The Story Of Roger Part 7

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The Story Of Roger Part 7Roger cleaned her skirt up the best he could and Ella said she would bury the skirt in the washing basket hoping her mother wouldn’t see it too closely. It was an enlightening evening having got confirmation of her relationship with her father; he had her trust so maybe she would open up further as time goes on.Roger loved the feel of their panties and was saddened to give them back even though Ella’s had a slight rip, she had promised him to bring over a supply if she could sneak them out and with her Mother doing the same it led for interesting times ahead.Roger slept soundly, he knew that with his new neighbours he could act out all of his new found fantasies and probably find a few more to add to the list, Ella was far more advanced sexually than her years and Ollie was producing far too much testosterone which at his age wasn’t a bad thing, good luck to him. Sam, the mother, was the dark horse as she was now a frustrated single mother who was neglected for years and now someone has come along and blown away the cobwebs. The father had run off with another woman who I later found out was his daughters age which was no surprise but his daughter missed him in more ways than one.Roger had been having sexual contact with all three of them unbeknown to each other apart from Ella knowing something about her mother but Sam and Ollie were none the wiser both enjoying the old man’s company.First time for a long time the old man overslept and by the time he got to pull the curtains Sam had already left on the school run so he carried on with his breakfast and then while still in his robe went about his daily chores adding a bit of cleaning to the mix, he certainly had a spring in his step today.Having finished and before he dressed he stood at his patio window looking out admiring his garden, the flowers looked beautiful and he was quite proud of his efforts. He glanced through the gap in the fence and saw Sam walk down the garden with a basket of washing.He stood watching his neighbour whose flowing summer dress was blowing in the gentle breeze and loved it when she kept bending down picking things out, couple that with a strategically timed breeze giving the old man a good glimpse of red panties as her dress lifted, it also lifted when she stretched to peg her washing onto the line. Not only was he taking the opportunity to panty peek but also to see if she washed Ella’s skirt, she had.Roger had come to the conclusion that she knew he was watching as she exaggerated her bends teasing the old fella not that he minded in the slightest, he could feel a chubby coming on.She finishes and turns and immediately waved blowing a kiss in the old mans direction which confirmed her intention to tease, he lifted his hand to blow a kiss back and inadvertently opened his robe showing his sexy neighbour his half hard cock, Sam smiled as she disappeared into her house.Immediately his phone went ‘ding’ and a text from Sam which contained a big smiley face and was immediately followed by another one which read, “Lunch?”“What’s on the menu?” he replied with a smiley face giggling to himself, “Come over and find out” was her reply, the old mans heart skipped a few beats as he scurried around to find his shorts.“Scrambled egg alright for you daddy?” she asked excitedly as the old man walked into her kitchen, her face was beaming like the cat that got the cream, “Works for me” he replied as she motioned him to sit by the table. As she moved around the kitchen knocking sarıyer escort up some eggs her thin white summer dress almost became transparent and her skimpy red panties didn’t exactly go unnoticed, Mmm nice!They made some small talk while Sam cooked with the old man getting aroused looking at her slim body through the thin fabric of her dress, she knew and she teased.They sat down to eat; her eggs were good. “I checked out your profile this morning daddy” she said softly, “I love your new interests that you added” she continued with a smile and the old man felt their knees touch under the table as they finished their eggs.“I love that you like school uniforms daddy” she said with a smile, his heart skipped a beat and then Sammi surprised him, “Do you like Ella in hers?” she asked and the old man couldn’t nor would he lie, he looked Sam in the eye with a smile on his face, “She certainly looks hot” he replied, Sam reached out and grabbed his hand, “Maybe I should send her over more wearing it for her grandad” she said with a smile which had the old man wondering if she knew what was going on.