit rougher than i was used to and yet i was not sure i really wanted to get away…he leans into me and starts to suck my dick and then moves towards my ass and before i know it he has his face buried deep and his face is pushing my ass wide open so he can cram his tongue deep deep into my hole…i had this done to me before but not so forcefully and wow was he taking charge and i was like puddy in his hands… well he is pushing my face down into his towl (i guess to make sure i dont get to and before i know it he is rubbing his hard dick up and down my very wet crack.. so wet i can feel his spit running down my balls… i am so turned on by his ass eating that i am just laying there enjoying it and letting him have his way with me … the head of his dick is in me before i sahabet yeni giriş relize he has stopped eating my ass and he has both hands on my hips and is starting to grind in small circles and press his dick in further and further … no pain he is going slow enough for me to adjust and is balls deep in no time and does this really hard grind with all his weight and feels like he is trying to cram his balls and more into my ass and then he pulls back slowly then the same grind back in… i am so hot by now i dont want him to stop and i am noticing i am even pushing back with out him pulling me back onto his dick like before and he is grabbing my balls dick and shoulders and licking my neck (this drives me wild .. almost as much as his eating my ass did) and kissing up and down my neck back…. we are getting a pretty good thing going now and he has changed his position to more on top and pushing down.. almost sitting on my ass and i am lifting my ass up to meet his down thrust till his balls are slapping my ass and balls with each and every thrust i can feel his balls hitting harder and harder and this must be driving him into his final thrusts before he dumps is hot load deep into my ass… or so i thought… he pulls out and finishes his load on my back and then moves to my face and is still pumping his cock with his hand and lets another jet hit my face and then stuffs his dick deep into my mouth and then grabbs my head with both hands and starts to pump again only this time he is telling me to suck like a good bitch cuz i am busting another nut down your throat… and so he did.. i am covered in sahabet giriş cum.. my ass has cum dripping down my balls and thighs.. my back, face and my throat has just been used … he is telling me how hot i am and that is a weeks worth of his seed.. and he has been watching me work out every day and goes home each night thinking about my ass and how much he is needing to fuck the shit out of me…. i am winded and yet still very dick has been leaking a constant stream of sticky stuff and there is a small puddle… he smeers his dick all over my face and tells me i look so hot covered with cum… and then tells me we will be doing this next time at his place so he can really fuck me good all night.. cuz “i am one of those guys who needs to cum many times to be satisfied”… he leans down kisses me as he is licking my face and then wipes my body with his towel and takes my hand and pulls me up and into his arms and presses his body into mine and tells me after he gets horny watching me work out tomorrow night we are going to his place.. to shower and plan on spending the night… and plan on getting fucked alot.. cuz watching me work out and bending over and all that in my tight pants get him so horny that will need to nut alot to be able to sleep… and boy was i ready for tomorrow… mostly the same thing happened only alot more of it and my ass was sore and i ended up staying the whole weekend… monday was rough and i had cum dripping out of my ass for some time … he told me he did not want to waste his seed on my mouth he was saving it for my ass…lol we both laughed on that one but i dont think he was joking so much as laughing at me … it seemed he liked a good bj to get aroused and semi hard.. but he mostly just liked fucking and ass was his favorite…he would say pussy is good for having babies.. but ass is for fucking… we stayed together for some years till i relocated..