The Story of E

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The Story of EI met E on a dating site that goes by three initials (hmmm, wonder what it could be?) about 10 years ago. She was married like me, but about a dozen years older — 61. Initially, we talked about me using my photographic skills to spiff up her online profile. As we talked more, however, another plan emerged.E had married young, and while mostly faithful with the same guy all along, she was very restless. She’d talked to her doctor about plastic surgery that would turn her into, in her words, a MILF. The list of augmentations, tucks, and implants was impressive, but hey, if her husband was willing to pay for them, who am I to harsh her dream? Over the month we talked, I started getting a better idea of what this lady was after. Her favorite fantasy was — post surgeries — going out and getting lots of attention from young studs that would give her the sex she craved. Her husband, it turns out, had some serious performance issues, and she hadn’t had sex in a LONG time. The young stud idea, whenever it came up in our conversations, seemed to turn her on immediately. The idea was to go out dancing, pick up one or two young, very well-hung guys, and go back to a hotel to get the daylights fucked out of her. About the second time we discussed the scenario on the phone, I could tell she was masturbating furiously, cumming in a series of crescendoing gasps until after what seemed like a full minute of silence, came a breathless, “oh god.”So that was the first thing. I offered to help her find her young lovers as is, but she was insistent that she wait until after she had bigger tits and a banging body. Mind you, I’d never seen her in the flesh at this point, so I only had a very vague idea of how much renovation we were talking about. I would have LOVED taking her out and facilitating her cockstuffing, but she wouldn’t have any of it.So back to the offer of photography. One evening as we were texting back and forth, she said she was ready to do her first photoshoot. But there was a twist. Unbeknownst to me, she and her husband shared most of her fantasies, and he seemed eager to get the ball rolling. The only catch was that she and her husband wanted dirty pictures, and I was to take them — without him being present. Seems he was really into his wife being istanbul escort naked in front of another man without him being there — kind of her deal with training wheels. I would be happy to get them started.We set up a time and place to meet. We’d get lunch and talk first, just to get comfortable. I’d booked a room at a nearby hotel for the shoot. That Saturday at noon, I pulled into the mall parking garage and found her car. She was a little taller than I’d imagined her, with short, blonde hair and an almost lanky build. I could see why she wanted the boob job. Don’t get me wrong, I like boobs of all sizes as long as I can play with them. She was very flat chested, and I was intrigued.After a nice lunch where we discussed everything from her sheltered upbringing in Louisiana to her long-term marriage and the lack of sex, we got into my car and headed for the hotel. I had her wait in the bar while she finished her second G&T for courage and I checked in. Once in the room, I turned and hugged her for a long time, eventually pulling back just enough to kiss her slowly, teasing her lips with mine and sliding my tongue into her mouth. I could tell from her eager tongue-sucking that she was growing hornier and hornier.”Time for your first outfit,” I said. She’d worn a black blouse and tight black jeans, which she told me was where she wanted to start, since it was the last thing hubby had seen her in. I pulled a chair over by the window and pulled the curtains open enough to give her some sideways light, which lit up her pale blue eyes and made for some nice face shots. As we progressed, I had her unbutton her blouse button by button until it was open to her navel, and her lacy black blouse was exposed. She really didn’t have much boobage at all, I noted, but I had her take her pearls and hold them across her outstretched tongue, got her to smile, arch an eyebrow, and I had my first real shot.Eventually we got to some good bra and panties shots, and it was time for her to change into outfit two — a sheer black nightie that came to about halfway to her knees — not exactly what I wanted to work with, but it was her choice. I snapped some of her sitting on the bed looking away from me, noticing that avcılar escort she had very red, thimble-sized nipples on those little tits. I caught them in a couple shots before I had her lay back on the bed and pull the front of the nightie down and caress her breasts. I watched as she rolled those fat nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, pulling slightly, delighted that I had this much trust going with my model.The more she played with her nipples, the more excited she was getting, moving her hips up and down slightly before I suggested she slide her hand between her legs and let me get some shots that way. She eagerly complied, rubbing through the thin material and moaning slightly, knowing that her husband was going to see her doing this in front of what amounted to a stranger. Soon, the nightie had been hiked up and she was fingering her wet, swollen pussy, apparently not caring anymore that I kept snapping away. After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t take it any longer and I put the camera aside and stretched out next to her on the bed. Her mouth met mine hungrily and her tongue invaded my mouth as I pinched one of her ruby nipples. The moan she let out turned me on so much that I slid the hand down her soft tummy to where she was finger fucking herself, and I covered her hand with mine, fucking her with her own fingers until suddenly she arched and gasped and came hard, her body shaking for minutes afterward.It was obvious, however, she wasn’t any closer to being satisfied. I let go of her hand just long enough to slip out of my clothes, and then I began kissing and sucking her nipples, something that clearly fueled the fire raging between her legs. I started kissing lower and lower, eliciting gasps and moans until I was kissing and licking the insides of her upper thighs. I remember thinking the only word that described them was “downy.” As I licked and sucked closer, she moaned louder, and when I finally took one of her plump labia between my lips, she hissed a long, “Yessssssssss.”Now, I LOVE eating a pussy, and I went to work on her with enthusiasm, licking the lips, teasing the hole, and then sliding up to her tumescent clit, where I licked circles and then closed my lips around it and sucked. That was all it şirinevler escort took. E bucked up and down and came harder than before, almost screaming her pleasure. She would tell me later that I was the first person to eat her to completion, and, as she said, she was now “addicted.” I kept at it until a third orgasm rocked her body and she panted and started pushing me away. I looked up at her, my face smeared with her goo, and smiled. She covered her face and giggled wickedly.”Your turn,” she whispered, sliding her hand down to grasp my dripping hard on and stroking it. Soon, I was on my knees feeding her my cock and taking picture after picture of her sucking me. She was an expert cocksucker, and got me off twice before we took a break. She repeated that she hadn’t ever had an orgasm from oral sex, and asked me to do it again — a request I couldn’t turn down. After a couple more orgasms, she was willing to dispense with the nightie and strike some increasingly obscene poses for me — and ultimately her husband. The ones of her in front of the curtainless window, bent over, her ass and pussy pulled apart for me were my favorites. I noted that all this time she’d kept her high heels on.We lay on the bed and kissed for a while, then I noticed the time and reminded her I had to get her back before too late. We showered together, each getting the other off manually in the hot water, before dressing and leaving.On the ride back to her car, we discussed the session, and she thanked me repeatedly for the oral sex — something she almost never got at home and only one extramarital lover had done for her, however briefly. I told her I would edit the pics that evening and get her a folder of the best ones before midnight. She said she wanted to show them to hubby before they went to bed. I kissed her when I dropped her off, telling her I hoped she had enjoyed herself. She beamed and said “on yeah!” laughing as she got into her car.I think I had about a dozen good shots from the session — including two of her devouring my cock. I sent the link and waited. About 20 minutes went by, and I got a text — “we LOVE them!” I texted back to see what her husband had said. She said he had just taken the laptop upstairs with him for some private time. They moved out of the area about a year later, without another photoshoot taking place.I recently reconnected with E, and she’s living the life a Southern grandmother. Never did get the surgeries, but she’s happy. Says she has no outside lovers, but from what I experienced, it might not take much for some other lucky guy to get that hot woman in bed!