“She is so clumsy” she continued, “Only yesterday she came home with a rip in her knickers and had somehow spilt mayonnaise on her skirt” she sighed as she reached across the table picking up a small bag, she put her hand inside and pulled out the regulation white cotton panties that Ella had on yesterday,“Look” she sighed as she handed them to the old man, Roger immediately opened them up and held them up to his face much to the amazement of his host.“Wow daddy, do they turn you on” she said as she watched the old man sniffing her daughters ripped knickers, Roger nodded as Sam stood up taking the plates to the sink, “You better keep them then daddy” she said, Roger was happy and concluded that she still didn’t know however was she actually encouraging it now.Sam returned to the table while the old man was still sniffing, taking in the sweet musky aroma of her daughters soiled underwear, as she sat by his side she could see the bulge appearing in the front of his shorts, she gave him a playful slap on his bare knee, “Oh daddy, you are such a naughty boy” she said with a giggle which made the old man laugh but in a way was getting really turned on, he had never been called a ‘naughty boy’ before. Maybe Sammi was getting turned on by the old man sniffing her daughters panties.They took their coffee out to the garden and sat in the shade, Roger could see that Sammi wasn’t wearing a bra as her stiff nipples were poking through the thin fabric of her dress, “So how is Ollies football coming along” the old man asked trying to get a handle on how much his mother knew, Sam’s eyes lit up with some pride.“Oh daddy” she said, she was really into this daddy/daughter scenario which the old man actually loved,“He is doing really well, always comes home smiling and his coach now gives him 1-2-1 coaching” she continued with a grin, “Plus your assistance daddy is greatly appreciated” she was none the wiser and the old man shared her pride, “Tell him I will give him personal assistance” he replied smiling.Roger probably had other ideas as to why he comes home smiling and when Sam asked him to help and encourage him he was more than happy to oblige, he even felt his cock rising at the thought of it which was something that Sam picked up on, good job his gaze was on her legs or she might have got the ‘wrong’ idea which in fact esenyurt escort would have been the right idea,She opened her knees slightly affording the old man the perfect view of her thin red gusset, “Oh daddy, you are so naughty!” she sighed putting her hands on his knee moving it slowly up his thigh and in doing so had to bend down so now the old mans glance was directed down her dress, with no bra on her sweet perky 34b’s were on full display as were her stiff nipples.Roger smiled as her hand went further, slowly going up the inside of his shorts, her legs widened as she got closer to him and she had this wicked smile on her face, he felt her fingers cup his balls and wrap around the base of his now throbbing cock, his eyes widened as he felt her fingers, “Oh my daddy, seems like daddy got a boner eh!” she sighed in a teasing voice as the old man smiled.Sam was on a mission and the old man wasn’t going to hold her back, she grabbed his shaft and tugged at his shorts and now for the first time in his life poor Roger was naked in public albeit in a secluded garden however he found the warm breeze on his naked body invigorating.Sammi knelt down between his widened legs and looked up at him as she held his erect cock, “Daddy want a suck?” she asked in a soft voice and the old man nodding his head began to thrust up his hips indicating his agreeance. Sammi licked the precum from the swollen head before engaging in a slow and sensual experience for the old man, he gasped and moaned as she worshipped ‘her daddies’ cock slurping and gagging as Roger thrust up forcing his shaft down her throat.He couldn’t last with such expertise and groaned loudly as Sam pulled up taking the full brunt of the old mans ejaculation square in the face, she didn’t flinch as she bend down to suck the last few drops.“How do I look daddy?” she sighed looking up at him, her face covered in his man juice and he watched as she licked the juice as it dripped onto her lips, Roger didn’t answer but leant forward giving his ‘daughter’ a full on passionate kiss with tongues intertwining, another new experience as the old man tasted his own cum, Mmm!Finally they parted and Sam looked contented but breathless as the old man licked up the residue from the side of her face, Mmm he was liking the taste which left Sammi speechless, “WOW!” she murmured under her breath as the old man licked his lips.Before she left for the school run she told the old man that she was dropping Ollie off and then returning to the school for the dreaded parent/teacher appointment with Ella and asked if he would be so kind to help Ollie with his exercises, of course Roger accepted as he needed a work out too, “Send him round” he replied with a grin.Roger didn’t even put his shorts on as he wandered back into his garden, he could definitely get used to this ‘nudist’ lifestyle feeling the warm breeze against his body.The old man must have dozed off as he woke with a start with Ollie tapping on the glass door of the patio, “He-he! Why are you nudie uncle Rog?” he asked with a giggle as he walked in although it wasn’t the first time the lad had seen him naked, Roger looked up.. “Sorry Ollie I must have dozed” he said smiling as he looked down at Ollie wearing his little shorts again, he did look good as the old man saw his cock swinging under the fabric.“Mummy said you will help with my stretches” he said looking down at the old mans dangling cock, “Sure thing mate” he said as they went out avrupa yakası escort to the lawn, Ollie was surprised that the old man was still naked, “Oh wow uncle Rog, you’re so cool” he said as they ran through some basic stretch exercises.Roger confided that he loved the warm breeze on his body and surprisingly Ollie agreed telling him that he often did the stretches naked with his coach who told him that the shorts restricted movement of the legs, makes sense. Ollie wasn’t embarrassed at all as he slipped his shorts off with the old man glancing at his semi hard cock, he had a smooth body with a tuft of pubic hair.Ollie told the old man how his coach helped him with various stretching and being an ex-sportsman himself was interested to try some; Ollie was excited that the old man was interested.The first exercise they tried had Ollie laying on his back with his legs up in the air, he told the old man to kneel in front of him and hold the inside of his ankles, then every slowly he widened the legs running his hands very slowly up the inside right up the thighs and then coming to a stop with his hands cupping the lads balls, interesting!They repeated this a few times and Roger was amazed at how strong the lads legs were, “Don’t worry about the boner uncle Rog, coach says it is natural” he said as the old man looked at Ollies cock getting harder each time his hands cupped him, even the old man was getting hard.The next exercise was a bit more complex, with Ollie still on his back he had to hold his ankles and push them up to the young lads shoulders, this meant more or less laying on top of him and apparently the coach said that the longer they could hold the position the stronger the legs would become.Ollie stressed that there would be bodily contact but his coach told him it was alright as the old man held on to Ollies ankles and lowered himself pushing his ankles to the side of his head, Ollie was quite supple and there faces were very close and they both smiled. Roger felt his cock pressing against the young lads and Ollie must have been a bit uncomfortable as he wiggled his hips slightly trying to get into a more comfortable position.Because of the height difference Roger could feel the young lads cock pressing against his belly however his own cock seemed to be wedged between Ollies arse cheeks but he was determined to hold the position for as long as possible for the benefit of the exercise. The old man could feel Ollies breath on his face as they were so close and could also feel him wiggle slightly, his breathing increased as he moved his hips and suddenly the old man felt his cock had slipped into the lads sweaty arse, Ollie gasped as the old mans cock slid inside and as he let go of his ankles her wrapped his legs around the old mans back pulling him tighter forcing their lips to meet. Roger was amazed as Ollie’s tongue went into his mouth searching out his own and they kissed passionately.Roger pushed in further and started to slowly get into a rhythm as Ollie gripped his back, he could feel the young lads cock rubbing against his stomach as he pounded his arse, “OH YESS COACH!” he cried out with both of them building up a sweat and he could feel the wetness on his belly as Ollie had cum and the old man wasn’t far away himself, “OMG YESSS!” the old man cried as he felt his cock pulsating shooting his hot creamy cum into his young neighbours arsehole, Ollie really tightened his grip as he felt the hot man seed shoot deep into him, smiling as he regained his breath,Ollie wasn’t gay but liked to experiment and his coach was a good teacher, the old man knew he liked girls too as was demonstrated when they both wanked watching Ella clean the cars, no shame as it was all part of life and even the old man was learning there was nothing wrong with a bit off cock now and again.To Be Continued…..